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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Oom Eugene's Symbolism & ‘White Supremacy’ of Military Honour: ‘Pres. Zuma, Do you Want a Race War?’

Way back in 2002-03, I met an incredible man, in a small town in the Northern Cape. He was my boss, and we would have endless political conversations, after work. He had been in the SADF police, on the Namibian border as a sharpshooter, a member of the Presidential VIP guard who guarded P.W. Botha and a member of the AWB. He was also an assassin for hire, about one of the 14 best assassins in South Africa at the time; so good he was occassionally hired by no less than the Freemasons. He was one of the most interesting and gentlemanly men I have ever met; but he was also someone whom I would never cross. This is a common theme I have found with honourable men; they do not hide who they are, they look you in the eye -- eyeball-to-eyball as Ollie North would call it -- and tell you their opinion, to your face. The only lawyers I have ever come across who value honour, are military lawyers. Honourable men, from what I can gather, live in accordance with the principles of a military code of honour: chivalry.
But if we strip chivalry of its romantic overtones and literary hyperbole, we find a code of conduct that held currency among the military elite of the era. At the core of this code stood an ideal that was certainly not characteristic to the Middle Ages alone: ‘[c]hivalry was often no more, and no less, than the sentiment of honour in its medieval guise.’ Thus to speak of chivalry is to speak of a military code of honour, which already sounds far less archaic. Honour, moreover, has played a key role in military thinking over millenia, so it does not seem out of place to talk about it with reference to modern warfare.

Rain Liivoja. 2010. "Chivalry without a Horse: Military Honour and the Modern Law of Armed Conflict" submitted to the Proceedings of the Estonian National Defence College

Treat them honourably and you would only see their honourable side; but fuck with them, and you would be fucked with, like you had no fucking clue. It was the same with another Assassin friend of mine, who worked for the U.S. Army Special Forces. My African American husband had a sense of honour, a very strong sense of honour; but strangely the only people I have come across in South Africa with a strong sense of honour are former SADF soldiers, and alleged 'racists' or 'white supremacists'.

I never knew Eugene Terre'Blanche, I never met him; but I do know this. I am a woman who values honour, more than two-faced politically correct sycophancy. Because I value honour, I have one standard by which I evaluate everyone's actions, of whatever race, ideology, religion, etc. I do not lower my standard for anyone; because I think everyone is capable of being an honourable person if they want to be. If not that is okay; if someone wants to be some two-faced lying hypocrit, thats okay, but then I will not pretend to them, that I think any different of them.

Now, I was married to an African American man of honour for 13 years, I lived as a single woman in an African American ghetto, for three years, and I spent a year in a New South Africa prison on behalf of poor black Africans; and I have never ever lifted my hand in anger at anyone of any race; and yet, the South African media, academic and political elite, consider me a ‘racist’ and a ‘white supremacist’; for the simple reason that I refuse to lower my standards for black Africans and will honourably to their face inform them of my opinion of them, not behind their back, to their face.

The “Swearnots”: Boer Prisoners of War who refused to sign the oath of allegiance to the King, in Fort Goumdghar, India during the Anglo-Boer War [The Bosmans of South Africa, 1707 - 1965]

You see, according to these alleged ‘non-racists’ (sic) logic, black Africans are uncapable of being honest, ethical, efficient, competent, etc; and so we must pretend to black Africans that they are ‘equal’, and as long as we all play this pretend the black Africans are ‘equal’ game, then the stupid, incompetent black Africans will never know, we don't mean it. Well, I refuse; in the same way my Bosman ancestor ‘Swearnots’ refused to sign allegiance to the King during the Anglo-Boer War; I refuse to lower my standards of what I consider honourable behaviour for black or white Africans. I know more than one African American man capable of honour, I don't think black Africans are not honourable because they are incapable thereof, I think they are not honourable, becuase they are too damn lazy, and because honour is not something they highly value, as something worthy of their pursuit and accomplishment.

