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Ecology of Peace RH factual reality: 1. Earth is not flat; 2. Resources are finite; 3. When humans breed or consume above ecological carrying capacity limits, it results in resource conflict; 4. If individuals, families, tribes, races, religions, and/or nations want to reduce class, racial and/or religious local, national and international resource war conflict; they should cooperate & sign their responsible freedom oaths; to implement Ecology of Peace Scientific and Cultural Law as international law; to require all citizens of all races, religions and nations to breed and consume below ecological carrying capacity limits.

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Open Letter to FIFA 2010 World Cup Teams: God vs. FIFA: Do you have the Honourable Courage to be a ‘Flying Scotsman’?

Issues Covered:
  • FIFA’s Three Blind Monkeys to African Occult Phallic Manhood (Slavery and Cannon Fodder Breeding) Cultural and Religious Practices: From Ritual Animal Terror Sacrificial Slaughter & Muti Murders Practices, to Exterminating ‘White Settlers’ from Africa...
  • FIFA & 2010 World Cup’s Challenges to God as Indigent and Powerless:
  • God’s Pocket Change: Natural Resources
  • FIFA’S Occult Moral Order: “There is a clear link between muti and business”
  • FIFA Ignores African Occult Ritual Slaughter of Animals and Humans for Financial Profit
  • Gods Moral Order Covenants: Loving Procreation & Human Stewardship of Natural Resources
  • South Africa’s Contemptuous Breach of 16 December Covenants
  • An Inconvenient Truth: The Imminent Collapse of Western Industrial Civilization: TRC-RSA Occult Cult of Hypocrisy: 18 July 2006 :: PeakOilRSA :: Briefing Paper
  • FIFA’S Corporate Terrorist Occult-Parasite Business Practices:
  • FIFA’S Soccer World Cup Animal Sacrifice and Torture Muti Business Profits
  • South Africa Moral Legal Order: Respects African Occult Terror Torture of Animal Sacrifice
  • Are African Occult Muti Sacrifice Ritual Belief Systems Belief Sources of African Criminality?
  • African Occult Terror Torture: Occult Foundations of Muti Murder and African Spirituality

Screenshots of Open Letter to FIFA 2010 World Cup Teams Emails Sent to:

Open Letter to FIFA World Cup Teams: God’s Honourable Moral Order vs. FIFA's African Occult Muti Profit Order

All 2010 World Cup Team Captains and Players,

Open Letter to FIFA World Cup Teams: God’s Honourable Moral Order vs. FIFA's African Occult Muti Profit Order

Question [1]: If 3,000 African Occult worshipping Black South African farmers had been robbed, tortured, raped, sodomized and executed by white South Africans, since 1994’; would FIFA have awarded the 2010 World Cup to South Africa? (FEllis/PDF);

Question [2]: Do you have the Honourable Courage to be a ‘Flying Scotsman’?

A scene from Chariots of Fire: Eric reads a Note from Schultz, before his record breaking Olympic run. The note said “He that honors me, I will honor” -- 1 Samuel 2:30. [Source: Flying Scotsman]

South African Human Rights Commission Complaint WC-2009-0455BS (PDF), indicts various ANC officials for endorsing Occult Phallic Slave and Cannon Fodder Breeding Procreation Population Policies (including their resultant resource war human sacrifice culling practices), as guilty of: (i) crimes against the Peace, (ii) Crimes Against Humanity and the (iii) the Crime of Apartheid, by breaching their Promotion of National Unity and Reconciliation Act 34 of 1995 social contract duties and responsibilities; violating § 2 (4) of the Prevention and Combatting of Corrupt Activities Act of 2004, Article 6 of the London Charter, & Article 6, 7, 33(2) of the Rome Statute, of the International Criminal Court.

The SA Human Rights Commission Complaint is supported by the Affidavits from (a) Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz (PDF), an expert in the field of public health and emerging diseases, and an internationally recognized authority in these fields; and (b) Dr. Brad Blanton (PDF), 2004 and 2006 Candidate for United States Congress from Virginia, bestselling author of the Radical Honesty series of books, and Pope of the Radical Honesty Futilitarian Church.

The South African Human Rights Commission have yet to investigate SAHRC Complaint: WC-2009-0445BS.

FIFA’s Three Blind Monkeys to African Occult Phallic Manhood (Slavery and Cannon Fodder Breeding) Cultural and Religious Practices: From Ritual Animal Terror Sacrificial Slaughter & Muti Murders Practices, to Exterminating ‘White Settlers’ from Africa...

FIFA & 2010 World Cup’s Challenges to God as Indigent and Powerless:

It is unknown whether the quote “God Himself Couldn't Sink the Titanic”, attributed to an employee, or the President of the White Star Lines, the Titanic's owner, at her launch on May 31st, 1911, are an urban legend, or fact.

It is however known who said: “Only God can stop South Africa from hosting the World Cup.” None other than FIFA Czar-for-Life Sepp Blatter . Furthermore, according to the World Cup blog:

“Fortunately for South Africa, God is not an official FIFA World Cup™ sponsor so even if the big guy in the sky wanted to move the competition to Australia, America or Germany, he probably doesn’t have the pocket change or the power to make that happen.”

