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Ecology of Peace RH factual reality: 1. Earth is not flat; 2. Resources are finite; 3. When humans breed or consume above ecological carrying capacity limits, it results in resource conflict; 4. If individuals, families, tribes, races, religions, and/or nations want to reduce class, racial and/or religious local, national and international resource war conflict; they should cooperate & sign their responsible freedom oaths; to implement Ecology of Peace Scientific and Cultural Law as international law; to require all citizens of all races, religions and nations to breed and consume below ecological carrying capacity limits.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thoughtleader William Saunderson-Meyer endorses ANC's Slave & Cannon Fodder Breeding Population Policies; Critics are Loonies and Internet Bigots...

The symptoms of overpopulation colliding with finite or scarce resources (i.e. ecological overshoot resource wars) include: energy depletion, food shortages, species extinction, politically correct fascism, Immigration and emigration, terrorism, starvation, racism and xenophobia, poverty, disease, crime, economic & political instability, pain and misery... STARH: Population Policy Common Sense

Mr. William Saunderson-Meyer, one of the Mail and Guardian's alleged Thoughtleaders, has written a blog post, wherein he refers to the Boycott 2010 World Cup Campaign, but he provides his readers with no reference or links where they can check whether what he has to say about the Boycott 2010 World Cup Campaign is true, or not.

His article is titled Internet bigots and loonies also have rights, and he has so far refused to publish my comment (copied further below), in response to his article.

His article is clearly based on very very little (if any) research, cause it is drowning in errors. My comment to him, was based upon the assumption that his lack of honesty, honour and integrity to report accurately, was not the result of malice and a deliberate intention to disinform and obsfuscate.

While he clearly made assumptions without making any enquiries whatsoever about the Boycott 2010 World Cup Campaign being internet bigots and loonies; that is not how the Boycott 2010 World Cup Campaign go about our decision making.

It has generally been my understanding from working and mentoring under whom I consider two of the worlds most revolutionary psychologists (Brad Blanton and Richard Korn), that bigots and looneys are individuals who generally do not make fully impartial enquiries, are afraid of confronting uncomfortable politically incorrect facts; draw conclusions based upon assumptions, etc: i.e. all the things that Mr. Saunderson-Meyer did in writing his factually incorrect article.

For example, he did not bother to find out that Boycott 2010 World Cup, url is registered as a Nauru (.NR) url, because Nauru is a matriarchal island. The choice being to use it as a symbol of feminine spiritual values of ecological carrying capacity, to support the ideals of sustainable Matriarchal living, not only between cultures, but between man and woman, as expressed in the ideas of among others, 'The Shack', 'The Da Vinci Code', and Dr. Len Horowitz' 'LOVE: The Real Da Vinci Code'.

The Boycott 2010 World Cup, and all other Population Policy Common Sense Nauru registered domains do not endorse nor support Patriarchal Slave and Cannon Fodder Breeding, but support Matriarchal loving procreation, where children are only conceived and procreated because they are wanted: to be loved and cherished. We oppose the procreation of children as economic, ego and sex slaves, and future religious (catholic vs christian vs muslim, etc) or 'production' (capitalist vs communist) cannon fodder.

So, to refuse to endorse the ANC's slave and cannon fodder breeding causes and consequences population policies; but to support and endorse population policy common sense, and a world founded on the ecological carrying capacity laws of sustainability, is according to Mr. Saunderson-Meyer, to be a 'looney' and internet bigot!?

And this type of thinking the Mail and Guardian, consider to be of the 'thought leader' variety! I guess they never heard of Voltaire yet. Pity!

The comment was posted at 20:38 hours last night, and has not yet been published, by Mr. Saunderson-Meyer!

Mr. Saunderson-Meyer,

Why don't you provide a source to your allegations, so that people can go and read whether what you alledge is true or not, or whether you are extremely biased?

The url is:

It is not hidden or anynomyous at all. The Boycott 2010 World Cup letters written to Embassies, etc have been written with the full name of the individual organizing the campaign; who is not a dentist.

Please let your readers take a look for themselves (unless you do all their decisionmaking).

Please provide the evidence that the Boycott 2010 World Cup page is "registered to the tiny island of Nauru in order to hide the identities of their operators," when the operators name is public on all letters?

Did you email an enquiry? The site includes the full name and contact details, totally transparent! Why not?