But according to most South Africans, excluding a few military men and ‘racists’; because I treat everyone honourably -- i.e. with brutal honesty, not two-faced gatkruiping hypocrisy, to their face, not behind their back -- this makes me an alleged ‘white supremacist’ because now my standards of honour are too high and no black African will ever be able to live upto them, only white men will, so of course I must be a ‘white supremacist’. So, when such kind of two-faced hypocrit people, call someone else, like Eugene Terre'Blanche a ‘white supremacist’; I wonder whether they are calling him a white supremacist, because he had honourable standards, which they personally could not live upto and hence they resented him for his honour; or are they just jumping on some bandwagon of bigotry towards alleged ‘white racists’. So, I don't know if Eugene Terre'Blanche was a real ‘white supremacist’ (whatever that is), or simply a man who was honourable; or who had standards he required of everyone, and those who ran foul of such standards, or fucked with him, got his honourable military response. It is clear many, who have never met him, but only read what the media, who also have not met him, write about him, resent him with a passion, and instead of challenging Oom Eugene to a duel (as ol Malema was recently challenged to a duel (PDF), which he was too much of a coward to turn upto (PDF)) and resolving their disagreement or resentment in an honourable manner, they go around and spread lables like ‘white supremacist’ and so on. Can anyone who accuses Oom Eugene of being a ‘white supremacist’ please define what they mean by ‘white supremacist’; because we've all been told that ‘Kill the Boere’, doesn't mean ‘Kill the Boere’; right? We've all been told the ANC's ‘struggle’ was a ‘just war’ (for those who think that terrorising an entire population by means of necklacing is ‘just’; one can only wonder what their definition and description of ‘white supremacist’ is; anyone who thinks ‘necklacing’ is barbaric? That makes me a ‘white supremacist’ in less than one second's decision-making). Can anyone remember Gandhi or Martin Luther King's followers singing ‘Kill the Pommies’ or ‘Kill the KKK’, or necklacing anyone who disagreed so as to terrorise an entire population to join a fake ‘liberation struggle’ out of fear?

Which brings me to my former AWB assassin friend's really interesting story, which reminds me of another Easter Weekend Assassination, a few years ago, where documents given to the Mail and Guardian showed new evidence in Hani death plot, beyond the Right wing led right into the heart of the ANC (PDF):
SECRET Military Intelligence reports warning of Chris Hani's impending assassination have raised the startling possibility of a wider plot to kill the popular South African Communist Party leader before the 1994 elections.

The Mail & Guardian is in possession of two documents, at least one which appears certain to have been delivered to the old South African Defence Force's Department of Military Intelligence (MI) before the assassination. Julie Wilken, long-time girlfriend of MI agent Eugene Riley, says in a sworn statement that she typed the documents, which Riley had composed for his MI handlers. She has passed a lie-detector test on the contents of her affidavit. Riley died of a single gunshot wound to his head on January 31 1994. His death remains a mystery.

The documents raise the question why MI, pre-warned, had done nothing to prevent Hani's death. More surprisingly, they claim an unidentified group of African National Congress operatives had a hand in Hani's death.

According to my former AWB assassin friend:
During the Apartheid years I was approached three times by three different groups with a very specific job. The job was to assassinate Nelson Mandela who was then being held on Robben Island. One of the groups who put out the job for Mandela's assassination is going to surprise you and many others.

Who was it?
The PFP.

The old Progressive Federal Party? You've got to be kidding.
No, I am not kidding, and yes the Progressive Federal Party. They seemed to hope that if Mandela was assassinated that there would be a backlash against the NATS, and that the PFP would then get into power.

What happened?
Well I turned down the job, and I imagine so did the others who were approached with it, if they were. I don't mean to be arrogant, but there aren't many covert agents in South Africa of my calibre. There are about fourteen of us and we all know each other, we keep in discreet contact as we need to, and we also share information about jobs that are being offered and so on.

Why did you turn down the job?
Neither I, nor they thought that assassinating Mandela would have benefited humanity in South Africa, and that's why I turned it down.

