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Summary of Ecology of Peace Radical Honoursty Factual Reality Problem Solving: Poverty, slavery, unemployment, food shortages, food inflation, cost of living increases, urban sprawl, traffic jams, toxic waste, pollution, peak oil, peak water, peak food, peak population, species extinction, loss of biodiversity, peak resources, racial, religious, class, gender resource war conflict, militarized police, psycho-social and cultural conformity pressures on free speech, etc; inter-cultural conflict; legal, political and corporate corruption, etc; are some of the socio-cultural and psycho-political consequences of overpopulation & consumption collision with declining resources.

Ecology of Peace RH factual reality: 1. Earth is not flat; 2. Resources are finite; 3. When humans breed or consume above ecological carrying capacity limits, it results in resource conflict; 4. If individuals, families, tribes, races, religions, and/or nations want to reduce class, racial and/or religious local, national and international resource war conflict; they should cooperate & sign their responsible freedom oaths; to implement Ecology of Peace Scientific and Cultural Law as international law; to require all citizens of all races, religions and nations to breed and consume below ecological carrying capacity limits.

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Monday, July 1, 2013

MI6: Is Queen's Westminster Abbey Mandela Memorial Service decision fully informed?

MI6: Is Queen's Westminster Abbey Mandela Memorial Service decision fully informed?

Confirmation (i) Britain's Memorial Service at Westminster Abbey for Nelson Mandela is a fully informed decision: Prime Minister, MI5 & MI6 and ANC, Mandela & Mandela Foundation honourably and transparently informed Buckingham Palace of Media Suppressed Facts/Info regarding Mandela/ANC/TRC Fraud; (ii) Invitation to MI6 to join NSA, CIA, Mossad and KGB, to establish gender balanced MILINT Earth Day Ecology of Peace paradigm.

TYGAE | 01 July 2013 | Andrea Muhrrteyn

Correspondence to Her Majesty: The Queen, Buckingham Palace, c/o: Duncan Jeffery, Westminster Abbey. CC: President Putin, Kremlin Press Office, President Barack Obama, c/o: DNI: James Clapper, PM Benjamin Netanyahu, Knesset, Nelson Mandela, c/o: Nelson Mandela Foundation, PM Cameron, c/o Sec. Def: Philip Hammond, UK Dep. Of Defence, MI5 & MI6
Subject: HM Queen, c/o Duncan Jeffery, Westminster Abbey: Confirmation Mandela Memorial Service is fully informed decision

Your Majesty,

Please find attached PDF: Confirmation (i) Britain's Memorial Service at Westminster Abbey for Nelson Mandela is a fully informed decision: Prime Minister, MI5 & MI6 and ANC, Mandela & Mandela Foundation honourably and transparently informed Buckingham Palace of Media Suppressed Facts/Info regarding Mandela/ANC/TRC Fraud; (ii) Invitation to MI6 to join NSA, CIA, Mossad and KGB, to establish gender balanced MILINT Earth Day Ecology of Peace paradigm.

Please Note: Mandela, ANC and Anti-Apartheid movement, emphatically do not endorse the Ecology of Peace paradigm. Mandela and Tutu – like Assange, Snowden and Manning – believe that the Earth is flat and white/western men don’t have to take control of their psychological penises and consume below carrying capacity; and black/brown men don’t have to take control of their physical penises and breed below carrying capacity. War has nothing to do with jurisprudence that enables transgression of carrying capacity, ecological overshoot, and scarcity induced conflict. White conservative men cause war!

HM Queen, c/o Duncan Jeffery, Westminster Abbey: Confirmation Mandela Memorial Service is fully informed decision

Confirmation (i) Britain's Memorial Service at Westminster Abbey for Nelson Mandela is a fully informed decision: Prime Minister, MI5 & MI6 and ANC, Mandela & Mandela Foundation honourably and transparently informed Buckingham Palace of Media Suppressed Facts/Info regarding Mandela/ANC/TRC Fraud; (ii) Invitation to MI6 to join NSA, CIA, Mossad and KGB, to establish gender balanced MILINT Earth Day Ecology of Peace paradigm.

Confirmation of Buckingham Palace’s Knowledge of Media Suppressed Facts/Info regarding ANC/Mandela/TRC Fraud

There is no evidence of any documentation indicating any Just War Ecology of Peace intentions by any member of the ANC, or any member of any South African or Anti-Apartheid organisation, to negotiate a sustainable Ecology of Peace settlement with the Apartheid regime, prior to launching their ‘liberation struggle’.

