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Friday, February 12, 2010

“I like blood & hurting people; I like fu**ing up peoples lives” - SA prison gang member

The following is excerpted from correspondence titled, Who in South Africa’s political, media & academic hierarchy are serious and sincere, and who are simply being paid to pretend they are serious and sincere; about crime and rehabilitation? (PDF):

“X” (in the affidavit below) was known in the prison as bisexual, as well as the Juvenile Leader of the “28” gang; she had been convicted of murder prior to this crime; she got two years for murder of a correctional officer, because he had refused to give her a cigarette because she was under-aged. She was at the time in a relationship with Y. At George prison, the male prisoners were allowed to write letters to the female prisoners; frequently they wrote about their crimes, bragging about what they had done. The women would then read the men’s letters aloud in the dormitory cells to the other women prisoners. The greater the crime of the man, or the woman, the higher would be their prison social status; their admiration and ‘fear factor’.

The Number: One Man's Search for Identity in the Cape Underworld and Prison Gangs; By Jonny Steinberg

For example if you robbed a white person.. you were accorded higher respect, than if you robbed a black person. Race of victim was lowest: black, coloured, white (English), white (Afrikaner), white (Afrikaner farmer “boer”; in the same manner as stabbing a white Afrikaner warder, is higher prison cred, than a black warder, for example). Violence: the more violence, the more respect. Gang rape got more respect than one on one rape. No doubt you get the picture. To commit a crime, that got a ‘maximum’ sentence, was equivalent to earning your gang distinctions, or being admitted to an Ivy League University. It was to receive maximum street cred, upon your release; as well as maximum prison respect, while serving your sentence.

If you have ever spent time around hunters, who would talk with awe and respect, about a hunter who had killed one or more of the ‘Big Five’, then you would notice the similarities of the conversations. While a hunter of course makes use of the meat, and skin etc. of his kill, he does not kill it primarily for the meat, or skin, but for the thrill of the hunt; for the prestige of receiving respect and reward for being the ‘Big Five’ hunter.

Gang Intelligence Manual: Identifying And Understanding Modern-Day Violent Gangs In The United States; By Bill Valentine
[ZA: Gangs & Gang Culture]

Simplistically, there are two types of criminals, there are those who simply are functionally illiterate.. lack the skills to resolve problems without violence.. have fragile ego’s and respond with anger and violence to perceived insults, or alcoholic problems, related to violent tendencies. Then there are the professional hunters, they enjoy criminality, they enjoy the rewards from their criminal activities, but even more than the rewards, they enjoy the hunt, and the corresponding prestige and self-image, amongst their fellow hunters.

The current prison system is high grade fertilizer for exponential growth of professional hunter criminals. Accordingly the information in the affidavit below is not anything exceptional, in fact in comparison to the letters from the men, detailing their crimes, this is rather mild. It is provided as evidence only, for individuals who have never had a brutally honest conversation with a criminal, to determine from the criminal their personal motives for committing their crimes, particularly violent crimes.

[The following affidavit was submitted to Snr. Pros. Redelinghuys, George Prosecutor's Office; c/o and via Mayor Marius Swart, George Municipality. The prisoners conversation was originally in Afrikaans, and has been translated here.:]

[1] I am adult currently incarcerated in George Correctional Services Womens Prison……. I am serving a 12 month sentence for Contempt in the Face of the Court….

[3] At approximately 23:25 hours on 29/09/2003 an ambulance (siren on), arrived infront of George Correctional Services Unit to pick up a juvenile victim known as …… [as a result of ] an attempted murder in a dormitory cell.

[4] Hearsay and other information revealed on the following day amounted to: allegedly, 7 other prisoners had done among others, the following to ……. in the Juvenile Dormitory Cell: (i) stuffed floor polish in her mouth and gagged her from screaming; (ii) beaten her so badly, blood was on the walls, sheets, floor, etc; (iii) burnt her with a hot iron; (iv) broke an aluminium broom handle for a sharp weapon to beat her; (v) forced her to dance for them to avoid being beaten; (vi) sang songs to her while beating her; (vii) attempted to force metal etc. objects up her anus; (viii) shoved their fists up her vagina, known by some as (fist fucking) ‘losing prison virginity’.

Ms….. allegedly crime for this ‘punishment’: she had informed a Correctional Officer the juveniles had been smoking marijuana and pills (Mandrax) on Monday afternoon.

[5] On Tuesday, 30/09/03, one of the alleged Rapists/Attempted Murder victimizers.. was moved to Single Cell # 3.

[7] The following transcript of conversations occurred on days after Monday 29/09/03, and was so loud and public, I clearly heard it behind my closed door in Single Cell….….

[8] Tuesday, 30 September 2003: 16:00 to approximately 20:00 hrs

X: ‘I like fucking up my life. Its nice in prison. I can smoke pils, smoke marijuana, and fuck up people's lives. Everything that is outside, is here. I like it in prison. (laughs)

Z: No X

X: Yes (laughs).. The other prisoners wanted to kill a guard. Now they are blaming it on me, but I am not afraid.

X: Do you see what I did to be near you? (laughs)….

X: We would have killed her. Do you know, I tell you honestly if I see blood, and I see someone gets hurt, then I feel happy in my heart.

X: Then we raped her one by one.

X: I came out with the idea, but nobody wanted to go first. They were afraid she had diseases, because her blood looked wierd.

X: I can't wait to go to court. Then they shackle you. Thats nice. (laughs)

X: I don't want to be with the children, I am no longer a child.

X: I don't want to miss anything. Its not nice for me, if I miss something. If I had missed it, then I would have had to be state witness, and that I don't do.

X: I want to get my blood drawn tomorrow. My hands got that childs blood in them. O God then I will kill her. I want to do it. She is bad, you can just see it. All our bedding was covered in blood (laughs).

