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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

White Refugees, Culture and Assimilation

The following two articles, both from VDare, indicate that citizens in Western countries concerned about immigrants who do not, or refuse to assimilate into their host country's culture, are obviously more open minded to the concept of white refugees; because quite simply white refugees, share so many common cultural traits, that assimilation is not a problem.

The first is a letter from an Genuine Afrikaner Refugee in exile, in response to a previous letter of complaint by someone who thought that all refugees were economic refugees, wherein he clarifies his reasons were as a result of crime, and the lack of a foreseeable future for his family in South Africa. The subsequent post, is a follow up, exploring briefly issues of white guilt, immigration and the fear of being labeled a 'racist', including the 2006 US Supreme Court ruling that overruled the 9th Circuit, which had given refugee status to White South Africans who had faced threats from local blacks.

An Afrikaner Reader Points Out That Some Refugees Are Genuine

Re: A Canadian Reader Warns Against Romanticizing Immigration

From: An Afrikaner Reader (With Relatives In The New South Africa)
I’m a white South African from that tribe known as the Afrikaner or Boer, living in voluntary exile. I would like to object to James Schipper's letter stating that all immigrants are economic immigrants. Many white South Africans (1 million out of originally 5.5 million = 18%) left South Africa due to excessive violence and affirmative action. We are literally being forced out of the country, and the African National Congress governing party has publicly declared that whites are no longer welcome there. Many others would also like to leave but are trapped with a useless passport and perhaps too little education or money. Some have decided to try and stick it out in the vain hope that the tide may turn. Western countries love to invite non-white immigrants but generally refuse to take the South African whites, who are leftovers of their colonial past.

It’s obvious that apartheid wasn’t a viable long-term solution, but installing a former terrorist organization and expecting diligent governance was really na├»ve. Especially when the US State Department knew that Zimbabwe, that former role model, was already on its way down. There were many other viable political solutions which would have guaranteed a relatively safe existence for the white minority without infringement of black rights, but all of these were systematically brushed off the table by the “international community” (US State Dept, EU, UN, NGO’s, corporate businesses, and of course the black caucus in the US). It had to be the ANC.

The result is that a very sizable section of the productive population of South Africa has voluntarily emigrated even though they loved South Africa. And it’s mostly not because they abhor black faces, since the real level of interaction between blacks and whites in South Africa was always higher than that of the US, due to the demographics of that country. The lack of a political future, violent crime, disintegration of the infrastructure and services, cultural discrimination and workplace discrimination are taking their toll.

But somehow no serious western journalist has pondered this situation. The usual read is about the horrors of apartheid or more fawning over Mandela.

So there are possibly 1 million involuntary immigrants to subtract from the number described in Mr. Schipper's letter.

Source: VDare

White Refugees And Culture

18 April 2007
The Today’s Letter from an Afrikaner Refugee underscores how national identity and culture must be at the center of the immigration debate.

In early 2004, I met a girl who lived in Arizona. I asked her what she thought about Prop 200 (which would have restricted privileges given to illegal aliens.) She supported it, but said she felt like a hypocrite because her family moved into a conservative Tucson suburb from South Africa and overstayed their visas. They had made friends there, and her neighbors did what they could to get her family legal residency (they succeeded.) Nonetheless, they were all virulently against illegal immigration, and legal immigration from Mexico.

This girl, probably not wanting to be perceived as a racist or at least make her neighbors look racists, said the double standard had to do with the fact that there family was well off, she went to private school and they wouldn’t go on welfare. Nonetheless, it seems clear that both she and all her neighbors recognized, even if they didn’t admit it, was the problem with immigration, whether it was legal or illegal had little to do with rule of law, national security, or whatever justification they wished to give, but rather who was immigrating. I would have never guessed this girl was an immigrant had she not told me, and their family were able to seamlessly assimilate into American culture. Hispanics who have been here for generations, have yet to do so.

Yet, many restrictionists eager to prove they are not racist, have needlessly gone after the White South Africans. In 2006 FAIR president Dan Stein’s Stein Report jubilantly proclaimed “Supreme Court Knocks Down Another Bad Asylum Decision by 9th Circuit” What was the ruling? The 9th Circuit court had given refugee status to White South Africans who had faced threats from local blacks. [Read the decision in PDF]

Source: VDare

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Viking said...

I could be wrong but I believe Denmark is the first country to introduce a scale where immigrants are scored according to their likelihood to assimilate. One can only hope that other countries follow this lead.

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