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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Georgia Minister for Diaspora Affairs invites all SA white farmers -– 41,000 families -- to become Georgian Citizen Farmers

Exodus of thousands of white South African farmers could be near.

Council of Conservative Citizens
Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

White farmers in South Africa are the most target populations for racially motivated violence in the world. 3,000 farmers and their family members have been murdered by blacks.

The ANC has been seizing their land to give away to it’s black supporters. Farmland already confiscated now lies in ruins. New black farmers produce little, if anything, of the confiscated lands. Now the ANC is working on plans to seize another 30% of white owned farmland.

Facing violent genocide, and state sponsored persecution, plans for a mass exodus to the Republic of Georgia are in the works.

White farmers were driven out of several other African nations, which confiscated their lands. Each time, economic collapse and starvation followed. In Zimbabwe, a few thousand white farmers fed the entire nation with enough left over for exporting. The were forcibly expelled. Today the farms lie in ruins, with all of the modern machinery rusting away. Zimbabwe is in a perpetual state of mass starvation and relies on foreign aid and charity from white nations to survive.


On October 9, 2010 Georgian TV news program aired a detailed report about plans for the resettlement of white farmers of South Africa to Georgia. This program has become in fact an official announcement about the project.

In addition to interviews with the Boers and reportage from South Africa, the program shows Boers visiting Georgia and the signing in late August 2010 of a memorandum of cooperation between the Georgian government and the Organization of the farmers of South Africa, uniting 41,000 Afrikaner families, approx. 150 thousand people.

Plans are not only real but are already under implementation.
Speaking on Georgian TV, the representative of white farmers said that the South African government is forcing white farmers give away 30% of their land to the blacks. But black farmers do not produce anything and do not want to produce.

And so, Georgia made an offer to the white farmers. Minister of Diaspora Affairs of Georgia and the South African farmers’ organization have signed a memorandum at the end of August 2010. It’s main point is to offer Transvaal farmers to move and transfer their agricultural businesses to Georgia.

Minister for Diaspora Affairs says that Georgia is ready to receive all the white farmers of South Africa – 41,000 families (about 150 thousand people), give them land for free and simplify obtaining all the necessary documents.

It is assumed that, like at home, the Boers in Georgia will be engaged in wine production and animal husbandry. The first farmer from South Africa, William De Klerk had already received Georgian citizenship.

“The idea of the Georgian government to bring the farmers here is very good. They can contribute a lot to Georgia. The situation in South Africa is getting worse every day. If Georgia will guarantee the personal safety of Boer farmers and their property, then this initiative will have great success “- says De Klerk.

The head of the organization of Transvaal farmers: “Every farmer must decide whether or not he will go to Georgia. Here (in South Africa) our main problem is the security. Since the black majority came to the government, more than 3000 farmers have been murdered. Often even the police takes part in the attacks. We do not know if we will have any land left. We have great experience and we are well known on the international market. ”

Just six weeks after the signing of the memorandum, in early October, the delegation of Transvaal farmers arrived in Georgia. The delegation inspected in detail the proposed land and met with officials, acquainted with the general situation in Georgia. The Interior Minister Vano Merabishvili personally told them about the situation in the country and demonstrated the effectiveness of the Georgian police. Farmers received personal number plates as a gift from the minister and got issued Georgian international driving licenses in 10 minutes. In South Africa, this process takes 3 months. The Boers also had a rugby match with a team of Georgian officials, but special attention was paid to the viticulture – in fact the main occupation of the farmers, along with livestock, is wine making, they produce the world famous South African wines. The Boers took part in rtveli (traditional grape harvest) in Kakheti and learned about Saperavi – a unique Georgian red wine grape of late maturing, from which famous wine of the same name is made. The delegation recorded in detail the entire trip, video footage will be shown to all members of farmers’ associations (41 thousand families) in South Africa, who will see and hear what their representatives saw Georgia.

» » » » [CoCC, via SA: Future Uncertain]

TAU SA fact-finding mission to Georgia pleasantly surprised

Written by Bennie van Zyl, TAU
Friday, 08 October 2010

Boers are Welcome in Georgia
The fact-finding mission of TAU SA, which visited Georgia at the request of Georgia's government to look to what extend Georgia can be helped to get their agriculture on a commercial basis, was pleasantly surprised with the experience during the visit. The most notable experience was the obvious negative signs socialism caused to their country. Their government is very positive to restore the country on the path of growth. The positive signs hereof was observed right across the country.

The delegation agreed that Georgia as a country is in process to position themselves as a competitive country where corruption and crime has been extinguished. The civil service is functioning at a level that will be surpassed very difficultly by any other country in the world .

During the visit approximately 12 interviews were broadcasted daily on their national TV and radio. The group was daily accompanied by members of the cabinet and discussions were held with the president's wife, several ministers and governors.

After the tour, the members of the TAU SA delegation, each in its own right, consented to an amount of money on behalf of TAU SA as a contribution for the establishment of the Georgia / TAU SA Agricultural Research Farm. At a news conference at the end of the tour it was once again confirmed by the Georgian government that all relations with South African farmers will be established through the official canals of TAU SA. It was also suggested that TAU SA would facilitate three agricultural experts on a contract basis to make them available on an advisory committee to serve along with several of their ministries including the ministries of agriculture and diaspora. TAU SA will form part of this advisory committee. More information will soon be launched.

Several aspects are in the process of being finished and once finalized, a detailed report will be prepared. All possibilities in e.g. investment or involvement there will be revealed in this report and will be made available to press as soon as available.

Statement issued by Bennie van Zyl, General Manager TAU SA, October 7 2010

» » » » [SA Reporter ]


Adriaan said...

This is all very promising..but what about the Boer people not actually farming? Im studying Computer Science and will have many skills when i finish but ive got nowhere to use my skills..

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Hi Adriaan,

Well we are working on a big petition to all EU countries. It is a 'Volkstaat' or 'Jus Sanguinis Right of Return to Europe' Petition, with Briefing Paper. The Briefing paper is almost finished draft stage, you can view latest draft here: So, with lots of work and many people pitching in their committed support.. perhaps we can organize ourselves either a volkstaat, or our return back to europe.

So, pitch in! ;-)

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