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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Religion: Does it Matter if your African Refugee, is Black or White?

The Case Against Immigration, by Roy Beck (NumbersUSA)
Roy Beck is a card carrying liberal, former newspaperman, editor for the journal Social Contract, and the author of The Case Against Immigration: The moral, economic, social, and environmental reasons for reducing U.S. immigration back to traditional levels (PDF). In The Case Against Immigration he argues for cutting immigration, as a cause of falling real wages that breed deteriorating communities and crumbling families--the "crisis of the middle class." Furthermore it states that immigration increases the gap between the rich and the poor, harms every level of the economy, including the high end sectors.

Who lobbies for immigration?: Business lobbies who prefer cheap labour and low wages; diversity and multiculturalist academics and activists who hate western civilization; Kings Need Peasants politicians who import dependant populations, that need free services, and will vote for them; and conservatives who fear the 'r' word.

Do you know that in 20 to 40 years time, your European children will be a minority in most Western Nations? Do you think the new African / Muslim majority will share your Western democratic values; towards you, women, justice etc?

The Case Against Immigration graph (further below) is not genetic specific, but the following Table from Arthur Kemps, March of the Titans is more blunt:

USA Population Projections, millions (rounded off)

__________ Total _______ Non White _______ White ________ W % of Total
1997: _____ 267 M ________ 72 M __________ 195 M _________ 72.8
2010: _____ 298 M ________ 96 M __________ 202 M _________ 68
2030: _____ 347 M ________ 137 M _________ 210 M _________ 60.5
2100: _____ 572 M ________ 353 M _________ 219 M _________ 45.6

Source: U.S. Bureau of the Census, Current Population Reports, Series P25-1130, Population Projections of the United States by Age, Sex, Race, and Hispanic Origin: 1995 to 2050.
The Case Against Immigration, by Roy Beck, NumbersUSADoes it matter if your child, may be living under Sharia law, in the Islamicised West?
Another plus for Muslim immigrants to the West is the treasure chest of welfare benefits in places like Britain that can enable a poor man step up to a multi-wife lifestyle.

Confirming their reluctance to assimilate, Muslim protest rallies routinely feature participants with signs attacking free speech and democracy , as well as expressing the intention to dominate the whole world with their totalitarian religion.

A future Islamic planet is not a pretty picture. Islam does not believe in gender equality and the Koran say that men are in charge of women. In Islamic court, a woman's testimony is worth half that of a man.

Does it matter if your grandchildren, will be a minority culture, where the majority culture practice female genital mutilation, ritual sacrifice, blood drinking and large scale ethnic cleansing?
The Mungiki (name means united mass) are an extremely violent group who are involved with Machete beheadings, female genital mutilation, ritual sacrifice, blood drinking and large scale ethnic cleansing. They are extortionists and racketeers, involved with prostitution, smuggling and drugs.

Boycott 2010 World Cup: Truth & Justice; or Secession?

France's Proposed Burqa Ban, A Great Start

By Brenda Walker, Immigrations Human Cost
One of the more interesting battlegrounds on the cultural front is French President Sarkozy’ s stated intention to outlaw the burqa from the streets of France.

Mr. Sarkozy calls the all-encompassing female Muslim garment "a sign of subservience, a sign of debasement" that deprives the women of their identity. Indeed, when the face is totally masked, it could be anybody under the black or blue sack.

This issue is not a low-rent culture clash about a minor religious custom: it is all about individual freedom and the survival of Western values under the Islamic immigration onslaught.

Misguided persons (often of a leftist persuasion) argue unconvincingly that the women attired in fabric prisons do so entirely of their own free will—see the curiously titled New York Times piece, My Burqa Is None of Your Business, by Ronald Sokol [email him] (July 2, 2009) for a liberal male view. Certainly some women willingly hide their faces and everything else based on religious belief, but the social pressure to conform to traditional oppression within many Muslim households is intense. There may be little choice involved for many.

No, the burqa is not just an expression of Muslim female modesty, but it is also a highly effective territorial marking device, showing Islam's expansion into Europe and beyond in a personal and daily manner. It is an obtrusive political statement of demographic jihad: "We're here, we're not changing, and we're not leaving."

On cue, some top terrorists piped up with threats against France for having the grit to stand up for its own cultural values:

"Now leaders of Al Qaeda's North African network have called on French Muslims to react 'with the utmost hostility'.

“One Islamic extremist website carried the message: 'We will seek dreadful revenge on France by all means at our disposal, for the honour of our daughters and sisters.