God’s Pocket Change: Natural Resources

Confronting Collapse: The Crisis of Energy and Money in a Post Peak Oil World; By Michael C. Ruppert [*Amazon**Kalahari*]

“The economists all think that if you show up at the cashier's cage with enough currency, God will put more oil in the ground.” -- Kenneth S. Deffeyes, Emeritus Professor at Princeton University, a geologist who worked with M. King Hubbert, at the Shell Oil Company research laboratory in Houston Texas, author of Hubberts Peak, and Beyond Oil: The View from Hubberts Peak, who on February 11, 2006, claimed that world oil production peaked on December 16, 2005; also known as the Day of the Covenant.

“Basic resources will prove inadequate for populations exploding beyond natural [ecological carrying capacity] limits, and we may discover truths about ourselves that we do not wish to know. In the end, the greatest challenge may be to our moral order.”
-- The Culture of Future Conflict: Overpopulation & Resource Scarcity will be the Direct Cause of Confrontation, Conflict and War; US Army War College Quarterly (InGodsName/PDF)

FIFA’S Occult Moral Order: “There is a clear link between muti and business”

FIFA Ignores African Occult Ritual Slaughter of Animals and Humans for Financial Profit

In 2010 Soccer World Cup Animal Slaughter: Tip of the Iceberg WordWright writes:
The bloodthirsty throat slitting – or rather throat hacking – of sacrificial cows are not the worst ceremonies these animals are subjected to in this country. There are some rituals where a bull would be killed with bare hands (obviously the poor animal would be tied down). This involves gouging out his eyes, tongue, testicles and tearing his throat open. As you can imagine the latter takes a while to achieve. Cattle hide is rather tough. And YES. These heinous acts are all perpetrated to celebrate spirituality! ???????

In Muti Killings Up Ahead of 2010? (News24/PDF), African Eye reports that over 70% of South Africans surveyed for a report on the trafficking on human body parts believe that muti killings will increase as the 2010 Soccer World Cup Approaches

“They say the treatments with genital organs only work if they are taken from a person alive and not dead” (Customs Official, Sofala province, Mozambique)

“The murderer cut her throat like she was a goat. He cut her head just like that, and removed her genital organs, leaving all the rest” (Police Officer, Cabo Delgado Province, Mozambique)

“The Police searched and found that she was carrying genital organs of adult men […] I don’t know how many exactly, it was several. But they were from adult men, I saw them myself” (Female Stall holder at Ressano Garcia, Mozambique/South African border) - Trafficking Body Parts in Mozambique and South Africa, Simon Fellows (PDF)

The analogies between African Occult Ritual Slaughter and Sacrifice of Animals and Humans for Profit are direct: both involve (i) Bloodletting parasitism, i.e. the being is not humanely killed, but must slowly and painfully bleed to death; (ii) Terrorizing Torture, the being must suffer, and protest its suffering with fear and terror: the greater the terror and screams of the animal/human’s torture, the greater the muti’s potency, to allegedly ensure future financial profit, sexual prowess, or similar, for the Muti purchaser.

Furthermore in terms of African Occult Muti Harvest Human Sacrifice, the humans sexual organs are of great significance; and must be physically removed, while the human is still alive. This ensures sexual potency for the African Ideal of Dominance Manhood: the procreation of large families, with contemptuous disregard for loving and committed procreation family planning practices, or ecological carrying capacity principles (i.e. overpopulation colliding with scarce resources doctrines of sustainability). Children are procreated in terms of their financial, ego or sexual slavery worth; i.e. they are procreated not as individuals to love and cherish; but as possessions to exploit and abuse for profit.

Gods Moral Order Covenants: Loving Procreation & Human Stewardship of Natural Resources

According to Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, “when the Bible says that man shall have “dominion” over God’s creation, the choice is between understanding dominion as in “having power over,” or dominion as “having responsibility for.”

Put differently: Any religious, academic, political, economic or military leader who advocates on behalf of human rights, peace and social justice, while ignoring their necessary ecological basis – a stable human population at – or slightly less than – the eco-system’s long term carrying capacity – is advocating on behalf of religious and/or intellectual dishonesty and hypocrisy.

Note: Among others, Nelson Mandela, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the Dalai Lama, Bono, William Wilberforce, and hundreds of Internationally renowned recipients for ‘human rights’, ‘peace’ or ‘social justice’ have ALL intentionally avoided publicly advocating on behalf of the necessary ecological basis – stable zero population growth – policies, required for sustainable human rights, peace and social justice to exist. Consequently, their ‘peace’ ‘social justice’ and ‘human rights’ advocacy was, and remains, religiously and intellectually dishonest and hypocritical.

Furthermore, (i) population growth advocacy aggravates local, national or international resource war population pressures; and/or (ii) economic growth (growth in resource consumption) advocacy; is in direct contradiction of the principle of Responsible Human Stewardship of Gods Natural Resources, and principles of Loving and committed Procreation, of children as individuals to love and cherish.

According to Dr. Albert Bartlett (PDF), the first, 6th, 14th and 18th laws of sustainability are:

[1] Population growth &/or growth in resource consumption rates cannot be sustained;

[6] (The lesson of “The Tragedy of the Commons”) (Hardin 1968): The benefits of population growth and of growth in the rates of consumption of resources accrue to a few; the costs of population growth and growth in the rates of consumption of resources are borne by all of society.

[14] If, for whatever reason, humans fail to stop population growth and growth in the rates of consumption of resources, Nature will stop these growths;

[18] Extinction is forever.