[1] Southern Africa’s indigenous people’s are the Bushmen: White and Black South Africans are the descendants of Patriarchal Breeding/Consumption Combatant Taker Settlers, who migrated to South Africa, due to population pressures: breeding beyond the carrying capacity of their European and Central African territory’s and migrating to Southern Africa to conquer or cull other Leaver tribe’s resources.

[2] “All South Africans are settlers, regardless of their skin colour, and their DNA carries the proof. So says Dr Wilmot James, head of the African Genome Project, a distinguished academic, sociologist and, more recently, honorary professor of human genetics at the University of Cape Town. And he says South Africans will soon have a public genetic database which will show how the country became populated over thousands of years. The African Genome project is supported by local genealogy website James aims to trace the origins of South Africans "no matter what their language, ethnic origins, or skin colour". "No one group can lay claim to South Africa. Everyone is a settler, and we will show how people came here in waves of migration.” – We are all settlers in South Africa.

[3] Current European Settler’s Progenitor’s travelled to South Africa in response to European Geopolitical Realpolitik “Colonial Empire” decision-making, to find only the Bushman as indigenous natives. They arrived as “settler” farmers, soldiers, medical personnel, religious and political administrators, frequently on behalf of, and for the benefit of, European Civilized Patriarchy elite Imperial Interests. In approximately 1770, the Eastward migrating Boers came into contact with the southern migrating Xhosa’s, originally from Central Africa, at the Fish River in the Eastern Cape. Population pressure disputes over the ownership of farming land and cattle resulted in what is known as the Cape Frontier Xhosa wars. Many Boers then migrated north to found the Free State and Boer Republics.

[4] European and African settlers continued their breeding and consumption wars against indigenous Bushmen. One hundred years later, the first census in 1868 revealed a country of 1,134M million of whom 50% were settlers originally of European origins, and 50% were black and coloured settlers who arrived respectively from North Africa, or as slaves from the Far East.

Civilized Patriarchy: Afrikaners Consumption War vs. Africans Breeding War:

[5] In the subsequent 80 years the European population decreased from 50% to less than 25%. By 1948 the census revealed South Africa’s population to be 11.957 Million, of which Africans were 8.5 M (79%) and Europeans 2.5M (21%).

[6] Correctly, the “Swart Gevaar” Population Explosion was interpreted as a Breeding War Act of War by Apartheid legislators and voters; who feared it would result in their racial and cultural suicide.

[7] For them, Apartheid (biologically referred to as: the Competitive Exclusion Principle), was their Just War for Boer Demographic and Cultural Survival Response to the “Swart Gevaar” (Black Peril) African Breeding War.

[8] According to social geographer, John Western in Outcast Cape Town, the two primary motivations for implementing Apartheid was fear of demographic suicide due to the “swart gevaar” and secondly that segregation benefited all; as enshrined in the “friction theory” principle (The Friction theory principle was also the foundation of one of the greatest military strategy books ever written: Valour of Ignorance, by Homer Lea; whose use of the theory predicted the rise of Hitler and WWII, thirty-three years before it occurred). In fact John Western states that if certain demographic factors had been different in South Africa, Apartheid may not have occurred: “Even once apartheid was legislated, the “Nationalists with all their Sowetos could hardly keep up with the Black demographic realities of rural urban migration and absolute population increase. At immense cost, they as it were ran as fast as they could, only to stay in the same place.” (p.xix)”. On the issue of Apartheid‟s use of friction theory as a justified response, Western writes:

“… A central justification for [Apartheid s racial residential segregation] viewpoint, that segregation is in the interest of all, is enshrined in the “friction theory.” The belief is simply that any contact between the races inevitably produces conflict. Thus, the minister of the interior, introducing the group areas bill to Parliament on 14 June 1950, stated:

“Now this, as I say, is designed to eliminate friction between the races in the Union because we believe, and believe strongly, that points of contact – all unnecessary points of contact – between the races must be avoided. If you reduce the number of points of contact to the minimum, you reduce the possibility of friction… The result of putting people of different races together is to cause racial trouble.

“… The friction theory has some measure of sense to it, as may be illustrated by once again returning to the work of Robert Sommer (1969, pp 12, 14 and 15), who wrote:

“[Animal studies] show that both territoriality and dominance behaviour are ways of maintaining social order, and when one system cannot function, the other takes over… Group territories keep individual groups apart and thereby preserve the integrity of the troop, whereas dominance is the basis for intragroup relationships… Group territoriality is expressed in national and local boundaries, a segregation into defined areas that reduces conflict.

