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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Refugees: Does it Matter if they are Black or White?

Between 30 and 40 newspaper clippings were presented as evidence of life in South Africa. “One article exhibited was published in [the Daily Sun in 2004] by Africa Ka Mahamba. [It was] entitled ‘Taking from whites is not a crime’,” Kaplan said. The article quotes the leader of the “Uhuru cultural club” as telling youngsters who attended a Human Rights Day celebration to steal from whites because “it is the right thing to do”.
Canada: Immigration & Refugee Board Ruling: MA8-04910: Brandon Huntley

My Email to journalist, for the Chronicle Herald, Canada, in response to her Article: Refugees: Does it Matter if they're black or white?

Ms. Joan Baxter,

RE: Refugees: Does it matter if they are black or white?

Some information for Ms. Baxter, if you are interested in reasonably impartial reports, as opposed to ANC propaganda:

It depends on whether you are concerned about their assimilation into your native Canadian culture. If you are not concerned and you don't particulary like your own culture nor want to preserve it, by assimilating like minded people who appreciate your values.. then no it does not matter.

Perhaps you are unaware of the many documented blowback consequences from ethnically different immigrants to the host country's backlash, who refuse to assimilate: There are many, here is a recent one:

[Daily] A generation of outsiders [1/28/07]
How much worse can immigration get when the younger generation is not only less assimilated than their parents, they are actively hostile and want to blow the place up? That's the situation where Britain finds itself today.The doctrine of multi-culturalism has alienated an entire generation of young Muslims and made them increasingly radical, a report has found.

In stark contrast with their parents, growing numbers sympathise with extreme teachings of Islam, with almost four in ten wanting to live under Sharia lawin Britain.

The study identifies significant support for wearing the veil in public, Islamic schools and even punishment by death for Muslims who convert to another religion.

Most alarmingly, 13 per cent of young Muslims said they "admired" organisations such as Al Qaeda which are prepared to "fight the West".

A few more demographic links:
Wake Up Whitey! (aka Population Policy Common Sense)

Muslim Europe - The Demographic Time Bomb Transforming our Continent

A fifth of European Union will be Muslim by 2005

Muslim Imam: Lets colonize Australia by births (PDF):
British-based Sheik Abdul Raheem Green has forbidden Muslims from having fewer than four children so Australia would become an Islamic state. This order is contained in a DVD being openly sold at a Muslim information centre in Coburg, Victoria.

“In Canada one in three or one in four children being born is a Muslim. What does that do to the demographic shift of a Muslim population in 20 years’ time?”

Reporting crimes to the South African Police:

A study on the efficiency of the SA Police gave it a 0% for efficiency. They concluded you would get a more efficient result if you reported your crime to the local Chicken Licken fast food outlet, who received a 53% rating! [The South African Police Service: An Organisation on the Brink of Collapse, by Ivan Myers]

The report also informs you how the SAPS refuse to even take crime reports, or 'downgrade' the crime reports, so as to attempt to manipulate the crime statistics. Then we won't even mention the hundreds of police dockets that have simply gone missing.

Do you report crimes to your local kindergarden? Would you expect them to be able to find your crime report, if you had reported a crime to them? If the kindegarden was staffed with individuals who hated big people, how likely do you think your report would still be there?

Puzzling ruling by Mr. Davis??? Puzzling??? What is puzzling about it?

Crime is a legacy of apartheid? Says who??? What would you do, if you did not have apartheid to blame for everything? Why is it that criminals don't consider their crime to be a legacy of apartheid when they talk to their friends about it and their motives; but lily towered liberals, think that criminals are ignorant black idiots, who don't know why they commit crimes, so they decide it has to be blamed on aparhteid?

How many criminals have you spoken to, to come to your conclusions; that crime is the legacy of apartheid?

How many criminals do you know who will tell you, that life was better for them under apartheid? That they could get a job, that although the political system was not the best, it was way better than the corruption that is now occuring? Would you tell them they are ignorant or stupid and you know better?

Crime against a significant number of white farmers is directed at them because of their race. That is according to the statements from the criminals themselves. The blood they used to write on the walls 'kill the farmer, kill the boer'...

What are the statistics of rape, per 100,000, Ms. Baxter? Or would finding out some facts about the statistics of rape, and how many white women were raped by blacks in South Africa, in comparision of how many black women were raped by white men, not make any difference? Does it not matter that white women are being raped as 'white meat'; but it does that black woman are raped?

