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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Official response to Canadian Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism on the Brandon Huntley case

By Mike Smith

“Reports emanating from the Institute for Race Relations (IRR) indicated that about a fifth of white South Africans had immigrated over the past 10 years with the main reasons given by immigrants were crime and affirmative action, so said Democratic Alliance leader Tony Leon in Cape Town. He accuses the ANC government of being indifferent to the lot of minorities, especially whites, and has expressed hostility to their interest” » » » » Canada: Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB): 27 August 2009 ruling: Brandon Huntley

The Canadian Government in the form of minister of Citizenship, Immigration, and Multiculturalism, Jason Kenney, is seeking a review against their own Immigration and Refugee Board’s decision to grant Brandon Huntley refugee status and compiled a “Memorandum of Argument” (PDF) slamming their own IRB.

Having read their memo, I have to conclude that I have in my entire life never seen such vague liberal and politically correct propaganda that smacks of confirmation bias, one-sidedness and partiality. It is enough to make one wants to vomit.

It is clear that this squad of blinkered egalitarian cultural relativists in the Canadian government has made up their mind long before they drew up their MOA and had absolutely no interest in the facts presented to them about South Africa, but chose to side with the Marxist, socialist academics and terrorist sympathisers who drew up an open letter full of lies and untruths that can be seen here Liberal Academic lies in an open letter to Canada

Their lies have been thoroughly exposed and discredited by James Myburgh of Politicsweb and the results legally submitted and presented to the Canadian Government by the Why we are White Refugees Blog.

In ignoring official statistics and siding with this discredited bunch of intellectual liars and academic cripples, the Canadian government has succeeded in totally discrediting itself.

The Canadian Minister says that the IRB committed some errors in granting Huntley refugee status.
In point 8 and point nine, it says that the onus is on Huntley to prove that there is clear and convincing evidence that the SA police is unwilling or incapable to protect its citizens and are experiencing a total breakdown. Seeing that Huntley did not approach the police to file a case of against being stabbed by racist Black scum several times, he disqualifies himself. He should have looked for protection by his own police force first.

The fact that the daily media in SA is full of corrupt and criminal policemen with even the former police chief Jackie Selebi being the best friend of the Mafia boss Glenn Agliotti at the time of Huntley’s refugee claim, is naturally totally ignored by the Canadian minister. Mafia boss and Police chief, former head of Interpol are best friends .

Brandon Huntley had very good reason not to report his stabbings and have been supported by many similar cases of robbing, raping and assault that does not get reported in SA for exactly the same reasons...victimisation and indifference by the SA Police. According to Canada Huntley has to seek help by the very same government who is persecuting him, before making a refugee claim. Where is the logic in that? It is like seeking help from a pack of wolves, when one is chased by a pack of wolves.

ANC South Africa ‘Communication’ & ‘Work’ Ethic: “‘Come to friendly South Africa’ used to be the tourism slogan. More accurately, the invitation should be to visit what is one of the most deceitful countries extant.” -- William Saunderson-Meyer, Weekend Argus, 12 August 2006 60% of South Africans: ‘Country Better run under Apartheid!’; ANC more corrupt, less trustworthy & less competent...

ANC South Africa ‘Safety & Security’ Ethic: “Must we close the courts, sit and twiddle our thumbs and do everything in Africa time to accommodate a national police commissioner who doesn't do his job?” -- Judge Arrie Hattingh, Free State circuit court judge presiding over fatal stabbing case in which a DNA report was still outstanding after 5 months; 29 Aug '06.
60% of South Africans: ‘Country Better run under Apartheid!’; ANC more corrupt, less trustworthy & less competent...

In point 14 the Canadian Minister exposes his ignorance and bias on the Apartheid situation when he says “ ...the Apartheid state whose raison d’être was the protection and perpetuation of the privileged position of the white minority and the suppression of the democratic aspirations of the Black, Indian and coloured majority population.”

The Minister is totally ignorant of the fact the Apartheid government of the National Party, gave every single tribe their own homeland on the richest soil and in the highest rainfall areas of South Africa where they could democratically elect their own leaders, have their own police and armed forces and independently pursue their own happiness. Whites did not want to rule over or suppress Blacks as the minister in his ignorance exclaims...Whites wanted to be separate from Blacks and Whites only wanted to rule over themselves. The meaning of the word, “Apartheid” is “Separateness” not “Supressiveness”. The National Party also created a tri-cameral parliament in 1984 where the Coloureds and the Indians could be represented in the running of the government. In fact the history of South Africa shows that since South Africa became a Republic in 1961, the National Party were continuously undoing Apartheid legislation and instituting more and more reforms right up to 1994 when the very same Apartheid government capitulated to a Marxist terrorist regime, namely the ANC.

In point 15 and 16 the Canadian Minister states that two of the six Huntley attacks happened in 1990 and 1991 which he also did not report “...when Apartheid was still enforced”. It also states that Huntleys parents filed charges after their house was broken into in 2005 but acknowledges that the police are useless and could not find the perpetrators to this day. The minister then brushes it aside by stating that police inadequacy is found everywhere even in Canada. I can assure the minister that the success rate of the Canadian police is far higher than the Southern African police. In SA police inadequacy is the norm, not the exception.

