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Thursday, September 10, 2009

WwAwR: Clarification of the term ‘Kaffir’”

Does the use of the word “Kaffir” damage the white refugee mission?
Is saying “Kaffir” something that most white-guilt whites still need to discuss with their psychiatrists?
Who or What is a “Kaffir”? ** Do “Kaffirs” exist? ** If “Kaffirs” do exist, why is there a problem with calling a person whose behaviour fits the relevant description for the definition of “Kaffir”; a “Kaffir”?

Join the White Refugee Conversation About Race/Racism:
Do “Kaffirs” Exist? Debate....

Email from Reader
Ek sou graag u saak ondersteun, want ek voel dit is 'n saak wat ons almal na aan die hart le. Die openlike rassisme soos die geruik van die skeldnaam "Kaffir" sowel as skakels na 'n blog met dieselfde naam gaan egter die saak groter skade doen as enige goed. Dit sal alleen die Kanadese en ander buitelanders oortuig dat wit Suid Afrikaners rassiste is wat nie asiel in hul lande verdien nie.

Groete, [Name withheld]

‘Kaffir’ Perspective:

I vote that neither the word ‘kaffir’, nor the blog ‘kaffir’, be suppressed, on Why We Are White Refugees. Written Reasons:

  1. It is time that South Africans, are educated that the word ‘kaffir’ has many different meanings, besides the one and only meaning that white-guilt liberals assign to the word, as that used by ‘right wing white racists’ to refer to a black person.

  2. It is time that South Africans, are educated that the meaning of any word, resides not in the word itself, but in their heads; in their meaning making machine, their neocortex brain.

  3. It is time that liberal white South Africans who choose to insist that there is only one meaning for the word ‘Kaffir’ – their meaning; get over their white guilt obsession, and realise other people may not think like they do, nor create the same meaning about the word ‘Kaffir’, that they do. Accordingly if they prefer to have only one meaning for the word “Kaffir” that is fine; but it is time they stop projecting their white-guilt over the use of the word onto others, demanding that everybody should not use the word, because they are still suffering from their white guilt meaning of the word.

  4. Furthermore, only someone who does not have one sincere nigger or kaffir friend, would be ignorant of the fact that, for many ‘niggers’ and ‘kaffirs’ the word ‘nigger’ or ‘kaffir’ is not a bad word; and is often used as a term of endearment; like saying ‘Hey Sista’. So, perhaps they need to go out and find themselves some real ‘nigga’ and ‘kaffir’ friends to educate their ignorant minds addicted to ‘racism’.

  5. It is time that South Africans, know that to live in a real democracy, instead of a two-faced demockery, is to know that a real democracy -- and even more so a Constitutional Republic -- does not cater to ignorant sissies. In a real democracy, there is no such thing as the right not to be offended. Only people who live in pretend demockery’s, or wanna be communist or fascist dictatorships, have rights not to be offended by words.

  6. It is time that South Africans, confront the reality that ‘Kaffirs’, of all meanings, whether as unbelievers, or liars, or truth coverers, or infidels, or uncivilized blacks or whites (like me on occasion) do in fact exist.

  7. It is time that whites get over their white guilt interference of stigmatising the word kaffir, as something that is taboo, and should never be used in public discourse. Treat any black person, as you do any white person, judge them on the quality of their character, and where their character sucks, or is despicable, or descriptive of the negative connotation for ‘kaffir’; give them your honest feedback. It is time to stop pretending that treating black people as if they are pet monkey children, or retarded noble savage baboons whose delicate ego’s need constant protection, is in anyway ‘respectful’ to black people.

  8. Accordingly please find the following list of different meanings for the word “Kaffir”, that is excerpted from court records, submitted into the Capetown Magistrates court record, in the case State v. Johnstone, on 12 August 2009: Legal Argument: Propositions of Law with Reference to Authorities, dated 11 August 2009 [PDF:256K]; and for those who wish to read the ‘Kaffir’ articles, please see Annexure: “Kaffir”: Prevailing Norms of Society: Community Values and Thinking [PDF:142K]:

