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Sunday, February 7, 2010

‘Hunting season on white SA farmers still not finished’ - Het Vrije Volk

Two Dutch websites reported on Farm Attacks in South Africa: (1) The Dutch liberal daily Trouw – which was launched as an underground newspaper fighting against the WWII Nazi occupation of The Netherlands - Afrikaner farmers abandoned:
In South Africa young black men torture and murder approximately one hundred white farmers per year; an average of two farmers a week. Farming Organization Agri SA is raising the alarm. “A security plan for the country is there, but that does not work.”
(2) Het Vrije Volk, a Pim Fortuin / Geert Wilders free speech supporting internet publication, South Africa: Hunting season on white farmers still not finished, which refers to the Trouw article, and adds thereto Mandela's contribution to Farm Attacks, with his song 'Kill the Whites', shortly after his release from prison 20 years ago, which he has never repudiated:
In South Africa an average of two farmers a week are killed. On the walls of one attacked farm, the perpetrators had written on the walls in blood of the victims, “Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer” (Shaya-maBulu in Xhosa), referring to a battle from the time of apartheid. Now it is time to eliminate that song. Can Mandela, a Nobel laureate alongside Arafat, surpass him in sincerity and love of peace?

Afrikaner farmers abandoned

In South Africa young black men torture and murder approximately one hundred white farmers per year

Gineke Mons | Trouw.NL; Translation by Adriana Stuijdt | February 01, 2010

Censorbugbear - The Dutch liberal daily Trouw – which was launched as an underground newspaper fighting against the WWII Nazi occupation of The Netherlands – wrote an amazing article today. Its journalist Gineke Mons actually reported the fact that ‘hundreds of young black males torture to death about 100 white farmers a year in South Africa.’

Their article, headlined “Afrikaner Boers left in the lurch’. describes that two farmers a week are murdered on average and that the Agri-SA farmers’ lobby has rung the alarm-bell, warning that the rural security plan – ( launched in 1999) -- doesn’t work.’

The Gineke Mons article in Trouw describes the trial in Senekal of Petrus Ndaba, 29 and comrade Pule Jacob Mpanyane, 22, suspected of last year’s murders of the elderly farm couple Koos and Retha van Zyl – shot dead with their own shotgun after he had tortured the couple on a meat-hook on January 5 2009.
Van Zyl (63) and his wife Retha (66), a much loved local teacher who had just retired, were ‘slaughtered like animals’ on their farm Poortjie in the Free State. Both were first attacked and cruelly mutilated with a meathook, and then shot dead with their own shotgun, said police. Netcare 911 spokesman Chris Botha described the scene at the time as “absolute carnage’ after paramedics arrived. It was the second farm attack in the Odendaalsrust district that week.
-- Adriana Stuijdt

Ndaba was arrested while fleeing in their daughter Marietjie’s red Chevrolet Avea sedan with a stolen sheep. Sergeant Majang Mosupa of the Free State police said Mrs Van Zyl had apparently gone outside to turn on the electricity generator when she was attacked. It is suspected that the attacker, a former labourer who was fired for stealing from the couple only a day earlier, had apparently turned off the generator off to her outside. Mr Van Zyl, who was frail and very ill, was then attacked in the kitchen with a meathook which slashed open his neck and head, said Mosupa, while Mrs Van Zyl, who had also been attacked several times with the meathook, then was tied up and dragged through the homestead. The couple then both were shot in their chests with a shotgun.

“White farm families and smallholders on the South African ‘platteland’ have been terrorised for years by violent attacks. Farmers union AgriSA, which represents about 90 percent of the 45,000 (?) commercial white farmers, estimates an average of 750 to 800 farm attacks a year during which about 100 people are murdered.

“Some Afrikaner groups refer to this as a ‘white genocide’ but Agri-SA does not want to go that far, claiming instead that farmers and smallholders are ‘soft targets,’ writes Trouw, quoting André Botha, who heads the organisation’s security department, as repeating the same old ANC-saw, namely that: “Farmers live in remote areas and usually have guns, money and cars. Attackers know that it takes a long time on these rural farms before police arrives after an emergency call.’

Trouw quotes the University of Pretoria’s 2008 investigation of 37 convicted farm-murderers, noting that on average, each one of them had carried out an average of 105 violent crimes before they were even caught. And police statistics overall show that from all the reported crimes, only 12 percent ever end up in a conviction.

Trouw quotes Unisa-criminologist Dawie Swart, who says the detective investigations by the SAPS are ‘pathetic. Ever since the takeover by the ANC-government, inexperienced, untrained black people have been appointed in police post and a great deal of expertise, knowledge was lost in this process’.

Trouw also reports about the pre-1994 commando system, when the SAPS worked with local defence-force volunteers who knew the area well. However when the ANC gained hegemony, the commandos cooperation with the SAPS were ended.

“To fill the vacuum, Agri-SA developed an alternative rural security system with the government,’ Trouw reports. “The rural areas were split into sector-policing areas and the police was supposed to be assisted by patrolling police-reservists in each sector. These police-reservists were civilians, often farmers, and were given brief military training and given similar (arrest) authority to the SAPS.”

‘Too many cops not doing their jobs and not being punished for it…’

Botha says the sector-policing plan for rural areas, which was launched in1999, does not function well in many places. “There are too many police officers not doing their jobs, and who are never corrected for not doing their work. The rotten apples don’t get fired. This infects the entire policing system. Agri-SA has been trying to raise this issue with the Police Minister for the past two years but we get no reactions,’ said Botha.

“Farmers and smallholdings feel marginalised because there is no attention for their unsafe situation. And this while the commercial farmers keep the rural areas afloat financially. If they disappear, development in our rural areas will collapse. The commercial farmer is the key to a South Africa with a future, or a country which will glide into a country like Zimbabwe,’ warns Botha.

Trouw ‘s article ends with a quote from a black farmer and neighbour of the murdered Senekal couple, April Modibedi. "We worked together for a long time. He was a good man. Whenever I had lost a sheep, he helped me in the search to find it back again."

» » » » [, Editorial Add's from Censorbug bear; via Die Nuwe Suid Afrika]

South Africa: Hunting season on white farmers still not finished

Het Vrije Volk Editorial | 07 February 2010

In South Africa an average of two farmers a week are killed. On the wall of one farm attack was written in the blood of the victims, "Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer"(Shaya-maBulu in Xhosa), referring to a battle from the time of apartheid. Now it is way beyond time to eliminate that song. Can Mandela surpass his fellow Nobel laureate Arafat in sincerity and love of peace?

The Other Africans are actually Farmers abandoned. In response to the article in Trouw you read that many doubt the official statement by police that the motive could be robbery. Sometimes nothing is even stolen, or the perpetratiors have waited until the victims came home. At facebook who is kept as a victim of the slogan "Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer.

Similarly, in South Africa there are already food shortages threatening many and foods are imported from abroad. If that is true, we will soon not be surprised if South Africa will suffer the same fate as Zimbabwe.

At YouTube is a movie to find Nelson Mandela, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993, where he Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer "(Shaya-maBulu in Xhosa) sings. According to a reaguurder on YouTube, the movie stems from the time that Mandela had just been released and negotiations with the apartheid regime over the end of apartheid and the establishment of democracy had yet to begin.

But even then Mandela now a moral obligation to the song now in no uncertain terms, condemn. Mandela, we should expect more than civilization and moral responsibility of fellow Nobel Prize winner Yasser Arafat, who deceived the world with his hudna of 1993. A little encouragement from Balkenende or Verhagen is certainly enough to ensure that not only Mandela from his comrades Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK) but this song definitely contributes to the grave, right?

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