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Saturday, September 26, 2009

For Fuck's Sake, Wake Up Whitey!

While Black 'Revolutionaries' for Africa for Despotic and Autocratic Africans, publicly state their views about how white men should be beaten with hammers, are not Africans and therefore cannot own African land.......;

Most liberal whites still view Africa through their MandelaTopiaRainbowReality Lenses, and like most liberal Jews in 1930's Germany, ain't got a clue where the future is marching towards.

In thier desperation to believe the RainbowReality Illusion, they vilify the White Refugees, who are not afraid of confronting the reality of the past, present and future.

Founding Father talks war again

By Oswald Shivute at Ongwediva, Namibian

FOUNDING President Sam Nujoma claimed that British and American “imperialists” are imposing sanctions on Zimbabwe because its President Robert Mugabe is fighting to provide land to his people.

“The British want to be beaten up. Anyone find an Englishman, do so, beat him up,” Nujoma said.

He said, SADC countries are united and will stand up to anyone who violates the rights of one of its member countries.

“Let us beat them, not with knopkieries, but with hammers in their heads, if they touch one of our SADC countries,” Nujoma said.

“The whites must know that if they continue doing us harm, we will definitely beat them. They must take their hands away from Zimbabwe,” Nujoma told the Swapo crowd.

“They want to take President Mugabe away from his Presidential position in Zimbabwe, and then from there to us here. Be careful. If they come here we will show them and teach them a lesson as we did to South Africa during the liberation war,” Nujoma said.

» » » » [Namibian]

Mugabe Still wants to Kick Whites Out of Zimbabwe

Kick Mugabe Out

Exiled Zimbabwean businessman, Mutumwa Mawere, says that President Robert Mugabe is still keen to drive out the few remaining white farmers from their productive farmland because the octogenarian leader does not understand why whites can also qualify to be Zimbabweans. He said this in Rivonia, Johannesburg while addressing guests at a meeting organised by the African Heritage Human Rights Forum.

“Even some leaders within the SADC, most of whom share the same thinking with Mugabe due to historical events, will tell you that a white person cannot be African and does not have a right to African land,” said Mawere.

Mawere said that the biggest mistake that African governments, especially that of Zimbabwe did at independence was the failure to resolve the citizenship issue, thereby leaving the racial loopholes currently being exploited.

» » » » [Excerpts: Kick Mugabe Out]

Mugabe: Land grabs the 'best thing' to happen to Zim

Mail & Guardian
Sep 25 2009 11:19

The land grabs that drove thousands of white farmers and their black workers off their land in Zimbabwe over the past decade were the "best thing that could ever have happened to an African country", according to President Robert Mugabe.

In an interview with CNN television in New York late on Thursday, a defiant Mugabe (85) defended the controversial land-reform programme, saying: "Zimbabwe belongs to the Zimbabweans, pure and simple."

Mugabe was in the US to attend the United Nations General Assembly, where he was due to give a speech on Friday.

While most of the white farmers that were thrown off the land are also Zimbabweans, Mugabe said the expropriations were justified because the farmers are mostly descended from British settlers, who took the land from black Zimbabweans during the colonial era.

» » » » [Excerpts: Mail & Guardian]

CNN: Amanpour Interviews Mugage

Christiane Amanpour, CNN
23 September 2009

AMANPOUR: So do you consider white Zimbabweans to be Zimbabweans?

MUGABE: Those who are naturalized and have citizenship, yes.

AMANPOUR: Those who've been living there for years and years and years?

MUGABE: But historically...


MUGABE: ... historically, they have a debt.

AMANPOUR: The people who -- contributing to farming -- historically they have a debt to pay?

MUGABE: Yes, yes, their land. They -- they occupied the land illegally. They seized the land from our people.


MUGABE: And therefore, the process of reform, land reform, involved their handing -- having to hand over the land. We agreed upon this with the British, by the way.

AMANPOUR: Some 80 percent of that land was acquired after you took office, some of the farmland, and with the very certificates that mean government approval. Why are these people being hounded out of the country? Why are they being...

MUGABE: They are not -- they are not being hounded.

AMANPOUR: ... hounded off their land, then?

