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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Norway v. Breivik Trial Transcripts: Day 01-06: 01. Prosecutors Indictment | 02. Breivik Opening Statement | 03-06. Breivik Testimony

Norway v. Breivik Trial: Day 01-06: 01. Prosecutors Indictment | 02. Breivik Opening Statement: Testimony: Ideology & Youth | 03. Breivik: Ideology & Knights Templar | 04. Breivik: Masonry, Radicalisation & Planning of Attacks | 05. Breivik: Oslo Bombing & Utoya Massacre | 06: Breivik: Utoya Massacre

Oslo District Court: #: 11-188627 MED-05 | 16 April 2012 | Breivik Report/TV2.NO

2011-11-14: Norway v. Breivik: Incarceration Hearing: Shortly After his arrest. Breivik admits 22 July actions, but not guilt.

2012-02-06: 2nd Incarceration Hearing : The attacks against the government quarter and the Labour Party was preventive attack against traitors who commit, or plan to commit, cultural destruction, of which deconstruction of the Norwegian ethnic group and deconstruction of Norwegian culture.

2012-04-16: Day 01: Prosecutors Indictment & Breivik Testimony : The Prosecutors detailed indictment and the beginning of Breivik's testimony.

2012-04-17: Day 02: Anders Breivik Court Statement: Breivik's Opening Statement: Word for Word, or Live Report

2012-04-18: Day 03: Breivik Testimony: Youth, Ideology and radicalisation.

2012-04-19: Day 04: Breivik Testimony: Masonry, Radicalisation and Planning of Attacks

2012-04-20: Day 05: Breivik Testimony : Oslo Bombing & Utoya Massacre

2012-04-23: Day 06: Breivik Testimony : Utoya Massacre

2011-11-14: Norway v. Breivik: Incarceration Hearing

Anders Breivik: When two parties meet it is important to introduce oneself. I am Anders­ Behring Breivik, Military Commander and Knight Templar in a worldwide organization.

Anders Breivik: I have objections to your lack of objectivity. (Breivik turns towards the judge). You have received your mandate from those who support multiculturalism. That is a hate ideology that supports the deconstruction of the Norwegian society …

Judge Torkel Nesheim: That’s enough. Do you plead guilty?

Anders Breivik: I admit the actions, but not guilt.

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2012-02-06: Norway v. Breivik: 2nd Incarceration Hearing

Breivik: The attacks against the government quarter and the Labour Party was preventive attack against traitors who commit, or plan to commit, cultural destruction, of which deconstruction of the Norwegian ethnic group and deconstruction of Norwegian culture. Systematic deconstruction of the Norwegian ethnic group is the same as ethnic cleansing. Traitors in the Labor uses the institution of asylum, family reunification scheme, stay on humanitarian grounds and refugee quota as a tool for the Islamic colonization of Norway.

As a result of this policy, Norway's indigenous people, ethnic Norwegians, being a minority in Oslo in the course of ten years. This is not an allegation, it is a fact.

I am a militant nationalist, a cell commander of the Knights Templar Norway and Europe. I represent the Norwegian resistance movement and the Norwegian Indigenous Peoples and my ancestors have lived in this country for 12,000 years. We in the Norwegian resistance movement is not going to sit still and see that we are made to a minority in their own capital. We are not going to sit and see that we are made to a minority in their own country. We do not accept it, it is unacceptable.

We will fight, we're going to fight the traitors of the Labour Party, and against political activists working for other organizations that support multiculturalism and Islamisation.

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2012-04-16: Norway v. Breivik Trial: Day 01: Prosecutors Indictment & Breivik Testimony

Anders Breivik Behring b. 2/13/1979: pursuant to Penal Code § 39 indicted by the Oslo District Court for the acquisition of a judgment on the transfer to compulsory mental health care, see Mental Health Act, Chapter 5, in a psychotic state to have made an otherwise criminal act, namely the violation of: Penal Code § 147a, first paragraph, a and b, see § § 148 first paragraph, first sentence and 233 alternate first and second paragraph of having committed a terrorist act, by violating Penal Code § 148 first paragraph, first sentence alternative (to cause cracking whereby loss of life or widespread destruction of foreign property can be easily caused) and Penal Code § 233 subsections (premeditated murder and there are particularly aggravating circumstances), with the intent to interfere seriously a function of fundamental importance in society, as the executive authority, or cause serious fear in a population. Friday 22 July 2011 parked Breivik a VW Crafter van outside the entrance to the high-rise government quarter at about 15.17. It was at this point at least 250 people in high-rise building and the surrounding ministerial offices. In addition, there were approx. 75 people in the streets around. In the car he had placed a bomb on approx. 950 kg, consisting among others of fertilizer, diesel and aluminum. He ignited the fuse and left the site on foot before he ran earlier deployed getaway car, a Fiat Duplo. The bomb exploded at. 15.25.22. The bomb caused massive material destruction of the buildings nearby.


