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Friday, June 11, 2010

'A Gift for Obama: Whites return to power in South Africa' - Avigdor Eskin

by Andrea Muhrrteyn
11 June 2010

Avigdor Eskin was born in the Soviet Union, and emigrated to Israel where he became more politically active. He currently commutes between Israel and Russia:

He became famous in 1995, when he allegedly laid a curse, known as the Pulsa diNura death curse on Prime Minister Yitzak Rabin, in response to the Oslo Accords.

The Oslo Accords were considered a fake treaty / ongoing milestone (depending on whether you value sincere treaty's or pretend one's) between the Palestinians (PLO) and Israel, regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict. It was -- as diplomatic lying politicians always promise -- intended to resolve the 'final status issues' between Palestinians and Israelis.

The Pulsa diNura is an alleged curse that allegedly 'works' within 30 days, and by fateful synchronicity Mr. Rabin was assasinated 32 days later, by Yigal Amir. Consequently Mr. Eskin was charged with incitement, convicted and served a four month prison term. (Interesting that President Zuma's recent curse against ANC members warning them not to leave the ANC, did not seem to bother anyone in the ANC.)
An alleged former colleague from Moscow describes him as:
"I remember him from Moscow. Anatoly Eskin. He is a ger like you. In Moscow he had a class in Tehillim. His grandfather was Jewish. He was very active in Moscow. Left to Israel in 1979 where he became very close to Meir Kahane. He mastered Ivrit and became an accomplished and prolific journalist with a significant readership. He was always consistently far right and has been in the Israeli prison at least two times that I know of. Among other things he gave regular interviews to a Russian Jewish radio station in NY from prison!

"A lot of people respect him. I remember he was ideologically uncompromising rather than crazy.

Ideologically uncompromising! Now that is something the ideologically compromising find extremely offensive! No wonder he isn't liked by some.

Eskin writes frequent articles in Russian, on Isreal and geopolitics. Further below is his Gift to President Obama article, which deals with the recent Guardian articles about Israel and Apartheid relationship, the Goldstone report, which interesting has been described by NGO Monitor as:

Goldstone Report: 575 pages of NGO “cut and paste”

Goldstone’s press conference in New York and the report’s recommendations constitute another step in the Durban Strategy, crystallized at the 2001 NGO Forum, using the language of human rights and international law as weapons in the political war to isolate and demonize Israel, and restrict legitimate responses to terror.

In Rozanne Meyer's Youtube interview of Mr. Eskin (further below), one of the questions she asks is: Does Mr. Eskin have a message for President Zuma?

Mr. Eskin suggests that President Zuma and the ANC should ask forgiveness to the people of South Africa. He says that Former President Mandela is a very sad man today, with many doubts. He looks around and sees what is happening with the ANC, with the country, and asks himself is this what he fought for? Corruption and Death? Mr. Eskin suggests the ANC Goverment should be honest, say we tried, we made a mistake and we failed; and they should ask the people of South Africa for forgiveness. They should go to church, repent and ask for forgiveness. This is what he thinks is the best message for the goverment of the ANC. And the merciful amongst us will forgive.

In the Ubuntu Brief of First Amicus Curiae application filed before the Constitutional Court, in Citizen vs. McBride, regarding the interpretation of the among others 'amnesty' in the Promotion of National Unity and Reconciliation Act; First Amicus alledges among others that the entire TRC is socio-legally and politically illegitimate, for many reasons, but one of them, being lack of clear defintions of key concepts:
E: Socio-Legal-Political Illegitimacy of TRC Social Contract? (PDF)

Did the Truth and Reconciliation Commission investigate and establish as complete a picture as possible of the nature, root causes and ideological, cultural and racial motives for the political violence of the ‘Crime of Apartheid’?

Definitions: Fundamental Concepts Not Defined

The TRC were clearly very conscious of the importance of definitions, and how vague definitions can be used as a form of legal oppression. In the TRC Report they repeatedly accuse the Apartheid government of maintaining its alleged legal oppressive regime, by means of definitions that are vague and ambiguous[16]. It went to great length to clarify its definitions for the various terms of gross violations of human rights, and how apartheid was allegedly a crime against humanity[17].

But nowhere in the TRC SOCIAL CONTRACT --- nowhere, not under definitions, nowhere could I find any definition for: the abstract concepts of ubuntu, reconciliation, closure, amnesty, dignity, national unity.

Although ‘amnesty’, ‘ubuntu’, ‘reconciliation’, ‘closure’, ‘dignity’ and ‘national unity’ among others are fundamentally important, the bedrock of the TRC SOCIAL CONTRACT, the Acts do not provide a definition of these fundamentally socially, culturally, religiously, psychologically, racially and politically important terms; which have multiple different meanings for different cultures, psychological doctrines, social practices, religious ideologies. What we find is that none
of the TRC SOCIAL CONTRACT documents define the abstract concepts of ‘ubuntu’,
‘reconciliation’, ‘closure’, ‘amnesty’, ‘dignity’, ‘national unity’? NO DEFINITIONS WHATSOEVER!


