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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Flying Scotsman Petition to EU: Boycott Corrupt FIFA: Demand an Immediate External, International and Independent Investigation into FIFA’s Books!

Sent: Thu 6/2/2011 12:19 PM
To: President EU Parliament; All EU MEP's; Roland Buechel, Swiss MP
Subject: EU Pres. Buzek: Flying Scotsman Petition for EU to Boycott Corrupt FIFA

Jerzy Buzek
President of the European Parliament
Rue Wiertz 60
1047 Brussels, Belgium

CC: Andrew Jennings, Transparency in Sport; Soccerlens; Football Editor: The Guardian; Jens Weinreich.

Dear President Buzek & all EU MEP's

Please find attached:

Flying Scotsman Petition for EU to Boycott Corrupt FIFA: Demand an Immediate External, International and Independent Investigation into FIFA’s Books!

"We are not speaking about sport; we are speaking about corruption; and politics can't be kept out of that. After decades of corruption, we need now an external, an international and an independent investigation into the FIFA books." - Roland Buchel, Swiss MP; FIFA’s Dirty Secrets

“Fifa does make the Mafia look quite amateur in that respect; they are the Enron's of Sport” – Andrew Jennings, Transparency in Sport


Lara Johnstone
Radical Honesty SA
Flying Scotsman from Boycott 2010 World Cup

Radical Honesty SA to Pres. of EU Parliament: Jerzy Buzek

Flying Scotsman Petition for EU to Boycott Corrupt FIFA, Demand an Immediate External, International and Independent Investigation into FIFA’s Books!

"We are not speaking about sport; we are speaking about corruption; and politics can't be kept out of that. After decades of corruption, we need now an external, an international and an independent investigation into the FIFA books." - Roland Buchel, Swiss MP; FIFA’s Dirty Secrets

“It is just indefensible. It is indefensible; and its an insult to taxpayers in this country. These are the demands; you sign up here or otherwise your bid will be regarded as deficient. They have the audacity to seek to instruct the Parliament that they’ll dance to the FIFA tune.” -- Lord Corbett; FIFA’s Dirty Secrets

"Logic has to be suspended. Normal standards of honesty and integrity have to be suspended. We have to go in on our knees to accept FIFA dictates, crawl on our bellies to get them to give us the World Cup…. I understand why people want the World Cup; We invented Football; why shouldn’t we have the World Cup Finals, but I can’t help feeling it would be a better role for England to actually be insisting on the Reform of FIFA, making FIFA transparent, making FIFA accountable. … Far more important than anything else in World Football; is to get a FIFA that is clean; and we don't have that at the moment." - David Mellor, Chairman Football Task Force, 1997-1999; FIFA’s Dirty Secrets

31 May 2011

Dear President Buzek,

Radical Honesty writes from South Africa who hosted 2010 FIFA World Cup of Bribery; where Boycott 2010 World Cup (, and Flying Scotsman ( dissenting voices to FIFA corruption were threatened, smeared and vilified. Radical Honesty SA herewith applauds the courage of those who give their voices and actions in support of the honourable sportsmanship ideals preached and practiced by the Flying Scotsman: Eric Liddle.

Radical Honesty SA endorse Prince William (Prince William backs vote delay), English Football Association, Prime Minister Cameron; call for Transparent FIFA elections; all ignored by FIFA. Radical Honesty SA call on European Parliamentary Officials to Boycott FIFA Corruption of Football, until there is an External, International and Independent nvestigation into FIFA’s books!

To do so before FIFA’s rotting corruption carcass taints your legal and political processes to such a degree; your citizens believe – you - their politicians have handed their governments over to Sepp Blatter’s FIFA corruptocracy dictatorship of lies, bribery and vote-rigging.

