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Ecology of Peace RH factual reality: 1. Earth is not flat; 2. Resources are finite; 3. When humans breed or consume above ecological carrying capacity limits, it results in resource conflict; 4. If individuals, families, tribes, races, religions, and/or nations want to reduce class, racial and/or religious local, national and international resource war conflict; they should cooperate & sign their responsible freedom oaths; to implement Ecology of Peace Scientific and Cultural Law as international law; to require all citizens of all races, religions and nations to breed and consume below ecological carrying capacity limits.

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

If everyone consumed & procreated like President Zuma, we would need 2,090 earths

If everyone consumed & procreated like President Zuma, we would need 2,090 earths

Jacob Zuma's consumption footprint is 65.66 global hectares (gha). His procreation footprint factor is 25 x 20 = 500. His net consumption x procreation footprint is 33,280 gha. If everyone consumed and procreated like Jacob Zuma, we would need 2,090 earths.

Andrea Muhrrteyn | SQSwans | 13 January 2013

Email to Office of SA Presidency: Sent: Saturday, January 12, 2013 6:00 PM.

President Jacob Zuma
c/o Office of the Presidency

CC: Center Sustainable Economy | WWF: CEO: Morne du Plessis | Global Footprint Network | Oregon Univ: Paul Murtaugh | Dr. Thomas Homer-Dixon

RE: Request Confirmation of President Zuma’s Consumption and Procreation Facts, to confirm his Net Ecological Footprint viz a viz the importance of discussing overconsumption & population’s role on scarcity, conflict and impending civilization collapse.

Please find attached the aforementioned letter for the attention of the President's office.

Dear President Zuma,

RE: Request Confirmation of President Zuma’s Consumption and Procreation Facts, to confirm his Net Ecological Footprint viz a viz the importance of discussing overconsumption & population’s role on scarcity, conflict and impending civilization collapse.

I am writing to request the Office of the Presidency to please confirm or correct my assumptions used in terms of calculating President Zuma’s Consumption and Procreation Footprint, to determine his Net footprint. Please correct any incorrect factors I submitted in to the consumption footprint calculator; and confirm the accurate number of President Zuma’s children.

As documented in the ‘Radical Honoursty Guerrylla Law’ party documentation enclosed, read in conjunction with the Population and Conflict, and Scarcity and Conflict work of Dr. Homer-Dixon (Environmental Scarcity and Violent Conflict: The Case of South Africa) and Dr. Jack Alpert (Rapid Population Decline or Collapse of Civilization) it is my conclusion, that in the absence of the implementation of Guerrylla Laws which regulate human procreation and resource utilization behaviour, to ensure sustainability; where such laws clearly, simply and very specifically clarify the difference between the consumption and procreation behaviour of an Eco-Innocent (Sustainable) vs. a Scarcity Combatant (Unsustainable); and Scarcity Combatants are confronted by courts for their Scarcity inducing behaviours; not only South Africa, but Planet Earth’s humans are – pardon the brutal honesty – FUCKED!

My tentative conclusions regarding President Jacob Zuma’s Net Ecological Footprint is as follows:

Consumption Footprint: 65.66 gha

President Jacob Zuma's Consumption Footprint – using quiz, as documented below -- is 65.66 global hectares (gha). South Africa's average consumption footprint is 38.59 gha. If accurate, then if everyone on planet earth consumed like President Zuma, we would need 4.18 earths.

Procreation Footprint Factor: 500

President Zuma has 25 children (some say 32, but I used 25). His procreation footprint factor is 25 x 20* = 500. [Each Child increases a parents footprint by factor of 20]

Net Consumption & Procreation Footprint: 33280 gha

Consumption (65.66) x Procreation (500) = Net Footprint of 33280 gha.

If accurate, if everyone consumed and procreated like President Zuma, we would need 2,090 earths.


Jacob Zuma Tentative Consumption Test from

1. Country: South Africa

2. Measurements: Metric

3. People Living in your Household: More than 5

4. Annual household income in US Dollars: $120,000 or more

5. Size of Home: 250 square meters or larger

6. Climate Zone: Temperate or Mediteranean

7. Energy Sources used in home: Electricity

8. Electricity percentaged generated from renewable source: 27.00 (SA Average)

9. Kilometres travelled per year: 10,000 - Automobile, taxis | 50,000 - Air Travel

10. Vehicle Most Often Drive in: Sport Utility Vehicle

11. Usually share rides: yes.

12. Energy saving features in your home: * compact fluorescent bulbs ,

13. Energy saving habits: None

14. Home: Rural

15. Have you purchased offsets for carbon emissions associated with your home energy use and transportation?: No

16. Diet: Carnivore: meat, seafood and dairy several times a week

17. Where do you obtain most of your food: Supermarkets and restaurants

18. How often do you select foods that are certified organic or sustainably produced?: sometimes

19. Which choice best describes how much you normally eat?: Two large meals and two or three light or medium sized snacks per day

20. Do you have a garden or share one to grow your own vegetables and herbs?: NO

21. Which best describes your home: Estate, ranch or farm

22. What is the approximate area of land occupied by your home, structures, and yard? If you live on an estate, farm or ranch, please don't count grazing lands, croplands, or wildlands: 4 hectares

23. Was your home or any portion of it built with recycled materials, wood certified as sustainably harvested, or any other green design features?: No

24. Approximately what share of your home furnishings are second hand or made of either recycled or sustainably produced materials?: Almost none

25. Water saving features in your home: None

26. Water Saving Habits: None

27. How often do you select cleaning products that are biodegradable or non-toxic?: Almost never

28. What best describes your spending and saving habits?: I tend to spend all of my income and then some

29. How often do you buy new things to replace old ones?: I frequently replace belongings even if they are in good condition .