[The Tragedy of the Commons was a Thesis on the inevitable Nuclear War consequences of exponential Population Growth, colliding with scarce and finite resources. See also: UNHCR: Antonio Guterres: [I] S.A. White Refugees & ANC’s Crime of Apartheid; [II] Pres. Obama’s 25.5 Million Nuclear Refugees Nobel Peace Prize (PDF)]

December 16: Days of the Covenant

1838: The Day of the Covenant of the Battle of Blood River

December 16, as all South Africans know is the Day of the Covenant: namely the covenant made between the Voortrekkers and God, that if God granted the Voortrekkers victory, in the battle subsequently known as the Battle of Blood River on 16 December 1838; they would forever observe the day as a Sabbath.

In 1995, the African Ancestral-Occult worshipping ANC – without any submission or discussion with God, whom they do not think exists – made a unilateral decision to rename the Day of the Covenant, of the Battle of Blood River, to the Day of Reconciliation.

In true Hypocrisy on Steroids Occult worshipping fashion, the ANC have also totally reneged on their alleged original commitment to ‘Truth and Reconciliation’ – further spitting in the face of God; and the covenant made with God, by the Voortrekkers, for that day.

1966: International Covenant on Civil & Political Rights (ICCPR)

December 16 is also the anniversary, for the adoption – in 1966 -- of the multilateral treaty known as the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR)(PDF). The ICCPR commits parties to respect the civil and political rights of individuals, including the right to life, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, electoral rights and rights to due process and a fair trial. Freedom of Religion, however does not provide for the Freedom to act inhumanely towards Animal or Human, or to conduct inhumane Human or Animal Sacrifice. The ICCPR is allegedly monitored by the Human Rights Committee (OHCHR) with permanent standing, to consider periodic reports submitted by member States on their compliance with the treaty.

Article Two of the ICCPR obliges parties to give effect to freedom from torture and slavery. It requires governments to legislate where necessary to give effect to the rights recognized in the Covenant, and to provide an effective legal remedy for any violation of those rights. It also requires the rights be recognized “without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status,” and to ensure that they are enjoyed equally by women. The rights can only be limited “in time of public emergency which threatens the life of the nation,” and even then no derogation is permitted from the rights to life, freedom from torture and slavery, the freedom from retrospective law, the right to personhood, and freedom of thought, conscience and religion.

Nowhere does it endorse the freedom of religion to practice torture, on animal or human. To the contrary, the ICCPR does however clearly stipulate the principle of the “recognition of a human community within a sovereign state enjoying the right to self-determination” subsequently endorsed in the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 (PDF): Secession and Self Determination (PDF), in regards to secession of Kosovo.

A current application to the High Court of the Western Cape, in South Africa requests relief from the court, in that the current laws of South Africa violate (I) the Applicants Radical Hon(our)sty Cultural Religion, as founded upon the (i) Radical Honesty Social Contract (PDF) and (ii) The Laws of Sustainability (PDF); and furthermore (II) the State’s refusal to provide for any effective legal remedy for this violation of cultural and religious rights; amounts to the final and irretrievable breach and nullification of the Truth and Reconciliation Social Contract (PDF); providing for the Applicants international legal standing, for grounds for Secession and Self Determination, in accordance with the principles enunciated in Security Council Resolution of 1244, the “recognition of a human community within a sovereign state enjoying a right to self-determination.”

South Africa’s Contemptuous Breach of 16 December Covenants

In violation of both the Covenant of Blood River, and the ICCPR covenant; the South African judiciary are (a) providing legal remedy for Occult black African cultures to practice inhumane torture on animals, by slowly murdering them, by bloodletting, as an alleged ‘African cultural religious cultural practice’; while (b) refusing all legal remedy for Radical Hon(our)sty Christian based European cultures to practice their culture of non-violent honest and sincere communication, and for international legal standing for Secession and Self Determination.

Even though the High Court of the Western Cape Registrar has approved the Applicants Application for In Forma Pauperis Legal Representation; and dozens of Legal Professionals have been informed of the In Forma Pauperis Application (PDF), not one South African law firm, is willing to represent the European Applicant’s rights to practice her Radical Hon(our)sty cultural practice of non-violent honest and sincere communication.

An Inconvenient Truth: The Imminent Collapse of Western Industrial Civilization

TRC-RSA Occult Cult of Hypocrisy: 18 July 2006 :: PeakOilRSA :: Briefing Paper

The Wall Street Journal, recently sat down to interview Michael C. Ruppert (WSJ/PDF ), the author of Confronting Collapse: The Crisis of Energy and Money in a Post Peak Oil World A 25-Point Program for Action, and A Presidential Energy Policy: Twenty-five Points Addressing the Siamese Twins of Energy and Money, on the “imminent collapse of human industrialized civilization”.

In 2006, the 18 July 2006 :: PeakOilRSA :: Briefing Paper (PDF), was distributed to dozens and dozens of South African political, corporate and media officials; including Nobel Peace Prize Recipients Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. It requested the recipients to immediately “raise awareness as to (i) the economical, financial, agricultural, ecological, transportation, etc. effects of Peak Oil on businesses, citizens and communities in South Africa & (ii) the urgency of immediate planning by all South Africans to implement Peak Oil / Petrocollapse mitigation family & community strategies.”