[9] Apartheid failed however to consider their own consumption behaviours as part of the overshoot-scarcity-conflict equation.

Mandela and ANC’s Failure to Explore Ecology of Peace Settlement:

[10] In 2010, Jus Sanguinis submitted a detailed evidentiary request to Germany, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Switzerland, via the EU (PDF), as well as to dozens of South African Apartheid Organisations, including European Union and South African Anti-Apartheid Archival organisations asking for evidence that Mandela, the ANC or any Anti-Apartheid considered exploring an Ecology of Peace Settlement with Apartheid: An agreement that the ANC would support legislation restricting South Africans to procreate below carrying capacity levels, if the Boers would support legislation restricting South Africans to consuming below carrying capacity levels.

[11] Any efforts or offers from the ANC to the Apartheid Government to conclude such an Ecology of Peace agreement restricting South Africa’s citizens procreation and consumption to below carrying capacity levels, would have indicated the ANC’s sincere, honourable intentions to resolve their Patriarchal Breeding and Consumption Wars, in favour of a sustainable Ecology of Peace settlement.

[12] The request for information was ignored by all South African Anti-Apartheid Organisations. International Responses: Switzerland and the United Kingdom stated they were unaware of any records for the information requested. to demonstrate the ANC’s honourable Just War Just Cause Intentions.

[13] Conclusion: There is no evidence of any documentation indicating any Just War Ecology of Peace intentions by any member of the ANC, or any member of any South African or Anti-Apartheid organisation, to negotiate a sustainable Ecology of Peace settlement with the Apartheid regime, prior to launching their ‘liberation struggle’.

Fanon’s ‘Violence as a cleansing liberating force’ inspiration for ANC and Biko’s Black Consciousness Liberation Struggle’s :

“Violence is man re-creating himself.” ― Frantz Fanon

‘Nationalists Fighting for the Right to Rule their Country’
- Norway's Support for ANC's Right to Violent Liberation

[14] Mandela’s liberation struggle ideology and Biko’s Black Consciousness ideology had strong ties to Frantz Fanon’s Handbook for Black Liberation concepts of ‘violence as a cleansing liberating force’ and Jesuit Black Liberation Theology: liberating African [settlers] colonized minds on the rotting corpses of the European settlers’.

[15] According to Frantz Fanon's Wretched of the Earth, also called the Handbook for Black Liberation, violence was not considered a last resort, but the essential ingredient to be achieved for “liberation” of the colonized mind. Liberation was not possible, for the “colonized mind”, except through physical violence “on the rotting corpse of the [white] settler”.

[16] In Frantz Fanon: The Doctor Prescribed Violence, Adam Shatz writes how Fanon argued that “Violence is a cleansing force. It frees the native from his inferiority complex and from his despair and inaction; it makes him fearless and restores his self-respect.” Shatz says: “This was mau-mauing with Left Bank panache. Not to be upstaged, Jean-Paul Sartre wrote in his preface, “'To shoot down a European is to kill two birds with one stone, to destroy an oppressor and the man he oppresses at the same time.””'

[17] In Fanon and the Concept of Colonial Violence, Robert C. Smith argues that Marxist critics of Fanon‘s “fanatical” advocacy of violence and terrorism fail to understand that both Fanon and Marx were seeking “by whatever means necessary” to “end the exploitation of man by men”, and that Marx‘s analysis had a Euro-centric bias, by overemphasising the socio-economic at the expense of the psychological. He concludes that Fanon is more of a Marxist than any of his Marxian critics, who “are more bourgeois in “outlook” than the bourgeoisie”.

[18] The Essential Steve Biko, Mandisi Majavu writes that the influence of Fanon’s work is detected in all of Biko’s work, and that the concept of black consciousness in liberating black people from their own psychological oppression is a cornerstone of Fanon's argument. Her arguments are supported by Frantz Fanon and Black Consciousness in Azania (South Africa), by Thomas K. Ranuga.

[19] According to Sweden and National Liberation in Southern Africa: Solidarity and Assistance by Tor Sellström, Black Consciousness Before Soweto [Uprising] was largely inspired by the 1960‘s black power movement in the United States and the writings of Frantz Fanon.

[20] In May the Black God Stand Please! Biko’s Challenge to Religion, Professor Tinyiko Sam Maluleke Executive Director: Research, University of South Africa and President: South African Council of Churches, describes Steve Biko‘s views on Christianity and Black Liberation Theology. In SA Students Organisation (SASO) September 1970 edition, in I Write What I Like: “We Blacks”, Steve Biko writing under his “Frank –Talk” confirmed being inspired by Black Liberation Theology.