Decoding Kaffir: Prevailing Norms of Society

The words kaffir, kafir, and variations thereof may have different meanings depending on geographic context. Use of the word has been actionable in a South African court since at least 1976 (Ciliza -v- Minister of Police and Another 1976 (4) SA 243) under the offence of crimen injuria: "the unlawful, intentional and serious violation of the dignity of another" (W.A. Joubert, 1981; The Law of South Africa, VI, p251-254)

The insulting personal use of the term has increasingly led to civil proceedings. The Eastern Province Herald newspaper reported on April 4, 1976: “The Supreme Court ruled yesterday that the word ‘Kaffir’ was an insult and awarded an African damages of R150 (about $225).” Today such usage falls under the South African legal category termed crimen injuria, defined as insulting behavior, linguistic and other, that is a deliberate affront to a person’s dignity. In his discussion of the category, Professor Jonathan Burchell, a legal authority, comments: “The epithet ‘kafir’ [sic] has become to be regarded as self-evidently an injuria ” (1997, 752). Partly because of these legal actions, the word has become genuinely taboo. There is no reclamation of the term, as there has been with nigger .


The word kāfir is the active participle of the Semitic root K-F-R "to cover". As a pre-Islamic term it described farmers burying seeds in the ground, covering them with soil while planting. Thus, the word kāfir implies the meaning "a person who hides or covers". In Islamic parlance, a kāfir is a person who rejects Islamic faith, i.e. "hides or covers [viz., the truth]".

Black, Coloured & Liberal Subjective ‘Insult’ Perspective:

  • Term of contempt for a person (black or white) of uncivilized manners (a swearword if used direct to a person) [Zulu Dictionary].
  • Offensive Insult
  • Racial or ethnic slur, previously neutral
  • An offensive ethnic/racial label
  • Kaffir Thinking: Misconstruing something that is not there
  • In South Africa the term is used to refer to black people and is regarded as highly offensive (in a similar way to the word “nigger”)

Black, Coloured & European Subjective ‘Innocent’ Perspective:

  • Common word for black person
  • Term of Endearment to Friend ‘Sista’ ‘Brother’
  • Greeting or Friendly Banter
  • an obsolete blanket term for the majority of natives of Southern Africa
  • Kaffir Circus: a nickname for shares of South African gold mining companies used in the London Stock Exchange
  • Kaffir lily, the Clivia (Bush Lily), or a herb of the family Iridaceæ, Schizostylis coccinea, bearing spikes of gladiolus-like flowers.
  • Kaffir Tree, Kaffir Language, Kaffir Tea, Kaffir etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.
  • See also Muslim & Arabic Persons Subjective Perspectives

Muslims & Arabic Persons Subjective Perspective:

(Arabic: كافر kāfir; plural كفّار kuffār)
  • Heathen / Unbeliever / Infidel
  • Someone who knows the truth, but conceals the truth
  • To conceal / hide and cover the truth / One who covers the truth
  • Someone who does not believe in God or the Prophet Mohammed
  • Someone who does not practice Islam
  • The word kaafir is one of the most misunderstood terms in the Arabic language. In fact, it need not have the stigma that is often associated with it. It can be used simply in the sense of ‘non-submissive’ to God.
  • The word kaafir comes from the root verb, kafara, which means ‘cover’. It was originally used before Islam, in the Arabic language, to describe farmers, when they bury a seed in the ground and cover it with soil in their planting process. Therefore, we may say that the word kaafir implies from its root meaning ‘a person who hides or covers the truth’. This is in opposition to a Muslim, who openly testifies to the truth and submits willfully and peacefully to it. In Islamic parlance, it is used to mean someone who deliberately rejects the true faith.
  • Rejector / Ingrate
  • as they till earth and "cover up" seeds. The term "Kufr" means "to cover up" this is why earth tillers are referred to as "Kuffar."
  • A person who hides, denies, or covers the "truth"
  • Ungrateful
  • Obliterator
  • Concealer of the Truth
  • Disbeliever
  • Muslim from a Differing Sect
  • Apostate from Islam

Quranic References: [Kufr: Disbelief | Kafaru: Disbelievers | Kafir: Disbelievers

  • Kufr al-tawheed: to reject the belief in the Oneness of God.
  • Kufr al-ni`mah: to lack gratefulness to God or to people.
  • Kufr at-tabarri: to disown/clear oneself from.
  • Kufr al-juhud: to deny.
  • Kufr at-taghtiyah: to hide/bury something, like planting a seed in the ground.
  • Ya ayuhalathina kafaru: "O ye who disbelieve! Make no excuses for yourselves this day.
  • Al-Kafirun: "O ye that reject faith! I worship not that which ye worship, Nor will ye worship that which I worship."

