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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Email from Rudi Nienaber, to Canadian High Commisioner

Between 30 and 40 newspaper clippings were presented as evidence of life in South Africa. “One article exhibited was published in [the Daily Sun in 2004] by Africa Ka Mahamba. [It was] entitled ‘Taking from whites is not a crime’,” Kaplan said. The article quotes the leader of the “Uhuru cultural club” as telling youngsters who attended a Human Rights Day celebration to steal from whites because “it is the right thing to do”.
IRB Ruling: MA8-04910: Brandon Huntley

In addition, we could add, among others, the SAP's lost police dockets, only 668 in 2008, totally disappeared.

In South Africa, we have policemen who cannot drive, who do not know what a watermark is for, prosecutors who do not know what 'forensic psychology' or 'mens rea' means, and magistrates who do not know what passports are for; in fact, we have Constitutional Court Judges who are incapable of writing Judgements.

Thats not even mentioning South Africa's race war, the ANC's Occult “Struggle” Politics and People's War Collateral Damages, the Afrikaner Genocide, the plausible Occult roots of African criminality, the South African police on the brink of collapse; and that is only the tip of the iceberg......

Email from Rudi Nienaber, in Polokwane, Limpopo, to Canadian High Commissioner

From: "Rudi Nienaber" [nienaberrudi[at]]
To: High Commission of Canada [pret[at]]
Subject: Please Help
Date: Thu, 1 Oct 2009 21:17:11 +0200

High Commissioner Ruth Archibald
High Commission of Canada
Private Bag X13,
Hatfield, Pretoria,
South Africa, 0028.



My name is Rudi Nienaber, white South African living in Polokwane, Limpopo, South Africa.Me and my wife were victims of countless robberies and burglaries the past few years, last one happened on 26 Sept 2009 when i was robbed of my whole salary. To put the cherry on the cake, i went to the SAPD in Polokwane to make a statement and the person on duty wouldn`t even take it, i had to insist to a white officer to get a case number. At work , the black people that are working with me, laughed in my face when i told them about the robbery.

This salary meant a lot to me, because our factory was closed as from the first of February and opened first September again. It was closed due to the fact that people are being paid a salary to do a job but doesn`t do it, waiting for something to happen.

Any sane person could only take a certain amount of racism, corruption, crime and................etc. Now, iv`e reached mine. I can not get another job because iv`e applied for countless vacancies and not even one interview, I can`t start a bussiness because one must have a black partner, that is law - one can not get a bussiness loan at the bank without a black partner.

Me and my wife are not rich people, but we also want peace of mind and want to be treated fairely, but frankly, it`s not going to happen - not in South Africa today.

Please help us to get out of South Africa.

RP Nienaber



Viking said...

good luck getting any response from the HC in pretoria ... notoriously useless.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Thats true in a sense Viking.

I say so, cause just imagine 200,000, or say 500,000 people signed a petition, and then arranged a march from the union buildings (or wherever for hypothetical purposes) to go and deliver such petition to the Canadian High Commissioner....

There would be a response from the Canadian High Commissioner... I would be very, very surprised if there was not.

So, in my view, those of us who write tons of letters (and in the USA, a politician considers each letter received, to represent 50,000 people who feel the same way), are faced with the reality that we will not get a response, unless we are joined with many more signers/letter writers.

The sad thing for me, is those who discourage these actions, saying that there shall be no response; when if all these naysayers and more added their names.. and energy... maybe the 200,000 or 500,000 could be reached and maybe action could occur....

Anyway, that is my view...

Viking said...

my comment refers to one person writing a letter, not 200,000 doing the same; to which my reaction would be very different.
Stop pretending people say something different to what they actually say.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...


It was not clear that your comment referred to one person writing a letter; or whether you thought the Canadian HC would be indifferent to any amount of letters.

Either way, I did not know what your exact position was. I was simply providing my view on the matter in response, from my experience. I have been involved in letter writing efforts that have worked, with not a very large number of people to write to get a response.

I have also been inundated with people who don't write letters and often encourage others there will be no response. I do agree that most of the time there is no response; but I favour acting (with a good healthy dose of realism), on the chance there may be a response.

So, was simply encouraging what I think is good for people to rather act, in the hope of getting a response; than to be apathetic.

I was not pretending you said anything different from what you said, cause I was not even sure what your position was, in terms of a larger group of people acting. I was simply making clear my views in relation to what you said.

I think its actually funny you accused me of pretending; when just not so long ago.. I was advised that it would be beneficial for public relations purposes to pretend, and I refused! ;-) Interesting synchronicity..

And to conclude, I agree.. on the one letter, the chance of the HC giving a shit, or even reading it.. is like you say... 'notoriously useless'...

Viking said...

hey Andrea
I will try to be more constructive -here goes.

I've just spent the last 6 months dealing with the HC in Pretoria, and it was a horrible experience. I've heard from many quarters how spiteful and negligent the staff are - and they are white Afrikaners mostly, not affirmative employees.
I would recommend that anyone like Mr.Nienaber bypass them and write directly to someone in Canada.
Canada has recently closed down it's consulate in Cape Town (in the last few months) making it even more difficult.
As we speak, Somalis are being flown out of SA to Canada at their taxpayers' expense, while South Africans have to pay thousands just to get out of SA.
I would suggest trying to raise the air fare, getting to Canada legally, then applying for asylum there.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...


That sounds like good information.. Thanks.

I also think writing directly to canada is better. I also am not sure how committed Mr. Nienaber is to actually doing something about his situation, except just whining.

Anonymous said...

In light of the information I have just read, I have been feeling compelled to write the Canada. BUT WHO WILL LISTEN? Our immigration application has been with HC in Pretoria since 2008 and I have to say they are shockingly bad.

Your advise would be nice.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Hi Anon..

Sorry for delay in replying. Been thinking. I honestly don't know who will listen. I think some who may not listen with a little pressure, may listen if you raise the leverage, but if they are insecure lazy freaks, then they may be offended and take it personal and then actually try and sabotage your efforts. Just depends on the professionalism involved, of the individual and their emotional intelligence, not to mention legal, psychological et al inteligence.

I would advise finding out who their superiors are, and then writing a letter to their superiors, to ask them. At the least if the answer is no, they must inform you, so you can appeal or try another country.

Other options are of course, getting a plane ticket and then applying for refugee status when you are there, if you get desperate. Of course immigration is preferable... to refugee or asylum status. Just depends what your circumstances are.

Maybe Viking has some ideas.

But don't consider my advice legal advice, cause I am not qualified to give such, and ain't got enough of your details to make an informed decision.

Good luck and let me know how it goes.


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