How does the Canadian Minister expects Huntley to go and seek protection from the SA police when the Minister of Safety and Security, Charles Nqakula openly in parliament stated that people can complain until they are blue in the face or they can simply leave the country? Crime whingers can leave .

In an interview with CNN in Sept 2009, Robert Mugabe stated once again, his support for the Final Solution and Extermination of White Farmers from Zimbabwe, as the ‘best thing to have happened to an African nation’. “Africa for the Africans”... » » » » » » » Only 70 miles from a 2010 World Cup football stadium, a farmer's wife and a boy aged 13 learn to defend themselves with lethal weapons... There are comparisons here with Zimbabwe and other calamitous reforms under the banner of “Africa for the Africans.” Special Investigation: The Secret Race War you won't read about in your World Cup brochure

The Canadian Minister further states from point 22 that there is no evidence that Blacks have a hateful attitude towards Whites, the police in South Africa are not corrupt and there is no genocide of Whites in South Africa.

Again the ignorance of the minister is staggering. He simply refuses to accept the evidence of more than 3000 White commercial farmers killed by Blacks. If it was 3000 doctors, engineers or architects...or 3000 prostitutes for that matter, I am sure the minister would see it as a specific group being targeted and not as “random crime”. Commercial farming is a profession just like any other. Why can the Canadian minister not see this?

The Minister refuses to acknowledge the attitude of Blacks towards White South Africans through slogans like “Kill the Boer Kill the Farmer”, “One settler one Bullet”...the constant barrage of lies from the ANC minister of Agriculture asking White farmers to not hurt their farm workers or evict them before Christmas, which are all lies and deliberate propaganda to create and fuel racial tensions between Whites and Blacks. Blacks openly admit that stealing from Whites is not considered a crime and actively encourage black youths to go and steal from Whites Stealing from Whites is not a crime, just don’t get caught. Faraday Nokoane .

Daily on internet forums Whites are accused of being settlers, colonialists, racists and told to leave the country of their birth by Blacks...But the Canadian minister says there is no proof of the attitude of Blacks towards Whites and call it unsubstantiated.

The Minister further denies the persecution of White South Africans by Blacks by stating that “evidence shows that there is considerable movement of foreign nationals such as British citizens to South Africa”.

Here the Minister attempts to create the perception that White British citizens and other White internationals are flocking to South Africa. Obviously the Minister does not provide any proof, because the evidence will show a minute amount of Whites from Britain moving to South Africa. These “Foreign Nationals” are mostly Blacks from the rest of Africa and former British colonies such as Zimbabwe, Nigeria and Malawi. I want to challenge the Minister to prove exactly how many Whites have immigrated to South Africa and how many have emigrated from South Africa. How many of his so called “British Citizens” are black and how many are white.

The fact that more than one million whites (25% of the white population) have emigrated from South Africa should sound alarm bells and tell one that something is wrong. Nobody will leave such a beautiful country if there is nothing wrong would they? If South Africa was such a Multicultural paradise then surely nobody would want to leave...But logic does not seem to be the minister’s strongpoint. According to the minister even if one deluded white moves to South Africa, it means there is nothing wrong in South Africa.

The minister further evinces his ignorance of the South African situation from point 29 onwards when he compares the Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment of South Africa to similar projects in Canada and the USA. I would like to remind the minister that in Canada and the USA, AA and BEE is practiced to the benefit of a coloured minority. In South Africa whites constitute the minority and make up only ten% of the population. There is no reason for Blacks to still, after 15 years after the end of Apartheid practice AA and BEE against such a tiny group of people. AA and BEE in South Africa is blatant and legalised anti White discrimination and proof of how the tiny White minority is persecuted. The ANC regime steadfastly refuses to put a sunset clause on AA and BEE in South Africa and intends to persecute White South Africans indefinitely as evinced by the president Jacob Zuma and Labour minister Membathisi Mdladlana Affirmative Action here to stay, says Zuma.... Affirmative Action here to stay, says Mdladlana .

The Canadian minister in point 30 seems to be quite proud of this blatant racial discrimination against the minority white South Africans and sees nothing wrong or offensive to it as far as Canadian values and principles are concerned.

SAIRR: The ANC's BEE & AA “policies are harmful to race relations, injurious to equality of opportunity, destructive of entrepreneurship..” -- SAIRR Today: Empowerment which disempowers - 25th November 2009

In point 32 the Minister once again shows his ignorance of Apartheid in stating that the (white) minority caused undeniable harm to the (Black) majority of South African’s citizens. The minister fails to explain how it is possible that Indian, Chinese and Coloured citizens, who all “suffered” under Apartheid, managed to become some of the best educated and wealthy of South African citizens. The shear amount of Academics and business people from these communities, including Black Academics studied at universities in South Africa during Apartheid and are/were far better off than Indians, Chinese or even Malaysians in their mother countries.