[21] In Nelson Mandela, Elleke Boehmer explores Mandela’s growing susceptibility to arguments in favor of violence as a liberating force and armed resistance, as eloquently articulated in 1950s Africa by Martinique-born, Algeria based anti-colonialist Frantz Fanon -- as well as by revolutionary elements within the SACP, in the chapter: The Black Elite’s Curriculum.

[21.1] The ANC perceived the Algerian freedom struggle to exhibit strong parallels with South Africa’s. In Mandela’s African travels he came into contact with Front de Liberation Nationale officials who had fought for the independence of Algeria, recently won, for whose left-wing Fanon had served as an angry spokesperson. At Oujda in Morocco, an Algerian military base close to the border, Mandela heard Ahmed Ben Bella the guerrilla leader, soon to be first President of an independent Algeria, rally his troops and call for the fight against imperialism to be extended across Africa.

[21.2] Although Mandela never mentioned Fanon by name, she believes “it is difficult to believe that he did not feel in some capacity the transformative force of his ideas. ... Fanon's approach to the overthrow of imperial power, based on his time working as a psychiatrist in revolutionary Algeria, was bracingly combative: the colonized, he believed, should resist the coloniser to the death, with violence; their entire sensibility should be focused on this rejection.... There is no doubt that, some ten years on from the ANC's move to arms, Steve Biko's BCM, with its outright rejection of white values, demonstrated a clear debt to Fanon's fiercely nationalist and anti-colonial manifesto The Wretched of the Earth (1961)”.

[21.3] She argues that Mandela’s first international speech, A Land Ruled by the Gun, given at the January 1962 PAFMECA (later OAU) conference in Addis Ababa, argued principles identical to those being argued by Fanon: “Mandela sought to justify the ANC's controversial turn to violence, its "sharpening" of its "less effective" political weapons. Like Fanon in his polemical address in support of anti-colonial violence given to the 1958 All-Africa People's Conference, Mandela gives a careful exposition of the stages of increasing violence the African majority has suffered. As part of this exposition he suggests, as famously does Fanon, that the colonized system's pervasive "atmosphere of violence" is the creation of the colonizer alone, and that in this situation the colonized has no choice but to reject the system absolutely. Any compromise or attempt to come to terms will simply reinforce oppression: "only violence pays." Mandela's summary of South Africa's anti-imperialist struggle builds gradually toward a short, uncompromising paragraph encapsulating the injunction that "hard and swift blows" need now to be delivered.”

[21.4] Boehmer says “Mandela's charged language is at this point distinctly reminiscent of Fanon. Fanon's own 1958 conference speech, given as a riposte to Kwame Nkrumah's influential advocacy of Positive Action stopping short of violence, had been unequivocal in making its central point: the natives violence was not merely necessary but self-transforming. (The speech, which cited Sharpeville as a reminder of colonialism's overkill, was developed into the chapter "Concerning Violence" that forms the core of The Wretched of the Earth).”

[21.5] She concludes that although Mandela never mentioned Fanon (in fact Mandela never ever mentioned Steve Biko either) it is highly “likely that he would on more than one occasion on his African tour, most probably in Addis Ababa as well as Morocco, have been exposed to Fanon's ideas, even if at several removes. He explicitly refers both to the 1958 Conference and to Nkrumah's defensive 1960 Positive Action conference in A Land Ruled by the Gun: he would have known about the debates that had taken place at both venues. In this context it seems fitting that MK with Mandela at its head was established in 1961, the year of The Wretched of the Earth.”

ANC’s Breeding War Operation Production of Cannon Fodder:

[22] Under the ANC’s covert “Operation Production” Policy (covered up by Tutu’s TRC): African women were forced to have sex with ANC cadres, and denied access to using contraception. Using contraception to avoid pregnancy resulted in detention by ANC cadre forces, being labelled as an 'Apartheid agent', and being charged before a People’s Court trial. If found guilty, as most were, the sentence was Necklacing, including having broken bottles shoved up their vagina, to send a brutal public warning to African women caught using contraception or refusing to be raped and impregnated by ANC cadres. Needless to say, promising young men free sex to join a liberation struggle results in many candidates signing up.