The PeakOil Briefing Paper recommended urgent strategies and policies be implemented to mitigate the impending catastrophic consequences of global Peak Oil. The strategies are required to address the underlying ecological Peak Oil dilemma—resource depletion, habitat destruction, and population pressure. They were: (a) limiting population, to limit demand; (b) Relocalize by fostering local communities self sufficiency, (c) Reinventing how money works, by introducing local currencies; (d) Get Out of Debt; (e) Invest locally in Companies focused on Ecological Sustainable practices.

The response by the Farmers Weekly Editor to the receipt of 18 July 2006 :: PeakOilRSA :: Briefing Paper, was to invite the ‘author’ to submit an article for publication on the PeakOil issues for Farmers Weekly readers, which resulted in By Invitation: It’s All Downhill from Here, by Lara Johnstone (PDF).

[See also: Meet South Africa's new Big Five...White Elephant 2010 WC Stadiums and ANC Captain Blighs of S.S. ZA-Titanic Charging Full 'Circus Maximus' Speed Ahead to 2010 World Cup Iceberg...]

FIFA’S Corporate Terrorist Occult-Parasite Business Practices:

Dr. Yzterbaard, recently reported in v279: Dr.Yzterbaard and the rise of FIFA terror an interesting perspective: FIFA's parasitic corporate terrorist business practices:

FIFA ‘invests’ some money in running the World Cup. The ‘host’ country (which makes FIFA the parasite) puts up the 17 different Guarantees that all will go well. The host gets special legislation through parliament to exempt FIFA from a number of naughties that may stem the tide of profit OUT of the host country (“2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Special Measures Act” and “Second 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Special Measures Act”)

The host country invests BILLIONS in the new stadiums, transport systems, facilities, communication before the event (R60bn last count), multiple millions in the security, hospitality, dancing girls etc. The Government expect R2,7bn in taxes form the event. What a clever investment. So back to FIFA: their expected profit is… who knows? The Good Doctor estimates the sponsorship at $750m, the TV rights at $20bn – perhaps a reader can help here? It follows that anyone standing in the way of a super successful 2010 Hooligan’s cup is in the crosshairs….. [H]as FIFA become, together with the International Olympic Committee the ultimate corporate terrorists?

Able to force legislation, hock governments into enormous potential pay-outs, demand dress codes (remember the take-off-your-pants-because-of-another sponsor’s COLOUR is shown?), demand behaviour codes (heaven help the first naartjie-chucker), take over national security, demand compliance, scrutinize and demand border access, monopolize lodging, castrate competition in ‘exclusive economic zones’ around stadiums AND designated venues.

The 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Special Measures Bill, Bill 13 of 2006, concludes that:

The State Law Advisers are of the opinion that it is not necessary to refer this Bill to the National House of Traditional Leaders in terms of section 18(1)(a) of the Traditional Leadership and Governance Framework Act, 2003 (Act No. 41 of 2003), since it does not contain provisions pertaining to customary law or customs of traditional communities.

FIFA’S Soccer World Cup Animal Sacrifice and Torture Muti Business Profits

A blogger known as Word Wright, who is a writer, “albeit that most of my paid for writing centres around economics and finance only” has started a campaign to protest animal sacrifices at World Cup events; although she is not much concerned with Campaigns Against Human Sacrifice, which she censors [here; here, and here]:

2010 Soccer World Cup Animal Sacrifice Planned Reuters reported that South Africa is considering an application by ‘Traditional Leaders’ to sacrifice animals at the 2010 FIFA Soccer World cup scheduled to take place in June of next year.

South Africa Moral Legal Order: Respects African Occult Terror Torture of Animal Sacrifice

On 04 December in a court room in Pietermaritzburg (IOL/PDF), a judgement was issued by Judge Nic van der Reyden, dismissing an Application by Animal Rights Africa Trust (ARA), which sought to restrain King Zwelithini from causing or permitting a bull to be slaughtered, or in any way ill-treated, at the Ikweshwama ceremony, also known as the Festival of First Fruits. The judgement was hailed, with the screams of ‘Amandla’, as a victory for the Zulu nation.

On 05 December, President Zuma and King Zwelithini attended the Festival of Fruits, where the Bull was killed barehanded, taking about 20 minutes to die. King Zwelithini stated umkhosi wokweshwarna was a “wonderful” ritual, and it was “despicable” to suggest that Zulu’s had no respect for animal rights (PDF).

On 07 December, Justice Malala disagreed, in Culture Is No Excuse for Cruelty (Times/PDF).

According to Word Wright, in The SPCA, SA Law, 2010 World Cup & the Planned Sacrifice of Animals, the laws against Savage Animal Sacrifice are that the sacrifice should be done:

“in a humane way as is reasonable within the particular religious or cultural values of the person effecting the slaughter and subject to the requirements of the SPCA.”

However, Word Wright’s ‘humane’ and Occult African culture’s ‘humane’ clearly do not agree; because Word Wright – unlike Occult African cultural leaders, such as President Zuma and King Zwelithini -- consider the following behaviour as ‘humane’ towards animals:

The cow’s legs are tethered together and she is flipped on her side. You can hear her moaning. She is held down by two or three people while a fourth one is standing by with a small dish and a fifth person wields the knife. They slit her throat, but the animal does not die. She screams and struggles, trying to throw off her assailant. He stumbles backwards and comes for her again, cutting some more. Her eyelids are still batting and her eyes are filled with panic and fear as he hacks away at her throat. She continues struggling weakly as the man with the dish approaches her to catch the blood spurting from her arteries. She still is not dead. There is no post- or pre-incision stunning. It will take a while before she will have bled enough to die – much longer than the 51 second YouTube clip [The Ritual Slaughter of Animals – African Style].