So one of South Africa's top assassins, and a subsequent member of the AWB was offered allot of money to assassinate Mandela and his response was: ‘Thanks, but No Thanks!’ And this is what we are informed is the behaviour of a ‘white supremacist’. Hmmm. Weird logic; but then lack of critical thinking does sometimes result in wierd logic. Such as: ‘Kill Boere’ is a ‘cultural legacy’! Huh? Excuse me? Are we allowed to ask whether ‘Kill Boere’ is how the ANC conduct ‘reconciliation’? Is it their ‘Truth and Reconcilation’ cultural equivalent to ‘donating sperm to an unwilling recipient’ ‘cultural dating’? Or would that be a ‘white supremacist’ question?

The ANC must Stop Malema's 'Kill the Boere' or the AWB will be forced to act in Defence of Defenceless Farmers, Women & Children, warned ET three weeks ago

2010-04-04 22:21
Neels Jackson, Beeld

In memory of a man that paid for his sins , reconcilled with his enemies and had a heart of gold...To a man that looked after his tribe just like any man with strong morals would. RIP Eugene you were our leader of the 20th and 21st century.[The views of someone who knew Oom Eugene]

Just over three weeks before his death, Eugène Terre'Blanche warned Beeld that if the ANC don't act to silence Malema's ‘Kill the Boere’, the AWB would have to.

On the morning of March 11, Terre'Blanche phoned Beeld to inform them of a Press Release about Malema's 'Kill the Boere' issue. This was a result of Malema's alleged struggle song to 'Kill the Boere'.

The AWB did not have e-mail or fax services readily available and Terre'Blanche handed the phone to one of his colleagues to dictate the following statement:
"During an emergency meeting of the executive council of the AWB a decision was made that unless Malema is not repudiated by the highest authorities in the ANC, the AWB would consider Malema's 'Kill the Boere' statements as a declaration of war against the white man.

"In this stage we have more civilian farmers, women and children citizens under ANC rule, who have been murdered as civilian citizens under ANC rule, than there were soldiers who were slain during the three year war against the might of Britain.

"The ANC and its lapdog, Julius Malema, must now accept that the AWB will not be able to stop the violence that will result, should Malema not be silenced in singing Kill the Boere.

As leader of the AWB I declare with contempt that the ANC goverment's so-called youth under Malema have indeed declared war against defenceless Boer women and vulnerable children.

The new commandostructure that the AWB is currently deploying, will indeed consider Malema and his blatant and irresponsible statements as the highest priority on its upcoming executive-board meeting."

Then Terre'Blanche himself spoke a few more sentences, wherein he stated about Malema that “Either the ANC leaders silence him, or we will have to act.”

In regards to a question as to what such action would entail, Terre'Blanche just said, “Then the executive board (of the AWB) will have to decided what to do.”

» » » » [Beeld (Afrikaans)]

ANC Youth Leader: South Africa Will Seize White-Owned Farms

04 April 2010
Peta Thornycroft | Johannesburg, Voice of America

The controversial youth leader of South Africa's African National Congress has praised Zimbabwe's program for taking over thousands of white-owned farms, and says his country will follow the example. Comments were made at a rally organized by President Robert Mugabe's ZANU-PF party in Zimbabwe.

ANC Youth Wing leader Julius Malema told a few hundred ZANU-PF youth members the South African party would follow Zimbabwe's lead, and soon take over white farms in South Africa.

Speaking Saturday at a small Harare stadium, he said Zimbabwe had led the "fight over land" and encouraged Zimbabweans to also take over white and foreign-owned companies.

Mulema was in Zimbabwe at the invitation of ZANU-PF Indigenization Minister Saviour Kasukuwere, who has decreed that black Zimbabweans must own 51 percent of all Zimbabwean companies.

Regulations to support the indigenous legislation were published earlier this year, but Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) trade and industry legislator Welshman Ncube said they had not gone through due parliamentary process and must be re-done.

Malema said people must "embrace indigenization."

He said ZANU-PF and the ANC "fought together in the trenches" for liberation and must continue to fight against what he called Western imperialism.

Malema said he would not be meeting the MDC, the other main partner in the power-sharing government that won the 2008 elections. He said this was because it had not taken part in the 1970s anti-colonial war. The Movement for Democratic Change was formed in 1999.

