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Ecology of Peace RH factual reality: 1. Earth is not flat; 2. Resources are finite; 3. When humans breed or consume above ecological carrying capacity limits, it results in resource conflict; 4. If individuals, families, tribes, races, religions, and/or nations want to reduce class, racial and/or religious local, national and international resource war conflict; they should cooperate & sign their responsible freedom oaths; to implement Ecology of Peace Scientific and Cultural Law as international law; to require all citizens of all races, religions and nations to breed and consume below ecological carrying capacity limits.

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

“I nominate Anders Behring Breivik for Eurabia Code Black Swan Nobel Sainthood” - Lara Johnstone, Norwegian-SA; Radical Honesty SA

"One person with a belief is equal to the force of 100 000 who have only interests" -- Anders Behring Breivik, Ethno-Nationalist

“The men the European public admires most extravagantly are the most daring liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth.”

Sarah Maid of Albion documents the number of white South African [farmers] who have been killed in what begins to resemble a systematic racism motivated genocide. 3,066 documented murders (the real numbers are much higher NOK).’ - Anders Behring Breivik (Brandon Huntley granted asylum as result of racism)

Anders Behring Breivik is the main suspect in the Norwegian bomb attacks and shootings. He has been described by police as an alleged Christian fundamentalist with right-wing views. The 32-year-old appears to have set up accounts on the social networking sites Facebook and Twitter just a few days ago.

The @AndersBBreivik twitter account attributed to Breivik has only one post, which is a quote from the philosopher John Stuart Mill: “One person with a belief is equal to the force of 100,000 who have only interests.

On his facebook page, Mr. Breivik describes his interests as Christianity, Conservatism; Anti-Multiculturalism, 1984 (Orwell), On Liberty. It listed his interests as hunting, body building and freemasonry.

Government business records show him as the sole director of Breivik Geofarm, a company Norwegian media is describing as a farming sole proprietorship. The company was set up to cultivate vegetables, melons, roots and tubers, Norway's TV2 says, which provided him the opportunity to purchase six tons of fertilizer, an ingredient used in bomb-making.

He also spent three years compiling a cultural conservative Justiciare Manifesto, which includes his own writings, as well as cut and pastes from many other writers available online: 2083: The European Declaration of Independence (PDF). To accompany his Manifesto he also released a video, since deleted by Youtube, but copies available at youtube, Twitvideo.

2083: A European Declaration of Independence, by Andrew Berwick (aka Andres Breivik), London [From Unwanted Advocate: (PDF)]
[QUOTE] Much of the information presented in this compendium (3 books) has been deliberately kept away from the European peoples by our governments and the politically correct mainstream media (MSM). More than 90% of the EU and national parliamentarians and more than 95% of journalists are supporters of European multiculturalism and therefore supporters of the ongoing Islamic colonisation of Europe; yet, they DO NOT have the permission of the European peoples to implement these doctrines.

The compendium, - “2083 – A European Declaration of Independence” - documents through more than 1000 pages that the fear of Islamisation is all but irrational. It covers the following main topics:
  1. The rise of cultural Marxism/multiculturalism in Western Europe
  2. Why the Islamic colonization and Islamisation of Western Europe began
  3. The current state of the Western European Resistance Movements (anti-Marxist/anti-Jihad movements)
  4. Solutions for Western Europe and how we, the resistance, should move forward in the coming decades
  5. + Covering all, highly relevant topics including solutions and strategies for all of the 8 different political fronts [END QUOTE]

The Eurabia Code: 1: Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis

Fjordman, Brussels Journal |Sun, 2006-10-01 07:53
(Included in 2083: EU Declaration of Independence Manifesto)

I decided to write this essay after a comment from a journalist, not a Leftist by my country’s standards, who dismissed Eurabia as merely a conspiracy theory, one on a par with The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. I do not disagree with the fact that conspiracy theories exist, nor that they can be dangerous. After all, the Protocols and the Dolchstosslegende, or “stab in the back myth – the idea that Germany didn’t lose WW1 but was betrayed by Socialists, intellectuals and Jews – helped pave the way for Adolf Hitler and the Nazis before WW2.