[23] Join the ANC liberation struggle for Free Sex:

[24] According to former Mbokodo officer Sam Mngqibisa, an ANC Cadre had the ‘right’ to have sex with any ANC Woman. Sam Mngqibisa’s poem about his education as an Mbokodo officer, as published by Searchlight, the only publication with the courage to expose the ANC’s Mbokodo Quatro Torture Camps:

[24.1] Give a young boy — 16 years old — from the ghetto of Soweto, an | opportunity to drive a car for the first time in his life. | This boy is from a poor working class family. | Give him money to buy any type of liquor and good, expensive clothes. | This boy left South Africa during the Soweto schools uprising in 1976. | He doesn't know what is an employer. | He never tasted employer-exploitation. | Give him the right to sleep with all these women. | Give him the opportunity to study in Party Schools and well-off | military academies in Eastern Europe. | Teach him Marxism-Leninism and tell him to defend the revolution | against counter-revolutionaries. | Send him to the Stasi to train him to extract information by force from | enemy agents. He turns to be a torturer and executioner by firing squad. | All these are the luxuries and the dream-come-true he never thought of for his lifetime... | This Security becomes the law unto itself.

[25] Operation Production:

[26] Johannes Harnischfeger, Witchcraft and the State in South Africa :

[26.1] “Especially evening assemblies girls had to attend as well: “They would come into the house and tell us we should go. They didn't ask your mother they just said “come let's go.” You would just have to go with them. They would threaten you with their belts and ultimately you would think that if you refused, they would beat you. Our parents were afraid of them” (quoted by Delius 1996:189).

[26.2] All those opposing the wishes of the young men were reminded, that it was every woman‘s obligation to give birth to new “soldiers”, in order to replace those warriors killed in the liberation struggle. The idiom of the adolescents referred to these patriotic efforts as “operation production”. Because of exactly this reason it was forbidden for the girls to use contraceptives. (Delius 1996:189; Niehaus 1999:250)”

[26.3] Maki Skosana was an ANC comrade who was accused – for no observable reasons – of being an apartheid spy, given a people‘s court trial and publicly executed by necklacing in July 1985. The TRC made no effort whatsoever to investigate the motives for shoving broken glass bottles up women‘s vagina‘s who were necklaced. TRC Report: “Moloko said her sister was burned to death with a tyre around her neck while attending the funeral of one of the youths. Her body had been scorched by fire and some broken pieces of glass had been inserted into her vagina, Moloko told the committee. Moloko added that a big rock had been thrown on her face after she had been killed.” - TRC: Dept of Justice

[27] Opposing the Wishes of the ANC Cadres Operation Production:

[27.1] ‘I have been raped by comrades before. They force women to sleep with them, even now, because they have the power to do so. And no one dares to speak out. The culture of violence has never ceased to exist in the South-African ANC, even after the end of apartheid.’ – Ms. Fezeka Kuswayo

[28] “The street committee members would go on house-to-house raids, forcefully taking young people, including young girls to go on street-patrols. There were then many reports of acts of sexual abuse and rape of young girls being taken to certain hide-outs and camps and being raped. As a result of fear of the comrades and cynicism towards the apartheid police these cases were never reported.” -- Mphutlane wa Bofelo

Mandela and Fanon’s ‘violent liberation’ definition of reconciliation:

[29] Mandela’s reference to Fanon’s, Wretched of the Earth, Fanon's Famous Handbook for Black Liberation by Cleansing Violent Revolution in his Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech, is rather cryptic considering Fanon’s views on reconciliation.

[29.1] ‘True liberation is violence, not reconciliation’ - Frantz Fanon. Frantz Fanon and Black Liberation Theologists considered ‘reconciliation’ to be a physically violent process of ‘liberating’ the ‘colonized mind’ by violence ‘on the rotting corpse of the settler’. Reconciliation occurs once all the settlers corpses are dead and rotting.

[29.2] Nelson Mandela, Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech, 10 December 1993: "Moved by that appeal and inspired by the eminence you have thrust upon us, we undertake that we too will do what we can to contribute to the renewal of our world so that none should, in future, be described as the "wretched of the earth"."

Mandela Reconciliation: 70,000 rotting settler’s corpses and counting.

[30] Nobel Peace Prize Committee, Mandela, the ANC and Anti-Apartheid movement and European Union’s silent endorsement of violent liberation reconciliation: 70,000 rotting European settlers corpses and counting.

[31] Dutch-South African journalist Adriana Stuijt blogs – censorburgbear , FarmITracker, and Afrikaner Genocide Archives – monitors and reports on the attacks on European settlers, most of which are censored by the South African and international media.