ZANU-PF accuses the MDC of being a product of Western imperialism.

Malema seized on this theme at the rally.

"We are aware of the imperialists and, in particular, of the West giving them money to take liberation movements out of power," he said. "They are doing that with the ANC in South Africa. They are doing that with all progressive forces in Africa. You are not alone. Your struggle is our struggle."

Malema surprised some ZANU-PF members when he told them not to engage in violence during elections. Hundreds of MDC supporters have been killed and tens of thousands injured since the MDC fought its first election in 2000.

"This rumor that you are using violence in Zimbabwe, is going to make ZANU [PF] lose elections," he added. "You must engage ideologically. This is an ideological warfare. We must be prepared to change the minds of our people and educate them to understand where do we want to take this country to, not through violence."

Malema told ZANU-PF youth members he would continue singing the ANC struggle song, "Kill the Boer," or the white farmer, even if it meant being sent to jail. A South African court last week banned the controversial song.

He sang the song at the rally and a few ZANU-PF members struggled to sing along in Malema's Zulu home language.

» » » » [Voice of America]

Malema lauds Bob, says SA will copy Zim's land seizures

Apr 4, 2010 7:41 AM
By Sunday Times

Right of Return to Europe; for African White Refugees @ Facebook

ANC Youth League President Julius Malema yesterday endorsed Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe's economic policies - and threatened to import them to South Africa and to nationalise white-owned farms and mines.

In a fiery speech at a netball complex in Harare's Mbare township, Malema told a cheering 2000-strong crowd of Zanu-PF youths that, after his visit to Zimbabwe he was going to intensify his campaign for the confiscation of farms and mines in South Africa.

"In SA we are just starting. Here in Zimbabwe you are already very far. The land question has been addressed. We are very happy that today you can account for more than 300000 new farmers against the 4000 who used to dominate agriculture. We hear you are now going straight to the mines. That's what we are going to be doing in South Africa," Malema said amid cheers.

"We want the mines. They have been exploiting our minerals for a long time. Now it's our turn to also enjoy from these minerals. They are so bright, they are colourful, we refer to them as white people, maybe their colour came as a result of exploiting our minerals and perhaps if some of us can get opportunities in these minerals we can develop some nice colour like them."

Only five months ago, Malema said Mugabe should go - but yesterday he endorsed the Zimbabwean ruler, whose government has killed thousands of those opposed to Zanu-PF rule and overseen the destruction of the economy through land seizures.

Malema meets Mugabe tomorrow for talks before returning home. Today, he will visit farms and mines in a move calculated to fuel his campaign for nationalisation in South Africa.

Malema - who was introduced at the rally as a "young revolutionary icon" - said Mugabe was a hero in the mould of former Cuban leader Fidel Castro and his successor, brother Raul, because he was "not afraid of imperialists".

He also paid tribute to South African President Jacob Zuma, former president Nelson Mandela and Mandela's former wife Winnie - while lambasting Zimbabwean Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, whom he described as an ally of "imperialists".

The youth league leader's attack on Tsvangirai could compromise Zuma's mediation efforts in continuing talks between Mugabe and Tsvangirai on a unity government.

"We salute President Mugabe for standing firm against imperialists. The reason why they want him to go is because he has started attending to real issues," Malema said.

"To them he can stay in power for 100 years as long as he doesn't talk about the economy and addressing real issues."

In November, Malema said Mugabe must go. "He must step down - we need a new president in Zim," he said at the time.

"Zanu-PF is not the problem, the problem is the old man who is refusing to leave power," Malema said.

"And I don't know why the youth of that country are not taking him on."

However, yesterday Malema said that Mugabe was a hero.

He said Mugabe and Zuma, together with the ANC and Zanu-PF, had fought in the "trenches' together against colonial regimes and shared a common history with Swapo in Namibia, Frelimo in Mozambique and the MPLA in Angola.

He claimed western countries wanted to destroy Zanu-PF - and then deal with the ANC and other liberation movements to put surrogate parties in power, in order to retain control of resources.