Reclamation of “Nigger” and “Kaffir”, by Niggers and Kaffirs

  • “You ain’t my bitch Nigga; buy your own damn fries”
    – Friend of President Barrack Obama, in conversation with Barrack Obama (Audacity of Hope, by Barrack Obama)
  • The N-word is not in the African-American community a bad word. It’s a term of endearment. And I don’t see it as derogatory or offensive.”
    — James Meeks, Illinois State Senator and Pastor
  • “In fact, Kaffirs do exist! The biggest sin will always be: Who says it?”
    -- Sandile Memela, Mail & Guardian: Unlike a Rose, ‘kaffir’ does NOT smell the same to black and white
  • Blacks have no problem with calling each other “kaffir” or “nigger”; they understand what the words mean in a black context
    -- Sandile Memela, Mail & Guardian: Unlike a Rose, ‘kaffir’ does NOT smell the same to black and white
  • White interference stigmatise “kaffir” as something that is taboo and should never be used in public discourse
    -- Sandile Memela, Mail & Guardian: Unlike a Rose, ‘kaffir’ does NOT smell the same to black and white
  • New South Africa’s Kaffirs: An Essay on Proudly South African Parasite Hypocrisy, by White Kaffir Bitch: Lara Johnstone

‘Insult’: Receivers reasoning about character or motivation of speaker.

Sociologists suggest that insults are often an indicator of flawed reasoning about the character or motivation of others. Though insults are common, and often used in jest, a fundamental axiom of sociology recognizes that derogatory forms of speech make erroneous attributions about the motivation of a person. Scholars classify the erroneous assumptions as the fundamental attribution error.

Insults as Humour and Satire: Form of Character Training

In humour, insults may be exchanged in much the same way as fighters exchange blows in training, to develop a resistance to the pain of mild injuries, or to spar with no real intention of causing any serious injury.

Conclusion: Meanings of Words reside in Words or Minds Beliefs?

… the meaning of a word is not in the word itself, but in people’s heads
-- Sandile Memela, Unlike a Rose, ‘kaffir’ does NOT smell the same to black and white, Mail & Guardian

Sources: Enclosure “Kaffir”: Prevailing Norms of Society: Community Values and Thinking and New South Africa’s ‘Kaffirs: An Essay on Proudly South African Parasite Hypocrisy, by White Kaffir Bitch

Online: Wikipedia: Kaffir & Insult: || Professor Shabul Hammed (Reading Islam [Head of Dept. of English, Farook College, Calicut University; President of Kerala Islamic Mission, Calicut. Author of Islamic books on comparative religion, women’s status, science & human values] || || Yahoo Answers: || All Experts Free Encyclopedia: & & || Online Encyclopedia:


So, to all Canadians and South Africans: When I use the word ‘Kaffir’, generally I use it, in terms of its original etymology: ‘a person who hides or covers the truth’. Accordingly I would apply the word ‘kaffir’ to all those who pretend there is only one meaning for the word Kaffir, covering up the multiple meanings, so that they can self-righteously go around accusing anyone they disagree with, who uses the word kaffir, of being a ‘racist’.

And for those who are still of the opinion that there is only one meaning for the word ‘Kaffir’ and it is their meaning, and anyone who uses the word “Kaffir” is a racist; and hence I must be a racist.

  1. Tell me, is it ‘racist’ to target someone, black or white, for murder, based on the colour of their skin?

  2. Is it racist, to know that some people, black or white, are being targeted for murder, torture, and mass-murder, based on the colour of their skin, and to remain silent, about such mass murder?

  3. Is AIDS an Iatrogenic Biological Warfare Depopulation program, to deliberate cull the black population, because they breed so prolifically?

  4. Do many members of the ANC think that AIDS is an Iatrogenic Biological Warfare Depopulation program, to deliberately cull the black population, because they breed so prolifically?

