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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Why We Are White Refugees..., by Mike Smith

By Mike Smith

Most of you know me. I am a blogger on South African issues at First I want to congratulate Lara for taking the initiative and starting a blog in support of our South African refugee in Canada, Brandon Huntley. If she did not, I would have.
I do not know Brandon, but I can fully relate to his situation. I know Lara and , yes she has an unflattering history, but her heart is in the right place.

I fully support this blog. Why? Because I cannot go to bed tonight knowing that Brandon is out there somewhere, all alone and with nobody supporting him. This blog is not about me, it is not about Lara, it is about a South African in need of help. Brandon, wherever you are, I want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. You are not alone. We will fight for you.

His entire government back home is against him for speaking the truth. He is a White man...a young man...who fled the country of his birth due to the unbearable crime situation in South Africa. Everything Brandon Huntley said is true and I want to congratulate the Canadian IRB (Immigration and Refugee Board) for granting Brandon refugee status.
Brandon is not the only South African living in Canada. There are thousands there who fled South Africa for the exact same reasons as Brandon. There are thousands of White refugees from South Africa in Australia, New Zealand, Britain and Europe. These people got into these countries with normal applications of immigration, but what they really are, are refugees. They are in exile.

Left behind in South Africa are the ones who cannot emigrate. They are too old (45 is the cut off) or they do not have the right qualifications. These Whites from South Africa, some very well educated would join Brandon Huntley tomorrow if only a country like Canada would allow them in.

The very South African government who shouts “Racism” at Brandon and at the Canadians are themselves the most Racist government South Africa ever had. They have institutionalised racism through official policies such as Black Economic Empowerment (BEE), Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE), Affirmative Action (AA), racial quotas in Sport, racial quotas in University enrolment, etc...yet the Marxist Terrorist ANC government claims that South Africa is a non-racial rainbow nation Utopia. On every government form one has to fill out, there is the question what race one belongs to.

Whites in South Africa are denied their “pursuit of happiness” through government i institutionalised racism. Whites cannot join their favourite sports teams, Whites cannot study what they want, and Whites cannot start their own businesses, employing who they want, because of Black on White Racism.

Whites in South Africa have no right to life. Whites in South Africa are targets for Black criminals, because ANC officials have slogans such as “kill the Boer, Kill the farmer” and “One settler, one bullet”. Even the current president, Jacob Zuma is infamous for publicly singing his song and a call for his machine gun “Umshimi Wami”...Do you think he wants to kill Blacks with that Machine gun?

In the case of Brandon Huntley, I am afraid that the Canadian government will overlook all the facts and will probably rule in favour of a Marxist Terrorist Regime. The Canadian government will buckle under the screams of “Racism”, by ANC, because killing Whites in South Africa is not a crime...Racism is a crime. To the ANC...All Whites in South Africa are Racists and therefore punishable by death. No government wants 4 million refugees on their doorstep. When Mugabe started his Anti White purges in 2001, Britain did not even want to take 60,000 White refugees in.

If Brandon was not persecuted before, he certainly is now. The South African Government will hunt him down and destroy him. They cannot afford to lose their 4million White slaves and cash-cows.


Anonymous said...

Lara . Snowy . uncle Cracker

Brian aka Patronaut from suc's

Ive got excellent Utube short video's & pic's of all the kak...

The vid's ive downloaded and converted from Utube to WMV so there is no link...

Snowy will back me when i say a picture or video says a thousand words...

So how do i get video/pic's to u guys,it will make a big hit...
Give me access to a decent mail box with over 10 cap
and ill send...

You can find me at suc's too..

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Hey anonymous...

If you want I can add you, as a contributor, then you can post the the videos yourself...

Email me at[at], with an email address, then i will send you a blogger invite. you just accept the invite, and then you can post the links self.

Oh now i see the vids are not uploaded yet. we will have to upload them. anyway, email me, and we can see what your preferences are, and work from there.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea,
Thanks for the invite.A good bit of advice is to be more careful with your names and your blogs if you still live in South Africa.
Whites are becoming more of a target as apartheid becomes the excuse for the failings of the government.
Just follow the link below

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Hi Anon,

Thanks for the advice Anon. Not sure if your answer is yes, but I guess if it is, you can email me with your pseudonym et al/email.

Good link, thanks.

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