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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

All SA Political Parties & Media Editors practice Parasite Leeching Leadership - Survey

All SA Political Parties & Media Editors practice Parasite Leeching Leadership - Survey

Andrea Muhrrteyn | Radical Honoursty | 09 March 2012

A variation of the following Survey request was submitted to all major Political Parties as well as Media Editors:

Political Parties:
| African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) | African National Congress (ANC) | Democratic Alliance (DA) | Freedom Front Plus (FF+) | Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) | SA Communist Party (SACP) | United Democratic Movement (UDM) |

Media Editors:
| 3rd Degree | 702 Radio | Beeld | Biophile | Biz Community | Die Burger | Business Day | Cape Argus | Cape Times | The Citizen | City Press | Daily Dispatch | Daily Maverick | Daily News | Financial Mail | Farmers Weekly | George Herald | The Herald | Independent on Saturday | Leadership Online | Mail & Guardian | Politics Web | Pretoria News | Rapport | Radio Sonder Grense | Saturday Star | Sowetan | Sunday Independent | Sunday Times | Volksblad.

None of them are interested in, or practice Problem Solving Leadership.

Problem Solving Leadership Survey: Request for Information:

I am in the process of researching Problem Solving Leadership, what it is, and is not; and how it is different from Parasite Leeching (Fake Problem Solving) Leadership.
‘If I had one hour to save the world I would spend fifty-five minutes defining the problem and only five minutes finding the solution.’ – Albert Einstein

Definition / Put Simply:
Problem solving leadership only acts towards solving any problem to enable the problem to be clearly and succinctly defined; i.e. the root cause of the problem cleary and succinctly identified. Fanclubs and followers are eschewed, advice and suggestions towards clearly defining the problem are accepted based purely on merit of the suggestions, irrespective of individuals social-standing.

Parasitical Leeching Leadership generally choose some kind of ideology whereby they vaguely and ambiguously pretend to solve vague and abstract problems; while the predominant motive is to grow themselves a fan club/following, for their own socio-political or economic benefit. Their Parasite Leadership ‘problem solving’ deliberately avoids any focus on clearly defining any problem, or any investigation of the root cause of the problem. Their primary focus is to divert their fan clubs attention towards the symptoms of the problem, using emotional blame game language focussed on another Parasitical Leeching Leaders fan club. Such Parasitical Leeching leaders – like WWF Wrestlers – thereby entrench the Parasitical Leeching Leadership paradigm (Fake Left Wing v Right Wing Political Paradigm Explained). Put differently: The bath is overflowing, Parasitical Leeching Leaders focus their fan club on endlessly mopping up the floor; who is mopping, who isn’t, etc. All attention towards defining the problem as the running tap is strictly avoided, including vilifying anyone who even mentions the possibility of a tap leaking being the source of the problem. The focus is to perpetuate the problem indefinitely while socio-politically exploiting the problem for personal gain, by means of manipulating the emotions of ‘followers’, related to the symptoms of the problem. Ninety-Nine percent of the worlds so-called ‘leadership’ is PARASITE LEECHING LEADERSHIP.

Survey Questions:

  1. What is your Organisations’s definition of (A) leadership and (B) Forgiveness and Reconciliation (SA’s Toxic TRC Forgiveness: Undefined[1])?

  2. Do you recognize the difference between Problem Solving Leadership and Parasitical Leeching Leadership?

  3. If there is a conflict between: Your Organisation’s Edward Bernays ‘Bullshit the Public’ Relations Image and Problem Solving Leadership; which is your priority?

  4. Which Problem Solving Individuals, Organisations or Cultures do you liaise with?

Respectfully Submitted,

Lara Johnstone
Radical Honoursty | SQ Worm Sosiety

[1] SA's Toxic TRC Fraud: Forgiveness Undefined: Is TRC S.A. 'Forgiveness': (i) Catholic: Indulgences 4 Sale; (ii) Lutheran: Spiritual Redemption; or (iii) Black Liberation Theology: Fanon Violence on Rotting Corpses of Settlers?

