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Sunday, October 11, 2009

'We will now work together and we want a free republic'

Vegkop Monument, at 1836 Vegkop Battleground, Heilbron Sept 27 2009Vegkop Monument, at 1836 Vegkop Battleground, Heilbron Sept 27 2009
Do white South Africans perceive themselves to be victims of [persecution] because of their race (white South African)?

Email (below) from Dan Roodt, to Sunday Times, in response to their very unimpartial article, For Volk's Sake, about the alleged 'far-right' meeting held at Vegkop, to make a peaceful push for a separate homeland, and to put such to the United Nations.

Dear sir,

Your report (For Volk's sake) portrays the 300 people attending a meeting at the Vegkop battle terrain as of one mind, being "Afrikaner right-wing dinosaurs" supporting AWB leader Eugene Terre'Blanche.

However, nothing could be further from the truth.

I was invited to talk about the community safety programme I am involved in, for which I was labelled a "right-wing ideologue". I suppose if you are an AK 47-wielding militiaman barking orders in English to a septuagenarian Afrikaner granny you are about to rape and murder (as happens almost every day), the Sunday Times would call you a "left-wing angel".

While I do not subscribe to the more racially charged pronouncements made by some of the speakers, they must surely be considered mild in comparison to the likes of "Kill a Boer, kill a farmer" regularly sung by ANC office-bearers or even the presidential "Bring me my machine gun".

Whatever happened to freedom of speech or does it only apply to those who are antagonistic to Afrikaners and the Afrikaans language? The use of the term "dinosaur" in itself implies that all Afrikaners should by now be dead or extinct and their continued presence in this country is offensive to the majority.

However, it is also true that, regarding racial polarisation, South Africa finds itself in the slipstream of Zimbabwe and Namibia where Sam Nujoma recently said during an election campaign: "Being in the company of whites is like having a poisonous snake in your bedroom." Nujoma also castigated those whites who criticised Robert Mugabe, saying: "Whoever meets an Englishman, should beat him to death."

Given the extreme violence raging in our country - a race war or genocide by anyone's definition - victims or relatives of victims are bound to react emotionally or make disparaging statements about those belonging to the perpetrator group.

South Africa is fast turning into a lunatic asylum where it is a greater crime to offend a black person's dignity than to kill a white. Just compare the media response to the Reitz video where four black women merrily drank orange juice in a mock iniaitiation ceremony with white Afrikaner students to the case of the black taxi driver who deliberately ran down 16-year old Bernadine Kruger on a scooter, killing her in a clear act of anti-white racism.

In order to come clean on race, the ANC government should publish all statistics on interracial crimes, including murder, rape and robbery. We need to know the race of both perpetrators and victims.

Only the truth will heal us.

Dan Roodt

Source: PRAAG @ Yahoo, via Die Nuwe Suid Afrika
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South Africa's white far-right plans rebirth

By Marius Bosch

Group Photo, at Vegkop Monument, at 1836 Vegkop Battleground, Heilbron; Sept 27 2009Group Photo, at Vegkop Monument, at 1836 Vegkop Battleground, Heilbron; Sept 27 2009
JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - South Africa's white far right will make a peaceful push for a separate homeland and believes it has a case to put to the United Nations, veteran leader Eugene Terre'Blanche said on Friday. Terre'Blanche, who fought to preserve apartheid in the early 1990s but has recently been in relative obscurity, told Reuters in an interview more than 20 right-wing groups would meet on October 10 to discuss plans for a homeland and how to unite.

"This meeting will say: 'Give me land, I want my land'," said Terre'Blanche, who describes himself as a Boer, descended from the Boers who fought two wars against Britain near the end of the 19th century to defend their independence.

"Now the Boers are prepared to leave the system which plunged us into the darkness of slavery and say: 'We will now work together and we want a free republic'," he said.

Terre'Blanche said the far-right might also approach the U.N. International Court of Justice in The Hague to hear their case for a separate homeland.

"We have a good case to approach the United Nations with," he said.

Terre'Blanche was the voice of hardline white opposition to the end of minority rule, but has had a low public profile since his release in 2004 from prison after serving a sentence for beating a black man nearly to death.

His Afrikaner Resistance Movement (AWB) was revived last year after several years of inactivity. The AWB -- whose flag resembles a Nazi swastika -- was founded in 1973 with the aim of maintaining white supremacy by any means.


White right-wing activity in South Africa died down after the end of apartheid, helped in part by Terre'Blanche's imprisonment in 2001 for assaulting a security guard.

President Jacob Zuma, who took office in May, has courted white Afrikaners at a series of meetings this year, assuring them they have nothing to fear from his government.

Political analysts say white extremists have little support, but more than 21 members of the shadowy Boeremag (Boer Force) are on trial for treason after being arrested in 2001 and accused of a bombing campaign aimed at overthrowing the government.
Symbolism of Vegkop Monument, at 1836 Vegkop Battleground, Heilbron; Sept 27 2009Symbolism of Vegkop Monument, at 1836 Vegkop Battleground, Heilbron; Sept 27 2009
Terre'Blanche said taking up arms was not part of the new far-right plan.

"I come in peace, I come with a claim under international law," he said, adding that Afrikaner forefathers staked their claim to land through treaties with black kings in the 1800s and by buying large swaths of land.

Before South Africa's first all-race elections in 1994, the AWB deployed thousands of armed rightists in Bophuthatswana, a puppet black "homeland" under apartheid, in an abortive attempt to prevent the overthrow of its president. The AWB was humiliated and forced to pull out.

In 1998, Terre'Blanche accepted "political and moral responsibility" before South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission for a bombing campaign to disrupt the 1994 elections in which 21 people were killed and hundreds injured.

Terre'Blanche said the far-right no longer wanted to be part of a country ruled by the current government.

"I am not a racist but I am not prepared to allow racism to be applied in reverse."

(Editing by Matthew Tostevin and Andrew Dobbie)

Sources: News TV & Stormfront
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