Shifting attention to his homeland, Malema said SA was in desperate need of across-the-board transformation and fundamental reform, because the economy and even the judiciary and media were still "white-controlled".

He said "white males" were dominating those areas and were even banning the "singing of liberation struggle songs".

That, he said, showed democracy was too qualified in South Africa.

Malema said the ANC would not stop singing the "ayesab'amagwala, dubul' ibhunu" (Shoot the Boer) song, despite a court ruling against it and were prepared to go to jail for it.

"The judiciary is still controlled by white males who are refusing to change.

"The economy is still controlled by white males who are refusing to change and the media is also still controlled by white males who are refusing to change," Malema said.

"We can no longer sing liberation songs in South Africa because we will be arrested for undermining the courts. Now we have to go to Zimbabwe, Mozambique and other countries, like we did during exile days, to sing liberation struggle songs."

"We will never retreat. If it means singing this song leads straight into jail, we are prepared to go there. They can never tell which song we must sing!"

Yesterday morning Malema visited Zimbabwe's North Korean-built Heroes Acre, a burial ground for liberation struggle fighters, and a bombed house in Avondale suburb where ANC exiles lived.

He denounced political violence and claimed Zanu-PF would win free and fair elections if they were held in Zimbabwe.

He said Zimbabwe must defy sanctions like Cuba and "stand firm".

He then launched a withering attack on the media, saying they could write what they wanted, and that he did not care. He said Zanu-PF youths should not care about what the media said.

"You, the youths of Zanu-PF, must defend the gains of the revolution. You must be focused. You must be militant, radical and resolute," Malema said.

"We don't care about what the imperialist media write. They can write what they want.

"We are not products of the media, but of the struggle.

"So let them write what they want to write. We don't need a London newspaper to tell us who Mugabe is," said Malema.

"We don't need the so-called independent media to tell us who Zuma is. We know them."

Malema chanted Mugabe's and Zuma's names repeatedly during his rousing address, and closed by singing Dubul' ibhunu and Awuleth' umshini wami, to hysterical cheers.

» » » » [Sunday Times]
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Eugene Terre'Blanche and the symbolism of war

Maandag, 05 April 2010 01:58
Dan Roodt, PRAAG

As anyone who took history at school learnt, the assassination of Archbiship Franz Ferdinand of Sarajevo on 28 June 1914 led directly to the First World War. The Murder of AWB leader is at a particularly sensitive moment in South Africa's history, on the eve of the Soccer World Cup and must be seen in a very serious light.

There following elements are of importance:
  • Julius Malema has been speaking of indiginization, i.e. the expulsion of white farmers from their farms, as done in Zimbabwe

  • Malema's current visit to Zimbabwe where he is being supported by ZANU-PF for anti-white and anti-Afrikaner action in South Africa

  • A secret airport which according to reports in British newspapers -- probably based on observations by British intelligence -- is being built in the diamond area of Marange, whose sole purpose would be to receive weapons from China. Unlike some time ago when a ship loaded with Chinese weapons was refused entry to South African ports, Mugabe's army now possesses a specialized airport purely for this purpose.

  • Statements that 'struggle songs' which refer to the genocide of farmers and which incite violence against whites, should be considered as the ANC's 'cultural heritage'

  • The murder of Eugene Terre'Blanche. Apparently the two blacks had only been working for him for three weeks before they decided to viciously murder him, about an alleged wage dispute; which indicates a possible assassination motive.

If one counts aforementioned elements, they equal five. The overall scenario sketched by these facts amounts to plausibility of the following reality.

The murder of Terre'Blanche is simbolic in nature and was necessary to stir the nation into a state of turmoil and racial polarisation, so that South Africa's "uhuru" can begin. Malema has just consulted with Zimbabwe for military support of the Zimbabwean army in the goal of fighting South African farmers for their farms. The arms arriving from China will be used to arm a large number of Zimbabweans and black South Africans with the goal of robbing white farmers of their property. Even cities may be attacked.

During the deweaponising process of the past few years, the ANC ensured that white weapon owners were intimidated to hand in their weapons. Large number of people are now defenceless against the next phase of whatever the "national democratic revolution" entails.

