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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Crucifying Whites – Nothing sells a Black Newspaper faster than the word “Racism”

By Mike Smith

About two years ago I was driving down Kommetjie road in Fish Hoek and on the radio was an interview with representatives of “Normal Newspapers” in Cape Town and the “Tabloids” such as “Die Son”(The Sun). The question was about sensationalism in the media. The woman from one of these tabloids said that they prescribe to the same journalistic principals as other papers, but they have newspapers to sell. She said that they sell approximately 20,000 newspapers a day. They have found that when they put an article about the dire infections of HIV/AIDS on their front page, that that day they sell almost no papers to their mainly Black and Coloured readers. It is as if their readers just do not want to know...The question in my mind was, “What sells papers to Blacks and Coloureds?”
The answer is “Racism”.

To say that the ANC is racist and racially obsessed is an understatement. To say that the Black Mainstream Media, as the parroting voice of the ANC as Anti-White Racists, is totally downplaying their diabolical agenda. It is just sickening the extent the Black press will go to, to vilify White South Africans with their Anti-White Racism.

Whites in South Africa are hardworking and law-abiding citizens. The vast majority of Whites are Liberal. One just has to look at the popularity of the Democratic Alliance amongst White voters to know where their sentiments lie, but Blacks will go out of their way to portray these Whites as racist criminals, and if “Racism” does not exist, they will create it. Invent it out of thin air. The ANC came to power on vilifying Whites for “Racism” and they intend to stay in power vilifying Whites for “Racism”. How liberal Whites in South Africa really are or think they are, does not matter to the ANC. Whether Whites in South Africa believe Mandela is a saint, an Angel or Jesus himself, does not matter to the ANC. In their eyes ALL whites are “Racists”. End of story.

A classical example of the ANC creating racial tension and accusations of “Racism” against Whites happened in 2006 in the Worcester/Rawsonville area of the Western Cape.

In 2006 the Rawsonville farming community was shaken to the core after formal complaints were lodged by a coloured woman and farm worker Anneline Davids, claiming she'd been raped by four white farmers on 30 April 2006 - and that they had also assaulted a 15-year-old youth, Anthony Ntonzeni of the farm Groenvlei so badly that the alleged assault had left him brain-damaged. However, the entire story had been a fabrication, the police investigation revealed: the youth had been brain-damaged by a fall from a vehicle; and Ms Davids withdrew her allegations after confessing that the 'devil of drink' had caused her to lodge false charges against the farmers. She virtually destroyed families, whole communities, and later admitted to her lies, said the Devil made her do it and that she has since then given her heart to Jesus. The fact that these White people, falsely accused, their lives almost destroyed and almost ostracised by their own White Communities for being “Evil Racists” meant nothing to her.

Every man and his dog climbed on the bandwagon to vilify these innocent Whites.

Tony Ehrenreich, the coloured clown in charge of the ANC's storm troopers, COSATU, who are in a Tripartite Alliance with the ANC and the South African Communist Party and ruling South Africa, went there and declared open WAR on the White farmers. His words were in Afrikaans and difficult to translate. He said:

“Ons is vandag hier om oorlog te verklaar. Ons is gekant teen geweld, maar as dit is wat dit verg om slegte boere in n rigting te dwing, moet ons hulle in ‚n rigting moer. As Boere aanhou om soos mal honde ons plaaswerkers se regte te skend, dan moet ons hulle slaan om op te hou, hoewel dit die laaste uitweg is. Hulle gaan kak as hulle nie ophou nie.”

Translated (loosely from the SAHRC report) it reads,

“We are here today to declare war...we are opposed to violence, but if that is what it takes to push bad farmers in the right direction, we must smash them in the right direction. (“Moer” is not found in the dictionary, but in proverbial Afrikaans this means to inflict serious harm or violence). If farmers continue, like mad dogs, to violate the rights of our farm workers, then we have to hit/beat them up to stop, however, this is the last alternative/resort. They will shit if they don’t stop”.

The farming body Agri-Weskaap, brought a charge of hate speech against him and several other ANC affiliates, but he was left off the hook by the equally racially biased SAHRC (South African Human Rights Commission) of well known active terrorist Tamil Tiger supporter Jody Kollapen.

The Tamil Tigers are proscribed by 32 countries as a terrorist organisation, they are infamous for recruiting child soldiers, for carrying out civilian massacres, suicide bombings and various other high profile attacks, including the assassinations of several high-ranking Sri Lankan and Indian politicians like Sri Lankan President Renasinghe Premadasa in 1993, and former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Ghandi in 1991. They invented the suicide belt and pioneered the use of suicide bombings as a tactic. They also pioneered the use of women in suicide attacks, and used light aircraft in some of their attacks.

Tamil Tiger terrorists

This is the person in charge of the SAHRC. I ask you, what chance does Whites have in South Africa when facing terrorist monsters like this?

The report about how Kollapen’s SAHRC found Tony Ehrenreich innocent of Hate Speech can be read here:

The COSATU/ANC declaration of war

What does it all mean? It means the ANC and their lackeys can go around South Africa, fabricate lies against Whites, use those lies to openly declare war against Whites, get away with it and declare that they are not persecuting Whites. Laughable, but true. This is the reality Whites face in the “New, Improved South Africa”.

Witness the fanning of the flames of racial hatred with lies and imaginary happenings in the latest Witch-hunt from the Black press.

The Sowetan’s, (a Fish and Chips newspaper) latest attempt is the most sickening and disgusting anti-White Racist attempt since...well yesterday. In an obvious attempt to lead attention away from the fact that Crime in South Africa is caused by Blacks, The Sowetan tries their old tricks of “Blaming Whites for Racism” fabricating non-existent lies of “Racism”.

The Sowetan publishes a report on a Black boy who committed suicide, because his teacher was White and guessed it “Racist”. No proof of the allegations. All baseless allegations, Racist slurs and vilification of yet another White teacher.

Read the nonsense here, Baseless Racist allegations against Whites

Maybe AIDS statistics amongst Blacks do not sell newspapers, that is why they work on White Guilt and Black hatred of Whites, because we all know the truth in South Africa...Blacks just love to hate Whitey and they want to know nothing about AIDS.

They cannot accuse Whites of anything, but they can always accuse them of “Racism” like a bomb and sells papers.

“Racism”. Imaginary or not, deliberately created or not...Whites in South Africa will always be “Racists”.

by Mike Smith, from SA Sucks


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Merely an Owl said...

Eish... what to say... for the UC, who surely must be a communist, cause he bangs his nails into the coffin like he knows what he be doing! ;-)

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