[1] [2]

» » » » [PDF: DA]

Survey Submitted to:

3rd Degree:
3RD Degree - ETV; Debora Patta - ETV

702 Radio:
Bruce Whitfield - 702 Radio; Chris Gibbons - 702 Radio; David O’Sullivan - 702 Radio; John Robbie - 702 Radio; Kieno Kammies - 702 Radio; Lynne O’Connor - 702 Radio; News - 702 Radio; Pheladi Gwangwa - 702; Pheladi Gwangwa - 702 Radio; 'Robin Clark - 702 Radio; Stephen Groottes - 702 Radio

AA Pienaar - Beeld; Briewe - Beeld; Daniella du Plooy - Beeld; Daniella du Plooy - Beeld; J Prins - Beeld; Marietjie Louw - Beeld; 'Nuus - Beeld; Nuus - Beeld; Pieter du Toit - Beeld; Pretoria - Beeld; Tim du Plessis

Anthea - Biophile

Biz Community:
Chris Moerdyk - BizCommunity; Issa - BizCommunity

Die Burger:
Annemarie de Laura - Burger; Burger - Oos; Chantel Cox - Burger; De Waal Steyn - Burger; Diens - Burger; J Pienaar - Burger; Jo-Ann Floris - Burger; Mariska Spoormaker - Burger; Mening - Burger; Nuus - Burger; Redaksie - Burger; Willem Jordaan - Burger

Business Day:
Bus Day; Latham - Business Day; Chantelle Benjamin - BDay; David Marrs - BDay; Ernest Mabuza - BDay; Julius Baumann - BDay; Meshack Magoboane - BDay; Peter Bruce - BDay; Rhoda Kadalie - BDay; Sam Mkokelis - BDay; Tim Cohen - BDay; Wyndham Hartley - BDay

Cape Argus:
Argus News; Chris Witfield - CArgus; Lindiz Van Zilla - CArgus

Cape Times:
Alide Dasnois - CTimes; Cape Times

The Citizen:
Martin Williams - Citizen; News - Citizen; Puleng Mashabane - Citizen; Yvonne Le Roux - Citizen

City Press:
Ferial Haffajee - City Press; G Edmunds - City Press; Khadija Bradlow - Citypress; Liesl Pretorius - City Press; News - City Press

Daily Dispatch:
Robin Roos-Thompson - Dispatch; DDispatch - Andrew Trench; News - Dispatch

Daily Maverick:
Alex - DMaverick; Branko Brkic - DMaverick; Brendah Nyakudya - DMaverick; Brooks Spector - DMaverick; News - Daily Maverick; 'Ivo Vegter - DMaverick; Jacques Rousseau - DMaverick; Jacques Rousseau; Kevin Bloom - DMaverick; Kevin Bloom - DMaverick; Llewellyn Kriel - DMaverick; Mandy de Waal - DMaverick; Phillip de Wet - DMaverick; Sipho Hlongwane - DMaverick; Stephen Grootes - DMaverick

Daily News:
Allen Dunn - DNews; Debbie Yunnie - DNews; Noelene Barbeau - DNews; 'Victoria John - Daily News

Farmers Weekly:
Alita van der Walt - FWeekly; Anel Botes - FWeekly; Anneli Groenewald - FWeekly; Arnold Gagiano - FWeekly; 'Chris Caxton - FWeekly; Chris Nel - FWeekly; Farmers Weekly

George Herald:
Mandi Botha - GHerald; George Herald

The Herald:
Heather Robertson - Herald; The Herald; Makungan - Herald

Independent on Saturday:
Trevor Bruce IOL Saturday; Caryn Dolley - IOL; IOL: Wendy Jasondacosta; IOL Journos: Murray Williams

Leadership Online:
Piet Coertze - Leadership; Robbie - Leadership; Andrew - Leadership; Royston - Leadership

Mail & Guardian:
David Smith - M&G Thoughtleader; Drew Forrest - M&G; Editor - M&G; Editor Online - M&G; Letters - M&G; News Desk - M&G; Ombud - M&G; Rapule Tabane - M&G; Stefaans Brummer - M&G; Tanya Pamplone - M&G; Thoughtleader; Toby Shapshak - M&G; Verashni Pillay - M&G; Wendy Mosetlhi - M&G Dawes PA


Pretoria News:
Zingisa Mkhuma - Pta News Ed; Dianne Louw - Pta News Ed Asst.; Graeme Hosken - Pta News; Pta News desk