The Boycott 2010 World Cup Campaign is totally transparent Mr. Saunderson; you however are far from transparently or impartially reporting on it.

Your disinformation is clearly not enabling any clarity. Perhaps next time you may wish to do a bit of research? Do you publish honourable retractions? When you make an error, do you contact the person direct, in writing, to offer them a personal apology and retraction?

The Boycott 2010 World Cup campaign does! Perhaps you don't like the higher standard that would require of you?

Posted by Boycott 2010 World Cup on November 23rd, 2009 at 8:32 pm

Boycott 2010 World Cup: Truth & Justice; or Secession?

Internet bigots and loonies also have rights
Friday, November 20th, 2009 at 3:22 pm
Thought Leader (sic)

The interviews show some evidence for the "spiral of silence" explanation: many interviewed reporters felt that population is a hot issue, better left unmentioned.... Thus a spiral of silence about population growth may be maintained by determined pronatalists, immigration advocates, and intimidated journalists.
How and Why Journalists Avoid the Population-Environment Connection, Univ. of SW Louisiana

Newspapers, at present much derided and bleeding red ink, have at least one useful social function. They confine the nutters, rumour mongerers, conspiracy theorists, and bigots to their dank little holes by largely starving them of publicity.

Those who warn of an international Jewish conspiracy or imminent Armageddon if women won’t dress modestly, struggle to get published in credible newspapers. Competition for space is fierce and the local loony claiming abduction and impregnation by randy extra-terrestrials is only rarely indulged.

The internet is different. Anyone can assert expertise and at negligible cost peddle their pet peeves. It has the benefit of providing true freedom of speech to those who struggled previously to get their views aired.

But fear, marginalisation, and rapid social change make for a dangerous combination. The internet also allows all kinds of vile creatures to slither into one’s email in-box.

The most recent one was a collection of farm-murder photographs round-robinned by an educated man, a dentist, who presumably believes he is performing a useful social function. If the intention was to evoke fear and anger among readers, in that he succeeds.

Was the TRC a massive fraud upon South Africans, black and white? Is ‘TRC-RSA’ serious and committed to Truth Telling, Transparency and Forgiveness? If not, is the TRC-RSA ‘social contract’ null and void, as a result of fraud and betrayal?
Request to SAPA: News Article: 19 July 2007; and Honourable Transparency RSA Media Enquiry

These are scenes of almost unbelievable violence. A sharpened broomstick is stuck up a vagina; a child is bludgeoned to death; and a young woman is disembowelled and hung by her heels from a meat hook.

The text fulminates against a media and government that deny the truth about crime. It talks of Afrikaner genocide, a political war to drive white farmers from the land, and it links to websites that are virulently anti-ANC, registered to the tiny island of Nauru in order to hide the identities of their operators.

The websites, including one lobbying against the World Cup in SA next year, have been repeatedly targeted by hackers. The assumption of many is that such cyber attacks are the work of SA government agents.

A week ago the identity of the owner of was revealed for the first time when police arrested him in a dawn raid. Albert Oosthuizen’s site claims as its mission “to bring news to the outside world of the crap that has become of SA”.

Oosthuizen was held overnight and released without charge after the prosecutor reportedly refused to pursue a 1993 fraud charge against him. ZASucks is now offline, Oosthuizen appears to have disappeared, and the local media is curiously disinterested in a contretemps that goes to the very heart of freedom of expression.

At issue is what tolerance should be accorded to those who patently distort statistics and events to stir up emotions and to serve a political agenda most people find reprehensible. The answer is actually easy: every bit we can muster.

The interviews show some evidence for the "spiral of silence" explanation: many interviewed reporters felt that population is a hot issue, better left unmentioned.... Thus a spiral of silence about population growth may be maintained by determined pronatalists, immigration advocates, and intimidated journalists. How and Why Journalists Avoid the Population-Environment Connection, Univ. of SW Louisiana

As ANC Youth Leaguer Julius Malema demonstrates, hate speech and venom are not the preserve of the right. In any case, bigotry is best fought not by suppression but with reason.

Sure, whites are cruelly murdered by psychologically sick people and in some cases this is fuelled by racial hatred and the desire to drive whites off the land. There also must be many more pictures of black people similarly tortured and cruelly murdered, and their suffering changes the story somewhat.