[31.1] The Guerrilla War of Racially Motivated Gratuitous Violence in White South Africa’s Backyards: From Robert Kaplan (1997) to the Lotter Sisters (2009):

[31.2] Rob Kaplan: According to Salon Magazine, in their article What Happened to Rob Kaplan (PDF), written in June 1997, the No. 1 Web site in South Africa in 1997 was “about “a brutal act of violence” that has left its white victim “battling to breathe.”” Irnest Kaplan found his elder brother Rob, 34, near death in his Johannesburg home on May 1. Rob, who ran a computer training center for blacks, had been shot twice in the chest, stabbed, beaten, pistol-whipped and tortured for hours with a household heating iron by three Zulu-speaking robbers seeking the keys to a nonexistent safe. Irnest setup a website to call for “a meeting with Mr. Mandela, show him the responses and demand radical action ... We hope to leverage the Internet.” Kaplan's Web site racked up 120,000 hits the first week and 1 million hits the second week. Mandela ignored the Kaplan’s, unlike New York Police Commissioner William Bratton, who said “The situation seems to be getting worse ... The climate of fear has meant so many guns and people tend to shoot first. We did not meet a single person who did not know a victim of serious crime. Crime can be lowered, but it requires something he the Mandela government has so far not shown: “leadership.”” The former Lebanese ambassador, who fled the country after his house was broken into once too often, was quoted as saying that Beirut, even in its worst days, was safer than Johannesburg in 1997, and far worse today.

[31.3] Lotter Sisters: Alice Lotter, 77, and her daughter Helen, 57, both frail, were tortured to death at their farm in Allenridge near Welkom in the Free State on April 1, 2009. According to forensic evidence, the Lotter mother and daughter had died excruciatingly painful deaths: first tortured by being stabbed with broken glass bottles into their vaginas. One of the women also had her breasts cut off while she was still alive – and both women’s blood, police forensic experts found, had then been used to paint anti-Afrikaner hate slogans on the walls of their homestead. Helen Lotter was tortured so extensively that her womb 'was completely missing', and 'slabs of human fat the size a man's hand were sliced off her body', according to the post-mortum examiner’s testimony. (International Criminal Court Complaint in terms of Article 15 of Rome Statute pg 71-83: CBB: Tortured Farm Women's gardener guilty; Volksblad (09/06/2010): Tuinier skuldig aan 2 se dood; Volksblad (03/06/2010): Wreedaardigheid van moorde blyk uit verslae; Volksblad (04/06/2010): Allanridge vroue glo oor geld vermoor; Volksblad (02/06/2010): Slagting van vroue beskryf).

[31.4] Russell Kaplan & White Refugee Brandon Huntley: Rob Kaplans younger brother, Russell had emigrated to Canada during apartheid, where he was a vocal supporter of the Anti-Apartheid movement. Since 2008, Kaplan has represented Brandon Huntley’s application for ‘White Refugee’ status in Canada, due to Mandela and the ANC’s political persecution of white South Africans. In 2013 Kaplan was reported as stating “he has never been more confident that South Africans, who fear rational or political persecution, could claim refugee status anywhere in the world if their cases were presented properly.”

[32] UK Government & Citizens: We don’t care about ANC & Mandela’s 70,000 reconciliation rotting European corpses:

[33] On Sunday, December 12, 2010, the Boere-Volkstaat; or Right of Return to Europe, for African White Refugees Petition was delivered to the UK Government; c/o the Pretoria Offices High Commissioner. The African White Refugees Petition, from 34 Founding Petitioners to Europe; five of whom petitioned the UK Government, was submitted to the Pretoria High Commission Offices of HC Dr. Nicola Brewer.

[33.1] Commissioner Brewer was requested to officially forward the Jus Sanguinis Petition and Briefing Paper to Officials and citizens of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Petition letters delivered to the UK High Commission were addressed to Political Officials, Jus Sanguinis practitioners, Refugee and Jus Sanguinis/Nationality Law legal experts, and Peak Oil/Population Policy/Ecological Social Contract experts:

[33.2] The Political Officials and Jus Sanguinis practitioners: * Her Majesty: Queen Elizabeth II; * Prime Minister David Cameron; * HRH Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh; * HRH Prince Charles of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall; * HRH Prince William of Wales & Ms. Kate Middleton; * HRH Prince Harry of Wales; * HRH The Duke of Kent & HRH The Duchess of Kent; * HRH The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester; * HRH The Duke of York; * HRH The Earl and Countess of Wessex; * HRH Princess Alexandra, The Honourable Lady Ogilvy; * HRH The Princess Royal; * Nick Griffin, British National Party; * Brian Nugent, Free Scotland Party / Freiceadan Saor Alba; * Alistair McConnachie, Independent Green Voice; * Annabel Goldie MSP, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party / Partaidh Toraidheachd na h-Alba / Scots Conservative an Unionist Pairty; * Robin Harper, Scottish Green Party / Partaidh Uaine na h-Alba; * Alex Salmond MSP, Scottish National Party / Partaidh Naiseanta na h-Alba / Scottis Naitional Pairtie.