Redakteur - Rapport; Rapport; Briewe - Rapport; Lisa Albrecht - Rapport; Rooi Jacob - Rapport; Karen Burger - Rapport; Carryn-Ann Nel - Rapport; Johan Eybers - Rapport; Peter Malan - Rapport; Henry Cloete - Rapport; Erna van Wyk - Rapport; Carien Kruger - Rapport; Marlene Malan - Rapport; Llewellyn Prince - Rapport

Radio Sonder Grense:
Chris Swanepoel - RSG; Margaret Theunis - RSG

Saturday Star:
Brendan Seery - SStar; News - Sat Star

Andile April - SowetanS; Bongani Keswa - Sowetan; Editor - Sowetan; Edward Tsumele - Sowetan; Letters - Sowetan; Lionel D - Sowetan; Lorraine Mofokeng - Sowetan; Malatjin - SowetanS; Moosa F - SowetanS; News Desk - SowetanS; News Desk - SowetanS; Sowetan; Theo Nyhaba - SowetanS; Thuli Zungu - Sowetan; Victor M - Sowetan; Winnie Mashaba - SowetanS; Xolilel Mtshazo - Sowetan; Zakhele Shiba - SowetanS

Sunday Independent:
Makhaudu Sefara - SunInd; Jovial Rantao - Ed Sun Ind; Tony Carnie - SunInd; Venilla Yoganatha - SunInd; Andrew Walker - Ed SunInd; Themba Khumalo - SunInd

Sunday Times:
Sunday Times; Sunday Times; Justice Malala - SunTimes; Ray Hartley - SunTimes; Hilton Shone - SunTimes; Kim Hawkeye - SunTimes; R Rose - SunTimes; Sunday Times Syndication; Buddy Naidu - SunTimes; Monica Laganparsad - SunTimes; Melanie Kotze - SunTimes; V Chemaly - SunTimes; I Mzilikazi - SunTimes

Charne Kemp - Volksblad; Tom de Wet - Volksblad; Adri Herbert - Volksblad; Christo van Staden - Volksblad

Financial Mail:
Barney Mthombothi - FM; David Furlonger - FM; Duncan McLeod - FM; Fin Mail

Rev. Kenneth Meshoe - ACDP; ACDP Office; Kenneth Meshoe - ACDP; Steven Swart - ACDP; Cheryllyn Dudley - ACDP

PRESIDENCY: Delsey Sithole - Priv. Sec; Milka Bosoga - Priv Sec; Lakela Kaunda - Dep. Dir. Gen; Nonhlanhla Majake - Priv Sec Asst; ANC - Presidency; Zanele Mngadi - Media; Thabo Masebe - Media; Mphile Maloba - Priv. Sec; Anna Seleke - Sec;Kgomotso Maaronganye - Head; Harold Maloka - Spokesperson; Abednigo Hlungwani - Pers Asst; Ellen Mabunda - Pers. Asst; Dumisa Jele - Ch. Of Staff; Patti Smith - PA;

TREASURY: Lindani Mbunyuza; Kershia Singh; Tembekile Plaatjie;

PARLIAMENT EXECUTIVE: BG Magwanishe - ANC Dep. Ch. Whip; Malebo Sibiya - Priv. Sec; Lerato Zimbili - Priv. Sec; Derek Hanekom - ANC; ND Ntwanambi - ANC NCOP Ch. Whip; Lelethu Siqaqa - ANC NCOP Ch. Whip Sec; Bonakele Mabel Dlamini - Ch. Of Staff; Nthabiseng Borotho - Priv. Sec

MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT: A Ainslee - ANC; Beauty Dambuza - ANC; Beauty Dlulane - ANC; Cedrick Frolick - ANC; Charel de Beer - ANC; Dumisani Gamede - ANC; Elsie Coleman - ANC; F Adams - ANC; Faith Bikani -ANC; G Borman - ANC; Hlomane Chauke - ANC; Joanmariae Fubbs - ANC; Johan Gelderblom - ANC; Johanes de Lange - ANC; Letsau Diale - ANC; Lydia Chikunga - ANC; M Booi - ANC; Mary-Ann Dungwa - ANC; Mgolodi Dikgacwi - ANC; Molebugeng Dube - ANC; N Bhengu - ANC; Ndabakayise Gcwabaza - ANC; Ndeleleni Duma - ANC; Nkosinathi Fihla - ANC; Nomalungelo Gina - ANC; P Bhengu - ANC; Salam Abrahm - ANC; Tebooho Chaane - ANC; Tshoganetso Gasebonwe - ANC; Vatiswa Bam-Mugwanya - ANC; Albertinah Luthuli - ANC; Bertha Mabe - ANC; Butana Komphela - ANC; Charles Kekana - ANC; Christopher Gololo - ANC; Donald Gumede - ANC; Fatima Hajaig - ANC; Fikile Khumalo - ANC; George Lekgetho - ANC; Gerhardus Koornhof - ANC; Helen Line - ANC; Jerome Maake - ANC; Lefu Khoarai - ANC; Loretta Jacobus - ANC; Luwellyn Landers - ANC; Manana Mabuza - ANC; Mlungisi Johnson - ANC; Mmamoloko Kubayi - ANC; Monwabisi Goqwana - ANC; Mpumelelo Gona - ANC; Nomfunelo Mabedla - ANC; Nthambiseng Khunou - ANC; Sango Holomisa - ANC; Shiaan Huang - ANC; Sikhumbuzo Kholwane - ANC; Tandiwe Kenye - ANC; Tshiwela Lishivha - ANC; Zukile Luyenge - ANC; Agnes Mashishi - ANC; Amos Mathila - ANC; Daniel Mataboge - ANC; Dudu Mathebe - ANC; Gratitude Maqwanishe - ANC; Hargreaves Magama - ANC; Helen Matlanyane - ANC; Hope Malgas - ANC; Jane Manganye - ANC; Joel Matshoba - ANC; Johanna Malluleke - ANC; Joyce Masilo - ANC; Kgomotso Magau - ANC; Kgwaridi Manamela - ANC; Lusizo Makhubela-Mashele - ANC; Mamosoeu Makgate - ANC; Mapule Mafolo - ANC; Mavis Maqazi - ANC; Mduduzi Manana - ANC; Mininwa Mahlangu - ANC; Modjadji Mangena - ANC; Motswane Malale - ANC; Nomvula Mathibela - ANC; Piet Mathebe - ANC; Refilwe Mashigo - ANC; Tshililo Masutha - ANC; Vuselelo Magagula - ANC; Xoliswa Makasi - ANC; Zondi Makhubele - ANC; Zwelivelile Mandela - ANC; Andrew Mlangeni - ANC; Bafumani Mnguni - ANC; Busisiwe Mncube - ANC; Cecil Burgess - ANC; Dalitha Boshigo - ANC; Divili Mavunda - ANC; Emmanuel Mlambo - ANC; Hlengiwe Mqabadeli - ANC; Joyce Moloi-Moropa - ANC; Linda Moss - ANC; Lindiwe Mjobo - ANC; Maapi Molebatsi - ANC; Mabel Mentor - ANC; Maggie Maunye - ANC; Malusi Motimele - ANC; Mandlenikosi Mbili - ANC; Mankwana Mohale - ANC; Masefele Morutoa - ANC; Matome Mokgobi - ANC; Mzameni Mdakane - ANC; Nokhaya Mnisi - ANC; Nomaindiya Mfeketo - ANC; Nomakhaya Mdaka - ANC; Nomfundo Mkhulusi - ANC; Poppy Mocumi - ANC; Samuel Mmusi - ANC; Sediane Montskitsi - ANC; Sihpiwo Mazosiwe - ANC; Tjheta Mofofken - ANC; Yolanda Botha - ANC; Archibald Nyambi - ANC; Azwihangwisi Muthambi - ANC; Beatrice Ngcobo - ANC; Bonisile Nesi - ANC; Dumsile Nhlengethwa - ANC; Enoch Mthwethwa - ANC; Eric Mtshali - ANC; Eric Myekemba - ANC; Eugene Ngcobo - ANC; Foni Mushwana - ANC; Lewis Nzimande - ANC; Lndumusa Ndabandaba - ANC; Mamagase Nchabeleng - ANC; Maropeng Pilusa-Mosoane - ANC; Mathole Motshekga - ANC; Meriam Phaliso - ANC; Mtombizodwa Nyanda - ANC; Muntu Nxumalo - ANC; Nomathemba November - ANC; Nombuyiselo Ngele - ANC; Nosipho Ntwanambi - ANC; Phumuzile Ngwenya-Mabila - ANC; Stella Ndabeni - ANC; Thabadiawa Mufamadi - ANC; Wendy Nelson - ANC; Wilma Newhoudt-Druchen - ANC; Winnie Ngwenya - ANC; Zwelifile Ntuli - ANC; Agnes Qikani - ANC; Bhekiziswe Radebe - ANC; Bulelwa Tinto - ANC; Dorothy Ramodibe - ANC; Ebrahim Sulliman - ANC; Elliott Sogoni - ANC; Gaolaolwe Selau - ANC; Gertroedh Saal - ANC; Goodwill Radebe - ANC; Grant Snell - ANC; Gregory Schneemann - ANC; Jabu Sosibo - ANC; James Skosana - ANC; Jonas Sibanyoni - ANC; Lewis Nzimande - ANC; Litho Suka - ANC; Malesane Themba - ANC; Manana Tlake - ANC; Maropeng Pilusa-Mosoane - ANC; Max Sisulu - ANC Speaker; Meriam Phaliso - ANC; Morwesi Seqale-Diswai - ANC; Mtikeni Sibande - ANC; Phumele Sizani - ANC; Rachel Rasmeni - ANC; Raseriti Tau - ANC; Setlamorago Thobejane - ANC; Sheila Sithole - ANC; Sussana Tsebe - ANC; Thandile Sunduza - ANC; Vincent Smith - ANC; Adrian Williams - ANC; Benjamin Turok - ANC; Bhekizizwe Zulu - ANC; Bulelwa Tinto - ANC; Dikeledi Tsotetsi - ANC; Grace Tseke - ANC; Lumka Yengeni - ANC; Manana Tlake - ANC; Nomopo Madlala - ANC; Ntombikayise Twala - ANC; Pamela Tshwete - ANC; Pearl Maduna - ANC; Phindisile Xaba - ANC; Solomon Tsenoli - ANC; Sussana Tsebe - ANC

