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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Socio-Politico Poverty Pimping Pity Parties: Welfare Breeding-Farms Accomplished What Slavery Could Not: Destroy Black Family!

Dr. Walter Williams: Welfare Has Broken up the Black Family: Welfare State Accomplished What Slavery Could Not: Destroy Black Family! (Fox)
Dr. Walter Williams says that welfare government programs have accomplished what slavery and Jim Crow laws could not do: destroy the black family. Williams points out that up until the 1940’s between 75-90% of all black children were being raised in two parent homes; which started changing immediately after Lyndon Johnson Implemented his ‘War on Poverty’ Nanny State. Today less than 33% of black children are raised in two parent homes. Williams points out that the illegitimacy rate amongst blacks was 18% in 1940 but ballooned to 72.5% in 2008. In his 1985 documentary Good Intentions; Williams suggests that government welfare programs, with their “good intentions” led America’s black families into Hell.

Pity target

Jun 6th, 2011
Brett Stevens,

They were White and They were Slaves [01/03] [02/03] [03/03]: Michael Hoffman on Samizdat with Ernst Zundel, discussing his book on White slaves.
Have you ever thought about how much we project ourselves in this world?

Instead of looking at the world outside us, discovering how it works, and then applying those lessons, we are operating on an entirely reversed thought process.

We look at ourselves, determine what we want, and then demand that from the world. Like overgrown children.

The biggest source of our projection is pity. Pity serves two important functions:
  1. Social climbing. Showing pity for the less fortunate makes you look like a good guy. More girls will sleep with you, more co-workers will be your buddy, and more people will vote for you or buy your product. They think you’re a “nice person.”

  2. Self-esteem. If you feel a deep underlying sense of unease, for example because you can intuit that your civilization is collapsing from within, you will need little bits of uplifting happiness during your days. Pity makes you feel good for giving a homeless person $1, a meaningless sum to you, but a big boon to him.

The important note here is that the pity has absolutely nothing to do with the pitied, except that they look like the kind of person who needs to be pitied.

If you’re going to pity someone, make sure they look pathetic so everyone in the room can see who is the giver and who is the receiver.

A suburban kid who has great grades, works really hard and is sharp as a whip, but needs some extra cash to get to college? A terrible pity target: most people out there don’t live in as nice an area as he does, and so are pissed off that he has what they don’t.

A homeless guy who has been addicted to every drug in the book, never kept a job and yet has an inspiring message of love for the world? Perfect pity target. He will never be able to help himself, which means he will always need you. Even better, what he needs is cheap: a room, some liquor, a job.

This attitude immediately spills over into politics and business.

Any public action in a liberal democracy must be done for the downtrodden, underdog, impoverished, miserable, etc. Nothing else provides a potent enough symbol for it to have political power. As a result, we don’t build high speed rail between our universities and libraries and cultural centers, but between our ghettos. Victory for The People!

Any public action on a television commercial or news program must show how the company’s product benefits the weaker, smaller, poorer, more neurotic or less capable. Sure, you can use The Beautiful People for fashion products, but for anything else, you should show crazed modern people and pity objects together enjoying the product. Then you know it’s a good produce from nice people!

Under liberalism, our attitude has gone from “help the deserving so we all benefit” to “help the hopeless so we all feel good about ourselves.”

Whatever civilization replaces ours will first do away with the convenient, but destructive, practice of social climbing through pity.

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Self-Delusion of Parasitic Socio-Politico Poverty Pimping Pity Party Elite: RE: ANC's Poverty Pimping Pity Party Welfare Breeding-War Vote-Farm Slavery Plantation

The dumbing down of our youth: Rhoda Kadalie says the ANC's gravest error was to mistake change for progress

Rhoda Kadalie, Politicsweb
08 June 2011

THE STATE AGAINST BLACKS [01/04] [02/04] [03/04] [04/04] We have always been told that big government programs help minorities and poor people. It's intuitive to think that affirmative action, the minimum wage, and welfare make life better for people living in poverty. But this week Stossel and economist Walter Williams report that what we think we know is wrong.
The ANC has failed South Africa's youth.

Its Youth League is more concerned about the conspicuous consumption and instant wealth of its leader, Julius Malema, than pressurising government to address the needs of the youth. A month ago I spoke at a university graduation. The comment that received the most applause was my advice to students not to let "Julius Malema derail them from achieving their dreams."

The fear that he will become president one day is deep, and thousands of young people are tired of having him thrust down their throats. The sooner the ANC refrains from using its youth leaders as pawns in their political games, the better for all of us.

It should, instead, invest energy and resources in the holistic development of young people to prepare them for a better future. In the meantime, our white counterparts are continuing on an upward trajectory, getting on with life, educating their children, creating platforms for them to excel in sports and the arts, and sending them abroad when there is no work for them here.

I see how they excel in the orchestras, the eisteddfods, at public speaking, classical music and maths and science competitions.

Black SA, on the other hand, is on the decline. And Parliament, as the body that represents us, is itself a display of mental vacuity. The inanity of public discourse seems almost deliberate and the youth has become a casualty of the national "dumbing down" process.

The South African Institute of Race Relations' Fast Facts (May 2011) reveals a picture that is grim and bears repeating. Teenage pregnancies are rife and resulted in some 50 000 of school girls dropping out of school in 2007 - a 151% increase since 2005.

Equally alarming is the result of a survey conducted in KwaZulu Natal of 14 - 22 year-olds which revealed that 54% of young men left school because of fathering a child. "Girls aged 17 - 19 account for 93% of pregnancies among 15 - 19 year olds and research cited by LoveLife has suggested that teen pregnancy is much more likely to occur after school drop out." "... Abortions among under-18 year olds rose by 124% from 4 432 in 2001 to 9 895 in 2006."

Poor education results add fuel to the fire. Of the one million students who enrolled in grade 10 in 2007, 51% wrote the matriculation exams. Of those 31% passed grade 12 in 2009, and only 10% shockingly gained matriculation exemptions.

On average 17% of 16-18 year olds were not in school in 2006. University throughput rates are no better. Of 138 000 students who enrolled at university in 2002, 52% gave up while 15% were still studying after five years.

SA's dysfunctional school system and poor university throughput rates explain the high unemployment rates amongst the youth. In 2009 48% of SA's of 15 - 24 year olds were unemployed; by 2010 unemployment in that group increased to 51%. Some 3.3 million are not in employment, education, or training.
Walter Williams : Good Intentions! [01/03] [02/03] [03/03]: Williams suggests that government welfare programs, with their “good intentions” led America’s black families into Hell.
This bleak scenario coexists with high rates of HIV, sexual assault, rape and crime, and dysfunctional families, where fathers are mostly absent and mothers and grandmothers bear the brunt of child rearing. With 36% of the entire prison population aged 25 and under, the future looks bleak indeed.

The ANC's magnificent victory over apartheid paved the way for it to undo the carnage that the group areas act, forced removals, relocation and resettlement wreaked on black families. Dominated by an educated black male leadership, the Party was uniquely placed to create role models for young black men by adopting policies and programmes to heal family dysfunction caused by the past.

Had they roped in religious and civil society organisations to help them rebuild families, nurture parental responsibility and build social capital amongst communities, at the inception of our democracy, SA today would have been a better place. Safe sex campaigns should have accompanied campaigns about safe relationships, mutual respect, love and compassion.

Instead, the ANC's gravest error was to mistake change for progress. It has reneged on one of its most important functions - nation-building. We are sitting on a time bomb and unless we act fast, society will unravel. To quote John Kerry: " is time for those who talk about family values to start valuing families."

This article first appeared in Die Burger.

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