Are African Occult Muti Sacrifice Ritual Belief Systems Belief Sources of African Criminality?

A Medical Research Council Report (M&G/PDF) released in June 2009, found that one in four [African?] men in South have admitted to rape and many confess to attacking more than one victim. The underlying cognitive behaviour beliefs which functioned as the cause for this criminal reality, were described by Professor Rachel Jewkes of the MRC, who carried out the research:

“We have a very, very high prevalence of rape in South Africa. I think it is down to ideas about masculinity based on gender hierarchy and the sexual entitlement of men. It's rooted in an African ideal of manhood.” (PDF)

How much of black Africans crime and criminality, their lack of humane sense of non-violent reciprocity towards animals and humans (morality) is a direct behavioural consequence of their Occult African medicine beliefs?

For example, how do their Occult African beliefs about (a) Ritual Sacrificial Slaughter of Terrorizing Animals to Violent Death with Parasitic bloodletting; where the greater the amount of terror inflicted on the animal, the greater their alleged African manhood potency of African manhood; (b) Muti Medicinal Occult Beliefs of human bloodletting and Muti Harvesting of Human body parts, removed while the victims are still alive, in the belief that the terror inflicted screams of the victim, enhance the medicine’s power; (c) provide them with Occult Belief Systems which rationalize and legitimize not only violence, but the infliction of terror upon another being, as a ‘spiritual practice’ bringing ‘good luck’? How much of these Occult African cultural beliefs are the belief system foundations for South Africa’s culture of violence, from black Africans?

African Occult Terror Torture: Occult Foundations of Muti Murder and African Spirituality:

According to a research article by Gérard Labuschagne, of the Investigative Psychology Unit, Serious and Violent Crime Component, Detective Service Head Office, South African Police Service, Features and Investigative Implications of Muti Murder in South Africa

Muti murder is defined as a murder in which body parts are removed from a live victim for the sole purpose of using the victim's body parts medicinally. These body parts are then often mixed with other ingredients or used alone to make a medicine called muti. Muti is a Zulu (umuthi) word meaning medicine. The victim usually dies as a result of blood loss from the wounds. While muti murders have occurred throughout history in South African culture, little is known about them and little research exists on the phenomenon. The term muti murder has been used interchangeably with the term ritual or sacrificial murder, often adding to confusion in terminology and definitions regarding these types of cases. This paper provides an overview of muti murder, explains the context in which these types of murder occur, defines the offenders and victims involved, and provides guidelines for investigating these types of murders.

According to the United States Department of State, Trafficking in Persons Report 2009 - Mozambique, 16 June 2009, available at: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR/PDF):

A recent NGO report found that human trafficking of Mozambican children and adults for the forcible removal of body parts is significant; so-called witchdoctors in Mozambique and South Africa seek various body parts of live victims for traditional medical concoctions commonly purchased to heal illness, foster economic advancement, or hurt enemies.

The UNHCR report is referring to the research performed by the Mozambican Human Rights League which showed that there was a link between Muti and business, in other words, trafficking body parts is part of the supply and demand business of Muti.

These Muti practices that are prevalent in South Africa and Mozambique are a cultural belief that body parts will make the [muti] medicine more effective and that it can solve any problem, ranging from poverty to health issues. The research interviews showed that so-called witchdoctors have a firm belief themselves that human body parts are needed for strong Muti. Witchdoctors, usually through a third party, actively seek human body parts from live victims.

“It is working because some people who are associated with the use of the parts are untouchable”

“People believe body parts can be utilized as Muti to call customers or to attract customers to buy more in their businesses”.

Trafficking Body Parts in Mozambique and South Africa, by Simon Fellows (MHRL/PDF)

“They formed a circle and put the baby inside and started dancing. One man took the baby and holds him up and threw him on top of the rock. They cut the baby open and removed the heart and lungs. When they got home they killed the goat and used its skin to cover the parts removed from the baby and put them at the shop” (Investigating Police Officer, Venda, South Africa1)

“He grabs me on the neck, I tried to loose myself but I couldn’t. So then he took his knife and started cutting me. Then I fainted” (young man attacked for his genital organs, Niassa province, Mozambique2)

“It is true that people become rich after a traditional treatment with human organs” (Traditional Healer, Manica Province, Mozambique3)

Muti killings up ahead of 2010? (News24/PDF)

Over 70% of South Africans surveyed as part of a report on the trafficking on human body parts believe that muti killings will increase as the 2010 Soccer World Cup approaches.

There is a clear link between muti and business. With the World Cup approaching, people we surveyed believe more people will be killed and their body parts used in muti that is bought to ensure businesses prosperity," said Simon Fellows, author of a report entitled Trafficking Body Parts in Mozambique and South Africa

The report also revealed that 70% of people surveyed in South Africa and Mozambique believe human body parts make muti more effective.

“Although this stems from generalised questions, it does indicate a deep-founded cultural belief that body parts make the medicine more effective and that it can solve any problem, from poverty to health issues,” said Fellows.

