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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Canadian Immigration Reformists Perspective to 'White Refugees'....

The following two Huntley related posts are from the blog: Canadian Immigration Reform; which provide an interesting perspective, from a Canadian concerned about the consquences of Immigration on Canada.

Totally understandable concerns for anyone remotely aware of population policy matters, and the consequences of overpopulation colliding with scarce or finite resources.

Claiming Racial Persecution And Discrimination Canada Grants Asylum To White South African.

by Canadian Immigration Reform
2 September 2009

When I first read about this story I didn't know what to make of it. I came across this South African news service and found myself being persuaded by most of the comments which can be summed up thusly: Canadians are stupid. And they're right to say so. Canada's refugee system is ripe for abuse and the gullible nature of it has made us the laughing stock of the international community, not the envy. An apt quote was made by a Russian diplomat, quoted in Stewart Bell's recommended book Cold Terror, that Canada is the land of trusting fools. No truer words have ever been spoken describing the national psyche. What we call compassion others accurately see as foolishness, some with the intent of exploiting it. Couple this with a pathetic record of enforcing deportation orders and an endless appeals process Canada is an inviting place for every con man and their uncle to make a run for the border. After all, everyone in the world knows if you're going to make an asylum claim Canada is the place to do it.

So I thought this would be another example illustrating the stupidity and naiveté of the Immigration and Refugee Board and why we need competent, educated individuals to staff it, not political appointees and hacks. But then I did a little more reading and thought why not? Many, many, people have used race to get into the country as a refugee. Why not whites?

I think what many people have trouble getting their heads around is that maybe racism isn't inherently a white trait. That perhaps racism transcends race and that whites can be victims of it as well. Indeed in Canada we do exercise a form of polite racism against the host white majority population only we call it "equal opportunity employment" or "diversifying the workforce", fancy ways of saying working class whites, especially white males, need not apply.

The comments I have been reading from South Africans regarding the asylum claim is that discrimination and persecution against the white minority in the "Rainbow Nation" exists and it doesn't exist. I don't live there, I have no intention of living there or of even visiting the place, so I don't know what to make of the contradictory claims. What is clear is that the asylum ruling has set a precedent for white South Africans to make refugee claims in Canada based on race. African South Africans have made asylum claims in Canada during the apartheid years. Are whites going to take a turn at a kick at the can? Has South Africa become that hostile to them? I don't know.

If the allegations of persecution are true then South Africa's whites are not alone. Zimbabweans have received a not too friendly welcome from South Africans but this has more to do with economics than race.

Sources: Canadian Immigration Reform

Ottawa To Appeal White South African's Asylum Claim.

by Canadian Immigration Reform
10 September 2009

According to the news report the appeal challenge by the government is a "rare" move in refugee cases. I don't know how rare it is but I can tell you one thing. If a federal riding or two can be swung by an expat white South African voting block Ottawa wouldn't be appealing the file at all. There isn't an expat Czech or Mexican voting block that can swing the vote in any federal electoral riding so it was safe to slap Czech Republic and Mexico with visa restrictions. Sri Lankan Tamils can swing the vote in as few as six electoral ridings compelling Ottawa to stall on labelling the LTTE as a terrorist organization even though the LTTE used child soldiers and pioneered the use of suicide bombs. The immigration system is more about politics than anything.

Which brings me to the white South African's asylum claim. I don't know how real his claims are and I doubt the individual who handled his case does either. This is the problem of allowing inland refugee claims. Those hearing the cases are estranged from the circumstances that bring individuals to Canada's borders to seek asylum and so can be easily lied to by people trying to capitalize on Canada's naiveté and ignorance (we call it compassion). If Canada vetted its refugees abroad we would be in a better position to weed out the liars but the problem here is that you will end up cutting out the lawyers and consultants and we can't have that now can we? Someone needs to make money from the refugee system and who's more deserving than lawyers and consultants?

I have heard commentators say crime does not discriminate in South Africa and that is true. African South Africans are more likely to be victims of crime than whites. But being white does single you out as being a "have" in a nation where the majority are "have nots" even though being white does not necessarily mean you are economically well off. Thus being white does make you a target of sorts but I wouldn't consider the attacks as being racially motivated. It's like asking a bank robber why he robs banks. It's where the money is. So, can this be considered persecution due to the colour of one's skin? And if the local police force and the South African government are incapable or unwilling (or both) of protecting Mr. Huntley and other white South Africans from targeted attacks does he (and they) have a legitimate claim?

Ironically, the negative press Mr. Huntley has received back in South Africa may actually strengthen his asylum claim since he has been labelled a fraud and an insult to South Africa. This may subject him to persecution by all South Africans, black and white, if he is forced to return.

But my gut feeling is that the decision to appeal is political. South Africa needs to save face and prove that the Rainbow Nation is working and Canada needs to convince itself that another multicultural social experiment isn’t failing.

It will be interesting to see if the appeal succeeds. But if Mr. Huntley is lying then kick him out.

Sources: Canadian Immigration Reform


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