“'Our Mujahadin followers must not remain silent in the face of such provocation and such injustice.'" [Al Qaeda vows 'dreadful revenge' on France over plans to ban the burqa, Daily Mail, July 1, 2009]

The increase in burqas on French streets must be pretty bad—even the commies are complaining:

"‘Today, in many city neighborhoods, we see several Muslim women wearing the burka, which covers and fully envelops the body and the head, like a moving prison, or the nijab which allows only the eyes to be shown,’ said Communist MP Andre Gerin, a legislator and one of the leaders of the drive for the parliamentary commission.” [French legislators worried about the rise of the burqa, Deutsche Welle, June 18, 2009]

Every shrouded Muslim woman on the streets of Paris or Marseilles is a statement of contempt for Western civilization and its values. Muslim males are flaunting their intention and ability to enslave women on the home turf of the Enlightenment. Islamics openly condemn the whole enterprise of freedom, democracy and individual rights even as they flock here in the millions.

Some Muslims come to Europe and America merely for the money (aka "a better life") like other immigrants. However, as scholar Bernard Lewis has observed, "In earlier times, it was inconceivable that a Muslim would voluntarily move to a non-Muslim country" [2007 Irving Kristol Lecture given at AEI].

Lewis was referring to Islam's attitude of superiority, which makes the religion largely incompatible with other beliefs. Islam presents a complete life package, more than a religion but an authoritarian lifestyle that defines the tiniest aspects of acceptable Muslim behavior. (See Ask The Iman to get an idea of the extent to which Muslims obsess over the proper Islamic conduct about the most inconsequential things.)

So Muslims are particularly unsuitable candidates for any degree of assimilation, and often arrive with a chip on their shoulders. But acculturation has become passé in some quarters, and the ideology of multiculturalism permits the Sons of Mohammed to benefit from the material largesse while keeping the retro customs of the old country, like honor killing and polygamy.

Speaking of polygamy, the burqa promotes a vision of identical, identity-free females as interchangeable parts that can be easily replaced, like a new oil filter from Grand Auto. Islam allows men up to four wives as long as they can be fed and clothed adequately—a privilege not accorded to women. Another plus for Muslim immigrants to the West is the treasure chest of welfare benefits in places like Britain that can enable a poor man step up to a multi-wife lifestyle.
Confirming their reluctance to assimilate, Muslim protest rallies routinely feature participants with signs attacking free speech and democracy, as well as expressing the intention to dominate the whole world with their totalitarian religion.

A future Islamic planet is not a pretty picture. Islam does not believe in gender equality and the Koran say that men are in charge of women. Under sharia law and in custom, Muslim men have far more worth than women. For example, under Islamic law a man may divorce his wife by saying "I divorce you" three times (called talaq), while a woman seeking divorce has no such ease of separation. In Islamic court, a woman's testimony is worth half that of a man.

Nor does Islam have a tradition of civic equality. Muslim societies are built around the Koran, which says killing infidels is a Muslim duty if non-believers do not submit to the will of Allah. One source counts 109 verses exhorting Muslims to go to war with infidels. Historically, Islam was indeed spread by the sword rather than the more gentle persuasion used by Christianity and Buddhism.

Westerners, accustomed to equal justice under law, may be surprised to find the hierarchical structure of Islamic societies, such as the infidel tax non-Muslims are required to pay. Called jizya, it is essentially a poll tax forced from non-Muslims to support Islam. Muslims like to babble that "there is no compulsion in religion" but the extortion of jizya shows how Islam is in no way a "religion of peace."

Of course, there are also public safety issues associated with allowing masked persons to roam the streets. Use of the burqa as a politically correct disguise for criminal or terrorist activity has not been a rarity. Scholar and blogger Daniel Pipes has compiled a rather lengthy page of examples: Niqabs and Burqas as Security Threats. The perps are often men disguising themselves as women, but not always.

Here are a few examples taken from Dr. Pipes's list:

Pipes additionally noted that businesses like banks and jewelry stores don't want to serve unidentifiable people: Institutions Push Back Against Head Coverings. Retailers don't appreciate shoppers in ski masks for the same reason.
In today's reality of worldwide terrorism, the idea that there is some sort of right to walk around in disguise is ridiculous. A compilation of laws (State Codes Related To Wearing Masks) shows that the American legal system is not kindly disposed toward public concealment of identity.

If Muslim women want to celebrate their Islamic beliefs, then they should rock out at the mosque — in the segregated women's section, of course.

Or even better, take the whole family back to Dar al-Islamthe rather copious lands occupied by Mohammed's followers. Then westerners who love freedom and justice wouldn't have to look at their ugly oppression on daily display.

And hopefully Sarkozy and France will actually ban the burqa in spite of the squawker chorus and threats.