FIFA Corruption of Countries Political and Legal Processes:

[1] BBC Panorama – FIFA’s Dirty Secrets [01/02] [02/02]
[1] BBC Panorama – FIFA’s Dirty Secrets (Pt 1) (Pt 2)

[2] Zug Swiss Prosecutor: ‘Senior Fifa Officials Involved in Largest Bribery Scandal in Olympic History’: Kanton Zug: Statement from the Zug prosecutor's office (German)

[3] Andrew Jennings: Transparency in Sport. Mr. Jennings is the author of: FOUL: THE SECRET WORLD OF FIFA: BRIBES, VOTE RIGGING AND TICKET SCANDALS. He is also the only reporter who is banned from FIFA Dictators Sepp Blatters’ Press Conferences, so as to avoid having to answer Mr. Jennings Transparency in Sport questions.

[4] Transparency in Sport: The Documents that FIFA doesn’t want Fans to Read: Countries bidding for the World Cup were instructed by FIFA to make sometimes illegal promises – and not to tell their own parliaments and people.
One of the most shocking episodes during the England bid to host the World Cup occurred more than a year ago.

In secret the Labour Government, with the agreement of the opposition Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties, agreed to grant FIFA an astonishing list of concessions in return for the right to bid to stage the tournament.
Attempts to obtain these Government Guarantees were rejected by the Treasury and by the Department of Culture, Media & Sport. FIFA had instructed they must be kept secret – and the British Government bowed to Herr Blatter’s demands. Requests by British citizens under Freedom of Information were refused.


Every nation bidding to host 2018 or 2022 was given the same Government Guarantees by FIFA and ordered to sign them. Herr Blatter also made clear that any failure to submit to his detailed demands could lead to bids being disqualified.

Below is a selection of confidential documents - plus some of the booster material generated by the English FA. Then, some academic studies of how the public are sold events like the World Cup by sports officials who stand to earn very large fees if the bid wins.

Football fans who unquestioningly backed World Cup bids might find the attacks on our laws and taxes by Herr Blatter, aided by English officials, enlightening. These documents might also interest students of mega-events.

[5] Transparency in Sport articles including among many others:
  1. Blatter and the Serial Murderer: Blatter’s pal Charles Taylor, former Liberian President and monster, is testifying currently at his human rights abuse trial in The Hague. Will Blatter send him a ‘Good luck’ message? We’ve found this print – and more - in a long-forgotten African archive.

  2. Is Fifa and Organized Crime Family?: Blatter’s ‘football family’ ticks all the boxes that define organised crime. Their rackets are well-known – and crucially, they also have official protection from prosecution.

  3. Did Blatter’s Mob Friends Fix 2018 for Russia?: We warned two years ago about Blatter and the Russian Mafia. The media watchdog who didn’t bark.

  4. The Bagman and Fifa’s Bosses: Meet Jean-Marie Weber, aka ‘The Bagman'. For 20 years he delivered millions of dollars in bribes to FIFA’s most senior officials. In return they gave his company billion-dollar contracts. Andrew Jennings was the only English reporter to attend the 2008 trial in Switzerland where The Bagman was questioned about who got kickbacks. Havelange and Blatter were named. Additionally, FIFA was fined by the judges for misleading the court.

  5. Billionaire Lowy hires another Bagman: Is Oz 18/22 now ‘The Dirty Bid?’: Frank Lowy’s secret weapon to bring the World Cup to Australia. Germany’s ‘Mr Fixit’ Fedor Radmann, veteran of previous dodgy bids, is never far from scandal, conflicts of interest, confidential payments to ‘Trust accounts’ of powerful football officials . . . and suitcases of the folding stuff.

  6. We Name the 2010 World Cup Winners: In Afrikaans and English, posh and tabloid, popular anger grows at how their country is being screwed. The press are using Freedom of Information to dig out contracts that were signed in secret. Cartoonists attack Blatter for corruption and exploiting their country. Columnists mourn FIFA’s greedy grip on their country.

[6] Other ISL ‘Senior Fifa Officials Involved in Largest Bribery Scandal in Olympic History’ articles:
  1. Play the Game: Play the Game Knowledge Bank articles on the ISL case
  2. Telegraph: The £66m 'bribe' shadow hanging over Fifa
  3. Der Spiegel: The World Cup of Bribery: Intn'l Soccer Tarnished by Corruption Case
  4. Telegraph.UK: FIFA bribery case closed but questions remain.