However, what puzzles me is that it is a widely-held belief of many (not just in the Islamic world but in Europe and even in the United States) that the terror attacks that brought down the Twin Towers in New York City on September 11th 2001 were really a controlled demolition staged by the American government and then blamed on Muslims. I have seen this thesis talked about many times in Western media. While it is frequently (though not always) dismissed and mocked, it is least mentioned.

In contrast, Eurabia – which asserts that the Islamicization of Europe didn’t happen merely by accident but with the active participation of European political leaders – is hardly ever referred to at all, despite the fact that it is easier to document. Does the notion of Eurabia hit too close to home? Perhaps it doesn’t fit with the anti-American disposition of many journalists? Curiously enough, even those left-leaning journalists who are otherwise critical of the European Union because of its free market elements never write about Eurabia.

Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis; by Bat Ye'Or [*Amazon*]
Because of this, I am going to test whether the Eurabia thesis is correct, or at least plausible. I have called this project The Eurabia Code, alluding to author Dan Brown’s massive bestseller The Da Vinci Code. Brown’s fictional account “documents” a conspiracy by the Church to cover up the truth about Jesus. I’m not sure my work will become equally popular, but I’m pretty sure it’s closer to reality.

The next time Mr. Brown wants to write about massive conspiracies in Europe, he would be well-advised to set his eyes at Brussels rather than Rome. It would be a whole lot more interesting. What follows is a brief outline of the thesis put forward by writer Bat Ye’or in her book “Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis.” My information is based on her book (which should be read in full). In addition I have drawn from some of her articles and interviews. I republish the information with her blessing, but this summary is completely my own.

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Black Swan

The Black Swan Theory or Theory of Black Swan Events is a metaphor that encapsulates the concept that The event is a surprise (to the observer) and has a major impact. After the fact, the event is rationalized by hindsight.

The theory was developed by Nassim Nicholas Taleb to explain:
  1. The disproportionate role of high-impact, hard to predict, and rare events that are beyond the realm of normal expectations in history, science, finance and technology
  2. The non-computability of the probability of the consequential rare events using scientific methods (owing to the very nature of small probabilities)
  3. The psychological biases that make people individually and collectively blind to uncertainty and unaware of the massive role of the rare event in historical affairs

CBN News: Europe's Multi-Culturalism Leading to Civil War [01/01]
Unlike the earlier philosophical "black swan problem", the "Black Swan Theory" (capitalized) refers only to unexpected events of large magnitude and consequence and their dominant role in history. Such events, considered extreme outliers, collectively play vastly larger roles than regular occurrences.

The term black swan derives from a Latin expression—its oldest known reference comes from the poet Juvenal's characterization of something being "rara avis in terris nigroque simillima cygno" (6.165). In English, this Latin phrase means "a rare bird in the lands, and very like a black swan." When the phrase was coined, the black swan was presumed not to exist. The importance of the simile lies in its analogy to the fragility of any system of thought. A set of conclusions is potentially undone once any of its fundamental postulates is disproved. In this case, the observation of a single black swan would be the undoing of the phrase's underlying logic, as well as any reasoning that followed from that underlying logic.
Expert say Multiculturalism is to blame for 22/7 in Norway (03:36)
Juvenal's phrase was a common expression in 16th century London as a statement of impossibility. The London expression derives from the Old World presumption that all swans must be white because all historical records of swans reported that they had white feathers. In that context, a black swan was impossible or at least nonexistent. After a Dutch expedition led by explorer Willem de Vlamingh on the Swan River in 1697, discovered black swans in Western Australia, the term metamorphosed to connote that a perceived impossibility might later be disproven. Taleb notes that in the 19th century John Stuart Mill used the black swan logical fallacy as a new term to identify falsification.

Specifically, Taleb asserts in the New York Times:

What we call here a Black Swan (and capitalize it) is an event with the following three attributes. First, it is an outlier, as it lies outside the realm of regular expectations, because nothing in the past can convincingly point to its possibility. Second, it carries an extreme impact. Third, in spite of its outlier status, human nature makes us concoct explanations for its occurrence after the fact, making it explainable and predictable.

I stop and summarize the triplet: rarity, extreme impact, and retrospective (though not prospective) predictability. A small number of Black Swans explains almost everything in our world, from the success of ideas and religions, to the dynamics of historical events, to elements of our own personal lives.

