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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chasing Canadian Hearts & Minds.....

Does the use of the word “Kaffir” damage the white refugee mission?
Is saying “Kaffir” something that most white-guilt whites still need to discuss with their psychiatrists?
Who or What is a “Kaffir”? ** Do “Kaffirs” exist? ** If “Kaffirs” do exist, why is there a problem with calling a person whose behaviour fits the relevant description for the definition of “Kaffir”; a “Kaffir”?

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Do “Kaffirs” Exist? Debate....

Kaffir; Aye or Nay Perspective:

NAY from Uhuru Guru, at SA Sucks

I’ve done my best to stay out of this debate, but for what its worth, my 2 cents:

Since the inception of WSAS there’s been huge debates over the kaffir epithet. For a while we allowed the word, and bore much criticism from readers who felt we were alienating international readers and moderate visitors to the blog. So we toned it down, and lo & behold, half our readership went AWOL. Then we invented the term SBG - sophisticated black gentleman and although it stuck, just didn’t have the je ne sais quoi of “kaffir”.

Ultimately, the debate was whittled down to one irreducible primary - what is our purpose and goal, and by extension, what do our readers want? It became clear that WSAS should remain a blog which tells it like it is - civility in the face of evil is no virtue, rage in the face of nihilism is no vice, as Lindsay Perigo stated eloquently.

Readers demand a place where they can blow off steam and say just about anything they like, with the only proviso that it remains topical. Furthermore, readers like posts where contributors call a spade a spade, without any hand-wringing considerations to political correctness. It was untenable to try maintain a balance between pleasing our angry and seriously gatvol SA readers, whilst also wooing international readers who had no clue as to the internal racial dynamic in this country. Put simply, we cannot be all things to all men, so at the expense of (the apparently pointless exercise of) winning hearts & minds we chose to appeal to our local readers, who in any case constitute the loyal core, not the occasional browser who stumbled upon WSAS from a Google search.

So we positioned WSAS thus, and its been a relatively successful formula.

With regard to the Why are we refugees blog, I was led to believe that the intent and goal was vastly different to that of WSAS. An amazing opportunity arose viz the Huntley saga where we could gain traction and support amongst the normally disinterested or even openly hostile Canadians, to tell our side of the story, and to eviscerate the media lies and distortions of our de facto White genocide.

To my mind, an entirely different audience altogether than the average WSAS reader. An audience whose minds are mired in the politically correct groove which exists in their world. In Canada, a kaffir is a rarity, something mostly seen on National Geographic and the few that infest that country usually behave themselves.

So, to rave and rant while using these epithets will simply alienate those few we might have won over with moderation and a voice of reason. I have absolutely no problem with UC or anyone else using racial epithets on WSAS - it is after all, our raison d’etre.

However, the Refugee blog has an entirely different scope, focus and intended readership. From my understanding of its targeted audience, I fully agree that using crude racial terms would undermine its purpose. Not only that, but we are scoring own goals in allowing ourselves to emotively indulge in language and mannerisms we’ve grown so used to within the circle of WSAS.

In any battle of hearts and minds, we need to analyse our target market. Are we addressing the few hundred Canadian skinheads, who would in any event (by virtue of blind racial solidarity) have supported us, or do we wish to reach the average goody two shoes Canadian citizen? I suspect the latter. If so, only a highly sanitised, polished message will do. We need to put our best foot forward, assume the mantle of victimhood and speak in hushed, fearful tones while relentlessly reciting factually correct renditions of the daily SA horror show.

Or we can barge in like bulls in a china shop, yelling loudly and aggressively making use of kaffir collie hotnot etc slurs to instantly alienate and antagonise our would-be audiences.

If political blogging can be compared to pornography, WSAS is the Hustler mag of the genre. By comparison, ILUVSA would be the Playboy version. All of us ultimately peddle the same wares, but to different audiences. This is why we can succeed within our own spheres.

Also, one catches far more flies with honey than with vinegar. The issue of the White genocide is not one I take lightly, and if it will serve our white survivalist interests to tone down and address the Canadians in the manner they should be spoken to, I will do it in a heartbeat, as nicely as I can and have no qualms over moderating my message so as to reach them, if this is what it takes.

Having said all that, the main reason why I’ve thus far avoided this increasingly acrimonious debate is because I am consumed with the Canadian effort’s pointlessness. Trying to change their minds is akin to the futility displayed in Sam Beckett’s Waiting for Godot.

The Canucks 1) do not care about White Saffers, they are enveloped in their own issues. Even if they do care then 2) they have been so brainwashed into believing that we are the inherent ‘bad guys who deserves payback from wayback’, that it would take years of counter-propaganda to change that perception.

IMHO we should have started our own propaganda offensive long ago, but its never too late to start. And its not just the Canadians hearts & minds that need a dose of our grim reality, but also the Aussies, Kiwis, Americans and Europeans. I will gladly give my time and effort to advance our cause, even if I’m feeling half-hearted about it right now.

UC is right when he says they care squat for us, even hate & detest us. But its incumbent upon us to change that perception, and the only way we’ll ever achieve that is by tailoring our message according to their mores and values.

Source: SA Sucks


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