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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Norwegian Supreme Court Response to Norway v. Breivik/Berwick: Application | Response to RVI: Pakistan: Arif Hasan Akhundzada

From: Ruud, Kjersti [*****] On Behalf Of HRET (postmottak)
Sent: Wednesday, September 21, 2011 9:13 AM
To: Lara Johnstone
Subject: VS: Norway v. Breivik/Berwick: Application to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Norway

Dear Ms Johnstone,

Reference is made to your e-mail of 26 July 2011 regarding the above-mentioned matter.

Please be advised that the Supreme Court of Norway only handles appeals against judgments given by the lower courts. The Supreme Court can consequently not deal with the issues mentioned in your e-mail.

Yours sincerely,

Gunnar Bergby


From: Lara [mailto:****]
Sent: Wednesday, September 21, 2011 1:01 PM
To: HRET postmottak; ****; ****'; ***; ***;
Cc: Norway Embassy; ****
Subject: RE: Norway v. Breivik/Berwick: Application to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Norway

Ms. Gunnar Bergby,

Acknowledged as received. Should I also conclude that the Chief Justice has sweet fuck all concern that Mr. Breivik's attorney is not acting in the best interests of a free and fair trial for Mr. Breivik? Mr. Lippestad is fully aware and cognisant of the political necessity defence, yet pretends he is fucking clueless about it, condemning the actions of his client in the media.

Perhaps Mr. Breivik is the only Norwegian with a spine; sure seems like it. The rest of you appear to be a bunch of gutless jellyfish; just waiting to be conquered by Islam. But if that is your choice, by all means go ahead.


Lara Johnstone

From: Lara []
Sent: Wednesday, September 21, 2011 6:31 PM
To: Sebastian Ronin; Ambreesh Mishra; Arif Hasan Akhundzada; Colby Malsbury; Jeff Wahl; Kevin Scott; Michael Pinilla; Robert Martin; Sean Verster 1;
Cc: Ciaran Palmer; David Hawkes; Dustin Stanley; Ian Huyett; Tom Merkel; James F. Duggan; Wilem Balen; Letty Baldacchino
Subject: Response to Arif Hasan Akhundzada

Arif Hasan Akhundzada

Herewith my response to your pathetic childish act of sending me the following facebook private message in response to my comments at facebook, and subsequently blocking me:
Lara, dear - if you think "honour" means adherence to twisted thinking, then I am DISHONOURABLE..........I am NOT PC, as you well know; but if you say "who the fuck is on whose turf", the same can be said about white settlers in SA - whether or not there were bushmen there, or grashoppers, is immaterial......I am surprised seeing you say such things - with such shrill impunity in the same breath - and then invoke "honour"! There couldn't be a worse contradiction in terms. And who is talking here about Muslims? It seems I'm talking to a moron, not somebody lucid......If you want to terminate conversation with me, then BY ALL MEANS do so.......I don't have time to waste, pandering to LOWLY types of people.

I think I have arrived at the point where I should bid you good bye. We did have some nice times, but our parting of ways was inevitable. For I am a cosmopolitan and educated man, representing the ways of the real world...whereas people like you languish in the typical fear-ridden and phobic mentality of those lower class European masses who were deported, banished or went as stowaways and forcibly took over the lands of other primitives on other continents in the past 500 years of European mercantilism and colonising "settling" - and have never had it so good, what with all the rich pickings there were for your taking. No doubt, you developed those areas, but that shopuldn't matter to "archaeo-futurists" who don't believe in development. And as for you Lara - well, you know darn well that no lands belong to anyone (I had made that point in my recent posting on the thread under discussion).so it is the WORST kind of shrill hypocrisy for you to throw that back in my face.......but then what can be expected of lowly people? Trashy people, from the gutters of Europe and Britain..........People who took over North America from its Red Indian savages, and Dutch low lifes who "settled" South Africa forcibly? Do those places "belong" to them? That is where your logic gets backed into a corner - and then, like a wild cat, or Lynx - you have no option but fly back at your opponent. Well get ready for the fight then. We're coming. I'm not talking about the runaway immigrants from our parts who live like parasites in your societies. I would have that lot deported and exterminated. Disgusting runaways. I'm talking about a real invasion from eastern Eurasia - when peak oil soon fells your 'advanced" capitalist will happen soo, and the "next twenty years", to quote Sebastian will see the transformation to a just global order for all.....the nightmare of you lowly trashy skinhead xenophobics, who like dogs bark over any morsel they may have grabbed from others.........who are afraid of the unfarmiliar, and are yet so unaware of their own recent past history - so as to know that it too was a novel fad only a few hundred years ago. Talk of criticising "linear thinking"!

Firstly: I am not your ‘dear’.

Honour to me means brutal honesty. If you consider brutal honesty to be twisted thinking. Fine. It would indicate that you have some psychological issues with confronting brutal honest realities; but that’s okay, you are hardly the only one.

So you are dishonourable. Fine. If so, why the fuck should I be interested in continuing any conversation or discussion with you; since you are nothing but a goddamn fucking liar and pretender?

You say you are not PC, but in the same message you demand that I talk to you in political correct BS language, rather than brutal honesty. So you are PC, and you LIE TO YOURSELF ABOUT BEING PC.

As for ‘who the fuck is on whose turf’. How many fucking times must I tell you? Don’t you give a flying fuck for evidence? White Europeans did not take anyone’s turf, except for bushmen, whom they protected from being enslaved. White Europeans only met black Africans at the Fish River. As for taking people’s turf, Islam is hardly fucking without blame, and when it comes to slavery; Islam is probably the most superior culture at enslaving others; so please save me your sanctimonious bullshit.

I have no problem terminating our conversation if you are not committed to honest debate on the facts. I am not interested in debating with a fucking 13 old mind. If you want a goddamn fucking nanny – go find one; I am not interested.

I don’t give a fuck if you think I am a lowly type of person; I never pretended to be some fucking piece of high society. What I do state I am: is HONEST; BRUTALLY HONEST. I practice no form of public relations, EVER, ONLY HONESTY. Is that goddamn fucking clear?

So make up your mind if you wish to terminate conversation. Not a problem at all. I shall in such case also remove your name from the Jus Sanguinis Expert witness list, since you clearly are not committed to communicating with me the organiser thereof. Not a problem.

You can take your cosmopolitan and educated ass and shove it up your fucking ass; if it has no value and commitment to honour (brutal honesty with a refusal to lie to anyone ever).

If you want to practice lateral thinking; send your messages to Timothy McVeigh: His email address is:

I don’t do lateral thinking fucking bullshit; he does. I may publish his lateral thinking messages; when the fuck I feel like it.

Don’t bullshit you that we ‘had some nice times’; we had a few conversations. That is fucking it! You are welcome to your opinions about me being some low life piece of scum. In that case I shall make it easy for you: FUCK OFF MR COSMOPLITAN EDUCATED MAN!


If you want to continue the conversation; stick to the facts. If you want to talk a bunch of lateral thinking cryptic crap; write to Timothy McVeigh; and see what he thinks of your cosmopolitan educated fucked up response to my brutal honesty!

He clearly knows my opinions and values about any Mary Da Vinci Code Shell ritual ever occurring; and what my minimum demands are for such to occur.

Brutally honestly,

Lara Johnstone

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