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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

SA Gov. Gangster Stew: Huntley Review Decision 'tasty'; while SA Top Cops busy cooking the crime stats

By far the most news reports in the media -- the print media, the internet, radio and television -- about South Africa is negative. They describe crime, corruption, the ruling ANC's silence over the assault on democracy, the goverments protectionary hand over dictators in Africa » » » » South Africa's Reputation in Europe is Cratering...
So, a rather vocal number of Brandon Huntley's fellow South African citizens, among others 142 academics; a large group of journalists, and citizens; think that Brandon Huntley has disgraced the 'good' (sic) name of South Africa; by expressing his honest feelings and opinions, that South Africa is a hellhole of crime, allot of it racially motivated, and he would prefer not to come back, while it remains the criminal infested hellhole, it currently is.

And worse he lied because he was allegedly robbed, and stabbed but did not report these criminal acts against him to the Police. So say the Police, who allegedly did this -- we imagine, thorough -- investigation into thier criminal case records.

That independent, impartial assessors, have accused the Police of such inneficiency, to rate them with a big fat 0%, in efficiency, suggesting to South African citizens, that Chicken Licken Fast Food Outlets, at an efficiency rating of 53%, would provide far better service, than the SAP, for crime reporting purposes; is IRRELEVANT to Brandon Huntley's accusers.

That the Top SAP Cops, know about, and are involved in, the manipulation of crime statistics, is also IRRELEVANT! That South Africa's number one top cop, for the past 7 odd years, is currently being prosecuted for his corrupt relationship with Gangsters, living the high life in South Africa's gangster crime infested paradise, is IRRELEVANT to Huntley's accusers! That an independent news source, has debunked Huntley's accusers, statements about the facts about crime, as thumbsucking and incorrect, is IRRELEVANT to Huntley's accusers.

I could go on and on... It appears possible to me, that Huntley's accusers, are not remotely interested in impartially considering any evidence in support of Huntley, and his criticism of South Africa as pretty much a Gangster Paradise. Which makes Huntley's accusers, supporters of the South African Gangster Paradise!

I guess we can assume, that neither the ANC liberals, nor the Canadian liberals, are to be considered sincerely interested in addressing the root population policy common sense causes, of the immigration and refugee problems symptoms.

Boycott 2010 World Cup: Truth & Justice; or Secession?

SA welcomes review decision on Brandon Huntley

Johannesburg, South Africa | Oct 21 2009 13:16

Reports emanating from the Institute for Race Relations (IRR) indicated that about a fifth of white South Africans had immigrated over the past 10 years with the main reasons given by immigrants were crime and affirmative action, so said Democratic Alliance leader Tony Leon in Cape Town. He accuses the ANC government of being indifferent to the lot of minorities, especially whites, and has expressed hostility to their interest » » » » Canada: Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB): 27 August 2009 ruling: Brandon Huntley
A review of South African Brandon Huntley's asylum status was welcomed by Home Affairs Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma on Wednesday.

"The South African government ... supports the recommendation by Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney to the Federal Court to review the immigration and refugee board's decision to grant Huntley refugee status based on his race," she said in a statement.

"The government appreciates the finding by the Canadian government that Huntley's claims were not supported by credible evidence."

Dlamini-Zuma said the decision to review the granting of asylum bore testimony to the strong relations between the two countries. The government would await the results of the review process.

A tribunal in Canada, chaired by William Davis, earlier this year gave Huntley (31) refugee status when he argued the South African government could not protect him from persecution by "African South Africans".

Huntley, who grew up in Mowbray, Cape Town, said he had been attacked seven times by black South Africans and was called a "white dog" and a "settler". It later emerged that none of the incidents had ever been reported to the police. -- Sapa

» » » » [Mail & Guardian]

Ecologically-minded liberals should also heed Dr. Salter’s work, for only when Third-World populations are made to bear the consequences of their own reproductive irresponsibility will they, and the world as a whole, establish population policies that protect the environment. Closing off the “safety valve” of Third-World immigration to the West should be as attractive to the sincere left as to the racial right.

Top cops 'knew stats were cooked'

Glynnis Underhill | Capetown | South Africa
Oct 17 2009 06:00

Western Cape police commissioner Mzwandile Petros and one of his former assistants, Anwa Dramat -- now head of the Hawks -- were informed at least two years ago that police stations in the province were manipulating crime statistics, according to internal police reports leaked to the Mail & Guardian.

Petros claimed this week that one of the leaked reports, headed "Manipulation of crime statistics" and apparently sent to him on December 29 2006 by Jan Solomons, then director of the police's Western Cape evaluation service, was a fake.

He was not willing to discuss the other leaked police reports that reveal they were warned about the manipulation of crime statistics at police stations as far back as 2007.

The disputed report says indications are "that quite a substantial number of stations are involved in manipulation and to conduct a full-scale investigation a team of at least eight or 10 officers will have to be appointed".

"Your (Petros's) decision whether to embark on a full-scale uncovering of a tradition whereby top management had deliberately been misled will thus be needed."