[33.3] European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE) and European Legal Network on Asylum (ELENA) and legal experts on Refugee and Jus Sanguinis/Nationality law in the UK: * Nick Oakeshott, Asylum Aid, European Legal Network on Asylum (ELENA) Coordinator for United Kingdom; * Amnesty International - Int'l Secretariat, Refugee and Migrant Rights Team; * Mike Blakemore, Amnesty International UK; * Helena Wray, EU Democracy Observatory on Citizenship Expert, Senior Lecturer in Law, Middlesex University in London; * Caroline Sawyer, EU Democracy Observatory on Citizenship Expert, Reader in Law, Oxford Brookes University; * Rebecca L. Zahn, EU Democracy Observatory on Citizenship Expert, University of Edinburgh.

[33.4] Peak Oil / Population Policy / Ecological Social Contract Experts Recipients: * Greenpeace – UK: Board of Directors; * Sarah Astor and Julian Darley, Oil Depletion Analysis Center (ODAC); * Sir David Attenborough OM CH CVO CBE, Patron: Optimum Population Trust, Optimum Population Trust; * Rt. Hon. Michael Meacher MP, Advisory Council: Global Footprint Network, Former U.K. Minister of Environment 2001-2003, House of Commons; * Norman Myers, Advisory Council: Global Footprint Network, Professor and Visiting Fellow at Green College, Oxford University & Said Business School; * Rt Hon Rhodri Morgan AM, Advisory Council: Global Footprint Network, National Assembly of Wales; * Professor John Cleland, President: Int'l Union for the Scientific Study of Population (IUSSP), Professor of Medical Demography, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, University of London; * Professor Aubrey Manning OBE President of the Wildlife Trusts, Emeritus Professor of Natural History, University of Edinburgh, Patron: Optimum Population Trust, Optimum Population Trust; * CEO: Mr. Simon Ross & Board of Trustees, Optimum Population Trust; * Sir Crispin Tickell, Chancellor of Kent University, Dir.: Policy Foresight Program, James Martin Inst., Former UK Permanent Rep.: UN Security Council, Patron: Optimum Population Trust, Optimum Population Trust; * Dr James Lovelock CBE, Author of 'The Revenge of Gaia', Patron: Optimum Population Trust, Optimum Population Trust; * Dr Jane Goodall, Founder, Jane Goodall Institute, UN Messenger of Peace Patron: Optimum Population Trust, Optimum Population Trust; * Professor John Guillebaud, Emeritus Professor of Family Planning and Reproductive Health, University College, Former Medical Director, Margaret Pyke Centre for Family Planning, Patron: Optimum Population Trust, Optimum Population Trust; * Jonathon Porritt, Founder Director of Forum for the Future, former Chair: UK Sustainable Development Comm., Patron: Optimum Population Trust, Optimum Population Trust; * Professor Sir Partha Dasgupta, Frank Ramsey Professor of Economics, University of Cambridge, Patron: Optimum Population Trust, Optimum Population Trust.

[33.5] Her Majesty, Prime Minister Campbell and all UK political party, Refugee agencies and peak oil officials ignored the petition.


Mandela, ANC and Anti-Apartheid movement, emphatically do not endorse the Ecology of Peace paradigm

[34] SA Constitutional Court: Alien on Pale Blue Dot v. Afriforum, Mandela, Tutu, de Klerk, et al:

[35] On 27 November 2012 a Pro Se application for Review of the Supreme Court of Appeal ‘Kill Boere Hate Speech’ Mediation Agreement between: ANC, Mr. Malema, Afriforum and TAU-SA. The Respondents are: Afriforum, Transvaal Agricultural Union, Julius Malema, African National Congress, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Former Presidents Nelson Mandela and FW de Klerk, CRL Rights Commission, Norwegian Nobel Committee: Chair, Central Intelligence Agency: Director, and David Petraeus. (Notice PDF)(Founding Affidavit )(Consent to Amicus Curiae’s)(Proof of Service).

