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Monday, January 11, 2010

Pik Botha & FW de Klerk to SA & World: ‘The ANC Lied to Us’

In July 2007, Pik Botha, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, who served two years in Former President Nelson Mandela's cabinet, informed South Africans that the ANC goverment is violating the negotiated settlement of 1994 with the manner in which it is currently implementing affirmative action

The Rapport article informed South Africans that if the National Party had known that the ANC would implement Affirmative Action in the manner in which they have done, the National Party would never have agreed to a negotiated settlement.

The current implementation of affirmative action is in conflict with ex-pres. Mandela perspective that whites and blacks need each other. “It comes down to a rejection of Nelson Mandela's basic philosophy.”

Botha and De Klerk intended to inform the ANC of their perspectives.

So in 2008 FW sent of a bunch of letters to Mr. Gwede Mantashe, Secretary General of the ANC, wherein he requested such a meeting with the ANC leadership.
That letter was followed by a subsequent letter on 24 October 2008 and again on 11 November 2008. Furthermore messages were left on the telephone of his secretary to request when we could expect a response to our request.

As of this date, there has never been any response from the ANC leadership to FW letters.
ANC message to FW De Klerk, Pik Both and white South Africans?
Africa is for Africans: If You Don't Like the ANC Black Apartheid's BEE & AA, Crime and Corruption, Raping and Thieving.... You can Voetsek...

Minister of Safety & Security: Mr. Charles Ngcakula's Parliamentary Response to White South Africans Upset About Crime and Corruption in South Africa:
‘If You Don't Like the Crime in South Africa... LEAVE THE COUNTRY!.’
[Why We Are White Refugees Petition to Federal Court Justices, Canada]

Boycott 2010 World Cup: Truth & Justice; or Secession?

‘We Could Have Put Our Foot Down More Solidly.’

Pik Botha, Beeld
2010-01-10 22:08 (Rough Translation)

‘There is a difference between posed, fake intellectual forgiveness, and sincere, sensate being forgiveness, and, this difference has been, so far, almost always avoided by politicians; including South Africa's alleged Truth & Reconciliation Peace Prize politicians.......’
-- Affidavit of Brad Blanton Ph.D.(PDF)
[HC: W. Cape #019963-09 & SAHRC. # WC-2009-0455BS]

Countless friends have called and asked me what I have to say about the question that Chris Louw asked in his last article in Beeld (“Vir oulaas die bliksem in”, 2 Desember)(“Finally, Fucking Furious”): Could we not have negotiated a better dispensation for our future (including for the Afrikaners)?

Within our white representation there were individuals who wanted to continue with white supremacy. We had the power to keep apartheid alive for many more years.

But in the National Party there were individuals who could no longer tolerate the atrocities committed on behalf of keeping apartheid alive; who won the argument at the end of the day.

We did not decide “to surrender”, but to free ourselves from the problem we had brought upon ourselves.

The Great Betrayal: The Memoirs of Ian Douglas Smith; By Ian Douglas Smith

We realized that if we could not reach a negotiated settlement, the country would be handed over to destruction. Leaders such as old President Nelson Mandela also realized this. A negotiation was reached.

But I must admit that we could have done it otherwise, than we did do it.

We were not with our backs against the wall, that we could not have put our foot down sternly on certain issues.

I would have done so.

By 1990 South Africa had already returned to the international community. Mandela was released. The State of Emergency was lifted. Political exiles had returned by the thousands.

Namibia had become independent. The Cuban troops were on their way out of Angola. The Berlin Wall had fallen.

Paved with Good Intentions: The Failure of Race Relations in Contemporary America; by Jared Taylor

We signed the Atomic Energy Agreement on 10 July 1991 and six weeks later the Safety Agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency.

The State President had visited 30 countries since 1990. We had opened Embassy Offices in Africa, the Persian Gulf and the Middle East and Far East, or were beginning to do so.

In a meetting at the D’Nyala Game Reserve near Ellisras in 1991 the cabinet met for days on end discussing the issue of a new Constitution.