The murders of three AWB men which occurred in Bophutswana in 1994 by a local black policeman was a key moment in the psychological war that was then fed to the Afrikaner, to demonstrate the Afrikaners alleged powerlessness before the emerging black power. The unwillingness of the former generals and South African army to suppress the first phase of the revolution by force was the reason that a few lost AWB's were the only one's to provide any resistance to the "liberation movement" total takover of the country and its resources.

But let us not get stuck on the endless strategic mistakes of the past and rather focus on what we should do.

The Afrikaner must realize that he is facing the biggest challenge since 1899 when the British attacked resulting in the Anglo-Boer War. In a real sence it is about the Third War, which for all practical purposes has already begun, because the 'crime attacks' we are seeing is recognized everywhere else in Africa as a form of warfare. The African does not like a strong opponent and prefers to attack weak and soft targets -- women, children, the aged who sleep and can be caught off guard. That Eugene Terre'Blanche was found on his bed, leads many to conclude that he was sleeping during the attack.

We arrive on the even of a very uncertain period during which the current violence will continue and at any time may drastically escalate to full-scale civil war, race war, genocide or any of the versions of the collection of conflicts which have raged in Africa south of the Sahara since 1950. We are, except for handguns and hunting rifles, largely unarmed. The ANC controls the automatic weapons, and the panser school in Bloemfontein from which the whole country can be attacked.

Together with its Zimbawean ally who can provide him with additional weapons and ammunition, including logistics, the table is layed for the ANC to finally exterminate the Afrikaner farmer from his land, and to wage a reign of terror in the cities, because once the countries farms are occupied, why stop there, if you can also occupy the city homes?

Abroad, we certainly cannot expect any help, although it looks as if Britain is busy -- much too late -- realizing the grotesqueness of their mistake in supporting the radical revolutions in Zimbabwe and South Africa. Not only did Britain open the door to China, to take over in Africa, but he created enemies in the form of both ZANU-PF and the ANC. Although Britain, as well as the United States under Obama, will sit with folded hands while we are being exterminated, they are likely to see for the first time in years in the AFrikaner a possible counter force in Southern Africa, which can resist the revolutionary anarchy of Zimbabwe.

The ordinary Afrikaner will have to be alerted to the existential crisis we are in, of the thunderclouds massing together from the airport in Marange to our homes, farms.

When the last foreign tourist from the SoccerWorld Cup climbs on the plane, uhuru will most likely start. We don't have much time.

What must be especially avoided, is uncoordinated actions by emotional overcharged individuals. We do not want to see another incident like that which occurred to the AWB in Bophutatswana. We will have to legally organize ourselves into a civilian defense force, with legal weapons and ammunition that we currently have.

During the second world war a small country of Finland stood standing against the mighty Russian Red Army, merely through the effective use of sharpshooters and hunters. Umkhonto we Sizwe and ZANU-PF may currently be better armed than we are, thanks to their takeover of the Defence Force and the incoming Chinese weapons, but we can fight a defensive war on our own land, our own farms and our own suburban streets.

I have full confidence in the Afrikaner's organizational abilities and eventually all wars are fought and won, on grounds of their organization abilities.

As the old military maxim states: The uninitiated talk strategy while the experienced discuss logistics.

The moment we withdraw from the state and especially the municipalities, the state will spontaneously collapse.

Only a strong state can have a strong army. It does not matter how many Chinese weapons come in via Zimbabwe; once the war begins in all earnest, we shall gain the upper hand.

We have nothing to fear more than the current violence, to which we are already exposed. Let the ANC and its ZANU-PF ally precipitate their war. We are not yet ready for them, but I'm sure within a few weeks or months we could organize ourselves to such an extent that any Western occupying army would find us easy pickings; what to say the emotionally charged, but highly unorganized hordes of the liberation movements.

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An Open Letter To Jacob Zuma: ‘Sir, do you want a Race War?’

