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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

27 Feb 2012: SA Project to host “STOP the Boer GeNOcide!” Protest Vigils at 13 US State Capitals

27 February 2012: SA Project to host “STOP the Boer GeNOcide!” Protest Vigils at 13 US State Capitals

South Africa Project | White Refugee: Andrea Muhrrteyn | 14 February 2012

The South Africa Project -- a coalition of concerned citizens -- are holding their first Rally to protest South African Boer Genocide in the states of: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Maryland, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Texas; on 27 February 2012.

The SA Project Mission Statement:
There will be an awareness march held on February 27, 2012 to arouse the attention of mainstream media to the rapes, murders and other horrendous ATROCITIES our brethren in South Africa endure on a DAILY BASIS!

These horrible black on white racist crimes are widespread, yet mainstream media blatantly chooses to ignore it! Global blackout from the media of the armed black gangs backed by the Marxist South-African government - they turn a blind eye to the TORTURE AND MURDER of innocent little children...chopped up and mutilated for no other reason than that they are White. The elderly are beaten, raped, humiliated, and murdered by these same monsters!

The ANC Youth Group Leader, Julius Malema, was found guilty of hate speech for singing the apartheid-era song, Shoot the Boer. However, the judge said that if Malema "sings it in the future, he faces criminal charges and a potential prison spell." Malema paid a fine. A slap on the wrist. A slap in the face of our White brethren who must endure the crimes as a result of his song!!

According to Genocide Watch, South Africa is at Stage 6 Genocide, which is the phase called “Preparation.” Actual Genocide is Stage 7! If we don’t step up and do something NOW, our White brethren in South Africa will no longer exist. Put yourself in their horror: “It is terrifying to wake up in the night, listening to every sound outside your home, wondering if you are safe…if your children are safe, especially if they are not home with you. It is even more terrifying to wake up with 5 men standing next to your bed, pointing their guns into your face, and your eleven year old daughter walks into the bedroom.”

If the United States is so adament about sending funds to places like Haiti and Zimbabwe, why won't they do anything for the White Boers in South Africa?

We believe we can make a difference! Help us in helping our brethren’s voices be heard!!

This is not about group affiliation – no group flags, symbols of any kind or uniforms should be worn. We simply want to get the message out to the media and elected officials – without anyone spewing “hate rally” – that the South African Boers (farmers), our White brethren, need our help NOW!

Michael Myers is the Chief Coordinator. The website states:
SA's Toxic TRC Fraud: Forgiveness Undefined: Is TRC S.A. 'Forgiveness': (i) Catholic: Indulgences 4 Sale; (ii) Lutheran: Spiritual Redemption; or (iii) Black Liberation Theology: Fanon Violence on Rotting Corpses of Settlers? (21:18)
SA's Toxic TRC Fraud: Forgiveness (02): Black Liberation Theology (15:14)
Right now the South Africa Project with this brand new website is launching a national campaign that will hopefully set in motion a domino affect, that if effective, will unleash an outcry from White voices around the world that will thunder the heavens and ring in the ears of honest, decent, caring individuals in and outside of the political spectrum from around the world. Which hopefully will shock the conscience, forging action, that will bring a stop to, the ATROCITY of GENOCIDE of Whites in South Africa and around the world.

We know, by looking at the political climate in the Americas and the European nations, that if the GENOCIDE of our Race is permitted to continue in South Africa, then it will only be a matter of time before it reaches European and American shores on the same scale.

As was previously stated, the South Africa Project is launching a campaign to draw concerned men and women to appeal to the masses of White citizens of the international community, to convince them to ban together, to form a human tidlewave, a tsunami of flesh, a flood of outrage that will command attention and action from our lawmakers, our congressmen, our senators, our governors, our politicans and media moguls of every strain, to convince, if not convict them, of the growing threat to the White South African. They must learn that we mean business and that we will not be dissuaded from this issue, or our task.

Invitation to Organizers and Activists to Join the South Africa Project Cause:
(ENG) Genocide with farm killings in South-Africa: a shocking testimony (09:58)
Our intentions are, to coordinate our people, in a syncronized and organized effort, to march on state capitols in the United States and White homelands around the world. As these coordination efforts procede, you may keep informed through your perspective state coordinators. Please get involved with this very important project.

This is only the beginning. We will not quit until the GENOCIDE is stopped. So if you've a desire to stand up against the ATROCITIES and the GENOCIDE of Whites in South Africa, we will be accepting volunteers from various areas around the United States. This is where this effort begins. Hopefully we will gain support from the community of our White kinsman around the world. As this effort grows into the eruption of outrage, demand and action that we know it must become, we will need your help.

The website provides additional info on: Volunteer Coordinators :: Videos :: Democratic South Africa :: Afrikaner Genocide Museum :: Affirmative Action Aftershock :: White Poverty.

SA Project: Michael Myers Interview on Reason Radio Network:

Robert Stark interviews Michael Myers, the chief coordinator of the South Africa Project. World wide protest will be held February 27th. Topics include: ** Organizing the protest he is running in Sacramento, California; ** The importance of keeping a positive image; ** The current situation in South Africa, and the nation’s past and future; ** Double standards in the media and academia in regards to genocide and atrocities; ** Genocide Watch’s rating of South Africa

The Stark Truth: Michael Myers on the South Africa Project :: Download :: Listen Online

1,000 Pamphlets to be distributed at the 27 February State Capitals' Vigil event.

» » » » [South Africa Project :: Facebook Group]

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