'We removed her vagina and her left ear' (IOL/PDF)

A packed Pinetown magistrate's court gallery reacted with shock this week as more gory details emerged of how up to 15 women were hacked to death, and their body parts removed and sold for a couple of hundred rand to a bogus sangoma.

Bhengu stated in detail how the two were recruited into the gang by the alleged ring leader, Sandile “My Man” Bhengu, and how they would drive around at night looking for women.

The bodies of the nine victims, with similar head injuries, were discovered between last October and February this year. Police said in March that the women's ears, tongues and private parts had been removed. One of the women was pregnant when she was killed. “We removed her vagina and her left ear,” Xolani stated.

Terror after Muti Murders (IOL/PDF)

Fear this week gripped Bizana and Port Edward - where at least eight women and a man have been killed in the past three months for muti. The women were hit on the head with a hammer, raped and had their genitalia removed while they were still alive.

Last Saturday morning she came back home to find her father and two older sisters had been killed in their beds. Her father, Madodebhunga Yalo, had been hit with a hammer. A grinder had been used to cut his skull open and his brains had been removed.

Her two sisters, Nandipha, 21, and Nobuhle, 20, had also been hit on the head with a hammer and a sharp instrument had been used to remove their genitals from their bodies.

Last Minute Decision in Muti-Case (IOL/PDF)

In the statement, Bhengu told police how he had been recruited by two of the accused, together with his brother, Popa Bhengu, and how night after night they found different women and killed them.

He said after stabbing most of the women, they would cut off body parts and would later sell them to a sangoma in Adams Mission. He said that after each of the murders, they were given R500 by Sandile Bhengu.

I was forced to kill my baby (BBC/PDF)

Although Helen tried to escape, Mabuda caught her and forced her to hold Fulufhuwani's legs while he cut the child's throat. “When the child was dead, he started to cut all those pieces, the hands, the legs and even the sex organs,” Helen says.

Limbs from children, primarily the sexual organs, are said to be the most potent. These are sometimes taken from live victims because their screams are thought to enhance the power of the medicines.

Conservative estimates are that at least 300 people have been murdered for their body parts in the past decade in South Africa…. Dr Anthony Minnar, of the Institute for Human Rights and Criminal Justice in South Africa, fears the toll could be much higher.

One of the few who lived to tell the tales was Jeffery Mkhonto, who four years ago when he was 12 was mutilated by an organised gang sent to harvest body parts.

“I heard them say they are going to sell my parts so that they can get money” -- Jeffery Mkhonto

Trafficking Body Parts: Muti Murder Documentaries:

A Bloody Harvest is a documentary by South African journalist Susan Puren on the ongoing murders of white rural residents in South Africa. It was aired on the SA TV programme Carte-Blanche (M-Net).

[South African white farm murders] is no ‘ordinary crime wave’, says the world's top expert on the subject of Genocide, Dr Gregory Stanton -- a former US state department legal expert who set up “Genocide Watch” after he formulated all the stages which led to all-out genocide – with the last stage being ‘denial’. Stanton thus is able to identify all the warning signals which precede ethnocides like this one now occurring in South Africa, hidden behind ‘ordinary crime’.

An award-winning SABC3 programme Special Assignment “Strong Medicine” documents how corrupt inyangas claimed to be selling human organs in Johannesburg [See also: Muti Murders].

The investigation showed networks trafficking in human body parts in contravention of the Human Tissues Act. The body parts were sold to people desperate for cures for illness and financial good luck.

A corrupt inyanga was exposed operating from under a bridge in Eloff Street Extension, selling what were believed to be human body parts. The same man is also shown introducing a middleman at the Faraday taxi rank, who was also trying to sell human body parts.

Levi Masebe, who works at a mortuary at Medunsa in North West province, is also exposed after he sold two human right hands for R4,000 to the journalists.

The programme also tells the case of a baby girl who was killed by her own father, a self-appointed healer, who killed her in front of her mother, who said: “He took us to a secluded spot... where he beheaded her and chopped (off) her limbs and removed her intestines and then wrapped them in a plastic bag. He poured her blood into a calabash and carried them all home.”

Muti Medicine: Herbs & Murder (CNN/PDF)

There are no statistics for the number of muti murders in South Africa and estimates vary from one a month to 300 a year, according to Gerard Labuschagne, commander of the South African Police Service's investigative psychology unit.

Such killings are usually distinguished by the dismembered bodies of the victims. It is believed that body parts -- including internal organs -- are sometimes removed from victims still living, in the belief that their screams enhance the medicine's power.

“The removal of genitals is very characteristic," Labuschagne says. “The parts have different significances -- a hand might be used by a businessman who wants to attract customers. Genitals are a source of good luck.”

Witchcraft Arrest in Mozambique (BBC/PDF)

The case involves this week's murder and mutilation of seven women and a child in Cabo Delgado province. Murder, mutilation and exhuming human bones for witchcraft have become a common practice, particularly in the country's northern and central regions.

Items are sold in neighbouring Malawi, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Ignorance in Africa (American Daily/PDF)

The reports this week of 3-year-old Thabang Malakoane in Eatonside, South Africa, are sickening. Thabang disappeared while his mother was napping and was later found with his left hand, genitals, brain, heart, and other vital organs gone. The small boy fell victim to a lucrative black market that has been built around the sale of human - especially children - body parts and organs.