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PARLIAMENT: Annelie Lotriet - DA; Annette Lovemore - DA; Archibald Figlan - DA; Beverley Abrahams - DA; Beverly Abrahams - DA; Catherine Duncan - DA; DA Parliament ; Diane Kohler-Barnard - DA; Dion George - DA; Franca de Freitas - DA; Gregory Krumbock - DA; Helen Lamoela - DA; Hermanus Groenewald - DA; Ian Davidson - DA; James Lorimer - DA; Junita Kloppers - DA; Lourens Bosman - DA; Michael De Villiers - DA; Michael Ellis - DA; Nicholaas du Toit - DA; Santosh Kaljan - DA; Semakhaleng Khopane - DA; Stuart Farrow - DA; Theo Coetzee - DA; Trevor Lee - DA; Willem Doman - DA; Willem Faber - DA; Aarron Steyn - DA; Annette Steyn - DA; David Maynier - DA; Deborah Schafer - DA; Denise Robinson - DA; Donald Smiles - DA; Emma More - DA; Gareth Morgan - DA; Hendrik Schmidt - DA; Ian Ollis - DA; James Selfe - DA; Johanna Terblanche - DA; Kenneth Mubu - DA; Lindiwe Mazibuko - DA; Mariann Shinn - DA; Marius Swart - DA; Mark Steele - DA; Masizole Mngasela - DA; Mphowhele Swathe - DA; Mponeng Rabotapi - DA; Mudene Smuts - DA; Natasha Michael - DA; Petrus Pretorius - DA; Sarel Marais - DA; Stevens Mokgalapa - DA; Suhla Masango - DA; Andricus vd Westhuizen - DA; Armiston Watson - DA; Darryl Worth - DA; Elizabeth v Lingen - DA; Helena v Schalkwyk - DA; Jacob vd Linde - DA; Johanna Terblanche - DA; Marius Swart - DA; Marta Wenger - DA; Michael Waters - DA; Mphowhele Swathe - DA; Pieter van Dalen - DA; Salomon v Dyk - DA

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Humphrey Nogobonza - UDM; UDM; Bantu Holomisa - UDM

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