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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Secede to Survive: Vlaams Belang Declares Flemish Independence!

“The wild stallion of revolution: either mount it successfully or get kicked to death making the effort.” - Sebastian Ronin, Chairman, Renaissance Vanguard International: RE: BBC article: Greek state starting to lose grip on functions of state:
“And I will repeat the point about hostility to the media: it's not a problem for me and my colleagues to be hounded off demos as “representatives of big capital”, “Zionists”, “scum and police informers” etc. But to get this reaction from almost every demographic - from balaclava kids to pensioners - should be a warning sign to the policymaking elite. The “mainstream” - whether it's the media, politicians or business people - is beginning to seem illegitimate to large numbers of people.

As one old bloke put it to me, when I said: “Don't you want us to report what's happening to you?” - “No.”

He was quite calm and rational as he waved his hand in my face: “It's too late for that.”

Vlaams Belang Declares Flemish Independence!

15 June 2011
Morley Patriot Blog

Our Flemish friends in the Vlaams Belang marked the first anniversary of the last general election in the non-country formally known as Belgium with an interesting and provocative activity in Brussels yesterday.

Since then elections of last year Belgium has not had a government, leading the Flemish patriots to declare Flemish Independence and unveil some new street signs accordingly.

The police were co-operative at first, but went on to arrest a number of people, including Filip Dewinter.

Amusingly, Europenews describes an 'impressive sprint' away from the police achieved by party board member Tanguy Veys, who managed to unveil another sign before being apprehended.

Is Flanders really heading for independence? Considering the fact that the squabbling career-politicians from the various poltical parties from Wallonia and Flanders have now gone a whole year without being able to form a government, such an outcome really cannot be ruled out completely.

Check out the short vid below, which, along with the above photos, I nabbed from the Vlaams Belang website.

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Handcuffs and Jackboots Await an Independent Flanders

14 June 2011
Gates of Vienna | Vlad Tepes | Europe News

Long-time readers will remember a notorious incident on September 11th, 2007, in Schuman Square in Brussels. On that occasion, leaders of the Flemish independence party Vlaams Belang were assaulted, knocked to the ground, surrounded by jack-booted police, handcuffed, and taken away to jail.

Their crime? Peacefully protesting the Islamization of Flanders.

The jackboots, handcuffs, and paddy wagons were back in force again today in Brussels, almost four years later. This time the leaders of Vlaams Belang were chased down and arrested for putting up street signs declaring an independent Flanders.

The article below is from Svenska Dagbladet. Many thanks to Reinhard of ICLA for the translation:
The entire party leadership and about twenty elected politicians belonging to the Flemish right wing extremist and separatist party Vlaams belang were arrested by Belgian police Tuesday, as they declared Flemish independence and renamed the street outside the house of parliament "Flemish Indepedence Street".

The stunt had been announced on the one year anniversary of Belgium's last national election. Since the 13th of June last year the country has been without a government, since the parties have been unable to decide on who would form a government or which direction a coalition government consisting of the winners in the different parts of the country should take.

Two road signs on the street Rue de la Loi ("Street of the Law") outside the building where the caretaker prime minister Yves Leterme sits, Leterme himself being Flemish, were covered and replaced by the sign "Vlaamse onhanfhankelijkheidsstraat" ("Flemish Independence Street") and "Republiek Vlaanderenstraat" (Flemish Republic's Street").
Police allowed the well-known party member Filip Dewinter uncover the first sign and hold a speech where he declared that Belgium is more bankrupt than ever, and that the only solution was an independent Flanders. When the group tried to move down the street the police went between them. In the chaos that followed about twenty party members and tre persons on the party board were arrested, including Dewinter.

The party board member Tanguy Veys eluded the police by an impressive sprint, and had time to unveil another sign on a side street before he was engulfed by the crowds in the street. The arrested were later released.

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The Manifesto of the Vlaams Belang

The Flemish Republic is published by the Flemish Independence Party Vlaams Belang. Friends of Flemish Independence (FFI) is operated by the Vlaams Belang.

The Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest) is the political mouthpiece of the Flemish Movement as it has developed through time. The party voices the demands of the Flemish Movement on the political scene. (i.e. self government, abolition of 'facilities', return of lost territories, never-again war, amnesty.)

The Vlaams Belang is a party of Flemish patriots. (In the Anglosaxon semantic context, "Flemish nationalism" in the continental-European semantic context). It is an instrument for the advancement of the national and cultural identity of Flanders. Through its political initiatives the Vlaams Belang aims to ensure that the organisation and government of the state are (co-)determined by the need to preserve the cultural identity and the national interests of the Flemish people. The state is but a structure. In accordance with the principle of selfdetermination the state exists to serve the people. The state should serve the people, not the other way round.