30. How many standard size garbage bins does your household fill each week?: More than two

31. Recycling: Paper: fair amount ; Aluminum: none; Glass: none; Plastic: fair amount; Electronics: none

32. When you buy clothing or paper products, how often do you select items labeled as recycled, natural, organic, or made of alternative fibers such as hemp or Tencel?: Almost never


Guerrylla Law Radical Honoursty Party

The party shall be founded on the Guerrylla Law Radical Honoursty Social Contract which include, among others, the following principles:

A. Radical Honoursty Problem Solving Communicator Status: Any individual who desires this ‘status’ is required to follow the Radical Honoursty Problem Solving Communicator communication principles. All written communication for such members attention must be (a) acknowledged as received, (b) honestly answered or the questioner to be notified of a ‘by when’ date, when honest answers shall be provided. (c) Brutal honesty is considered the highest honourable respect; sycophancy and public relations is considered passive aggressive, manipulative and deceptive. (d) In any disagreement or misunderstanding with another member, to commit to remain in discussion, with each other, until it is resolved. (e) Any member who ignores or evades another member’s attempts to resolve a disagreement, or to answer a question, will be put on the ‘Dishonourable Hit List’ for Party assassination after two final warning notices to the member, from the party to either: (a) resign, or (b) resolve the disagreement, by a specific date, in accordance to their Radical Honoursty Problem Solving Communicator Status oath.

B. Sustainability: A Sustainable society regulates human procreation and/or resource utilization behaviour , to ensure sustainability.

C. Sustainable Rights: Laws of Nature determine that Environmental or ecological rights and responsibilities are the sine qua non foundation for all other Rights .

D. Sustainable Security: ‘There is no security without sustainability’ : In the absence of an international new moral order where Ecocentric Guerrylla laws are implemented to regulate and reduce human procreation and resource utilization behaviour, towards a sustainable, pre-industrial lifestyle paradigm; “overpopulation and resource scarcity will result in conflict and war” (perhaps nuclear ) confronting regions at an accelerated pace , resulting in the “collapse of the global economic system and every market-oriented national economy” by 2050 .

E. Guerrylla Laws: define the procreation and consumption behaviour of an individual as an Eco-Innocent (sustainable) or Scarcity-Combatant (unsustainable), based upon (A) a sustainable bio-capacity of 1 global hectare (gha) (60 % of 1.8 gha ) in accordance with the proactive conservation policies of Bhutan ; and (B) the Oregon University study that concludes that every child increases a parents’ eco-footprint by a factor of 20 .

F. A Green Voter is an individual whose procreation and consumption behaviour is sustainable, as defined by Guerrylla laws, as an Eco-Innocent .

Eco-Innocent: * 0 children, consumption < 20 gha ((1 gha) x 20) | * 1 child, consumption < 1 gha ((1 gha (2007)) | * 2 children, consumption < 0.05 gha (1 gha ÷ 20) | * 3 children, consumption < 0.025 gha (1 gha ÷ 40) Scarcity Combatant: * 0 children, consumption > 20 gha ((1 gha) x 20) | * 1 child, consumption > 1 gha ((1 gha (2007)) | * 2 children, consumption > 0.05 gha (1 gha ÷ 20) | * 3 children, consumption > 0.025 gha (1 gha ÷ 40)

G. Only Green Voters can elect the Green President, whose general duty is to (A) protect the Constitution from the Tragedy of the Commons material greed and psychological and political dishonour of the nations Scarcity (breeding and consumption) combatants, who wish to exploit the country’s resources for short-term political and socio-economic profits, and (B) transition South Africa to a Sustainable Voluntaryist Green Republic.

H. The Green President’s sustainable security legislative duty is to veto all legislation that obstructs, or fails to reduce, the nation’s Scarcity combatant’s procreation and/or consumption path to sustainability, based upon Guerrylla law sustainable rights and sustainable security principles.

I. The Green Presidents sustainable security executive duty is to protect the Constitution, root out all corruption, by taking over the duty of executive supervision of the Ministry of Police and Ministry of Justice, including the appointment of all Magistrates and Justices. Magistrates and Judges shall be required to ascertain, verify, and transparently declare – as part of the court record - the Eco-Innocent (sustainable) or Scarcity-Combatant (unsustainable) status of all parties (including the Judge, legal representatives and State Representatives) to any court proceeding; including consideration of such status, where relevant to the legal proceedings. Any Eco-Innocent is entitled to be tried by an Eco-Innocent Prosecutor and Judge, and in any dispute with a Scarcity Combatant, may require the court to take notice of Scarcity Combatants behaviour as a relevant aggravating factor to Scarcity related socio-political problems, such as: crime, violence, unemployment, poverty, food shortages, inflation, political instability, loss of civil rights, conformism, political correctness, vanishing species, pollution, urban sprawl, toxic waste, energy depletion.

J. An individual can only run for Green President, as (A) an Independent or from a Political Party, which practices 100% transparency disclosure of all campaign contributions, and (B) whose procreation and consumption lifestyle qualifies them as an Eco-Innocent.


I look forward to hearing from your office.

Transparency Disclosure: My consumption footprint is 10.83 gha, procreation factor is zero (no children); amounting to a net footprint of 10.83 gha. If everyone lived like me, we would need 0.69 earths.

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