First Amicus suggests that each racial and/or cultural etc. tribe of South Africa be invited to provide the Constitutional Court to submit their official tribes definitions for these words; so that all the tribes can be crystal clear what every other tribe means by the concept of 'forgiveness'. Because the concept of forgiveness has a different meaning to the following religious tribes: Christianity, Black Liberation Theology, Ubuntu Animist, Radical Honesty Futilitarian. So it is imperitive that everyone is clear about what everyone else means not only by these concepts, but by amnesty, national unity, reconciliation, etc. It is fundamentally imperative that key abstract concepts in any legal document be clearly defined, so that they can be clearly interpreted and everyone can know exactly what they mean. It is rather strange that the Archbishop was so concerned about Apartheids vague definitions which could be used as a form of legal oppression, but he appears less concerned about the lack of key definitions for key terms of the 'TRC social contract' that he was partially responsible for.

Andrea Muhrrteyn is the White Refugee nom-de-plume for Lara Johnstone, the applicant in the aformentioned Constitutional Court In Forma Pauperis Amicus Curiae matter.

'A Gift for Obama: Whites return to power in South Africa' - Avigdor Eskin

Avigdor Eskin (translated by Google)

Avigdor Eskin: Jews must support Afrikaner freedom fighters

Recently the British newspaper The Guardian published a document attesting to the extremely close relationship between Israel and South Africa since the early seventies until the establishment there of the black regime in 1994. This article was the response of the international community on Israel's attempts to undermine the credibility of the notorious "report Goldstouna. 'This former judge from South Africa, distinguished himself very politically incorrect decisions early in his career, when the country had a system of separate development - apartheid. Flurry of information about his judicial tricks began with the Israeli newspapers. Less than a month, as was the reply of the "world behind the scenes" to Israel: Book of a Polyakov-Suranskogo telling about Israel's alliance with South Africa.

In interviews after the publication of "The Guardian" Polyakov-Suransky not conceal his intentions, shelmuya Israel for its "duplicity". Say, were themselves the closest partner in South Africa, and now publishes documents showing how Goldstoun curry favor with the authorities, taking judicial decisions racist. Surface verification of identity Polyakov-Suranskogo shows that he is the chief editor of the official mouthpiece of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Liberal International is a cosmopolitan attacks on Israel from its very heavy artillery.

It is sad that the official Israeli response was unconvincing, and ashamed of rebuttal. It is both immoral, ineffective and short-sighted. Is unsuitable to be ashamed of the most loyal and trusted allies. Unwise to deny the facts, corroborated by the audited documents. Especially when you know that there are many more such documents. In addition, a sober look at what is happening in South Africa today suggests that there is hope for a return to power of our friends in the foreseeable future.

So I want to back the publication of "The Guardian" that knows me and has not been published until now. In early 1968, Israel, visited the head of South African intelligence Hendrik Van Der Berg. Meeting with Shimon Peres took place in a small Tel Aviv restaurant. The negotiations were successful, but the guest was a little surprised when Perez got up and said solemnly: "As long as you are alive, and I promise you that our countries are such a close relationship, which does not exist among the other allies." I was told this in 1988, General van der Berg, when I was his guest on a farm near Pretoria. He also told me about how the Air Force in South Africa were in a state of alert during the "Operation Entebbe". The level of trust between Israel and South Africa have in fact reached the then unprecedented levels.

I had the opportunity to help the South African government to protect its interests in the U.S. and Europe since 1984 and until the advent to power of Mandela. I bear witness that the degree of decency South African Boers did not know the similarity in the world. I came to him then, through their contacts with American conservatives to help South Africa to confront the Communist expansion. As you recall, the Cuban "volunteers" when annoyed with the territory of Angola, and the terrorists of the African National Congress were graduates of the Institute of Patrice Lumumba and similar institutions. At least study the situation in South Africa, I am increasingly amazed at the falsity of the international media and the absolute truth of Afrikaners in their freedom-loving position. Also astonished the full support of Israel at all levels of white society.

This is not about sentimental yudofilstve, but the profound sense of justice and a living connection with the biblical teaching. It will be recalled that during the Second World War, when America refused to let Jewish refugees, spreading suspicion of pro-Communist sentiments, even in children, South Africa opened the gates to fleeing from the gas chambers. This did not prevent Afrikaners continue to fight against Britain for full independence. It so happened that the full separatist Afrikaners gained in 1948, and it also makes them with Israel.

Rapprochement between the two countries began after the Six Day War, and assumed the character of a true alliance between the two countries have been victims of defamation and aggression by the communist and the liberal world. But it is the American and European pressure led to a dramatic change in South Africa, the results of which have reached staggering proportions.

I foresee a question: how did apartheid? I give the answer: we do not specify the Boers, how to govern, but if you look at the origins of our morality and take a look at African realities, then we come to the conclusion that our friends have created a highly sophisticated model of society.