The black market is grounded in muti medicine, the traditional African system of holistic healthcare. One of the beliefs of muti is that certain body parts can enhance your luck or health. Children are especially targeted because they are young - therefore, in the beliefs of muti, they have used up very little of their good luck.

Gerard Labuschagne, of the South African Police Service, estimates the average to be anywhere from one a month to 300 a year. The killings aren’t impulsive in nature - rather, they are commissioned specifically for a customer and carried out by witch doctors, called sangomas. Human skulls are used to bring good luck to businesses, hands are buried under entrances to stores to bring customers, genitals and placentas are used to cure infertility. Body parts - including internal organs - are often taken while the victims are alive so that the screams will make the parts more potent.

Dr Anthony Minnar, of the Institute for Human Rights and Criminal Justice in South Africa, said this regarding muti murders in South Africa – “We have children going missing every week from our townships. The assumption is that those missing children are being put into prostitution and also that they are being used for muti murder.”

Very little is ever heard in the Western media about muti slayings, despite the fact that they are becoming more and more common. While the stories about Thabang and Adam are shocking, the memory quickly fades from the public consciousness. However, this out of sight, out of mind approach is only going to compound the problem. As we ignore the problem, it grows, and as it grows, the likelihood of it eventually causing the West problems grows. We are very good at contributing money to surface problems…. However, there has to be a fundamental change in the people themselves for this to stop, and that can only be solved when we commit to the only thing that will help this problem: education. We can cure the symptoms of these bloody practices forever, but there will never be an end until we crack the surface and go under. The West has to stop ignoring the foundational crisis of uneducated people, raising uneducated kids. It’s an endless circle that has no chance of ending unless we intervene.

Magic Medicine Murders Bedevil South Africa (Times/PDF)

WHEN police arrested six people outside a squatter camp in Bloemfontein, they were horrified to find that a bag the six had with them contained the head, heart, hands, feet, genitals and liver of a man in his twenties.

The arrests last month, which came after a tip-off from terrified residents that the six were allegedly hawking human body parts, turned the spotlight on the darkest of South African practices.

The police are convinced that the body parts were to be sold to a sangoma — a traditional healer — to make muti, meaning medicine. Some Africans believe that muti made with human body parts is the most potent of all.

The South African police force boasts the world’s only specialised muti murder investigation force. Gerard Labuschagne, who is in charge of it, believes that as many as 300 such murders are committed every year.

“Apart from a handful of high-profile cases, most muti murders go unreported,” Dr Labuschagne said. “They happen in South Africa fairly regularly, at least once a month. But for many police officers they are nothing unusual. They are just treated as another murder, so there are a lot of muti-related killings out there that never come to our attention.”

Dismissed as “backward and primitive” during the colonial and apartheid eras, African traditional medicine is undergoing something of a renaissance with Western scientists eager to examine traditional herbal remedies in their quest for new drugs.

Sangomas provide basic healthcare for an estimated 80 per cent of South Africa’s 45 million people, most of whom cannot afford Western-style medical care, and who use muti in the same way Westerners use homoeopathic medicine.

Although muti murders are easy to identify, they are extremely difficult to solve, Dr Labuschagne said. “The biggest problem is that they are what we call ‘stranger murders’. Identifying the victim does not help you. Apart from the body parts, there is no reason why the victim was chosen, and nothing to connect the victim to the murderer.

Muti murder as part of traditional African beliefs has been practised for centuries. With the arrival of Western criminal justice systems such practices became illegal. The problem faced by law enforcement agencies is that little is known about muti murder.”

MUTI AND THE BODY: Severed hands: buried under the door of a shop or business these would bring customers to the premises, making the owner wealthy; Breasts: widely regarded in African traditional culture as the source of “mother luck”, which would be used in magic potions to bring good fortune; Genitals: both male and female are in demand, used by sangomas to boost virility in men and fertility in women; Adam’s apple: would be used to silence a witness who was intending to testify against a sangoma’s client in court; Skull: used to protect members of one tribe from another by burying the enemy victim’s head in the tribe’s village; Eyes: supposed to confer far-sightedness; Tongue: used to smooth the path to a girl’s heart for a prospective lover; Body fat: usually taken from the stomach, the fat is regarded by some people, especially the Venda, as the source of a good harvest; Sperm and urine: also widely seen as a source of good luck; Atlas bone: regarded as powerful muti because of the belief that the circulatory and nervous systems run through it; Brains: would help to confer intelligence.

Harvest of death feeds occult's macabre trade (New Zealand Herald/PDF)

“We don't have accurate figures because most murders here are in our records as murders irrespective of motive,” he says. “Most people might also not regard a murder as a muti matter but just dismiss it as the work of crazy killers.”

Dr Lubschagne admits the rate of murders signals a worrying trend in South Africa. Despite South Africa being the most developed African economy, a huge chunk of its population still believes that power and wealth are better stoked by witchdoctors than stockbrokers.

“People who want to do better, people who want to be promoted at work, gamblers and politicians who want to win, even bank robbers who seek to get away with their criminal acts, turn to muti,” Dr Lubschagne says.

Body parts are eaten, drunk or smeared over the ambitious person. Various parts are used for different purposes. A man who had difficulty producing children killed a father of several children and used his victim's genitals for muti. In another case, a butcher used a severed hand to slap each of his products every morning before opening as a way of invoking the spirits to beckon customers.