Jan Lamprecht, Author of Goverment by Deception, and Owner of African Crisis website

I think we should stop pussy-footing around over the issue of ANC race-baiting which has been going on now for months. Julius Malema, as the head of the ANC Youth League has been stirring up race hatred and inciting racial hatred against whites for months now. Now he wants to sing “Kill the Boer” songs despite court orders against this and the ANC Govt is rushing to defend this in court. Julius Malema is constantly slandering and attacking white people and inciting racial hatred towards them, in public. Then he claims that white people want to kill him – a claim which I think is also fraudulent actually.

Let me state a few simple facts:

  1. We Whites in South Africa have NOT been plotting any kind of war against the Govt.
  2. We Whites have NOT been accumulating arms or ammunition.
  3. We Whites have NOT been building bombs, carrying out terror operations nor engaging in assassination.
  4. We Whites have NOT been engaging in any race hatred nor race hate speech nor singing songs about killing black people.
  5. We Whites have NOT been carrying out any strikes nor burning nor breaking any property.

We Whites HAVE been going about our business quietly. We have been paying our taxes and been law-abiding citizens.

We have noticed that:
  1. Julius Malema, the head of the ANC Youth League has singularly, for months on end, been making the most racist statements imaginable which have been spread in the mass media.
  2. Julius Malema has not been taken to task by the ANC.
  3. Julius Malema has in fact been defended by the ANC who are willing to go to court so that he can sing in public rallies, the song: “Kill the Boer”.
  4. Julius Malema has been defended in person by President Jacob Zuma who has told us that Malema is being groomed to be a future President.
  5. Julius Malema at this time is on official business, sent to Zimbabwe to speak to Robert Mugabe and to the ZANU PF Youth League. He has gone there on the instruction of our Govt. He is openly speaking and saying that in South Africa the White Farmland is to be seized using the same methods as were used in Zimbabwe in 2000.

During all this time of Julius Malema’s actions, the ANC has in its official capacity supported him and so has our President Jacob Zuma. Zuma has openly defended his actions in speeches.

So here is my message to President Jacob Zuma:

If you desire a racial war against us White people, and against the Afrikaners in particular, then let’s not play games any more – just come out and say you want to go to war against us. If you have been making clandestine preparations for our genocide and for a series of moves that will lead to our genocide, then so be it.

We do not have any arms or armies, except those personal firearms which we have been licensed to use, and if you wish to have a war against us, to exterminate us completely, then we will fight with what little we have right here, right now. Just tell us when you want the war, and we will meet you whereever it is that you wish to fight us.

Julius Malema is your agent. He works for you. If you do not shut him up with IMMEDIATE EFFECT, we will regard this as a CLANDESTINE DECLARATION OF RACIAL WAR AND INTENT TO GENOCIDE AGAINST US BY YOU.

Thank you,
Jan Lamprecht.
South African Citizen.
Owner of: AfricanCrisis website.

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FLEUR-DE-LIS HUMINT :: F(x) Population Growth x F(x) Declining Resources = F(x) Resource Wars

KaffirLilyRiddle: F(x)population x F(x)consumption = END:CIV
Human Farming: Story of Your Enslavement (13:10)
Unified Quest is the Army Chief of Staff's future study plan designed to examine issues critical to current and future force development... - as the world population grows, increased global competition for affordable finite resources, notably energy and rare earth materials, could fuel regional conflict. - water is the new oil. scarcity will confront regions at an accelerated pace in this decade.
US Army: Population vs. Resource Scarcity Study Plan
Human Farming Management: Fake Left v. Right (02:09)
ARMY STRATEGY FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: Office of Dep. Asst. of the Army Environment, Safety and Occupational Health: Richard Murphy, Asst for Sustainability, 24 October 2006
2006: US Army Strategy for Environment
CIA & Pentagon: Overpopulation & Resource Wars [01] [02]
Peak NNR: Scarcity: Humanity’s Last Chapter: A Comprehensive Analysis of Nonrenewable Natural Resource (NNR) Scarcity’s Consequences, by Chris Clugston
Peak Non-Renewable Resources = END:CIV Scarcity Future
Race 2 Save Planet :: END:CIV Resist of Die (01:42) [Full]
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