Furthermore the vast amounts, per 100,000 of violent crimes in south africa, are not committed against blacks. In fact they are committed against white farmers, 313 per 100 000. That is the highest at risk group for vicious violence and murder in the world.

The criminals may want what you have, if you are black, but they don't rape and torture you, for hours and hours, if you are black. They take what you have and if they kill you, they get it done, without hours of torture.

Ms. Baxter, do you think these stats have any indication towards how and why blacks remain in poverty?

Renewed racial tension in south africa? renewed? thats funny! the only people racial tension is 'renewed' for is those who were in denial about it being there in the first place, and who demanded everyone pretend it wasn't there, and demanded that everyone pretend to like each other; and demanded that we pretend that the truth and reconciliation commission wasn't a massive fraud perpetrated on blacks and whites in south africa, by some slick political and religious prostitutes.

For your info:

White Refugee Documents Legally submitted to High Court, Western Cape & Federal Court, Canada include, among others:

Annexure FF: Why We Are White Refugees: which includes:

[FF.01a] Why We Are White Refugees, Afrikaner Genocide Report (PDF:110K), includes (a) Alphabetical Listing of Farm Murders: A – Z; (b) 2008 Farm Murders in South Africa: Brief Summaries; (c) Genocide Watch 2002 Report on Boer Farm Murders; [FF.01b] FF.01a was submitted to Respondent Eight in June 2009; c/o Respondent Ten, as an attachment to: Nobel Institute: Nobel Peace Prize Committee: Notice of Legal and Political Delivery (PDF:123K).

[FF.02a] Why We Are White Refugees Petition to: Canadian Federal Court (PDF:111K); in the matter of Minister of Citizenship and Immigration v Brandon Carl Huntley; [FF.02b] Murder in South Africa (PDF:159K), by Robert McCafferty; [FF.02c] The South African Police Service: An Organisation on the Brink of Collapse (PDF:198K), by SAPS Specialist Ivan Myers; [FF.02d] Dr. Gregory Stanton: The Eight Stages of Genocide; [FF.02e] Carte Blanche: A Bloody Harvest, Boer Genocide, by Susan Puren; [FF.02f] Minister of Safety & Security : Charles Nqakula: White Complainants about Crime, can Leave the Country; [FF.02g] SA Institute of Race Relations: Governments Disdainful Indifference towards Concern About Crime (PDF:36K); [FF.02h] Democratic Alliance: Auditor-General’s report reveals 79% of emergency [911/10111] calls are abandoned (PDF:36K).

[FF.03a] Letter Mailed to Minister of Citizenship & Immigration, If Canada capitulates to RSA: I herewith request Contact Information: To File Documentation substantiating Huntley’s Refugee Application, of White Persecution Claims (PDF:26K)

[FF.04a] 142 SA Academics Get It Wrong on Crime (PDF:128K); [FF.04b] Brandon Huntley: An Open Letter to Canada (PDF:121K): 142 Academics Denounce Granting of Refugee Status to White South African; [FF.04c] Statistics SA: Victims of Crime Survey (PDF:3930K), 1998; [FF.04d] Democracy SA: Public Opinion on National Priority Issues: Ch. 11: Crime (PDF:31K); [FF.04e] Institute for Security Studies: National Victim of Crime Survey (PDF:57K), SA, 2003; [FF.04f] Paralyzed by Fear: Perceptions of Crime and Violence in South Africa (PDF:89K)

[FF.05] The Great South African Land Scandal, by Dr. Phillip du Toit, which documents the Zimbabwefication of South Africa’s Food Security, and includes Ch. 16: Slaughter -- The Farm Murder Plague (PDF:124K): the murder rate of South African commercial farmers, is highest for a specific group in the world – 313 per 100 000.

Ms. Baxter, of course you don't necessarily have to agree... but you could at least attempt to be impartial and not continue the lie to your countrymen and women, that there are not those who disagree with you, and at least their voices may be heard.

You expect alleged 'bigots' to set aside their prejudices, but you don't set aside your own bigotry towards them... perhaps you may wish to think about that.

Lara Johnstone
Why We Are White REfugees

Boycott 2010 World Cup: Truth & Justice; or Secession?

Refugees: Does it matter if they’re black or white?

Wed. Sep 9 - 4:45 AM

Why We Are White Refugees: Afrikaner Genocide Report
LAST WEEK, Canada made headlines around the world. Unflattering headlines. Laced with the word "racist." The furor was over the decision by Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) to grant refugee status to Brandon Huntley, a white South African.