Mathews Mojela, the head teacher at Sello's school, has worked in rural areas for nearly a quarter of a century. He says muti is founded in the archaic belief that there is only a limited amount of good luck around - if you want to increase your wealth or luck then it should come at another's expense.

And the screaming of a child while his body parts are being chopped off is regarded as a sign calling customers to the perpetrator's business. It is also believed that magical powers are awakened by the screams. Eating or burying the body parts “captures” the desired results.

Professor Issack Niehaus of the University of Pretoria fears that muti killings will increase as the inequalities of wealth become more entrenched. “I would expect the occult economy - that is the belief in using magical means to gain prosperity - to increase as poverty worsens,” Niehaus says.

African witchdoctor charged with muti-murders of 2 white farmers (Censorbugbear/PDF)

The Secret Race War you won't read about in your World Cup brochure Daily Mail, UK Special Investigation [Photos from: Caroline Suzman: Photo Gallery: The Killing Fields: Farm Attacks in South Africa]

On April 1 2009, two elderly white South African farmers were found murdered in South Africa – two of many. Forensic experts established that their genitals had been cut off while the victims were still alive. Strong suspicions that ‘witchcraft’ was involved were confirmed this week when Moeketsi Mokoena, 25, a Lesotho citizen arrested at one of the victims’ Viljoenskroon, Free State farms, claimed he was a ‘traditional doctor’.

Witchdoctors are so feared throughout Africa that they are hardly ever questioned, arrested nor charged for initiating or funding such crimes. They are increasing rapidly: with AIDS devastating the South African ruling elite, muti-killings to harvest body parts, sold for giant profits, have soared as the increasingly desperate demand for ‘AIDS-cures’ are reaching new heights.

According to the forensic evidence contained in the Bloemfontein court docket, Van Wyk, a retired policeman who alone stayed on his farm over the weekends, was allegedly lured outside where he was bashed over the head with a shovel, dragged inside the homestead while still alive -- and then his genitals were mutilated. This is a clear indication that this was a ‘murder to harvest body parts for ‘traditional medicine’, as this is inevitably done while the victims are still alive.’

Engelbrecht said he and the security-unit had been with police, investigating the muti-murder of another neighbouring farmer, Basie Venter, 65, just a few hours before when another farmer had stopped him on the road and warned him that he ‘suspected trouble’ on the Van Wyk farm next door, too. “Van Wyk wasn’t on his stoep as he usually did early in the morning, reading his Bible,” Engelbrecht was quoted as saying.

Muti-related murders occur very frequently in South Africa. However, very few of the ‘traditional healers’ who order body parts to be ‘harvested’ for the use in tribal medicine, are ever charged. The ‘harvesters’, i.e. the murders are charged very rarely too, however one such case occurred in August 20, 2008, when three men were found guilty for murdering a relative, and harvesting and selling ‘traditional medicine’ made from his body parts in Bushbuckridge, Limpopo province. This was an unusual event: and the witchdoctor was not charged.

Their testimony was that Floyd told his son that he desperately needed human body parts ‘to make his four businesses quickly churn big bucks’. The suspected businessman owns the Lebohang Bar Lounge, a restaurant in Tekamahala Trust, another in Oakley near Hazyview as well as a liquor-outlet in Oakley. Body parts had to come from a family member said the witch doctor.

The suspects made formal admissions to the arresting police that they ‘cut his body parts while he was still alive’ - while seated inside a blue Venture kombi belonging to Floyd. They then threw the victim's lifeless body in the middle of the road in Oakley, under the false pretense that the victim had been involved in a hit-and-run accident.

Alphabetic Name List: Murders, attacks on SA Farms and smallholdings 2009: Death Toll: 3,074… (Censorbugbear/PDF)

The cruel torture murder of Alice Lotter, 77, and her daughter Helen, 57, caused a wave of abhorrance amongst the white community because of its incredible cruelty. The women, both frail, were tortured to death at their farm in Allenridge near Welkom in the Free State on April 1 2009. According to forensic evidence, the Lotter mother and daughter had died excruciatingly painful deaths: first tortured by being stabbed with broken glass bottles into their vaginas. One of the women also had her breasts cut off while she was still alive – and both women’s blood, police forensic experts found, had then been used to paint anti-Afrikaner hate slogans on the walls of their homestead. They were then allegedly killed by strangulation: i.e. they were hanged.

Afrikaner police officers who investigated this horrific slaughter and had to gather forensic evidence, were also severely traumatised and required trauma counselling. And, despite the fact that the Lotter homestead was only one block away from the police station, no-one inside responded to the screams from these women while they were being slowly tortured to death.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lara Johnstone
Boycott 2010 World Cup: Truth & Justice; or Secession?
Why We Are White Refugees

Encl: Will Africa for the Africans Final Solution to Exterminate Whites from Africa Grossly Aggravate the return of Slavery.Inc and Tribal Mob Justice, aka Xenophobia? (PDF)

“What is the greater danger - nuclear warfare or the population explosion?
The latter absolutely!
To bring about nuclear war, someone has to DO something;
someone has to press a button.
To bring about destruction by overcrowding, mass starvation, anarchy,
the destruction of our most cherished values-there is no need to do anything.
We need only do nothing except -- breed.
And how easy it is to do nothing.”
-- Isaac Asimov

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