Breivik: - The aim of the attack in Oslo was to kill the entire government and the Prime Minister. I realized that an attack in the joint would not be appropriate. A Monday would be the best, during a Monday meeting.

Holden: - But employees in the building. Were the desired objectives?

Breivik: - High density housing is the most attractive political target in Norway. It is well known among the PST. The assessment is absolutely correct. When the NATO bombing of Libya or elsewhere, calculates those with less than ten percent civilians killed. It was my goal too. The goal as a whole is a legitimate target. [..] It is the most attractive target. There are no cafes or shops, and few civilians walking around.

Prosecutors Engh: - Those who do not fall in civil, what are they?

Breivik: - As I have described it in the compendium, I have categorized in three groups. I have divided it into A, B and C traitors. They are all political activists. [..] Journalists, academics and politicians who work for mulikulturalisme are all targets. [..] All the news agencies in Norway supports multikulturialisme. They are all political activists.

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2012-04-17: Anders Breivik Court Statement (Word for Word)

I stand here today as a representative of the Norwegian and European anti-Communist and anti-Islamist opposition movement, shortened the Norwegian and European resistance movement. And as a representative of the Knights Templar Network. When I talk, so I speak on behalf of many Norwegians, Scandinavians and Europeans that do not want to be deprived of our ethnic indigenous rights, our cultural and territorial rights.

Norwegian media and prosecutors have argued and will continue to argue that the reasons that I executed the 22.7 attack was an accident and because I was a pathetic and spiteful loser who does not have integrity, does not have dignity or trust, that I am a notorious liar, that I lack morals, I’m crazy and that I therefore should be immediately ignored and forgotten by others Cultural conservatives and nationalists in Norway and Europe.

They try to say that I lost my job, that I had father’s desire, a lack of networking, that I am a cruel and insane person, who is only looking for attention to my own person. All of this, they claimed. They also claimed that I am narcissistic, antisocial, psychopathic, that I suffer from germ phobia and put on a face mask daily for many years, I only like red sweaters and that I have an incestuous relationship with my own mother. They also claimed that I am miserable, pathetic, a baby killer, a child killer despite the fact that I am not accused of having killed someone under the age of 14. That I’m a coward, inbred, homosexual, pedophile, necrophilic, racist, sociopath, fascist, Nazi, Zionist and anarchist. All this has been claimed. They also claimed that I am physically and mentally retarded with an IQ of about 80

I am of course not surprised by these characteristics. Before surgery, as I described in detail what I expected them to say and write, and all this turns out apparently to vote. Most people out there understand that this is just false propaganda, and it borders on comedy. But it is important that everyone understands why these cultural elites, journalists, editors, and even prosecutors in this case, will continue to ridicule, mock and lie about me.

The answer is simple: I have implemented the most sophisticated, spectacular, and the most brutal political assassination committed by militant nationalist in Europe since World War II. They do this because they fear militant nationalism. They fear that we will be able to damage the cultural Marxist ideology, and multiculturalism is thus the same concept. And they will do everything in their power to prevent this. Me and my revolutionary nationalist brothers and sisters manifest their worst nightmare. They want to try to scare others from doing the same. This is the reason for the massive sickening demonization so no one is going to continue. And I hope all nationalists and cultural conservatives out there do not let themselves be deceived by this propaganda.

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2012-04-17: Norway v. Breivik Trial: Day 02: Breivik Testimony: Ideology & Youth

Deconstruction is the key word. And the Marxist, cultural reforms introduced feminism and affirmative action, the sexual revolution, transformation of the church, schools of education, in morals, in manners, to name a few. 1968 was the Marxist cultural revolution years. The result was falling authorities and a systematic deconstruction of social fundamental principles and norms. It was created a socialist, egalitarian society in Norway and Western Europe, where all the groups that were regarded as victims, had power. The greater the sacrifice you were seen, the higher up in the new hierarchy, you could get. Nationalists and conservative culture remained powerless.

A conservative critic said the following in 1968: In a few years, the Marxists take care of the culture, while liberals and bourgeois manage the economy. And he was right. Today the culture is controlled by the Marxists. Liberals manage the economy, while nationalists and cultural conservatives have been kept out of power since World War II. Today, as a result, Norway and many other European countries suffer of cultural self-contempt, which is due to Marxist doctrines and the multicultural ideology.

A couple of questions, perhaps the most important in our time, and like all journalists, parliamentary politicians and academics should ask about is the following: Do you think it is undemocratic that the Norwegian people have never been asked through a referendum whether they accepted that Norway was transformed into a multiethnic and multicultural state? Is it democratic to do this without having to ask people for advice?The second question is: Do you think it is undemocratic that the Norwegian people have never been asked through a referendum whether they accept that Norway welcomes as many African and Asian immigrants, the future risks being turned into a minority in their own primary state and private land? And then someone will say: No, there is no problem because there are free elections.

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2012-04-18: Norway v. Breivik Trial: Day 03: Breivik Testimony: Ideology & Knights Templar

9:54 Engh quote further from the police interrogation, which Breivik says KT network searched extremely talented people.