[7] FIFA Corruption in South Africa 2010 World Cup: ISS 2010 World Cup Report: Player & Referree: includes, among others:
  1. How Fifa Corruption Empowers Global Capital
  2. Soccer City: What it Says about the Murky World of Government Tenders
  3. Public loss, FIFA’s gain: How Cape Town got its ‘white elephant’

Political & Legal Consequences of Citizens Ignorance of FIFA Corruption:

Foul!: The Secret World of FIFA: Bribes, Vote Rigging and Ticket Scandals, by Andrew Jennings

Swedish citizen and Football fan Mr. Ashok Hindocha is totally and utterly clueless about FIFA corruption, and furthermore firmly believes that the reason South Africa won the 2010 World Cup and England lost the 2014 World Cup is because South Africa has a superior legal system to England.

Mr. Hindocha believes the South Africa and International ‘Anti-Apartheid’ media when they refer to South Africa as the alleged Rainbow Nation committed to ‘Truth and Reconciliation’. Censored from South African and International Anti-Apartheid media is that alleged ‘Truth and Reconciliation’ South Africa have banned and censored the Radical Honesty culture from its courts and public discourse. The Radical Honesty culture’s crime is that it is the only culture in the world that practices 100% transparency, brutal Truth-Telling and a commitment to Sincere Forgiveness, as the foundation for its social contract. (See: Court Cases: CCT 23-10; CCT 06-11; EQ SG 07-10, Complaint to ICC).

Blatter’s Fifa and Mandela’s South Africa have no love for transparency in sport and politics!

Radical Honesty SA Application to City of Westminster Court to Proceed as an Amicus Curiae in South Africa v. Shrien Dewani (Excerpts Founding Affidavit):
[17] Anni Dewani (born Hindocha), 28, was murdered when the taxi she and her husband (Defendant) were in was hijacked as it drove through, Gugulethu, a township in Cape Town on November 13, 2010.

[18] The murder made world headlines: Honeymoon horror: Newlywed Briton's wife is killed after armed robbers hijack them in taxi, Ian Evans, DailyMail.UK, 15th November 2010; Honeymoon horror makes world news, November 15 2010 at 09:30am, SAPA/IOL)

[19] Four African SA’s have been arrested in connection with the murder – one sentenced to 18 years in prison. SAPS insist the killing was ‘masterminded’ by the Dewani, the defendant.

[20] Defendant: Mr Dewani, 31, from Bristol, was allowed to return to England by the South African Police, who declared he was not a suspect; who subsequently changed their mind. Dewani was arrested and granted bail by this court, and is awaiting an extradition hearing. Dewani denies any involvement, and those speaking in his defence say he is being used as a scapegoat to protect South Africa’s tourism industry.

[25] The murdered woman’s uncle, Mr. Ashok Hindocha wants Mr. Dewani to stand trial in South Africa; because he believes that South Africa’s justice system is more fair, more competent, than Britains. This belief of his is founded upon the fact that FIFA awarded the 2010 World Cup to South Africa and not Britain. Mr. Hindocha had no knowledge whatsoever of the work of investigative reporter, Andrew Jennings exposing the corruption of FIFA, how South Africa was awarded the world cup, as a result of staggering bribery and corruption; nor of the Zug Swiss Prosecutor’s disclosure that ‘Senior Fifa Officials were Involved in Largest Bribery Scandal in Olympic History’; released in the middle of the 2010 World Cup.

“Fifa does make the Mafia look quite amateur in that respect; they are the Enron's of Sport” – Andrew Jennings, Transparency in Sport


Lara Johnstone
Radical Honesty SA
Flying Scotsman from Boycott 2010 World Cup

» » » » [Flying Scotsman Boycott Corrupt FIFA EU Petition (PDF)]

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