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Ideas of a Eurabia Code Black Swan

Beyond Left/Right Black Swan Thinking

Red: Limit Immigration

2010-09-21 23:20:25

The main axes are the economy and culture.

They were right-wing culturally but economically leftist (not as extreme as the planned economy but still strong socialist). So it is equally wrong to call them right wing as the left extreme. They were both: P

Liberals like of course to tag them as right wing, as well as anti-socialists refer to them as the left extreme.

The third axis: authoritarian vs liberal is inappropriate to use as the main marker.

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Ethno-Nationalism Only Allowed by Japanese and Korean


2010-09-01 08:19:15:

Lasse Moer,

Japan and South Korea is much clearer examples of countries that consistently and very direct dismissed multiculturalism. This stadfested those in the 70 -, 80 -, 90-number and this confirms the very day.

The UN has for years been trying to push them to receive hundreds of thousands of refugees but the number has ended in a tiny fraction of the original claim. Europe has never chosen to run the psychological and economic warfare against them for this reason (as they do to European nations / individuals who espouse the same arguments and principles)

Multiculturalists will be very embarrassed if you mention Japan and South Korea as these nations proves quite obvious that mass immigration is only a result of specific Marxist doctrines and very rarely economically or culturally privileged. Japan / South Korea has a border and border guards. If one lacks the visa one is denied passage ... (Europe had known this scheme prior 1950-1960)

The interesting question is the, why are not Japanese and South Koreans demonized as the Nazis and fascists? The answer, we know ...

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The new Norway: People will be driven into paradise

The new Norway:

People will be driven into paradise

2010-06-15 11:11:55:

Very good and very important article. Great work, Hans!

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Media's Role in the Path from Moderation to Fundamentalism

Broadcasting hate speech - where is the media's responsibility?

2010-02-17 10:56:52

The problem is that it often does not help about 80% of Muslims are "moderates", ie they ignore the Quran. "It takes very few people to overthrow a plane."

What percentage is the Taliban of Pakistan's population? 1%, 3%, 5%? And how much chaos is there today?

In every society where Islam exists there will be a certain percentage of the Muslims who actually follow the traditional interpretations of the Koran.

And then we have the relationship between conservative Muslims and so-called "moderate Muslims".

There is moderate Nazis, too, that does not support fumigation of rooms and Jews. But they're still Nazis and will only sit and watch as the conservatives Nazis strike (if it ever happens). If we accept the moderate Nazis as long as they distance themselves from the fumigation of rooms and Jews?

Now it unfortunately already cut himself with Marxists who have already infiltrated-culture, media and educational organizations. These individuals will be tolerated and will even work as professors and lecturers at colleges / universities and are thus able to spread their propaganda.

For me it is very hypocritical to treat Muslims, Nazis and Marxists differ. They are all supporters of hate-ideologies. Not all Muslims, Nazis and Marxists are conservative, most are moderate. But does it matter? A moderate Nazi might, after having experienced fraud, choose to be conservative. A moderate Muslim can, after being refused to enter a club, be conservative, etc.

It is obvious that the moderate supporters of hate-ideologies, at a later date may choose conservatism.

Islam (ism) has historically led to 300 million deaths
Communism has historically led to 100 million deaths
Nazism has historically led to 6-20 million deaths

ALL hate ideologies should be treated equally.

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Percentage of Islamic Population who Support Killing of Gays

Broadcasting hate speech - where is the media's responsibility?

2010-02-16 19:25:24

According to two studies supports 13% of young British Muslims between 15 and 25 Al Qaeda ideology. UK representative for Norway, so I would guess that at least 15-20% of Norwegian Muslims support murder of gays. There is certainly no fewer that supports the killing of gays than to support Al Qaeda.

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Confronting Multiculti reality's Intentional Destruction of European culture

Yes We Can

2010-02-02 13:35:11

I completely agree that Obama is a brilliant retoriker and communicator, one of the best we've seen over the past 30 years.

But firstly, we can not and should not compare the cultural struggle in the U.S. with that in Europe. Rhetoric must and should be different. The average "right click" - Republican in the U.S. is a "libertarian" (anti-socialist but pro multikulti) while the average conservative in Europe is much more anti-multikulti but arguments based on cultural resistance against Islamization.