The Vlaams Belang is a "nationalist party of the right" (In the continental-European semantic context, as opposed to the collectivist, etatist "left". In an Anglosaxon context the term "conservative" would be used, as opposed to "liberal"). Indeed, we recognise man as a free agent, with all his human qualities and flaws, and we reject ideologies that presuppose the "makeability" of mankind and that advocate social engineering. Tradition, virtues and morality, as these have grown through time, must be respected and are constitutive elements of the society of the future.


1. Flemish Independence
The Vlaams Belang strives for the secession of Flanders from the artificial Belgian state. Our aim is to dissolve Belgium and establish an independent Flemish state. This state will be sovereign over the Dutch-speaking territory of Belgium and will include Brussels, which is the capital of Flanders but will have a separate linguistic status.

2. The Netherlands and the Dutch Language

Language is a constitutive element of a people's cultural identity. The Vlaams Belang defends the interests of the Dutch-speaking people wherever this is necessary, particularly along the linguistic border and in the international institutions. The party will encourage Flanders to cooperate as closely as possible with the Netherlands and with Southern Flanders (the Dutch-speaking municipalities in the North of France).

3. Europe

The cooperation of the European nations within a shared civilization and culture provides a historic opportunity for peace, stability and prosperity. However, we adopt a restrained and critical attitude towards the European Union with its bureaucracy and tendency to meddle where the sovereignty of the people should prevail. The Vlaams Belang also believes that the territory of the European Union should not extend beyond the boundaries of Europe.

4. Reverse the Erroneous Multicultural Policies

Inspired by its concern to defend and protect the cultural identity of the Flemish people, the Vlaams Belang rejects the tenets of the multicultural ideology.

It must be made clear to aliens and immigrants in Flanders that they are expected to comply with our laws, and also to adapt to our values and morality, to our habits and to important traditional principles of European civilization, such as the separation of church and state, democracy, freedom of speech and the equal status of men and women.

For those aliens and immigrants who reject, ignore or contest the above, a policy of repatriation will be implemented, through appropriate legislation regulating political asylum, nationality, security and expulsion. Illegal and criminal aliens must be repatriated. Voting rights are reserved for citizens.

Values and morality

1. Freedom
Human beings are free persons. The Vlaams Belang is dedicated to protecting the individual from abuse of power by the state. The party defends the freedom of speech, as the first and most important principle in the democratic organisation of society. Other principles include - among others - the right of free assemblage and association, freedom of education, freedom of conscience and the right to life. The right of ownership and free enterprise - which constitute the foundation for economic development, employment and prosperity - are inherent freedoms of our society.

In its political activities the Vlaams Belang will respect, as a minimum, the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms of 4 November 1950 and the related protocols which apply in Belgium. The party will ensure that itself, its various components and elected delegates also observe the right to self-determination of nations.

2. Law and Order
Volkstaat!!: Registreer om te stem Volksraad Verkiesing Kommissie (VVK) [01/02]
The authorities must respect the rights of every citizen and guarantee law and order. The Vlaams Belang believes that democracy and the rule of law are the best safeguards for personal freedom.

Security, and the curtailment of crime, are essential to society. The authorities of a state must guarantee security for all its citizens. The criminal's personal responsibility must be recognized and appreciated as a cause of insecurity. For the Vlaams Belang a tough line on crime and zero tolerance are central to government, and the judiciary and the prison system must cooperate in this.

3. Subsidiarity and a Policy for the Common Good

Society should be organized according to the principle of subsidiarity. What can be done efficiently at a lower level of society must not be relegated to a distant, anonymous and unaccountable authority.

Government and the authorities should act with utmost restraint and reticence at all times. Bearing this in mind, the Vlaams Belang is in favour of the lowest possible level of taxation and against the dissipation of public money. The party also rejects politically inspired educational reforms.

Politics (and also this party) is never a goal in itself, but a means to advance the public interest. The Vlaams Belang favours a sound vision on the duties of government. These include a greater focus on the essentials (such as the maintenance of law and order), the active reduction of redundant structures and excessive legislation, the fight against corruption and bureaucracy, and respect for the separation of powers.

4. Solidarity

Netherlands: Battle of Jus Sanguinis (Right of Blood) River Campaign: (08:09)
A humane society is not made up of isolated individuals. Free persons are rooted in the framework of their people and their culture. Solidarity is the interaction between the individual and the smaller and larger communities of which he is a part.

A strong foundation for solidarity is provided by the community of citizens united by their cultural identity or shared history and civilization. The care provided by families and their social entourage for the weak in general, and the handicapped and the sick in particular, is thus supported and complemented.

In a healthy society the excesses of the "rat race society" must be curbed. In this, the government plays a carefully considered role, bearing in mind the subsidiarity principle.

All generations participate fully in society.

5. The Family

The traditional family is at the heart of a humane society. Its merit is acknowledged and safeguarded in the marriage between a man and a woman. Policymakers should recognize the central role of families with children in society. Their task is to protect the family instead of attempting to usurp its functions. This is the only approach which can provide solutions for the urgent problem of the birth dearth.

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