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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

2010 terror plot: 'SA not ready' || Islamic Paramilitary Training Camps in South Africa

Voorburg, The Hague. Afrikaners with Dutch forebears are rushing to apply for Dutch passports, reports the daily Algemeen Dagblad on March 28 2009 from their Voorburg office -- located in the diplomatic section of the Dutch capitol The Hague.
[Afrikaners eligible for Netherlands passports…]

Islamic Militancy Expert Hussein Soloman, says Islamic Extremists have already set up cells in South Africa.

A report from Molotov Cocktail documents further Islamic Paramilitary Training Camps in South Africa, including an alleged National Intelligence Agency (NIA) report, submitted to President Thabo Mbeki in 2001, documenting the establishment of Islamic paramilitary training camps in South Africa.

Excerpt from Why We Are White Refugees Petition to Federal Court Justices, Canada:

[4.14] Who are the ANC's Paymasters?

[4.14.1] During the 2002 Elections, it was common knowledge that Al'Qaeda had made significant funding contributions to the ANC.

[4.14.2] During the recent elections, a report in the Mail and Guardian, ANC's Dodgy Funders, states, that the election effort was heavily subsidised by the ruling parties in Libya, Angola, China and India.

[4.14.3] The ANC also received funds from oil-rich Equatorial Guinea, one of Africa's most notorious dictatorships.

[4.14.4] The Libyan dictator Moammar Gadaffi, has long been a major funder of the ANC's election campaigns. For example, when former president Nelson Mandela visited Gadaffi in 1994 he returned with $40-million in briefcases to fund the ANC's election effort.

[5] Is the South African Government committed to the Social Contract, with White South Africans?

[5.1] The South African Goverments Response to South Africans who complain about Crime in South Africa: In parliament, Safety and Security Minister, Charles Nqakula, informed "you whites", that complain about crime to 'get out of the country if you don't like the crime.'

2010 terror plot: 'SA not ready'

Peter Fabricius
October 12 2009 at 11:53AM

The most authoritative work on terrorism was the February 1986 Report of the Vice President's Task Force on Combatting Terrorism, chaired by Vice President George Bush, Sr. This report concludes that the root cause of terrorism is overpopulation. Memo to UNHCR: Refugee Issues....

An expert on Islamic militancy has warned that the South African intelligence services are "woefully, inadequately prepared" for the potential threat of terrorism during the World Cup next year.

Hussein Solomon, head of the International Institute of Islamic Studies in Pretoria, said militants had already established cells in South Africa.

He was commenting today on reports that Somali terrorists linked to al-Qaeda have been planning to attack US interests here.

The Weekend Argus reported that the US government had closed its embassy in Pretoria and all other US government facilities for two days last month because intelligence agencies had intercepted a call from Khayelitsha to the al-Qaeda-linked Al-Shabaab extremist group in Somalia, discussing a plot to blow up American interests.

This was apparently to be in retaliation for the US military killing of an Al-Shabaab commander in southern Somalia. The US suspected the commander of having played a role in the fatal bombing of US embassies in Nairobi and Dar el Salaam in 1998.

“What is the greater danger - nuclear warfare or the population explosion? The latter absolutely! To bring about nuclear war, someone has to DO something; someone has to press a button. To bring about destruction by overcrowding, mass starvation, anarchy, the destruction of our most cherished values-there is no need to do anything. We need only do nothing except -- breed. And how easy it is to do nothing.” -- Isaac Asimov Memo to UNHCR: Refugee Issues....

The sources added that the efforts by local intelligence agencies to trace the Cape Town Somalis was disrupted when police commissioner Bheki Cele went on national television to say that the country's intelligence structures were on top of the situation. This prompted the Somalis to go further underground.

Solomon said today that he had been trying to warn authorities for some time about the threat of terrorist action during the World Cup.

He said international policing agency Interpol had already warned of such a threat but the South African intelligence services did not seem to be listening.

"Our intelligence services are extremely politicised," Solomon said, adding that they would rather spy on investigative journalists to discover their sources than spy on potential terrorists.

"When I interact with our counter-intelligence people, they are more concerned about the Boeremag than al-Qaeda... But they are acting from an ideological perspective which is fundamentally out of sync with reality."

Solomon pointed to several instances where he said the local intelligence and security leadership had ignored potential terrorist threats for ideological reasons. He said the Pakistan government was convinced that two South Africans arrested in Pakistan after a gunfight between security forces and al-Qaeda elements a few years ago were linked to al-Qaeda.

But they had simply been released on their return to South Africa. This also happened to two South Africans arrested in Uganda more recently.