The other side of the story tells of tens of millions of people who don’t behave this way, despite grinding poverty and harsh conditions. That side of the story argues that the best hope for a traumatised SA lies in development that delivers better lives and the gradual normalisation of a violence-plagued society.

The World Cup will help in a small way. So, too, would clarity on the strange events surrounding Oosthuizen and his activities.

Sources: Boycott 2010 World Cup :: Population Policy Common Sense
Thought Leader (PDF:1,2MB (incl. comments to Nov 27)


The right prescription said...

I find it strange that Oosthuizen maintains that the alleged fraud charge should have prescribed because it is 16 years old.

Strange, because his brother is a lawyer and should know that criminal charges don't prescribe. Only civil actions prescribe after a couple of years.

Also strange is that Oosthuizen contradicts SAPF spokesman Captain Julia Claassen who says that the case was merely postponed, not thrown out of court.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Right Prescription,

Frankly, I find allot about the Oosthuizen Arrest, etc. debacle very strange, for two people who profess that they allegedly are conservative; and whose actions appear to contradict their alleged concerns.

Don't get me wrong, unlike others who find his views and behaviour repugnant, I do not endorse kangaroo court justice. I endorse him to get a free and fair trial (which interestingly enough he never endorsed for me, irrespective of his alleged anti-crime rhethoric)

I gave both of them -- what I give anyone when I first meet them -- the benefit of the doubt that their word is their word and that they are capable of honourably keeping their word. Unfortunately, both the Oosthuizens don't value acting honourably as a high concern; and I found out their word was not their word. Meant I had to fix my errors, but thats life.

So, when it comes to Oosthuizen's arrest, and the case he was arrested for, and the seperate search and seizure issues; I can not give you an informed opinion, because I have no evidence either way.

I have not found Mr. Oosthuizen to be an honest person in dealings with him; but I also have not found many SA Police honest in their dealings with me. Nor did I find any other police who were concerned about their fellow lying police officers and their conduct.

However, I have no knowledge of, nor dealings with Ms. Claassen, but from past experience with the SAPS, I would also suggest that they provide some written evidence for their allegations.

For example: I was arrested on 18 July 2009, by an Insp. Christian in Capetown, without any legal valid warrant. To this day, the SAPS and NPA have not provided me with any evidence that the arrest was legal or valid, or the alleged 'outstanding warant' (which does not exist). Nor did the media who reported the arrest, care whether a valid legal arrest warrant existed.

So, when the media report that a police person says this or that arrest or case; then I ask for evidentiary documentation to prove such and such arrest, and in the absence thereof, it is simply an 'allegation'. Nothing more.

So, I don't know. Until more evidence is forthcoming, its hard to say with any amount of certainty.

On the issue of prescribed offences, I imagine you are correct. If that is indeed what the offence was.

The right prescription said...

Well yes, the offence would have to have been a criminal one for the police to have been involved. Oosthuizen admitted himself that his ex friend framed him for stealing components from the IT company they were working for.

I look forward to a free and fair trial for OOsthuizen.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Right Prescription,

Yes, well Oosthuizen has said many things and they often appear to contradict each other, so I don't know if he is telling the truth, or not.

However if he goes to trial, I certainly hope he manages to get a free and fair trial, if such a thing is available in South Africa.

As far as I am aware, 'free and fair' trials are only available to those who can afford them.

'Free and fair' being the Orwellian term, analogous to 'Freedom is Slavery' or 'War is Peace'. In South Africa 'Free and Fair' is lawyerspeak for 'How financially desperate are you to avoid spending time in Pollsmoor?' type of thing.

I read an interesting snippet of news yesterday: Lawyers Convicted, Liars May Be Deported:
A law firm had a 95 percent success rate in asylum claims, because they told their clients to lie. Now they’ve been convicted, but the worry seems to be that the liars may be deported.

It reminded me of my recent crimen injuria case; I could not find one attorney (am still looking) in South African who was willing to represent me, to tell the truth. Their defence strategy was that I should lie. I refused.

So, that is one of many reasons for why I don't have much good to say about the SA Justice system, and why I am not very surprised at the amount of crime we have in South Africa; considering the example set by Judicial, Executive and Legislative officials themselves.

Anyway that was my 2 cents! Thanks for your views.

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US Army: Population vs. Resource Scarcity Study Plan
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