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Friday, October 9, 2009

Shades of Huntley in Ireland and Honesty 'Developmental Challenges' in South African Goverment

Today in Orwellian DoubleSpeak CrimeThought South Africa:
The Mail and Guardian informs us, that South Africans are living in a gangsters paradise criminal state:
Assume [the Mafia gangster] was speaking the truth -- that he had the top cop [Jackie Selebi, the man who was until recently commander-in-chief of South Africa’s 150 000-strong police force] on his payroll for a number of years. What are the implications? Were we a criminal state where the head of law enforcement was for sale to the highest bidder? Were ­senior police officers part of a syndicate to protect and further the interests of a self-confessed drug dealer? If so, how deep-rooted is corruption in the South African Police Service and can normal South ­Africans ever be expected to trust the men and women in blue again?
The ethically developmentally challenged Gangsta Corruption Ministry of 'Truth' inform us:
"The South African government has reaffirmed its unwavering commitment to provide safety and security to all South Africans, black and white, and not only to a select section of its population."

Shades of Huntley in Ireland

Michael Hamlyn, Capetown, South Africa
Oct 09 2009 14:09

The government is vigorously contesting a second attempt by a South African overseas to claim residence by citing fears of "criminal, racial discrimination".

Dianne Jefferson (22), who moved to Ireland to live with her father when she was 14, was turned down for a resident's visa even though she was married to an Irishman. She appealed to the Dublin High Court for permission to stay in the country, stating in her affidavit: "I say and believe that as a white South African there is a real possibility of criminal racial discrimination against me and I fear for my well-being and ultimately my life if I am returned."

The judge granted her an injunction stopping immigration authorities from deporting her, and she has now been given a five-year residency visa.

But the Department of International Relations and Cooperation said in Pretoria on Friday that the government rejects the reasons she gave.

"This is untrue and inaccurate to suggest that crime is racially motivated and that a particular section of the South African society is more likely to be exposed to crime than any other," the department said. "The South African government has reaffirmed its unwavering commitment to provide safety and security to all South Africans, black and white, and not only to a select section of its population."

The department went on: "The applicant's unsubstantiated claims and suggestions are nothing but an attempt to tarnish the integrity of all South Africans, black and white, and to damage the country's reputation.

"While South Africa faces many developmental challenges, insinuations that crime is racially based are inaccurate."

In August, Brandon Huntley (31), a South African living in Canada, was granted refugee status after claiming he had been attacked because of his race. In his application, Huntley, who grew up in Mowbray in Cape Town, claimed that he was persecuted as a white man in South Africa. -- I-Net Bridge

Source: Mail & Guardian

SA expat does a Huntley

Oct 7, 2009 11:19 PM | By Lauren Cohen
Woman who fears ‘criminal racial discrimination’ may live in Ireland

A South African woman has been granted a five-year residency permit in Ireland after testifying she feared "criminal racial discrimination" if she returned.

Dianne Jefferson, 22, launched a legal bid in Dublin’s High Court to be allowed to remain in the country after her application for a residents’ card was refused last month.

This after South African Brandon Huntley was granted refugee status in Canada in August, claiming he would be persecuted for being white if he returned to his country of birth.

Last week, Ireland agreed to give Jefferson a five-year residency visa, Jefferson’s lawyer Owen Swaine told The Times yesterday.

This was after Judge Elizabeth Dunne’s decision last month to grant an interim injunction preventing immigration services from arresting, detaining or transferring Jefferson.

Swaine said: “Three days after the successful court application, the justice department granted her a five-year residency visa, based on the court’s decision.”

The lawyer said his client had no family left in South Africa — her father is married to an Irish woman and has another daughter who is an Irish citizen. “After leaving at the age of 14, she is a stranger to the country. With limited financial means she would effectively be abandoned in a foreign country.”

Swaine said the sentence in the affidavit regarding racial discrimination was the “only reference to race or crime”.

“Dianne reads papers and is aware of the violent crime and rapes in the country and with no support structure she feels she is at a greater risk.”

Jefferson, who lives in Dough- iska, County Galway, moved to Ireland from Cape Town in 2002 to live with her father. In 2005, she married Kevin Curran, and has instructed Swaine to apply for Irish citizenship on the basis of her marriage.

Source: Sunday Times


Anonymous said...

Yeah the Irish will allow useless criminal gypsies in from Romania, but honourable Whites from South Africa, Many with Irish surnames and heritage are not allowed in. No wonder theree are so many jokes about the Irish...

Viking said...

I'll trade you fifty gypsies and ten Nigerians for a Saffer anyday...

Anonymous said...

Your comments prove what an idiot you are Viking.

Viking said...

not an idiot - just good at maths.

Gypsies cost the Irish state millions per year in crime and welfare handouts. Nigerians cost millions of Euros in deportations (worth every cent), crime, welfare, and legal fees which are paid by the state every time they feel they aren't getting enough free stuff or the Irish want to deport them.

South Africans contribute to the economy and pay their taxes. Also some of my South African friends in Ireland own businesses that employ people and pay further taxes.

It's a no-brainer really.

Anonymous said...

@ Viking. You're a whinger who migrated with favorable exchange rates to SA to lord it over locals, presuming to know more about SA than locals. Your no-brainer maths pertains.

Viking said...


Viking said...

In fact, much as I'd rather ignore your comments, I will add that I "migrated" because my skills were needed in SA. My company not only needed me, but needed three more of me and still does. Because of the anti-foreigner bias of the ANC, the economy suffers. I suggest you get with the programme.

Anonymous said...

Viking: How does your 1.59am comment support Huntley's white refugee status?

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