The so-called anti-multiculti in the U.S. based their rhetoric on ethnocentrism alone which thus differs greatly from Europeans. This is the main reason that we must separate the American and European cultural struggle. I usually stay away from American issues as a result.

Regardless of whether we are in the U.S. or Europe, it is essential you have to ask about the following:

When was that multiculturalism ceased to be an ideology designed to deconstruct a European culture, traditions, identity and nation-states? If you support a leader who propagate multikulti (ideology as of this writing systematically deconstructs Western civilization), one can not then just as well stick to the class struggle or the MSM?

And if we then think that multiculturalism wonderful doctrines is the main cause of the ongoing Islamization of Europe and the U.S., one should not criticize multiculturalism while leading No. 1, the one Jesus Christ Obama for his fundamental principles?

Failure to criticize him, you have not then accepted the multiculturalism wonderful premise?

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Cultural Marxist Censorship of Debate, by ‘Racist’ Scapegoating

Is there really a wonderful country?

2010-01-25 05:20:24

Public Enemy, Carl Christian,

What you manages to come up with here is nothing but very nasty control techniques.

You claim that all Norwegians who do not follow landsmo (s) container Gro Harlem Brundtland definition, is racist:

"Everyone always holds a Norwegian passport is full Norwegians" ... Which means that even Somali coach (with a Norwegian passport) who chew qat all day, banks send the wife and half the benefit of al-Shabaab should be viewed as a full Norwegian.

If anyone in this country dared to look at the Somali coach as anything other than a full-Norwegian they are the racists and need to burn marked public. And you say that everyone who disagrees with their extreme kulturmarxistiske world view - the utopian, global citizen definition are racists?

In that case, I think you have labeled 95% of the population that just this but it does just a minor role for you?

You are only committed to paralyze all the debate in society, to silence all those who are not of the same opinion as you, to exercise social control in line with the conservative Muslims in Greenland? Once a person takes off his "ideological veil" his is where you as soon as the troll you are.

Sorry, but it does not work anymore. More will be increasingly immune to rule techniques due to their massive inflation rhetoric.

I think the majority of Norwegians require full cultural assimilation (European culture) to calculate the second as full Norwegians. His his analysis is thus correct. Norwegian passport is irrelevant in this context. Get over it ...!


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Cultural Marxist Censorship of Debate, by ‘Racist’ Scapegoating

Is there really a wonderful country?

2010-01-25 05:20:24

The problem with the Progress Party have become that in their etterstrebenhet after reaching up to the multiculturalism fantastic claims and humanism suicidal ideals they have in many ways thrown out the baby with the bath water.

Genuine resistance has been reduced to listening to the PR agency and do 2-3 tactical statements before each election, to ensure the voices of the core.

The vast majority of new faces in the Progress Party is now politically correct career politicians and not in any way idealists who are willing to take risks and work for idealistic goals.

The comic is that even though they have thrown almost all principles of garbage dump and reduced cultural struggle to "reduce the flow of asylum with a couple of thousand" is still burning brand in public, ridiculed, harassed and isolated by the humanist-Marxist.

Parliamentary Representatives from the Progress Party, should at least read the document every single day and involved a bit when it is their duty to be the people's voice. Unfortunately, very few of them at all know what the document is about something, and fewer than 5% of them know what taqiyya and naskh is.

F example. when a combined force chose to ignore the Swedish and French intifada before the last election for strategic reasons, which later cost FrP maybe 5%, should Siv have instructed all of his people to call the ARK and other newsrooms and forced them to cover this about this.

I have great respect for how the Marxist-humanist networks in Norway are able to use their power optimally through "force Multiplication" and cooperation.

They are insanely hard-working, skilled in the consolidation and hard-working and most on the right side has a lot to learn from them.

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Where are the Cultural Conservative Entrepreneurs?

Anne Aasheim Slutter

2010-01-22 02:53:39

I'm tempted to get in touch with the owners and would reflect their success through restructuring through my leadership. This will involve kicking all remaining kulturmarxister and start with the cultural conservative coverage as the first major newspaper in Norway (critical of multiculturalism / Islamization). It is realistic to believe that the circulation will then have the potential to reach up to 120-200k.

