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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Canadian Govt to challenge racial refugee status decision

Submitted by Mohit Joshi on Fri, 09/04/2009 - 10:44.

Ottawa, Sep. 4 : The Canadian Government has decided to challenge a decision by the country’s Immigration and Refugee Board, which granted refugee status to a white South African because of the colour of his skin.

Brandon Huntley, 31, who had been illegally staying in Canada from 2006, argued that his safety would be in danger if he returned to South Africa, The Globe and Mail reports.

He also claimed he''d been the victim of seven attempted robberies and called a “white dog” and “settler.” He did not report any of the incidents to police, saying he did not trust them.

His refugee claim was accepted by lone board member William Davis, who noted that Huntley had scars on his body to support his account of the attacks.

The panel''s decision infuriated South African officials who labelled Canada as “racist.”

South Africa''s top diplomat has been urging Canadian officials all week to challenge the decision in court.

On Thursday, a spokesperson for Immigration Minister Jason Kenney confirmed Ottawa will seek leave to appeal the decision that allowed Huntley to live in Canada as a refugee.

“The government is going to be seeking leave to appeal the IRB''s decision to grant Huntley refugee status [to] the Federal Court,” spokesman Alykhan Velshi said.

“Our department''s lawyers, as well as those from the Department of Justice reviewed the IRB ruling over the last several days and we''re going to seek leave to appeal and we''ll be making submissions to the court in the fullness of time, and it would be inappropriate to comment further because the matter will be before the courts.” (ANI)

Source: Top News


Censorbugbear said...

There also is a large Facebook support group for Huntley. See

Censorbugbear said...

Huntley is not alone.

There are 604 asylum seekers from sA in the rest of the world, reports the Saturday STar on 5 Sept 2009 in this front page.

Why this would be a 'scandal' as stated on the Star's front-page, is anybody's guess.

Some Afrikaner families also get refuge in Canada's least-sunny regions however because they suffer from familial porphyria - an extreme sensitivity to sunlight which turned their lives in SA into a daily living hell.

These Afrikaner families have settled in Canadian towns with the lowest number of sunlight hours per year, and now are thriving.

So it's not all about 'race' -- porphyria is also found among blacks, causing very painful afflictions such as albinoism.


Censorbugbear said...

An incredibly vicious Black-racist website in South Africa spouts vile language against whites and even supports the idea of killing them all.
Why doesn't the ANC-regime do something about this hatespeech, which contributes to the atmosphere of violence targetting whites in South Africa? Or do they agree with them?

Anonymous said...

The Government of Canada is racist against Whites and systematically discriminates against White Canadians in their own country. According to them only non-Whites deserve any sympathy.

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