All sorts of experts spent hours discussing various alternatives with us. It was like attending an academic lecture.

We even worried about local goverment in cities.

People’s War: New Light on the Struggle for South Africa; By Anthea Jeffery
Author of The Truth About the Truth Commission (PDF:379K)
All we had left to decide was how many angels you could fit on the top of a pin.

At one point FW stopped the discussion and asked: “It appears to me that my colleague Pik is bored. Can he please inform us what his thoughts are about how we should confront the upcoming negotiations?”

I was a little surprised, but immediately responded with: “If I was the President, I would phone Mandela and invite him to a meeting at my office. He could bring one assistant, and I would also just bring one assistant.

“Then I would inform him: You know our history. The Afrikaners have been in Africa for longer than 300 years. We have goutht a war with the British, the greatest anti-colonial war ever. We paid a very expensive price.

“But we do admit that we have maintained an oppressive regime against blacks for many years. That is now finally past.

“We are willing to hand over political power peacefully to you and to negotiate thereon, but there are a few aspects which are non-negotiable:

After the Party: Corruption, the ANC and South Africa's Uncertain Future; by Andrew Feinstein

“Our right to live and work in this country and to own property, an independent judiciary, to retain our language, our schools, our universities, our freedom of association, movement, speech and religion.

“This is all a part of our culture heritage which may not be taken from us.

“Our appointments will no longer be done based upon race. Anyone who wants to go to school in Afrikaans can come to our schools, but management of our schools may not be taken from us.”

I added that we also like rubgy and braaivleis, which is part of our culture.

Offer regarding the EU

There was no outspoken support from my colleagues for the short road that I suggested. Some of my colleagues said that the Bill of Rights issues could later be amended.

Die Keiser is Kaal: Waarom Regstellende Aksie Misluk Het; by Dirk Hermann

One thing I need to add: Even if we could have gotten a better negotiation, and I thinnk that we could have done so; the critical question is: how do you guarantee that negotiation against subsequent dilution?

Think about it: If Cope did not come forward and the ANC won 75% of the vote in the last election, then they could easily have sent any Bill of Rights to Hell and back.

A Second thought that I would have liked to take further, was to get agreement that a European Union (EU) Tribunal be established to hear complaints from any South African about any violations against their constitutional rights; including any attempts from the goverment to attack the independence of the judiciary.

The South African goverment would have been obliged to act upon such an EU Tribunal's judgements.

I shared the idea with two European Nations Ambassadors. Their reaction was that it was reasonable, on the condition that apartheid was completely dismantled.

Witchcraft, Power And Politics: Exploring the Occult in the South African Lowveld; By Isak Niehaus, Eliazaar Mohlala, Kally Shokaneo

In survey discussions with ANC members they shook their heads and said that it would dilute the country's sovereignty.

My reaction was that the EU had made a larger contribution to the end of apartheid than any other political organisation; that membership of the United Nations or any other international organisation is also a dilution of any country's sovereignty.

Three quarters of our trade was with European nations.

It was clear however that the ANC would not easily bighting. Irrespective I regret that we did not attempt to draw the EU into further discussion of the issue.

ANC ignores request

Thirdly we agreed that the previously disadvantaged would be justified on affirmative action, but wenever agreed that affirmative action and black economic empowerment would be founded on racial quotas according to demographic numbers. Nor that it would be applied against whites who grew up after the dismantling of apartheid.

Witchcraft, Violence and Democracy in South Africa; By Adam Ashforth

After I spoke at a Solidarity meeting in 2007 saying that there would not have geen a new Constitution, if the ANC had informed us that they would continue with Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment for many years; Rapport published my opinion in a Front Page article on 15 July 2007, with the title “The ANC Lied to Us”.

Former President Thabo Mbeki wrote a letter of eight pages, dated 17 July 2007, and had it delivered by courier to my home, wherein he strongly in very crude language objected to my statement.