It surprises me that there are no more "cultural conservative entrepreneurs" in the Kingdom of Norway?

Do you think the owners will have a positive attitude to such proposals?, P

I will not be a good option when I have absolutely zero knowledge of editorial processes. I think however, Hans Rustad should be responsible for the editorial and invite them to consider his concept. I think the timing of this is optimal at this moment!

There are 15 kulturmarxistiske politically correct tree trunk, back in Norway and not a single cultural conservative. The first cultural conservative (not politically correct) the publication will be GUARANTEED success.

» » » » [Document.NO]

Almost half the population of Oslo are considering moving because of immigration

Almost half the population of Oslo are considering moving because of immigration

2010-01-02 14:20:13

There are political forces in Oslo who want to mass-act subsidized / low cost "Islam-blocks" in Oslo West for "better integration". As far as I know, only the Progress Party / Conservatives who oppose the moment so it can actually become a reality over the next decade.

If this ever becomes the case, many of Oslo West move to Bærum (and most will eventually follow).

Hm, but where do you move when this policy when Bærum?

» » » » [Document.NO]

Failure of Multiculturalism with Dysfunctional Cultures

Gilbert and Fosse shared workspace with Hamas

2009-12-31 14:12:48

Lars M,

"Globalization and modernity are irreversible phenomena."

Classic multiculturalism drug propaganda. What is globalization and modernity to do with mass Muslim immigration?

And you may not have heard and Japan and South Korea? These are successful and modern regimes even if they rejected multiculturalism in the 70's. Are Japanese and South Koreans goblins?

Can you name ONE country where multiculturalism is successful where Islam is involved? The only historical example is the society without a welfare state with only non-Muslim minorities (U.S.).

This I expect that everyone knows when it is elementary documented truths.

What I can never understand is why multiculturalism seats (which traditionally has consisted of and / or have been supported by the labor movement) have failed to understand that multiculturalism will destroy the future welfare (as social Cohesion / confidence / willingness to let the tax) dollars in line with the spread of multiculturalism?

Best case scenario for Europe is that we end up with a super-capitalist system such as the U.S. with large sub-class / class differences.

It does not sound very humanistic out:) But then we are certainly not goblins anymore?

» » » » [Document.NO]

Cultural Conservative Ethno-Nationalism vs. Cultural Marxism Multiculturalism

Gilbert and Fosse shared workspace with Hamas

2009-12-31 09:30:01

Supra, Aesop, Ira

It's getting only two basic concepts many use to describe the cultural point of view.

Conservative Culture (of order preservation / patiot / nationalist / monokulturalist) and kulturmarxistisk (internationalist / multiculturalists / kosmopolitanist / globalist).

Although the majority of humanists but also many liberals are anti-nationalists, and is therefore by definition kulturmarxister. Promote either multiculturalism (cultural Marxism) or monoculture (nationalist), there is nothing in between, even though most do not dare to admit this yet. Well, there's the multi-culture without Islam is a middle ground.

However, it is possible that THE does not meet the criteria for a Marxist / Communist but all internationalists are kulturmarxister.

It's also a known fact that street newspaper is an anarcho-Marxist newspaper and NOT an anarchist newspaper. Anarchism can be both Marxist-oriented and nationalist-oriented. Street newspaper is far from nationalistic one can get;)

The old definitions often do not apply anymore. Eg. the British Tories who actually still dare to call themselves conservatives support kulturmarxisme / multiculturalism and should be renamed.

One can not support kulturmarxisme / multiculturalism and simultaneously call themselves conservative, although some might not agree with me:)

The majority on the right side has unfortunately not yet found out that one must defeat multiculturalism in order to defeat the Islamization as many still see themselves as multiculturalists.

This will inevitably change and clarified to a greater extent for most of the next decade when the polarization will increase.

Sometime in the future, most will have to flag the point of view, you will have to make a choice: nationalism or internationalism.

Unfortunately, there is still much stigma attached to the word "nationalism" as I usually use the word culture conservative:)

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"Can dissidence, alone, save us or are we going to finally start to consolidate the cultural conservatives on all fronts?"