Confronted with Solomons's report this week, Petros initially told the M&G he had not seen it. "The report never came to me; it does not have to come to me," he said. "If I have to read all the inspection reports, I will never do my other work. There are people tasked with certain responsibilities and they go and rectify things."

But later in the week he summoned the M&G back to his offices to say he had now established that the report was a fake.

In a bizarre move, the interview was filmed by a police cameraman. Solomons, now director of the SAPS national inspectorate, attended both interviews. Asked if he wrote the report, he said "no", and let Petros do the talking.

"There's no report like this, absolutely no report," said Petros. "This is a scandal of the first degree, fabricating information. We'll be dealing with this thing and we just wanted to have it on record."

The report in Solomons's name says that as a result of information received on the manipulation of crime statistics at Porterville police station, 16 dockets were examined. It was found that "serious misconduct" could be proved against two senior officers.

"Case dockets were registered to manipulate the crime status of this station," the report says. Random checks were then conducted at other stations, including Piketberg and Paarl East, where "similar situations prevailed".

In June this year the Western Cape's community safety minister Lennit Max asked the Independent Complaints Directorate (ICD) to investigate stations in Paarl, Paarl East, Mbekweni, Wellington and Oudtshoorn.

Max said he turned to the ICD because former acting national commissioner Tim Williams failed to answer his request, copied to Petros, for an independent audit of the manipulation of crime figures in the province. The ICD probe is ongoing.

Petros said he would not discuss other internal police reports leaked to the M&G. These claim that:
  • Dramat, now head of the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigations (Hawks) that replaced the Scorpions, was sent a report by a top police director on the "alleged manipulation of crime statistics at the Bishop Lavis police station" in June 2007.

  • The report revealed that two captains at the station "confirmed the practice of manipulation of crime statistics by the previous management", appending their affidavits. In one a police captain said dockets were not always opened for attempted murder, while another said that in some cases when a shooting took place at a house and no one was injured, the charge was changed to malicious damage to property.

  • Dramat could not be contacted as he is overseas, Petros said. Questions sent to Dramat's office went unanswered and his spokesperson did not respond to messages.

  • A report by the SAPS national inspectorate on the Knysna police station in September 2007, addressed to Petros, showed there were concerns that "all cases reported to the police are not registered as crime. The fact that case dockets are not opened and registered as crime on the crime administration system (CAS) enhances the station's performance when measured in terms of the performance chart."

  • In some instances housebreaking and theft from vehicles were registered as malicious damage to property, "considered a less serious offence, as it is not identified as a priority crime".

  • In a report on Gugulethu police station, apparently sent to Petros on September 18 last year, Solomons outlined how seven dockets were discovered in the crime office that were not registered. Cases included common assault and grievous bodily harm. The inspection found that four inquest dockets were filed as deaths from natural causes, but no medical reports or death certificates were obtained to indicate the cause of death before the cases were closed. Three involved babies.

  • In an inspection by the national inspectorate at Delft station in November 2008, a number of police hand radios could not be produced and the CAS numbers recorded for the missing equipment related to theft of hairdryers and dustbins.

'Chandler used to set an example'

The South African Police Service needed to make an example of someone and, in Lansdowne police station commissioner Charlene Chandler, "they found someone to hang out and dry", says her lawyer, Michael Bagraim.

Bagraim told the Mail & Guardian that senior superintendent Chandler and two other police officers were told to plead guilty at an internal disciplinary hearing on whether they manipulated police crime statistics.

As part of an arrangement between the prosecution and the defence, he said, they were told they would be suspended for three months and sent back to work.

Two had been taken back, but Chandler was fired last week.

"My client was advised by another lawyer on this matter. It worked out fine for the other two and we are now taking that decision on appeal."

Bagraim said Chandler would object to the difference of treatment meted out to the officers and the alleged breach of the agreement.

Chandler was found guilty of manipulating crime statistics, failing to comply with a national instruction and defeating the ends of justice.

The other two officers, Inspectors Jerome Norris and Candice van der Spuy, were found guilty and dismissed, a sanction suspended for six months. They will be moved from Lansdowne to Green Point police station when they return to work.

After 20 years of police service, Chandler will not be able to rejoin the force unless she wins her appeal. She was voted runner-up in the province's contest for best station commissioner last year.

Western Cape provincial commissioner Mzwandile Petros said he had to take action when he had proof of the fiddling of police dockets at Lansdowne police station. He was amazed by the public sympathy Chandler's case had aroused.

"The public was with that station commander. They were supporting her and saying 'why her?'," said Petros. "But we had a case against Lansdowne and we had to act."

Meanwhile, the M&G has established that Hariram Badul, commissioner at Mountain Rise police station in Pietermaritzburg, is still at work while under investigation for alleged manipulation of crime statistics.

Phindile Radebe, police spokeperson in KwaZulu-Natal, said the investigation was continuing and no charges had been laid.

» » » » [Mail and Guardian]

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