X: This time last night we were having great fun (laughs)

X: There in the back, there is still a pair of scissors in the cell.

X: I am thinking now how many years I am going to get added to my sentence.

Y: If you get 12 years, then you will be a maximum.

X: Thats better, far better, the best. Jesus (laughs)

X: I still sang for that child last night.

Y: What did you sing for her?

X: No, I am not going to tell you.

Y: If you love me, you will tell me.

X: I do love you, but I am not goig to tell you, because I can't remember. Do you know what my mother said to me on the telephone today? She says I need psychiatric help, I have a devil in me (laughs). But she is still going to get me a lawyer.

X: The kids say we must plead not guilty. They still have tie to play with the magistrate. I just dont' want to be defendant number one. They say everyone couldn't have beaten that child like that. Must have been only one. And “******” still has two other cases also, and now this one too!.

X: I didn't want to go and eat, so sore were my hands. But it was just an example. I don't like anyone who likes the Boere. She was still praying last night (laughs). I said to her, you are praying for someone you haven't even seen. You know what she still says to us we shouldn't hit her with our feet, only with the bare hand. She talks numbers, but she doesn't know what she is talking about. She lets the flag fall.

X: My mother didn't even cry you know?

X: I love money hey. Its nice to have money. Money is my life.

X: This morning when I got here, you already knew about what had happened.

Y: Yes the people came and told me the story. Your name made it. “X” was with us.

[9] Thursday 02 October 2003: Afternoon/Early evening:

X: I told you I was going to do something to be sentenced with you. If I hadn't done it then we would not be able to be together.

X: If you are in George, and I am somewhere else, then I will just fuck up other people's lives.

Y: Why?

X: Just because, I like it (laughs)

Y: What are they going to charge you with?

X: Rape and Attempted Murder (laughs)

Y: Then you are going to get another eight years.

X: Then I have 14, and I will be a maximum (laughs)

Y: Then I must get myself an outside case, then we have the same.

[10] Friday, 03 October 2003: 20:32 hrs onwards

X: Do you remember that day when I was sentenced, then I got R100. Then I bought R100's worth of marijuana. I told **** her to get 2 pills, but then she managed to get the marijuana.

Y: How much do you pay for pills?

X: R15 because they know me, but usually it is R60.

Y: Who else besides me, have you slept with?

X: Nobody after you, but ***** before you. But then she beat my vagina, and I did not like that.

[11] Monday, 06 October 2003: AM

X: If I am in a single cell, then it is almost like I am being punished.

X: I like being rough.

Y: Must I be rough with you? I will show you how the job must be done.

X: Then you must show me. (laughs)

[12] Monday, 06 October 2003: PM

“4”: How many years did you get

X: Six, but I thought I would have gotten at least 15.

X: And for ******* it is also nice in prison. He's now got 4 cases, and is 30, but he doesn't look 30.

X: For rape you don't get very long.

X: Do they fuck each other in Worcester also?

Y: Who the women?

X: Yes.

Y: Yes, they fuck each other there.

[13] Tuesday, 07 October 2003: PM

Y: If you are in Worcester, and you get yourself another maid, then I am going to fight. God here me, I will do anything to keep you.

X: I won't.

X: Do you know what she told the police? She said I hit her, then I laugh, then I go and lie down a little, and then I do it all again. Who would be serious if you were smoking?

Y: Thats true.

X: That one kid got 18 months for attempted murder. Another one 3 years. Here in George they don't give harsh sentences.

X: I like it in prison. I only want to get out once I am really big.

[14] Thurday 09 October 2003: PM

X: The court was a joke man.. (laughs)... Jesus I love it with those shackles on (laughs).

[15] Saturday, 25 October 2003: 17:02 hours onwards [See also Affidavit Re: Assault in Awaiting Trial Juvenile Dormitory on 25 October; which details a different assault in a different juvenile dormitory, where coloured juveniles beat a zulu juvenile, for fun, as part of a gang initiation (“nommers”), two holding her down, while the other one beat her with a metal cup. This occurred in full view of my cell, and in the presence of a Correctional Officer, whom I called, when I heard the first screams. Following conversation occurred after male Correctional Officers arrived, to enter cell and remove victim of assault.]

W: Bring that fucking child back, I want to murder her
(all in cell laughing)

X: Why did you do it?

W (laughing): Oh just to give the boere a fright (All others burst into laughter and start toy toying and dancing and stamping their feet)

X: By us the whole cell was full of blood, all the beds, everything. Here at you there was not much blood.


Subsequently to writing the aforementioned affidavit, I personally confronted the individual (X) privately, and informed her that I had written down her statements, and that I had provided them to the Prosecutor, and that I wanted her to know and hear that from me. I gave her my reasons, among others, paraphrased that I was disgusted with her behaviour, which I thought was the behaviour of a savage. I thought anyone of us can cultivate the savage in us, or the human in ourselves. She was choosing to cultivate the savage. She was desperate for respect from her fellow savages, and like a bunch of savages, they were all trying to see who the could outdo themselves being the most horrific savage. It was clear that she was not after my respect.. and unlike most fake two faced liberal white people, I would not pretend to respect her, just for fear of being called a bloody racist. If having no respect for savages meant I was a racist.. then so be it. However.. the day she wanted to earn my respect as a human being, it would be available to her… , but being a human being takes work… So.. the highest respect I could give her was just to be brutally honest with her.. about what I thought about her choices about who she was choosing to be: a savage. If she wanted to fuck up her life, then that was her choice, it was her life. She said thanks, that was the most honest any white person had ever been with her.

» » » » [Excerpt: Who Cares about Crime in RSA (PDF)]

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