Ekstremistan III: Old and new extremists

2009-12-17 18:36:54

Hans, Aesop,

Article Series Ekstremistan I, II, III is one of the best that has ever been here. Incredibly well written, Hans:)

Well, I think one of our problems is that for many individuals (especially liberals) on the right side helps to cannibalizing their own opinion allies. The reason is related to some of the many decades of brainwashing kulturmarxistisk. For others it may be due to cowardice or fear of helping to create something that may one day evolve to an even worse alternative.

Many people who try to consolidate on the right side of the present organizational structure, bulleted lists or ideological banners (and to push for specific agendas and deadlines are followed to achieve the organizational goals) will be criticized by individuals who want to limit opposition to the "essay critique / criticism of the system ". They hope well that this alone will be NOK that the kulturmarxistiske elites / hegemony will realize how stupid and ugly they have been?

Before "we" can do something, there must be a "we". Consolidation is the only option and resistance can not be limited to "essay critique / criticism of the system." Progress Party is already established. But it must work actively to ensure cultural conservative control over NGOs (old or new) and also help to create youth organizations (national newspaper is obviously the most important but this is already on the agenda).

I know that Hans and Aesop disagree with me ang this (because they are afraid to help create a monster which they later will lose control over) but this will take you wrong :-)

And I hope you are tough NOK to discuss this rather than to censor it out:).

Key words for discussion:

"Can dissidence, alone, save us or are we going to finally start to consolidate the cultural conservatives on all fronts?"

» » » » [Document.NO]

Cultural Conservative Activism & Ideas

Islam Vs. West: 3 World

2009-12-05 08:42:59

In all cases.

It is very important that we here in the document does not restrict our "political commitment" to this page. There is great political upheavals taking place in Western Europe at this moment (a subversion of gressrotnivå). The cultural conservative movement is growing at record speed and it is a consolidation process going on in all Western European countries. ANYONE can contribute and every contribution counts:) The best thing you can do in Norway is to support either financially or through volunteer work. Visit the various Norwegian debate forum and market articles on the With dedicated effort, I am sure that the document has the potential to become the new "Event".

He will soon present their ideas for how this can be done.

I recommend to you all also strongly recommended to extend Facebook their networks, using the daily quota of 50 invitations to connect with Brits, French, Swedes, etc. Join groups that SIOE - Stop the Islamisation of Europe, Against Multiculturalism, join Progress Party, if anything:)

Watch the pages gatesofvienna, brussels journal, Jihad Watch, religionofpeace etc.

Read Fjord Man's work "Defeating Eurabia". This is f as the perfect Christmas gift for family and friends.

Add: Analekta Informatics on Facebook. This group communicates news articles that are unknown to most people. Very good news that the document can use if desired.

It is especially important that we, the Norwegian cultural conservatives, are making an effort. Norway and Sweden are among the world's most repressive regimes the press (press censorship) when it comes to a critical view of Islamization and multiculturalism.

The biggest mistake most people make is they assume that "someone else" to make efforts for them. There is no other, it's just us;)

Looking forward to meeting as many as possible of you on Thursday:). Let's hope his not choose Blitz Café or International:)).

(To Adde me on Facebook please send an email to

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Fundamentalist Sadomasochist Multiculturalists

Islam Vs. West: 3 World

2009-12-05 07:41:50

Speaking of stubborn multiculturalists. I remember a story from the Oslo newspaper Aftenposten for approx. 6 months ago very good (I find, unfortunately, not this).

I can remember that it was a school in the City Center East, in a class where there was only a single Norwegian boy again (the majority were Muslims). Most others had taken their children out of school. The mother of this boy was, of course, a hardcore Marxist who died and life was to prove that multiculturalism and Islam will be functioning. She refused to move to another area or take him out of school. Her son would prove once and for all that Islamophobes on documents and other cultural conservatives were wrong and that it WAS possible.

The poor boy was harassed for several years until satisfactory one day he began to self harm. He told his marxistmor that he wanted to die. Only after this the mother realized that she had been wrong. The result was that they moved to another neighborhood and changing schools.

So one should not underestimate the fact how "hardcore" some of these kulturmarxistene is. I'm sure some of these actually had sacrificed their own children just to prove this sick Marxist theory.

But there are, after all, some justice up in it all. The positive for us, the cultural conservatives, is that we are among the first to protect our children, we move to safe areas where our children do not need to live in dhimmitude.