I responded to him with a fax of six pages, dated 19 July 2007, stating among others: “You know that we could not have agreed to a process based solely on racial demographic representivity ... You also know that internationally, affirmative action is based on a time frame.”

I suggested that FW, him and I meet to discuss and resolve our differences. FW agreed. Mbeki never responded to my suggestion.

In August 2008 I called FW and said that I am very worried about statements from the ANC about land reform, affirmative action, the judiciary and other issues, which to my meaning were in conflict with the Constitution. This in addition to disgusting service delivery and the total incompetence of crime prevention.

[Will South Africa Survive?] South Africa's Brave New World: The Beloved Country Since the End of Apartheid; By R.W. Johnson

I suggested that he and a couple of us who were directly involved in the negotiations of 1990-1994 get together with the intention of a meeting with the new ANC leaders corps to express and discuss our concerns with them, and to make suggestions about how we could make a contribution to avert impending crisis on the particular issues.

FW agreed. Our team was to be: Davie de Villiers, Roelf Meyer, Leon Wessels, Chris Fismer and myself.

We met in his office in Capetown on 29 August 2008 and subsequent thereto in Chris Fismer's office on 24 September 2008 to discuss our agenda.

FW had already written a letter to Mr. Gwede Mantashe, Secretary General of the ANC, wherein he requested such a meeting with the ANC leadership.

That letter was followed by a subsequent letter on 24 October 2008 and again on 11 November 2008. Furthermore messages were left on the telephone of his secretary to request when we could expect a response to our request.

The Content of Our Character: A New Vision of Race In America, by Shelby Steele

By January 2009 we had still not received any answer and we agreed amongst ourselves that in light of the upcoming election, and the ANC's silence, we would not make any further requests.

As of this date, there has never been any response from the ANC leadership to FW letters.

A New Great Trek

White South Africans and particularly Afrikaners are facing some very serious challenges.

Firstly the difference between “white” and “brown” Afrikaners should dissapear. Luckily that is beginning to happen.

Secondly those who are embittered from the past must be convinced to join us in the new Great Trek that awaits us, namely to convince the nations black goverment that we need each other in order to make our country survive.

It sounds to me that it is a campaign that Breyten Breytenbach had in mind. If so, he has my full support.

And maybe it is a debate that Chris Louw would have wanted to take part in.

» » » » [Beeld (PDF English) (PDF Afrikaans)]

The ANC Lied to Us

Z.B. Du Toit, Rapport (Rough Translation)
14/07/2007 19:43 - (SA)

Pretoria - The ANC goverment is violating the negotiated settlement of 1994 with the manner in which it is currently applying affirmative action, said Mr. Pik Botha, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, who served two years in Former President Nelson Mandela's cabinet.

If the National Party had known that the ANC would implement Affirmative Action in the manner in which they have done, there would never have been any settlement the National Party, said Botha, who voted for the ANC in the last two elections.

Yesterday he did not want to say if he would again vote for the ruling party.
Botha delivered his political bomb on Friday at an event in Centurion where Dr. Dirk Hermann, Deputy Executive Head of Solidarity's book about Affirmative Action was discussed.

In a statement yesterday to Rapport Former President F. W. de Klerk said that the current application of Affirmative Action is inconsistant with the the final agreement that was reached at the Constitutional negotiations.

It was never agreed that people without qualifications should be appoited to positions purely on grounds of race, nor was Affirmative Action to be permanetly implemented, said De Klerk.

De Klerk and Botha's statements can expect to provoke strong reactions from ANC members. Mr. Membathisi Mdladlana, Minister of Labour, stated earlier this year that Affirmative Action would not be dismantled “in a thousand years”.

Botha stated in his statement that in 2000 Afrikaners could still feel comfortable with the ANC's policies.

But these days the ANC is “in the right lane in the wrong direction”.

Radical Honesty: How to Transform Your Life by Telling the Truth; by Brad Blanton, Ph.D.