[35.1] Among others, the Ecology of Peace application argues that: (A) The Agreement ignores SA’s TRC Fraud Failure to Clearly Define ‘Reconciliation’ and address Ecological Overshoot induced Scarcity as Cause of Violent Conflict Issues; and (B) Any ‘Peace’ Agreement that Ignores Ecological Overshoot and Scarcity as Cause of Violent Conflict is not a Credible Peace Agreement.

[35.2] The Constitutional Court registrar has refused to process the application, even though the Commission for Gender Equality ruled that the Concourt erred in her administrative duties with respect to refusing to process the application and present the matter to a Constitutional Court judge for adjudication.

[35.3] South African Law Societies state that they are not aware of any member of their AnthroCorpocentric Jurisprudence law society who is willing to represent a member of the Radical Honoursty culture, as a member of her gender balanced Ecology of Peace culture.

[35.4] South African News Media editors refuse to report the fact that a South African citizen member of the minority gender balanced Radical Honesty culture, has been unable to find a lawyer to represent her, as a member of the Ecology of Peace practicing Radical Honesty culture, for the past ten years, and in a current case before the Constitutional Court; because it is ‘not news’.

[35.5] The International Bar Association, Human Rights Watch [01/02], Amnesty International [01/02] and the Commonwealth Lawyers Association, have so far endorsed South Africa’s civilized patriarchy bar associations to deny legal representation to a South African whose culture, and legal arguments to the court are founded on Ecology of Peace: “Thou shalt not legislate laws that allow citizens to procreate or consume above carrying capacity limits” gender and inter-species equality principles.


Invitation to MI6 to join NSA, CIA, Mossad and KGB, to establish gender balanced MILINT Earth Day Ecology of Peace paradigm.

MILINT Earth Day Ecology of Peace Whistleblower/Activist Oath:

[12] The attached MILINT Earth Day Ecology of Peace Whistleblower / Activist Oath, was submitted to the Walk Your Footprint Talk to Support the Troops’ Military Advisory Board (11 Generals and Admirals concerned with ecological overshoot and scarcity induced resource war conflict), copies to: Gen. Keith Alexander, National Security Agency; James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence and Lisa Monaco, Asst Att. General for National Security, National Security Division, Department of Justice.

[12.1] The oath submits that “our civilized patriarchy constitutions rights to breed and consume have resulted in ecological overshoot of carrying capacity by between 700 to 400,000 percent, which is destroying our Planet’s Natural Capital, with devastating current and impending ‘scarcity-conflict’ death spiral consequences; as manifested in the crossing of urgent Planetary Boundary Tipping Points: (i) Loss of Biodiversity and Species Extinctions; (ii) Climate Change; (iii) Nitrogen Cycle; (iv) Ocean Acidification; (v) Changes in Land Use; (vi) Global Freshwater Use; (vii) State Shift in the Earth’s Biosphere; (viii) Peak Non-Renewable Natural Resources: Scarcity; and (ix) Socialized Corporate Externality Costs: Trillion Dollar Thefts from Global Natural Capital Commons.”

[12.2] It hopes to “free Military National Security leaders from their duty to protect Earth is Flat unsustainable constitutions that legally, politically and procedurally denies them the opportunity of addressing the root causes of scarcity-conflict threats to national security; by holding legislators and citizens who legislatively or practically endorse unsustainable right to breed and consume legislation, accountable as ‘breeding war’ or ‘consumption war’ scarcity combatants”.

[12.3] It commits under oath to maintaining the oath keeper’s Walk my Eco-footprint Talk to Support the Troops to below the following Carrying Capacity limits: (procreate one child, to consume below 1 gha; procreate no children, to consume below 20 gha.); and authorizes the MAB to authorize the oath keepers assassination should they violate the oath, by procreating or consuming above said carrying capacity limits.

[12.4] It also requests the NSA, CIA, Mossad, MI6 and KGB, to discard Civilized Patriarchy’s Norwegian Nobel Committee War is Peace Whore jurisprudence model; and embrace an ecology of peace jurisprudence model, by establishing a ‘Maria Bochkareva MILINT Earth Day Ecology of Peace Medal, to be awarded on the 23rd of April, to an individual chosen by the ‘Walk Your Footprint Talk to Support the Troops’ Military Advisory Board, who has done the most to either ‘Walk their Footprint Talk to Support the Troops’; and/or to educate their community, or nation on the role of overpopulation and overconsumption as factors pushing society to ecological overshoot scarcity induced conflict and war.

» » » » [TYGAE (pdf) :: Boer War Info :: Boer War Info]

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