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Monday, July 11, 2011

Charlène: Monaco's Jus Sanguinis Brood Sow Prisoner

Charlène: la prisonnière de Monaco

VSD n°1767 (du 7 au 12 juillet 2011)
VSD, France (Google Translate)

Contrary to what the Monaco palace said the princess did try to flee the principality. Even better, she was caught trying to flee, and apprehended by the French police.

Once upon a time there was a South African swimmer who realized her dream. She would be married to His Serene Highness Albert II of Monaco. On July 2, such was the appearance: an immaculate dress, already sovereign with her train of five meters long. Charlene Wittstock, 33, swore eternal fidelity to the love of her life. After ten years of patiently waiting for her prince, this blonde beauty entered the Grimaldi dynasty in tears. Before their marvelling subjects, the two exchanged their vows. But it almost didn't happen. VSD unveils the (silk) on the fairy tale, and reveals dog-eared pages.

Tuesday, June 28 was the last storm on the Rock. The website of the magazine L'Express published a bombshell: the princess tried to flee the principality ten days earlier. Having made a discovery about the life of her fiancé, the lovely Charlene decided to cancel everything and slip away. Panic at J-3 of the festivities. Immediately, the royal family "categorically denies these false allegations" and began a large publicity campaign. The same afternoon, the couple visited Jean Michel Jarre in rehearsal. The smiles were a facade.

VSD is able to say that the future princess tried to flee about ten days ago. The "running away" has been confirmed by a high dignitary of Monaco; including several French police and military sources. And for good reason, it is indeed the French police who intervened to lend a hand to the representatives of Monaco and prevent Charlene from bolting.

On that day, shaken, she entered the bar of a grand hotel in Monaco before eventually hitting the road to the Nice airport. There are no direct flight to South Africa, and we do not know where she went. Senior officials from the police vehemently deny, but according to our information, the Palace monitor police stations and airports.

Then, using his contacts, the principality traced her through his police and air customs contacts, to the plane in which she was about to take off. She was apprehended. Stuck, she was persuaded to return back to Monaco.

One thing to remember in this case: it seems that France is prepared to provide many resources to boost its friends on the Rock. As for the revelation that so upset the bride, it remains a mystery.

Simple argument, new child hidden unborn, already 3 years old, or both, repeated infidelities: everyone has their own gossip. The reputation of seducer and the two illegitimate children of Prince Albert do the rest. In Monaco, rumor is the national sport. The versions differ but they show one thing: Charlene is unfortunate.

If the former high-level sportswoman has cracked, it's not because of pressure from the wedding preparations. It is because she realized she was a hostage of the Rock, which is usiing the wedding to give a facelift and new public relations image to the principality.

For it is no longer the fire and paradise dream of the jet set. Albert does not have the charisma of his father and is struggling to put on the costume of head of state since his inauguration in 2005.

"And Charlene will give a legitimate heir. This is the reason for this particular marriage, ironically' says Prof. Geneviève, a friend of Albert I in high school. "Once the dynastic succession is assured, people can regain their freedom. Divorce is a tradition in the Grimaldi family."

"Prior to her producing an hear, there is no question of letting slip the ideal bride. Happy youth in South Africa, careful education by a loving family, swimming champion, discreet and charming, Charlene is perfect.

"Before attending Monaco, she already loved the humanitarian and contemporary art," says says. Is that what Albert saw in her green eyes at their first meeting? In 2000, Prince handed her the gold medal at the International Swimming Meeting of Monaco. Thunderbolt struck.

In reality, the heir to the Grimaldi, twenty years her senior, took five years to conquer the siren. The relationship was formalized at the Turin Olympics in 2006, and four years later the engagement. No more jogging and nature.

Prisoner of Monaco, the bride is now. It is impossible not to note his eyes roaming and the frozen smiles.

"I saw her jumping in," said Catherine, a waitress at the Cafe de Paris. "I have not felt like a woman very blossomed." Beyond the sacrifices she had to accomplish to resolve to be worthy of the Rock (as to convert to Catholicism the state religion); it is the Life in Monaco which weighs on her the most. She has no friends there, resents the omnipresent bodyguards and lack of anonymity.

"It's hard to bear it all for a young woman who was not born in there," says Sophie, a bookseller at the Fnac in Monte Carlo. Charlene is constantly petrified she will make a formal or dress faux pas. She has been criticized enough.

In high places, they mocks its projects: the fight against trafficking in ivory and the creation of a local fashion week.

Albert would most definitely have imposed a draconian marriage contract under the separate property. Each of the bills your credit card is peeled.

It does not always command the French of Albert and friends have a knack for speaking in his presence. And when he receives compliments, they are always tinged with nostalgia: the shadow of Grace Kelly is everywhere.

In the heart of Monaco, so attached to his memory. In the eyes of Albert, very close to his mother.

Read the full article in VSD No. 1767 (from 7 to 12 July 2011)

» » » » [VSD]

Charlene to produce heir before divorce

2011-07-11 11:57, Channel 24

Paris - Princess Charlene could leave husband Prince Albert once she has his child, reports TimesLive.

According to TimesLive, a news magazine in Paris, VSD, quoted a source as saying the royal couple would end their relationship once Princess Charlene provides a legitimate heir to the Monaco throne.

Another source told the news magazine (Charlene: The Prisoner of Monaco): "Once the succession of the dynasty is assured, each of them can be free again. Divorce is a tradition in the Grimaldi family."

These rumours are just the latest in a number of reports that suggest the royal couple's marriage is anything but blissful.

While in South Africa last week, Charlene and Albert reportedly stayed in different hotels and declined to kiss for the cameras while attending events.

Princess Charlene attended a charity event in Cape Town on Friday where she was named co-patron of the Giving Organisation along with Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu.

She and Albert then cut their stay in South Africa short and flew back to Monaco on Friday to attend to "urgent business".

» » » » [Channel 24]

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