A future Islamic planet is not a pretty picture. Islam does not believe in gender equality and the Koran say that men are in charge of women. Under sharia law and in custom, Muslim men have far more worth than women.....
Religion: Does it matter if your African Refugee is black, or white?

"Everyone outside this country seems to know who is threatening South Africa. We must not think we are protected because we are far away. Often these things have nothing to do with South Africa. They are just an opportunity to attack America."

Other sources said that Somali terrorists devised the strategy to take on the US in South Africa because it was easier than fighting the superpower in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia.

NIA spokeswoman Lorna Daniels refused to comment on the weekend reports.

A source quoted in the Weekend Argus said: "What has been established is that the Cape guys are linked to al-Qaeda cells in Somalia, who are connected to the group in Afghanistan. We have established that most al-Qaeda operatives are relocating from Afghanistan to Pakistan, attracted by increased lawlessness in Pakistan.

"Our information is that there is a trail that links Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and, most interestingly, Mozambique where Somalis have formed an anti-US cell already. The interception revealed that these people plan to move en masse from Mozambique to here (SA) in 2010 to attack American interests. Their point is that SA is not a target, but if South Africans are caught in the crossfire, then that would be unfortunate.

"Part of the intercepted conversations are on how America was stronger elsewhere but could be vulnerable here in South Africa."

This in spite of the US boosting security at its new premises in Sandton and Pretoria.

US embassy spokeswoman Sharon Hudson-Dean refused to comment on the threat, saying: "We do not comment on intelligence matters."

An NIA official said yesterday: "This is classified information. If you publish it, this will jeopardise an operation already under way." However, the source said Cele had already said publicly that intelligence officers were on the track of the extremists.

"I do not mean to be alarmist, but the US was right to take these people seriously because, we now know that they have links with shady characters who have access to old military hardware in Eastern Europe," said the source.

This article was originally published on page 1 of Cape Argus on October 12, 2009

Source: IOL

Islamic Paramilitary Training Camps in South Africa

Molotov Cocktail, March 2007

Ronnie Kasrils recently declared that there were no ‘established training camps’ in South Africa associated with ‘Al-Qaeda or other such groupings’.

Molotov Cocktail can now reveal that the Minister of Intelligence has not been kept fully informed. There is one substantial training camp – Greenbushes – situated approximately 25 miles outside Port Elizabeth on the Old Cape Road and rumours persist that camps are also based at Vaal Dam, Camperdown, and Schaap Kraal in the Western Cape. In addition, sources within the Tamil community suggest that the Tamil Tigers also sponsor training within South Africa.

Greenbushes training camp has existed, on and off, for more than a dozen years. Trainees who have passed through the camp report that Greenbushes possesses an assault course and a shooting range. The equipment, is apparently removed after training sessions. Amazingly, the camp has been visited by the local police who requested that trainees keep the noise down: apparently, neighbours had complained about the sound of guns being fired. The police found nothing extraordinary about the existence of the camp.
Leaders of the Greenbushes camp have commented privately that members of their organisation are also reservist policemen, and there is therefore little the local law enforcement forces can do.

They also claim to have a productive relationship with the National Intelligence Agency (NIA).

Molotov Cocktail has evidence in its possession suggesting that the NIA, the Scorpions and the CIA have periodically kept the camp under surveillance during the past decade. Despite the obvious need to apply South African law fairly and firmly, it seems likely that both domestic and international intelligence agencies have preferred to permit the camp to continue functioning in order to gather information on the networks of Islamic fundamentalists. It is critical to recognise that the existence of the training camp has not yet progressed to terrorist activity within South Africa.

Nevertheless, sources report that trainees who have passed through Greenbushes later travelled to Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq.
An intriguing document ‘Hamas (Islamic Resistance Movement) Al-Mujii Al Islamiyaj’, which claims to be the work of the NIA, is available on the internet. The report is dated 24 September 2001, less than two weeks after 9/11. The document reveals that Sheikh Abu Abdula[h], a representative of Hamas visted South Africa in July 1996 and ‘during a closed meeting ... stated that Hamas has decided to open an office in Port Elizabeth under cover of the Al-Aqsa International Foundation ... Abdula also paid a visit to the paramilitary camp at Greenbushes, where he mentioned that the facility was too basic and needed to be upgraded.’

Ronnie Kasrils recently said that: ‘We clearly need to continue to strengthen the capacity of our intelligence and law enforcement bodies. We need to know our societies well enough to predict threats and act against them.’ In this spirit, Molotov Cocktail attempts to unpack the complicated story and series of personalities surrounding Greenbushes training camp.