If someone wants to learn the traditional Jewish view on the race issue, then let them open the ninth chapter of Genesis and read about the paradigm of the historical fate of the descendants of Ham. These provisions are reinforced in the Talmud. They are particularly bright documented in the collection of midrash "Meam Loaiza. To refine the recall: Rabbi Yehuda Halevi in the very beginning of his book "Kuzari" wrote that a nigger is "lack of natural ability, and a human face and the ability to sayings from them - essentially a shortage." No less sharp and a great Maimonides (Rambam), who at the beginning of the 51st chapter in the third part of his work "around the misguided" writes: "As for blacks, living in the south and in our area, I consider them to be irrational creatures. They are not at the human level, and below it, but above the level of a monkey, because its appearance have human form and have higher mental abilities than a monkey. " Interestingly, in Hebrew numerology name President Obama gives 48, as the name Ham.

Apartheid was not practiced slavery, but in fact to create optimal conditions for the development of blacks. Therefore, blacks from Angola, Zimbabwe and Mozambique cut down millions in South Africa, where there is "rampant apartheid". It is noteworthy that none of the blacks did not occur to escape from South Africa to the north. But today South Africa has ceased to be an attractive place. The latest annual statistics on the thirty-five thousand victims of crime in South Africa takes first place in the world for this kind of bloodshed. However, we emphasize that more than three thousand white farmers were brutally murdered Negro criminals in recent years. Those of you who say that crime is no race. But criminals have a race, like their victims ...

Apartheid has emerged as a humane embodiment of the ideas of the ninth chapter of the first books of the Bible. We recall that the Afrikaners are not enslaved one hundred years ago, and mastered the empty territory. Negros began to settle near the whites in search of work and a better life. Afrikaner became a magnet for the Zulu and other inhabitants of the African continent. Looks like we have seen in North America, in Australia. But there the white settlers did not help local residents, and destroyed them, and herded into reservations. Afrikaner is not prepared to see in Negroes equal, but their biblical foundations did not allow them to behave in the likeness of white Americans and Australians.

Enlightened liberal world is condemning apartheid inequalities for blacks. And we now do not believe that equality is necessary and morally. Where are more interested in human life itself. So, in 1948 the average life expectancy "of African-South African" was approaching 38 years, and by the end of apartheid has reached 64 years. Infant mortality fell from 174 to 55 per thousand births.

Avigdor Eskin on South Africa, interviewed by Rozanne Meyer:
* Is SA facing form of ethnic cleansing?
* Can SA future be different if we eradicate racism?
* Message to the people of SA as a nation?
* Message to the SA Gov., or to pres. Zuma himself?

Now more about the value of human life. From 1948 to 1994 Richter Steady 21.000 victims of violence. It is noteworthy that 14.000 of them are in the period 1990-1994. Ninety-two percent were killed in mezhnegrityanskih showdown. And in clashes with the police "apartheid regime" died for all these years, 518 people. This includes the riots at Soweto and other black mob attacks on soldiers and police.

Now compare this with the appalling number 35.000 deaths per year, most of which negros. Total from 1994 to 2010, owing to different types of violence in South Africa killed 174.220 people. Now compare the situation of blacks in South Africa during the apartheid era with the real situation of the citizens of any Negro countries today. Whatever criteria we might use, will have to admit that blacks lived in South Africa under apartheid, better than under the yoke of any of the black dictators on the African continent. The traditional Jewish view of blacks is not least bit racist, but realistic and entirely appropriate benefit themselves as descendants of Ham.

But I must admit that we are much more concerned about the fate of our white friends in South Africa. Moreover, Israel is not indifferent to developments south of the African continent. The open hostility of Washington dictate to Israel the need to find alternative partners. Natural resources of South Africa can be subtracted after coming to power, Mandela and his team.

Remember how Martin Luther King thrilled the whole world in his speech «I have a dream»? And now we dream of that came true visionary words of drills early twentieth century, Nicholas Van Rensburga how Afrikaners are losing power, and then enter into an unequal fight and win. I think this development should be delighted that not only we in Israel. I am sure that such changes would have been like and many inhabitants of the Kremlin. But are they realistic? Five million whites against the forty-odd millions of blacks.

Yes, those numbers sound like a death sentence, but a deeper consideration of the situation we found that about a third of the sons of Ham in South Africa are infected with AIDS. Number spidonostsev growing. It is particularly high among men, blacks. It is not just about the demographic factor. The disease is demoralizing and corrupting their last human foundations. If you look at the problem of AIDS, coupled with crime, it is difficult to imagine that you can avoid the explosion of violence in the country. In this situation, the white remains if not the most cohesive, the well-prepared team.

For fifteen years I have watched the proceedings in South Africa with the pain and despair. But in recent months begun to arrive signals that the Boers are awakened. Like a hundred years ago. Then Jabotinsky said that if it were not for his work on settling the Land of Israel, then went to fight alongside the Boers. So we are today. But to help them - the case of good and honor. But not only. I'd like to present Barack Hussein Obama surprise: the return of white power in South Africa.

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