Huntley originally came to this country as a temporary carnival worker and then stayed on illegally for three years before finding himself an immigration lawyer and applying for refugee status. He claimed he was attacked several times by criminals in his native Cape Town because of his race.

There’s no record of those muggings; he says he didn’t report them to the South African police. No matter to the IRB’s William Davis who made the ruling. Davis said that Huntley’s fear of persecution by African South Africans was "justified" and that Huntley would "stand out like a sore thumb" because of his colour in any part of South Africa.

Predictably, the South African government responded hotly, saying the decision was based on "absolute rubbish" and smacked of racism. And the news of this controversial ruling was all over the world’s major media. Canada was scorned in many of the reports, and one satirical story ran with the headline "Canada shocked to learn Huntley wasn’t last white in SA," warning Canadians "to expect a deluge of young, unemployable white South Africans to arrive in the country" after the "immigration and refugee panel, made up of white folk who have never been to Africa," granted Huntley refugee status.

And this is what has drawn so much negative attention to this puzzling ruling by William Davis of the IRB. There are almost five million whites living in South Africa and they make up almost 10 per cent of the population, so the idea that Huntley would stick out, as Davis stated, "like a sore thumb" because of his colour, smacks of almost inconceivable ignorance of South African reality.

Everyone who knows anything about South Africa agrees that crime rates are among the highest in the world and that this culture of violence is one of the terrible legacies of Apartheid. But they also know that crime in the country is not directed at one race.

Three months ago, I had a panicked email from a friend in Johannesburg, a black African, who told me how three masked men with AK-47s had attempted to storm his house. Two years ago, one of South Africa’s greatest artists and voices for peace and tolerance, the reggae star Lucky Dube, also black, was gunned down in cold blood in broad daylight, right in front of his own children.

Rates of rape in South Africa — of which black women, being in the majority, are the main target — are appalling, the highest in the world. The South African Institute of Race Relations points out that the vast majority of violent crimes are against black South Africans. And black people, generally being poorer and less able to afford private security for their homes, are the most vulnerable. The average living standards among the white population are still far higher than among other racial groups.

In the words of one black South African woman, whose aunt and brother have been killed by thieves and who herself was shot while trying to escape robbers, the criminals "want what you have, whether you’re black or white".

Would a black South African living illegally in Canada — or indeed a person of colour from any other country — have been granted refugee status had she or he claimed fears of violent crime and unemployment back home? This is the question that Canadians need to ask, and that Mr. Davis, who appears to be so woefully ignorant of South African reality and history, needs to answer.

My call to Canada’s immigration minister, Jason Kenney, was not returned. But last Friday, the Citizenship and Immigration Department announced that it would ask the Federal Court to decide whether the controversial Huntley case can be reviewed. If the court agrees, the case could be reheard by a different IRB member, although without any new evidence. It will take months for the court to decide whether a review is warranted.

So for now, Kenney has managed to buy some time and ease the rift between Pretoria and Ottawa. But it will be tough to undo the damage all the negative publicity this case has earned us and the renewed racial tension it has unleashed in South Africa.

Joan Baxter is a Nova Scotian journalist and award-winning author. Her latest book, Dust From Our Eyes — An Unblinkered Look at Africa, has been shortlisted for the 2009 Dayton Literary Peace Prize.

Source: The Chronicle Herald



Viking said...

she sounds like a real expert, Andrea...
Today's front page of the Vancouver Sun features a story about how a Malawian refugee, Charles Kembo, is charged with murdering four people in an identity theft scam.
That should unleash some "racial tension".
Why is a Malawian allowed to become a refugee? No civil war in Malawi as far as I'm aware, in fact it's quite a stable country.

Someone like Huntley attracts scandal in spite of overwhelming evidence that he is persecuted because of his race, yet for other nationalities the burden of proof is far lower for applications?

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

In liberal eyes, of course yes she would be, because she would be saying exactly what is expected to be said of her... so she would be like a highly qualified parrot!

The liberal establishment highly values its highly qualified parrots... to quote dogma, and assert it is 'reality' in the face of a total contradictory reality; to say the sky is pink when it is blue... takes one hell of a lot of parrot self-denial... to accomplish!

Anyway... i was once there.. and totally convinced about the lies i told myself... and i woke up, so i give her the benefit of the doubt, she may too!

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