It is often the children of the boundless naive and Marxist kids who end up as victims. The irony here is that those who survive with psyche intact ends up as a dedicated cultural conservatives or to with which etnosentrerte of great frustration for their kulturmarxistiske or humanist parents:))

» » » » [Document.NO]

How many thousands of Europeans must die, European women should be raped, before Euroepans admit multiculturalism with Islam does not work?

Islam Vs. West: 3 World

2009-12-05 07:14:39

Lars M,

tell me one country where Muslims have lived peacefully with non-Muslims without the Jihad against Kafr (dhimmitude, systematic slaughter or demographic warfare)?

I could name 40 countries / areas where this has had catastrophic consequences for non-Muslims. Can you please name ONE single example where it has managed to assimilate the Muslims? You seem limitless naive. Of course, some integrate but it is completely the result that counts (everything else is irrelevant).

How many thousands of new Europeans must die, how many one hundred thousand European women should be raped, millions robbed and tractor discarded before you understand that multiculturalism + Islam does not work?

Why do you think Norway will be the first country in the world for the last 1400 years in which this will succeed?

History repeats itself forever.

» » » » [Document.NO]

Norway Commits Suicide

Islam Vs. West: 3 World

2009-12-04 20:08:02


Well, the essence is that Muslim boys learn æreskodekser, pride in their own religion, culture and cultural conservative values ​​at home while Norwegian men have been feminized and teacher excessive tolerance. This makes them totally unprepared for what awaits them ... The curriculum at the school now consists also largely of the demonization of our ancestors (evil imperialists, big farmers who raped maids, bloodthirsty Crusaders who invaded the peaceful Muslims) as it gives a victim the role of Muslims. The result is that Norwegian girls aged 12-18 are particularly vulnerable and often oppressed. They lack pride, æreskodekser and a correct understanding of Islam.

There have now been a mass exodus of non-Muslims from Oslo East in 20 years, even if the media refuses to cover this trend. The reason is simple. People do not want to be oppressed, they do not want to live like other citizens rangs (dhimmitude). Parents observe but can not do much. There are of course very dependent on the situation. If it is 50% Muslims in school or only 2%. It is often easiest to move in instead of letting your child carry the "integration issue" on their shoulders.

In many ways intensified the polarization between Muslim and non-Muslim youth among the younger generations. There are ten times as many Muslim gangs as non-Muslim. Abuse and harassment is perceived as clear racism and frustration is high because the media ignores this racism in total. 100 racial / Jihadi murder of Norwegians in the last 15 years are totally ignored as a single murder of a Norwegian racist resulting in a torchlight procession in which 50 000 participants and establishing a Memorial Fund.

Many young people are apathetic as a result, others are very racist.

I got the impression that the younger generations in Oslo not quite manage to see the political context here. They see the racist attack but do not fully understand that this is Jihad (political / cultural attacks). They repay why they perceive as racism with racism.

My hope is that they will see the cultural / political context, but one should not ignore the fact that the new generations of young people going in the direction of ethnocentrism.

Young people need solutions, and currently there are no anti-racist youth culture conservative options. Some people choose the options that exist, that it is ethnocentric.

I dare not even think of how many Norwegian children who have been suicide because of these experiences (assault, robbery, rape, psychological terror committed by Muslim youths). There are probably several hundred in the last 15 years.

Well, this is certainly part of the reason that the Progress Party was larger than the AP at the last school elections ...

The special thing here is that if we had removed the Muslim vote at the last school elections in Oslo, the Progress Party ended up about 30-40% support.

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Dhimmitude and Demographic Warfare: Case Examples

Democracy at its worst

2009-12-01 12:02:38


Controllers - dominate, not necessarily very big difference. The common denominator in all historical cases, dhimmitude + demographic warfare. Are non-Muslims on Furuset, Holmlia today dhimmis? Yes, of course they do. Why do you think they systematically choose to move?

Why do you think Furuset, Holmlia and other areas in Oslo soon be emptied of non-Muslims? Enklaviseringen in Oslo East continues slowly but surely every day.