Leadership on the subject of western values is in short supply these days, not helped by the culture of apology now holding sway in the White House.

Brenda Walker (email her) lives in Northern California and publishes two websites, and She increasingly appreciates the wonders of geography, that people are happier and more peaceful when they can live among their un-diverse tribal members.

Source: Free World Academy

Ecologically-minded liberals should also heed Dr. Salter’s work, for only when Third-World populations are made to bear the consequences of their own reproductive irresponsibility will they, and the world as a whole, establish population policies that protect the environment. Closing off the “safety valve” of Third-World immigration to the West should be as attractive to the sincere left as to the racial right.

Democracy is Wasted on Africa

By Mike Smith, SA Sucks

I suppose there are many things about the African black that I can mention which causes me not to want to associate with him. Superstition, barbaric circumcision rites, promiscuity, arrogance, aggression, violence proneness, Lebola(wife buying) and ignorance are just a few, but I suppose the main reason I will never be able to consider these primitive African Blacks as my equal, is because of their beliefs in witchcraft and Muti-murders.

These barbaric, ritualistic murders to hack off human body parts, preferably when the victim is still alive, to sell it for Muti medicine, is as part of African Black culture as mud huts and herding cattle. There is obviously a market for these despicable Muti-products otherwise these acts would not be happening.

These Witchdoctors, or as they are politically correct known in South Africa as, “traditional healers”, buy these human body parts and sell it to their congregations who condone and support these murders through buying Muti in the first place.
One would think that Liberal Whites would look at this Black practice and be cured of their “feel good” beliefs towards Blacks, but no, they rather turn a blind eye and pretend that it is not happening. Yet it is happening throughout Africa and has been happening for as long as Blacks have lived there and it will continue to be so forever.

Personally I find it amazing how silent Liberals are whenever this topic is brought up and how they like to pretend that it happens on a small scale, but the well known truth is that Blacks will first buy Muti from their Sangoma, before going to a western doctor. They buy Muti not only as medicine but also as love potions and to assist with casting of spells.

When a Liberal, Black hugging, Whites support Blacks, through giving them food, clothes, etc. they are automatically supporting black culture, which includes Muti-murders and witchcraft. Liberals are therefore directly or indirectly complicent in these abominable acts and murders.

That is why I as a White person cannot support Blacks in any way. Not with a job, not with money, nothing. I find their culture disgusting. There is nothing that Black culture can offer me that would somehow enrich me as a person. Simply put…What is there to like about Blacks?

I wash my hands off them and simply leave them alone. If they are so good, they don’t need my support anyway. I just wish other Whites would see it as I do. I would really like to see what happens to Blacks in Africa the day Whites stop supporting these pathetic beings and leave them to their own devices. What would happen if Mother Nature is allowed to take her course?

Source: SA Sucks

Africa - When all colonial Whites are gone…

By Mike Smith, SA Sucks
What will happen to Africa when All the Whites are gone?

This is a question many of us have pondered on. We, the conservative thinking people know that Africa will return to what it was before. A mineral rich continent inhabited by primitive black savages.

Liberal Whites will try to refute this. They want to convince us that Africa will advance quicker without Colonialism and Apartheid, but we all know this is simply bullshit. Just look at Zimbabwe.

Let us look at another former British colony…Kenya. There is virtually no government after the rigged and disputed December 2007 elections. Mwai Kibaki officially won, but Raila Odinga also claimed victory. This election was marked by heavy tribalism. Africa’s legacy.

The Kikuyu tribe is the dominant one, but there are other tribes as well such as the Luo, Embu, Meru and some Muslims on the coast. Kibaki is a Kikuyu whilst Odinga is a Luo. After the 2007 election, civil unrest broke out and the world held its breath, fearing another Rwanda style genocide. I am convinced that if the West did not intervene, it would have been another Rwanda.
The police are virtually useless in the lawlessness and mayhem of Kenya. They are basically just interested in bribes, not maintaining the rule of law. The real rulers of Kenya is actually a politico-religious group called the Mungiki. Also known as the Kenyan Mafia.

They are both hated and feared in Kenya. The Mungiki (name means united mass) are an extremely violent group who are involved with Machete beheadings, female genital mutilation, ritual sacrifice, blood drinking and large scale ethnic cleansing. They are extortionists and racketeers, involved with prostitution, smuggling and drugs.

They further reject Western Civilisation and all trappings of Colonialism, which includes Christianity. They favour a return to African tradition. Basically they want to return to be the primitive savages they are….They are also linked to various politicians.

I am sure the American public took all these things into consideration when they voted for their Kenyan President. Too late now…

Source: SA Sucks



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