The minister further suggests in point 34 that seeing that Huntley is not a farmer, he cannot use the death of more than 3000 white farmers as a reason for emigration or refugee status. The fact that these farmers are all White and were killed, and in many cases tortured to death by Blacks has no significance. This again shows the confirmation bias and overlooking of simple facts by the minister.

Point 35 seems to be the Canadian minister’s trump card. He uses the IFA (Internal Flight Alternative) to back up his argument and suggests that Huntley should have seeked a place somewhere in South Africa where it is safe first, before applying for refugee status. The minister fails to present an example of such a place. It seems as if the minister wants to suggest that Huntley should have seeked refuge on some remote mountain range or in some recluse friendly cave to spend the rest of his days. Maybe Huntley should have seeked refuge in an attic and first wrote the “Huntley Diaries” before he would be considered as being persecuted.

Between 30 and 40 newspaper clippings were presented as evidence of life in South Africa. “One article exhibited was published in [the Daily Sun in 2004] by Africa Ka Mahamba. [It was] entitled ‘Taking from whites is not a crime’,” Kaplan said. The article quotes the leader of the “Uhuru cultural club” as telling youngsters who attended a Human Rights Day celebration to steal from whites because “it is the right thing to do”.
IRB Ruling: MA8-04910: Brandon Huntley

Point 40 suggest that the killing, torturing, raping and robbing of whites by blacks in South Africa is just ordinary crime and not racially motivated despite literally hundreds of daily news reports pointing to the contrary. Even when “robbers” who are actually murderers, use racial slurs such as, 'We're still going to kill all you white dogs, as in the case of the Coetzee family....or the utterances of the Pan Africanist Student Movement of Azania (Pasma) of, We will kill the whites, all of them; Afrikaans and English during demonstrations it does not mean that crimes against whites are racially motivated or that whites are under attack in South Africa.

In point 42 the minister acknowledges the high levels of crime, especially rape in South Africa and even that most of these rapes go unreported, he still attacks Huntley for not reporting the crimes against him. The minister wants to further suggest that Blacks target white areas not, because they are white, but because they are rich. It is clear that the minister totally ignores the plight of more than 130,000 poor whites in South Africa who have been sidelined out of the economy due to the racist AA and BEE policies of the ANC regime. Even President Zuma had to acknowledge their presence Zuma: I did not know there were poor Whites. 130,000 poor Afrikaner households denied housing . These are just many poor English and other whites are there?

Point 43 states that these attacks are by “criminals motivated by financial gain”. “Criminals” are loosely defined here, when the official prison demographics of South Africa according to the Department of Correctional services, indicates that almost 99% of prisoners in South Africa are “Non white” i.e. “Black” according to the ministers definition and also that of the ANC who even class Chinese as “Black” Official Department of correctional services shows that almost 99% of Criminals are Black and let me remind the minister that these statistics only implicate current incarcerated prisoners not the ones out on bail, released or the ones out on the street due to gross police incompetence through bungled cases or the awaiting trial prisoners. South African prison shock . ANC slated for classifying Chinese as Blacks .

In point 45 to 47 the minister slates Huntley for returning to South Africa for a while, arguing obviously that if the country was so bad, why would he return, even for a brief period? The minister therefore says that once a person have fled South Africa due to high levels of crime and discriminatory policies of the ANC, he should NEVER return to visit his family or graves of his ancestors. This view is extremely narrow-minded and questions the humanity of the minister.

In point 48 to 52 the minister wants to know why Huntley waited so long before applying for refugee status. The minister have gone to lengths to prove that Huntley is a simpleton who worked a serious of menial jobs, yet the minister expects Huntley to be an expert on Canadian immigration law. Huntley did in fact pursue other avenues to remain in Canada out of his own basic knowledge such as marrying a Canadian citizen. The whole time he was working and living in Canada as a law abiding citizen paying his taxes towards the Canadian retirement schemes so that Canadian citizens can one day retire on a good pension. Huntley has no criminal record in South Africa, neither does he have any in Canada. He is a hardworking, law abiding citizen, yet his so called “menial” jobs are looked down upon by the minister. I find the minister’s view of ordinary hardworking people revolting to say the least. Huntley is not out stealing from Canadians, conning them out of money or raping and murdering Canadian citizens. He might not be well educated or have a lot of money, but he is diligent and hardworking and he pays his taxes. Huntley is in the eyes of Canadians with Canadian values and principles a model citizen. Huntley will be an asset to any country and he certainly is to Canada.

In conclusion:

I find the Canadian Minister of Citizenship and Immigration’s attempt to reverse the IRB’ decision to grant Brandon Huntley refugee status repulsive. His Memorandum of Argument smacks of Anti White South African bias., ignorance and anti white racism. We cannot let people like this go unchallenged. I do not care what anybody says, you do not treat a human being like this.


Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Excellent Response! Well Said!

Anonymous said...

Jason Kenney is blinded by bias, and like all biased people only sees what he wants to see.

Anonymous said...

This article has also been published on Global Politician . Pity though that the links did not appear. There are also some other articles on there about this case.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Thanks, will check UC.

Yes links are in short supply! Must be the recession, or something, who knows? ;-)

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