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Friday, September 18, 2009


By Mike Smith

As an experienced blogger for many years, I have come to learn one thing. Building blogger coalitions, because of mutual interest, mutual gains or mutual causes, however noble the idea or intentions... never works.

In South Africa it is even worse. We Whites in South Africa are known to be a divided people. Historically we have fought against each other, betrayed each other and stabbed each other in the back. Our diverse backgrounds, political views and religious orientations are just too huge to find common ground.

We often hear the people say that the problem of Whites in South Africa is that they are too divided. They cannot stand together and that is where Blacks are one up on White South Africans. I however do not see it as a disadvantage. We as White South Africans cannot help for what we are, how we behave and how we stand or do not stand together. Our strength lies in our diversity of thought not in our unity thereof.

Dr. D.F. Malan, former South African Prime Minister, spent his entire adult life trying to achieve Afrikaner unity and never reached it. Even today, we see that Whites in South Africa is more divided than ever. Knowing this history and my people intimately, I have to conclude that coalitions in South Africa are always weak and short lived.

Just like hardship and misery, coalitions make people acquainted with strange bedfellows. A coalition attempts to bring people with similar as well as diverse views together in the hope of them all working towards a common goal.

My experience is that the highpoint of a coalition is right in the beginning when everyone signs up and is very enthusiastic. From then on it only goes backwards until the entire coalition eventually disintegrates. The reasons are normally human in nature. Jealousy, distrust and backstabbing soon sets in and in such a climate, no coalition, no “Saamstaan” can ever survive. One cannot tie, ten cripples together and expect them to outrun a hundred meter sprinter.

Consensus is hardly ever reached in a coalition and when it is, then it is normally after too much time, and the decision taken is the weakest one that everyone can live with.

Another weakening factor in a coalition is the phenomenon of the “Trittbrettfahrer”.

Near the bottom of the door on a vintage car is a step that one can use to get in. This same step can be seen on busses, trams or trains. It is referred to in German as a “Trittbrett”. Normal people will be fare paying passengers who would use this “Trittbrett” to climb onboard and make a meaningful contribution to the operation...but as with the bus or tram...there will always be the “Trittbrettfahrer”...those ones who stand on the “Trittbrett” for a free ride. Those who make no meaningful contribution, but who are the most visible from the outside. When the ride starts to get a bit rough, the “Trittbrettfahrer” are normally the first ones to fall off.

One can see this phenomenon in all sorts of coalitions, also in business and politics...and also in Blogger coalitions. The last week we saw this phenomenon once again on the Why We are White Refugees Blog. The Blog was the initiative of Lara Johnstone, herself a controversial blogger, who asked various other bloggers, including me, to join in a coalition to support the Brandon Huntley refugee case in Canada. As the coalition of controversial bloggers was building, I could already see the “Trittbrettfahrer” climb onboard for the free ride. When Lara started a debate on the use of the word “Kaffir” on the blog...the ride got a bit bumpy and as could be expected, the first ones to fall off or jump off, were the “Trittbrettfahrer”.

It was almost laughable to see these people scatter at the mere mention of the word “Kaffirs”. What are they going to do when the real “Kaffirs” come? I tell you what they will be doing...The will be running the fastest in the opposite direction, guaranteed!

I take my hat off to the ones who took part in the debate and those who held on when the ride got bumpy. Those are the fare-paying passengers. The ones who will be making a meaningful contribution, not just go along for a free ride.

The Huntley case is something I am interested in and I support the refugee status of Brandon Huntley and the Canadian IRB in their decision to grant him that status. Therefore the WWAWR blog can count on my continued support. To those who support this blog, "Welcome onboard".

To the "Trittbrettfahrer"...."Tschüß und Auf Wiedersehen"!



Andrea Muhrrteyn said...


As always you have a way with words.... and I love the pics!

Well said..

Anonymous said...

Brilliant runningboard metaphor UC. Totsiens VI et al.

Anonymous said...
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Sdudla said...

Sorry but I don't support it at all...I am a White South African and have no need to ''run'' to any other country and squeal ''refugee''....

He is just a racist and can't handle the fact that the Black man is now equal to him ....

These kind of people make it very difficult for the rest of please Canada keep him with my blessing

Islandshark said...

No Sdudla, you will squeal when the savage bastards enter your home to slit your throat.

And you actually sound like the typical Leftist Liberal Loser Lackeys in USA when they apply the same labels to people daring to oppose Obama and his Socialist ideologies. Like 2 million in a 9-12 protest.

You also sound like the typical black scoundrel, crying racism whenever things aren't going your way.

How does Huntley's claim that he has been attacked by blacks on more than one occasion make HIM the racist?

The cry of racism is the last refuge of a black scoundrel.

Are you sure you are white?

Anonymous said...

Coalitions usually work when there is strong leadership. Something that is clearly lacking in this forum. This whole venture is unravelling at the expense of white South Africans. Proud of yourselves?

Anonymous said...

@Anon. 9.15...

Please supply us with proof of these coalitions that worked instead of just making wild claims. Proud of yourself?

Anonymous said...

Uncle Cracker, get a grip of yourself. Nobody is making wild claims. It's just common sense.


Andrea Muhrrteyn said...


Well, you got yourself a whole bunch of vague words there, that you don't provide much context to, clarify what you mean by them...

Personally I think there are many different forms of coalitions, offhand I can think of at least four: those with overtly with their priority as as 'pro-cause'; and then there would be thsoe who pretend to be 'pro-cause' but who have other agenda's; then there are the same on the other end of the spectrum, 'anti-cause' (ex. Anti-abortion, anti-racism, etc), some of them are overt about their 'anti-cause' and some use the 'anti-cause' simply as a disinformation banner for their real agenda.

Lobbying all coalitions into the same pot... would have you thinking pear coalitions and me talking peach coalitions and we be like two ships using wrong signals..

As for leadership... there are many different forms of leadership too... so would help if you clarify what you personally mean..

As for "This whole venture is unravelling at the expense of white South Africans. Proud of yourselves?"

Well... possible some of your agenda, is hiding somewhere in that last little bit...

But you can always change your mind, of course...

Anonymous said...

Andrea Muhhrteyn, I was talking about your coalition and your leadership (for this blog). Don't always complicate everything to avoid the truth. That's something that you love to go on about, isn't it. Truth. It's probably because it evades you so often. Anyhow, I've made my point so there is no need for me to continue with this discussion.


Andrea Muhrrteyn said...


What is your problem with the coalition? If you don't support it's causes, find one that you do, and join that one.

Generally, when I have a criticism of someone's leadership, what i do, is I follow a legal principle known as audi alteram partem; which means I provide them with full reasons and information for why I think they suck...

Its a principle that arose, from a time when people thought they could get away with making accusations, without providing any proof for their acusations..

Now provide some proof for your theories, and I may find your ideas worth listening to.. but I ain't psychic, and I ain't about to go to some palm reader, to find out why 'anon' can't follow honourable principles for providing justiciations for his pet little peeves..

So, lay down your 'truth' and get on with it.

if you think that is how you make a point... well... okay! Maybe in Kayelitsha... but to make a point to me, you provide an argument and reasons that justifies your thinking..

So, either do, or don't. But don't expect me to take you seriously, if you don't.

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