  5. Does the South African Dept. of Defence: Surgeon General think that it is possible that AIDS is an Iatrogenic Biological Warfare Depopulation Virus? So possible, they made the results of their investigation of the issue, ‘Top Secret’?

  6. Does Nelson Mandela think that AIDS is an Iatrogenic Biological Warfare Depopulation Virus?

    1988: An article in Sechaba, the Official Journal of the ANC in exile, published in London in November 1988, under the title ‘AIDS and the Imperialist Connection’ questioned the African origin of the AIDS virus, and suggested that the AIDS virus may have been developed for genocidal purposes ‘in the secrecy of the laboratories of many imperialist countries.’
    [South Africa's Brave New World: The Beloved Country since the End of Apartheid, by R. W. Johnson]

    2000: In Sept. 2000, Minister of Health, Mrs Tshabalala-Msimang circulated to Provincial Premiers and Health Ministers a chapter of William Cooper’s, Behold a Pale Horse; which alleges that HIV was specifically devised by the worlds ruling elite to reverse population growth. [South Africa's Brave New World: The Beloved Country since the End of Apartheid, by R. W. Johnson]

    2002: “We [The Nelson Mandela Foundation] are aware of the [20,000 US Government Scientific] documents [documenting that AIDS is manmade as a Biological Warfare Depopulation Agent]. They Mean Nothing To Us, our World is Not Ruled by the United States. We Have Our Own Scientific Ways of Doing Things in South Africa.”
    -- Official Verbal Statement by Nelson Mandela & Nelson Mandela Foundation Spokesperson, Ms. Zelda Le Grange, on 11 October 2002 (in response to ‘Are the NM Foundation aware of the 20,000 US Special Virus Cancer Program Scientific documentation, documenting that AIDS is a manmade Biological Warfare Depopulation Virus) [14 Jan 2004: Notice of Legal and Political Delivery: Elimination of Executive Authorities Plausible Deniability: Iatrogenic Origins of AIDS Theory.]

    18 October 2002, at 17:00 hrs: “AIDS IS A BLACK DEPOPULATION VIRUS” – U.S. Ambassador, Cameron Hume.

    2003: The Dept. of Defence: Surgeon General conducted an investigation of the Iatrogenic Origins of AIDS Theory: The Surgeon General was in the Service of the State, employed by the Dept. of Defence, who in such capacity conducted an investigation into the Iatrogenic Origins of AIDS Theory, at the request of Lara Johnstone. The record of this Investigation is currently Top Secret/Restricted. [Restricted: 29 August 2003: Dept of Defence: Office of Surgeon General, Iatrogenic AIDS Origins Theory SA National Defence Force: Receipt Form for Top Secret/Restricted Doc’s]

  7. So, are you someone who knows the truth, but is covering it up?

  8. And if you continue to know the truth, and cover it up?

  9. Will you be a Kaffir; a racist, or both?

Ref: Iatrogenic Origins of AIDS & 'Kaffir':
  • 2003 & 2004: Top Secret/Restricted: Dept. of Defense: Surgeon General: Investigation into the Iatrogenic Origins of AIDS Theory [PDF:937K]
  • August 2003: Letter from Mayor of George, DA: Iatrogenic Origins of AIDS Theory Documentation [PDF:9214K]
  • January 2004: Letter from Tony Leon, Leader of DA: Notice of Legal and Political Delivery: Elimination of Executive Authorities Plausible Deniability [PDF:3493K]
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  • 08 July 2009: Iatrogenic Medical Eugenics Industrial Complex [PDF:166K]
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  • 12 August 2009: Legal Argument: Propositions of Law with Reference to Authorities, dated 11 August 2009 [PDF:256K]
  • 12 August 2009: “Kaffir”: Prevailing Norms of Society: Community Values and Thinking [PDF:142K]
  • 12 August 2009: Is the African Ideal of Manhood a ‘Kaffir’ Cultural Belief?: What are the Consequences of the African Ideal of Manhood Cultural Belief? [PDF:230K]
  • 12 August 2009: Engineering Consenting Psychological Kaffirs: Conforming to Blind Obedience, or Cultural Belief? [PDF:70K]
  • 11 June 2004: New South Africa’s Kaffirs: An Essay on Proudly South African Parasite Hypocrisy, by White Kaffir Bitch: Lara Johnstone [PDF:118K]

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