For those words must have it with a teaspoon (this may be fine with a small demographic history reminder now and then):

Kosovo demographical development [1]:

1900 40% Islam
50% 1,913
1,925 60%
1,948 72%
1,971 79%
1,981 85%
2,008 93%


1 # 6

Lebanon demographical development - (Christian / Muslim pop) [1]:

1911 to 21% Islam
from 1921 to 45%
from 1932 to 49%
from 1943 to 48%
from 1970 to 58% (Civil War 1975-1990 started When Islam reached 60%)
from 1990 to 65% (Christians lost the war)
from 2008 to 75%


1. Tomass Mark, Game Theory with instrumentally irrational players: A Case Study of Civil War and Sectarian Cleansing, Journal of Economic Issues, Lincoln, June 1997.


Source 1

1948 85% Christian [1]
2006 12% Christian [1]

Source 2

1948 to 60% Christian [2]
1983 to 20% Christian [2]



Anatolia (Turkey)

1300 – 99% Christians
1450 – 90% (3 years before the fall of Constantinople)
1600 – 55%
1850 – 35% (Genocide/forceful conversions intensifies)
1900 – 20%
1920 – 15%
1945 – 6% (Focus shifts to persecution of Muslim Kurds)
1980 – 3%
2009 – 1%

2. See all sources from Historic Balkan and Anatolia demographics

Syria [1]

1920 – 33% Christians
2007 – 10% (would be less than 5% if it weren’t for Christian immigration from Iraq).


Pakistan (Hindu/Muslim population) [1]

1941 – 25% Hindus
1948 – 17%
1991 – 1,5%
2007 – 1%

Bangladesh (Hindu/Muslim population) [1]

1941 – 30% Hindus
1948 – 25%
1971 – 15%
1991 – 10%
2007 – 8%

2008 - Numbers and percentages of Muslims in many European cities (legal/illegal including city suburbs)[1][2][3]:

Marseilles 38%
Malmö 35%
Brussels 35%
Amsterdam 30%
Stockholm 20%
London 20%
Paris 20%
Oslo 20%
Moscow 16-20%
Berlin 18%
The Hague 17%
Copenhagen 17%
Utrecht 15%
Rotterdam 15%
Antwerp 15%
Hamburg 15%


3. notes that Brussels is 25.5% Muslim

Hva er så fellesnevneren i alle disse historiske tilfellene?

Islam + dhimmitude + demografisk krigføring (Jihad)

» » » » [Document.NO]

Media Censorship of Violence in France/Media Blackout, citing Ministerial Instructions

2009-09-07 09:23:59

Such cases must be considered together with similar cases where the media consistently ignores issues related to Muslim riots.

All remember the July riots in Marseilles and other French cities where the media were instructed not to report the news.

One can only wonder how many riots have been in France or other countries that we have never heard of. It is in the process of developing a trend in Western Europe where there is full acceptance that the media can suppressing such cases.

Estimated damage from the July riots in France: 800-1500 burnt-out cars, dozens of buildings burnt out, several people injured (including police officers). Not a single article in the MSM. I called both TV2 and NRK but they thought it was not "news worthy" ... Maybe not so strange when 90-95% of all European journalists are in favor of multiculturalism and do not want to contribute to the injury "integration process" by conveying the truth.

This is a very frightening development and document further how the media serves as propaganda machinery to multiculturalism seats.


The orders of the "media blackout" Have Been Strictly Applied. Le Monde refused two respond, citing "Ministerial instructions." "Yesterday morning, every journalist WHO overcame, even for the narrow-read piece of news, to the Firemen, or gendarmes or police, heard the same answer: 'No fires'. In fact, the truth is quite different. Some of Those we questioned admitted under Their Breath: 'We can not say anything about the fires. We garden Received orders. "In Lyons, the daily Le Progres reports the same blackout:" Orders Not to speak to the press were two pot Firemen, gendarmes and police. "

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Systemic White Genocide in South Africa

Racist grant of asylum because of racism?

2009-09-07 11:48:06

The following blog documents the number of white South Africans who have been killed in what begins to resemble a systematic racism motivated genocide.

3,066 documented murders (the real numbers are much higher NOK).

200 000-300 000 white Africans have already "escaped" from South Africa since the ANC took over.

Anders Behring Breivik - Europe for Europeans
(Deleted by Facebook)

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