9:54 Breivik compendium called a terrorist school.

9:55 Breivik: - All you can basically do what I did 22 July. Ie, not all women. Maybe 1 in 10 women. You have to have backbone.

9:55 Breivik: - Statistically, it is more likely that men do. The training does not have to be very talented. I am not more gifted than others.

9:56 Breivik: - With the will and good attitudes can all do everything. Not my job to consider if I'm talented or not.

9:57 Breivik - I express myself in casual manifesto. It was a draft ...


15:37 Larsen: - Has your plan been successful?

15:38 Breivik: - It is tragic that you have to carry something so horrible to be heard and to change society. That one will be censored and ridiculed. In one way it is cruel, on the other hand, it was necessary.

15:39 Breivik: - I had started a witch hunt for moderate conservative culture. It will contribute to increased polarization and radicalization. Better results than expected.

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2012-04-19: Norway v. Breivik Trial: Day 04: Breivik Testimony: Masonry, Radicalisation & Planning of Attacks

Breivik: No, I remember that we were talking to various people, about what they saw as injustices in society. And I've just been very skeptical of Muslim immigration from when I was 15 years. So in some settings it would have been considered improper, Thus, we speak not so very serious about it, but whether to attack the Muslims in Norway and Muslim groups. And, one can say that, it is important to note is that the militant nationalists in Europe are split in two when it comes to goals. Half think that you should attack the Muslims and minorities. The other half believes that we should attack the elites, those responsible and make them pay. So it is important to emphasize that there are two groups that mean something quite different among militant nationalists. For example, Laser man and NSU supported attacks on minorities in order to harm multiculturalism like that. I disagree with it. I think it isn't the Muslims' fault that they have been invited here, it's completely different people's fault.

Holden: OK. So ...

Breivik: But at one point, it was perhaps well before it happened Benjamin Hermansen in Oslo, I was of the opinion, I actually shared my opinion with the others, that it was most appropriate to attack the Muslims in Norway. But then I changed opinion, after what happened to Benjamin Hermansen. After that I changed the perception, and I thought it would be detrimental to do it the other way. It would be more appropriate to go right after the ones responsible for it. So I changed my view at that time.


Breivik: You know, to do something like that happened at Ut√łya, goes against human nature. And to make yourself able to implement something like that, then you have to adapt yourself mentally very long, to at all have a chance to carry it out. You can train yourself to hammer out your emotions and build a contempt of death, even then it is very difficult to conduct a such action, which is contrary to human nature in many ways. It is easy to push a button and trigger a bomb. It is very, very difficult to implement something as barbaric as a firearm based operation. And it is certainly not a politically motivated violent activists want, but when their tools are deprived of you, or EU authorities and others, so we are left with that option. it is not we wanted

Holden: Are you pleased that you managed to implement it?

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2012-04-20: Norway v. Breivik Trial: Day 05: Breivik Testimony: Oslo Bombing & Utoya Massacre

10:18 Breivik: - I have mentioned the attacks I have studied previously. Unfortunately, so as to shed light on an issue you have to get attention. Politically motivated violence has been used for thousands of years. Should you reach one must unfortunately be a bloody action to, with great shock effect.
10:49 Lippestad: - When you say you study the weaknesses and strengths of these groups. Can you give us examples?
10:50 Breivik: - weakness of communist political violence groups is that they fear death. They do not believe in an afterlife. It is their major handicap.
10:53 Breivik: - The primary need was to convey the compendium and so contribute to a witch hunt for cultural conservatives.
10:53 Breivik: - The foundation was to gather as much information as possible to the compendium, and spread it.
10:54 Lippestad: - You have completed a major terrorist act. Can you tell us about how you plan and obtained knowledge without being detected?
10:54 Breivik: - The starting point was to prepare for that it's going to be a solitary phase.
10:54 Lippestad: - Why was it important for you to be lonely?
10:55 Breivik: - Intelligence Organizations in Europe doing the good job that it is impossible to build up a fighting organization today.

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2012-04-23: Norway v. Breivik Trial: Day 06: Breivik Testimony: Utoya Massacre

9:06 Breivik: - I have two questions to the judge Arntzen: It is important that the judges get to know about the 40 politically motivated actions that were implemented after the war. It is important that judges know about the organized resistance of the war.

9:06 Arntzen: - We can come back to. We will have time later. We will come back to.

9:06 Brievik: - I also want the judges to know about the attacks that I have been postponed from the Muslims.

9:06 Prosecutors Inga Bejer Engh: - We had reached the conclusion that you came to the cafe built for the second time. Before we go any further, I would ask a couple of things that have happened on the road.

9:07 Engh: - You testified Friday about someone you killed at the tent site. It is found murdered at the Love Trail. Do you remember how they behaved when they were killed?

9:08 Breivik: - I do not remember. But I think you have read in a report that they lay in the fetal position. It is possible that they were paralyzed. But I do not remember.

9:08 Engh: - Do you remember anything about these ten people today?

9:08 Breivik: - No, I do not.

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