MUGABE: No, no, no, they're not being hounded out of the country at all.

AMANPOUR: We've just done reports about it.

MUGABE: Those who are in industry and manufacturing and mining are not being...

AMANPOUR: The farmers I'm talking about. Why is that...

MUGABE: ... are not being affected.

AMANPOUR: ... wonderful farmland and why are they being...

MUGABE: What are you talking about? We are getting land from them, and that's all. They're not being hounded out of the country, not at all.

AMANPOUR: They're being hounded off their land.

MUGABE: (inaudible) their land.

AMANPOUR: It's not theirs?

MUGABE: Our -- our land.

AMANPOUR: Even though they bought it, even though they bought it with the certificates of approval from the government?

MUGABE: But haven't you heard of the Lancaster House discussions and the agreement with the British government? Because they are British settlers; originally they have been British settlers. And we agreed at Lancaster House that there would be land reform.

AMANPOUR: But they're citizens. But they're citizens, aren't they? And isn't this farming disaster contributing to your...

MUGABE: Citizens by colonization, seizing land from the original people, indigenous people of the country.

AMANPOUR: But how did that all go so wrong?

MUGABE: You approve of that?

AMANPOUR: How did that all go so wrong? Because when you came in, you -- it was -- it was about reconciliation.

MUGABE: They knew about it. They knew we had this program of land acquisition and land reform. They knew about it.

AMANPOUR: But what about the blacks, then?

MUGABE: And the British knew about it.

CNN Report: White Farmers Under Attack, In Zimbabwe

» » » » [CNN Transcript :: Report]

For volk sake

Right-wing convention urges self-rule for Afrikaners once more

27 Sept, 2009 11:13 PM
By Anton Ferreira, Sunday Times

While the rest of South Africa was celebrating Heritage Day with friends and family, the dinosaurs of the Afrikaner right wing gathered to launch a fresh campaign to throw off what they call the "yoke of black oppression".

But they admitted they would need a miracle from God.

About 300 Afrikaners, describing themselves as "volksvennote" (partners for the nation), brought their guns, beards and Bibles to a three-day convention intended to draw up a strategy for boer liberation.

They converged from towns and farms across the country at the Vegkop monument near Heilbron, Free State, site of an 1836 battle in which about 30 Voortrekkers under Hendrik Potgieter drew a wagon laager and fought off several thousand Matabele.
Among those who addressed the gathering was AWB leader Eugene Terre Blanche, looking smaller and frailer after being jailed - he was sentenced to six years but served less - for assault and attempted murder. His delivery was less fluent than in his pre-1994 glory days, but his message was the same.

"The boerevolk paid for their land in northern Natal and the Eastern Transvaal," he thundered. "The treaties are there. We have the title deeds to it. We have the right to land, we have the right to freedom."

Terre Blanche, with an escort of four AWB members in black shirts, called on God to restore the land to the boers so they could build Christian churches where Muslims "with their strange cults" had erected their "foreign" places of worship.

Speaker after speaker urged the volk to put their faith in God, citing the "miracle" of the Battle of Blood River. In that battle in 1838, a relatively small force of Voortrekkers defeated the Zulu army after promising God they would observe an annual holy day on the date of the battle, December 16, if He granted them victory.

Ronnie van der Merwe, chairman of the committee that organised the gathering, said "the Heavenly Father, with a click of His fingers, can make us a free volk" if He so wished.

Van der Merwe said everyone would accept whatever land God saw fit to give the Afrikaner, "whether it's the patch around Orania or everything from the Cape to the Zambezi".

Van der Merwe, from Fraserburg in the Northern Cape, warned Afrikaners they would die out as a nation if they failed to pass on their culture and values to their children, including the belief that God meant races to be separate.

Speakers at the gathering denounced everything from outcomes-based education to land redistribution, farm attacks and the soap opera 7de Laan. Flip Swanepoel, a member of the organising committee, criticised the TV show for portraying racial mixing.

God had forsaken Afrikaners because they were watching these kinds of programmes and had failed to observe their covenants with Him, Swanepoel said.