Botha stated that it is “really absurd” to think that the NP-negotiators would agree to a dispensation where children who were born in the 1980's, could not compete equally for all vacancies, from an equal foundation.

De Klerk said extensive consultation was conducted during the negotiations about the need for some form of affirmative action to help those who were formerly disadvantaged, by unfair discrimination. There was also acceptance that the public sector and public institutions should be more representative of the population as a whole.

“But there was never any question about the fact that people without adequate qualifications must be appointed solely on the basis of their race, or that the
principle of demographic representation must be implemented in the private sector.”

According to Botha the ANC is, like the NP before it, driven by “a fatal obsession”: the NP by apartheid, the ANC by “kwotaimplementation”.

“We never agreed to any discrimination in any form. Discrimination against young white people who had nothing to do with apartheid, was definately not part of the negotiations. Nor discrimination against white, brown or Indian in general.

Botha said that the NP-negotiators had ideas during the negotiation process to repair the backlog and harm caused by apartheid, as a result of the "deep remorse about the injustice of apartheid."

"But we did not agree that the injustices of the past could be compensated by the creation of injustices in the present. Redress under the Constitution could be positively achieved by improving and promoting the welfare of the disadvantaged in all walks of life: education, health, housing and job creation.

The current implementation of affirmative action is in conflict with ex-pres. Mandela perspective that whites and blacks need each other. “It comes down to a rejection of Nelson Mandela's basic philosophy.”

Botha said he wanted to inform the ANC about his opinions.

» » » » [Rapport (PDF Afrikaans) (PDF English)]

AA & BEE Issues in White Refugee Petition:

Petition to Federal Court Justices, Canada
(AA & BEE Excerpts, including, among others):

[4.13] South African Citizens Views on Affirmative Action, and Black Economic Empowerment Laws: A report released by the Helen Suzman Foundation, Who Needs Affirmative Action?, Focus Survey, 19 Sept. 2000, provides evidence of three surveys done, which document that the majority (over 60% of South Africans of all colours, support merit, over AA or BEE):

[4.13.1] A 1994 Post Election Survey on Affirmative Action revealed that 61% of all voters, including 52% of Africans wanted to see appointments made strictly on merit, "even if some people do not make progress as a result".

[4.13.2] A 1996 Survey on Affirmative Action found that only 23% of voters took a hardline position in favour of affirmative action, whereas 54% were clearly opposed believing either that "There should be special training of African/blacks but the best applicants for jobs should be appointed whoever they are," or that "There should be no such policies and jobs must go strictly on merit." A middle group of 22% believed that "preference should be given to African/blacks, but if others are better qualified, they should get the job." Thus 76% regarded merit, not race, as the overriding criterion.

[4.13.3] A June/July 2000 Affirmative Action Survey, found that 22% took a hardline position in favour of affirmative action, while 56% took a hardline position against it, with a middle group declining to 19%.

» » » » [Excerpt: White Refugee Petition: Fed. Crt. Canada]


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newdisgr8 said...

You know its amazing. The other day reading through school and Army web sites I realised how much this white folk have paid. Yes paid to the whimsical stories and Rooigevaar we were dished up. "No we will never give in, we will fight till we overcome this evil" all rings from the seventies.Yet these same clever folk in Parliment capitulated and handed over all that what was gained and worked for in the 300+ years by all.
For these elite folk to come and shout the odds and tell me they will now go and tell so and so they broke this promise and that agreement. BUGGER OFF!!!! We trust you as much as we trust the ANCYL overgrown tantrum puppet. Since 1990 you have watched and let things slide. I had a rude awakening, my leaders of the folk let me down and gee, no white folk has ever stood together. 1910 to 1990 refers and look what our leaders did to Rhodesia. Yet, through thick and thin with lots of noise, the currenty goverment and its alies are showing us how selfish and petty our leaders were. Thanx Mrr. Botha, de Klerk and company, you and your fellow gentleman reached your sell-by date in 1990. My fault, I did not see it coming.

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US Army: Population vs. Resource Scarcity Study Plan
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