The family behind Greenbushes are the Desais of Port Elizabeth. In particular, Moulana Nazier Desai, who is described in the internet NIA report as the ‘Amir of South African Mujahideen’. One source reports that ‘the Desais walk around armed like cowboys’, another comments that although the Desais are wealthy in their own right, they also receive funding from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan. Local people are said to be scared of the family and powerful figures from Middle Eastern countries are said to have visited the Desais in South Africa. The Desai family are in the process of building an Islamic Centre, Daru-Uloom in Malabar. Eventually the Centre will have the capacity to accommodate 72 young male students.
Two instructors from the Centre have been known to take the students to the training camp on Wednesday and Sunday mornings between 7a.m. and 10.30. Greenbushes training camp is known to the students and the instructors as ‘the Recreation Camp’. But it is far more than just recreation ...

In addition to learning archery and horse-riding – in respect to the favoured pastimes of the prophet Mohammed – the youths at the training camp are also being taught combat skills and how to handle firearms. The weapons being employed are high-calibre handguns, R1 rifles and AK 47s: all of which are illegal in South Africa.

Sources suggest that a former SANDF soldier, Trevor Nel, was at one point responsible for the military training of the youths. One source reports that optical ‘night-sights’ are being used at the camp. But it is also apparent that many members of the rapidly growing Muslim community of Port Elizabeth, and further afield, have at one time or another visited Green-bushes camp.

Nazier Desai explained a few years ago that the purpose of the camp is ‘to get our youngsters ready to fight if there is ever a need to. [The camp would] give the youngsters and grown ups the proper military training.’

There is a makeshift Mosque on the site.
The Desai family of Port Elizabeth is, apparently, at war with itself. A feud is said to exist between Nazier and his brother Salim and their cousins Ahmed Sadeck (also believed to be known as MI Ahmed) and Ebrahim. Although Ahmed Sadeck Desai controls the funds for the camp, Nazier is understood to be in charge of the training. Despite the feud, the funds continue to flow between the cousins in this extended family. In the late 1990s, Ahmed Sadeck Desai was arrested in Bangladesh; he was held for a year before his release. In addition, in the early 1990s one of Nazier’s sons attempted to build a bomb which exploded and disfigured him.

Ahmed Sadeck Desai is described by sources as an ascetic, whereas his cousin Nazier makes regular appearances on local Islamic radio and gives lectures on religious matters.

Reports from sources close to the Desai family reveal that the cousins regularly meet in a room at the back of Ebrahim Desai’s shop, Sufyaans Tiles. Visitors are scanned for recording devices and cellphones upon entering.

This is where the meetings with Pakistani, Afghan and Saudi Arabian visitors have taken place.

It is now common knowledge that al-Qaeda is not a functioning organisation but a shell which franchises its identity to militant Islamic groups around the world.

Are the Desais running the PE branch of al-Qaeda or is there a more simple explanation? It is difficult to be certain but Nazier Desai has clearly been running a training camp of sorts – it is certainly well-established enough to meet the criterion of the Minister of Intelligence. But numerous questions abound: Why has it taken so long so long to complete the Islamic centre in Malabar? Why does the camp appear to shut down for holidays? What is exactly are the Desais connections with extrem-ist groups in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Pakistan? Is there truth in the reports that the Desais are in the process of selling the Greenbushes site? The concept of a paramilitary training camp might appear to be fantastical and, perhaps, there is an aspect of self-delusion in the activities of the Desais. However, that does not mean that the paramilitary training that occurred at Greenbushes is entirely innocent or that militants have not travelled from Greenbushes to the Middle East. It should, however be reiterated that the majority of the people who have attended the camp have returned to normal life in South Africa and do not constitute a series of sleeper cells across the country. However, the security forces have certainly been lax in permitting the existence of the Greenbushes camp. It would only take one person to decide to put the training into practice in a major South African city and the repercussions would be felt all over the world.
The Muslim population of South Africa has prospered since the end of apartheid. It is well-represented in government and it has been successful in business. Despite the obvious sympathy and financial support offered to Muslims suffering in the Middle East and elsewhere, Muslim South Africans would not tolerate Islamic terrorism in this country. Ronnie Kasrils said during his recent speech at the Brenthurst conference on terrorism: ‘While all the evidence suggests that Southern Africa is certainly not a primary target, we remain vigilant, as no country can claim
invulnerability, nor can we rule out an opportunistic act against foreign targets on our soil. So far, the number of suspected operatives and supporters that have been identified are very small, with no infrastructure or established training camps to speak of.’

If only that was completely accurate.

Molotov Cocktail has made numerous attempts to contact Nazier Desai for comment.

Source: Molotov Cocktail: Ed.1 (PDF:14MB)
Note: The aformentioned "alleged intriguing document ‘Hamas (Islamic Resistance Movement) Al-Mujii Al Islamiyaj’, which claims to be the work of the NIA," is available at Cryptome (PDF Copy)

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