The secretary of the organising committee, Frikkie Strauss from Piketberg in the Western Cape, told the gathering that the current plight of Afrikaners - their loss of the right to rule themselves - had been engineered by the British, who had persecuted the volk ever since they seized the Cape colony and Natal.

"The ANC government is only the black glove on the white British fist," he said. "This ANC government was installed with only one purpose, to destroy our volk." He noted that the Anglican church had spent "millions" on fighting apartheid and it was no coincidence that the head of the church was the British monarch.

As the meeting wore on, speakers grew increasingly blunt. "I'm not speaking emotionally, I'm speaking scientifically," Strauss said.

"The African person is genetically programmed for destruction. Everything he touches, he destroys."

Another speaker, a former director of the Medical University of South Africa Dr Lem Theron, said South Africa's blacks had never seen a wheel before the Voortrekkers pushed into the interior with their wagons.

"The first paper they saw was the Bibles they took from the wagons after they killed the Voortrekkers," Theron said. "The closest they came to brain surgery was beating the Voortrekkers' heads in with knobkerries. Their only engineering achievement was to hitch a plough onto an ox. They have just celebrated Heritage Day - the only heritage their ancestors left them was a couple of clay pots."

Right-wing ideologue Dan Roodt said the Afrikaner had to prepare for the possibility of an organised mass assault on whites by black South Africans. "The writing is on the wall."

The Vegkop gathering was due to end today when participants would decide how to pursue their goal of self-rule.

Organisers said they were disappointed with the turnout.

Gauteng leader of the Freedom Front Plus Jaco Mulder said the gathering was totally unacceptable.

"The Freedom Front Plus believes that we should be part of the solution in this country, not part of the problem."

He added that Afrikaners were part of the country and had a lot to offer.

"Our strength lies in our diversity and the government must recognise this and look after the rights of minorities. The Freedom Front Plus condemns hate speech, and the remarks that were made at this meeting are very dangerous. We must learn to live in peace and harmony with each other."

» » » » [Sunday Times]

1 comment:

Why We Are White Refugees said...

Dan Roodts' Response to Sunday Times:
Whites under a sword
Published: 2009/10/01 07:30:23 AM

I attended the gathering at the Vegkop battlefield site for about two hours and plead guilty to warning the people there that SA is getting so unstable that organised genocide on the scale of Rwanda is a possibility not to be discounted too lightly.

The discussion around genocide over the past few weeks in Afrikaans was set off, not by a “right-wing bigot” as you continue in your tribal Johannesburg-English way to stereotype Afrikaners, but by the left-wing, ANC- supporting theologian Nico Smith.

On September 11 he wrote an article in Beeld, Pas aan of pas op (Adapt or beware), in which he forecast that Afrikaners insisting on language rights and complaining about affirmative action will end up like the French Algerians who were given the choice of “the suitcase or the coffin” by the National Liberation Front in the early sixties.

No one can deny the wall of hate from the state directed against Afrikaner farmers, teachers, schools, universities, museums, monuments and so on. Huge amounts of taxpayer rands are being spent on court cases and other actions to eradicate Afrikaans from educational institutions and to remove Afrikaner farmers from the land they have farmed for generations.

The nature of injuries sustained in military-style attacks on farms and suburban houses are not of a civil or even criminal nature.

At a recent medical conference on trauma surgery held in the US, a high- ranking officer from the US army called the South African delegate aside and told her: “Judging from the type of injuries you have shown us, I am afraid there is a war in your country. Such injuries do not occur in peacetime”.

I am sorry to disturb you in your liberal dreamworld where you are “cremating deceased livestock and sucking on a beer”, but this country is already engaged in a low-intensity ethnic conflict that may well escalate into dominee Smith’s vision of a white genocide.

The umKhonto weSizwe and Apla- controlled SANDF, of which we have recently seen the levels of discipline, has about 500000 automatic weapons at its disposal.

Likewise, the SABC is the perfect weapon to exhort the majority population to drive the hated white racists or “bigots” into the sea.

The tide of history, as is amply demonstrated by Algeria, the former Portuguese colonies and, of course, Zimbabwe, is against the continued presence of whites in Africa. We are all living under the sword of Damocles.

Dan Roodt

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