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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Canada refugee…Was it justified…or RACIST?: In South Africa, Crime is Black

By Mike Smith

Here is a report by the BBC about the Brandon Huntley incident. Brandon got refugee status in Canada because he claims he was a victim of Black on White crime.

We often hear this mantra that “Crime is everywhere and Blacks in the township suffer more from crime than Whites”.

The people uttering these mantras are just affirming what we have been saying for years. The criminals are BLACK.

99,9% of all Whites being robbed, raped or murdered are robbed, raped or murdered by BLACKS.

99,9% of all BLACKS being robbed, raped or murdered are robbed, raped or murdered by BLACKS.

99,9% of South Africa’s prison population are BLACK

….But then we hear BLACKS are not the problem. Crime has nothing to do with race. Whites are not being persecuted by BLACKS….and other lies

The BBC published on their website a few pictures and opinions from some people…But we all know how it works with the Main Stream Media…

They publish opinions from some blacks, some coloureds and some Whites, that they have selectively sorted to give a “Balanced” view…

They will never publish the truth. The truth is that 99,9% of Whites in South Africa today feel persecuted…if they did not then explain to me why does everybody live behind eight foot walls, security systems, burglar bars, electric fences, etc…why do Whites feel the need to own guns, employ private security companies and have big dogs? Just walk through a White neighbourhood today and you will see what I mean. Are these people all crazy, delusional and RACISTS?

Why do people constantly look for opportunities to get out of South Africa and start new somewhere else? A million WHite South Africans have left South Africa already, citing crime and Affirmative Action as their main reasons…Are they all RACISTS?

David Galansky, 74
Source, BBC

“What he is saying is absolute nonsense.

“I have lived in this country all my life - sure things are not good now but to say there is white persecution is absolute rubbish.”

Source: SA Sucks: Mike Smith

Boycott 2010 World Cup: Truth & Justice; or Secession?

In South Africa, Crime is Black

By Mike Smith

This is Diepsloot, crime ridden, stinking hell-hole…a Black Township, north of Johannesburg, South Africa. All the crime in Diepsloot is committed by Blacks on fellow Blacks.

This is Dainfern, an upmarket, mainly White residential area of Johannesburg, bordering Diepsloot. All the crime in Dainfern is also committed by Blacks (on Whites).

This is Pretoria Central maximum security prison…where all the inmates, as can be seen, are BLACK.

Just about ALL crime in South Africa is committed by BLACKS. Blacks rob rape and kill Whites. Blacks Hijack Whites’ cars, Blacks break into Whites’ homes, Blacks torture Whites in their homes, Blacks Kill Whites on their farms, Blacks steal Whites’ tax money…the list goes on and on…

Why do Blacks do this, because Whites are Racists. See…Whites complain about all the Crime. Whites do not want to lie still and be quiet when being raped; Whites do not want to kneel before Blacks before they get shot execution style at the hands of Black robbers and murderous scum…Therefore Whites are RACISTS.

If only Whites would be less Racist and die quietly, South Africa would be a far better place for all these Blacks.

Whites are racists, because they want to protect themselves against these Blacks. Look at Dainfern for instance.

Dainfern is a walled, fortress suburb of Johannesburg…one of many of these opulent island fortresses around the country where Whites stay. I cannot say “live”, because it is no “life”. Whites in South Africa are erecting their own maximum security prisons such as Dainfern all around the country and the sick part of it is that they WANT to go and live there, with all their might. Whites dream of living in Dainfern. If only they had enough money to book themselves into the prison of Dainfern, they would be the happiest people in the world.

South Africa’s gated security villages boast Art-deco security walls, electrified fences, boomed gates, security cameras, guarded and patrolled around the clock…but to the people inside, they are not living in a penitentiary, they are living in “Paradise”.

The paradise of Dainfern has amongst other things, a kick-arse security company, but also…
“Embedded in the walls that ring Dainfern are seismic sensors; and reinforced steel bars reach down 10ft in to the earth to stop human moles who might tunnel beneath the fortifications. Detectors along the length of the perimeter wall listen for incursions. An electric fence tops the wall and carries enough current, a polite notice warns, “to cause death”. Closed-circuit cameras constantly check the perimeter defenses and in the gatehouse control-room, staff screen and record every visitor who comes and goes. Rapid reaction vehicles stand ready, and frequent armed patrols glide down Collingham Close and Willowgrove Road.”

Dainfern has guards with guns and thousands of volts pulsing through the fence. This is not Racists Whites longing back to the “Good Old Days of Apartheid”…This is the Future for Whites in South Africa.

If you have enough money, you can buy yourself out of the Rainbow Nation and into a high security paradise, designed to your specifications.

One would think that the people in Dainfern are secure and immune to crime…No, Dainfern has something else. It has a sewage pipe that runs through the sky, and just like the shit floats down this pipe, every day the Blacks drift down from Diepsloot to come and work for their Whites bosses in Dainfern as domestic servants or gardeners. Black syndicates rent a house inside Dainfern and rob the people from inside.

There is no doubt that Whites are under siege by BLACKS in South Africa. Just witness the way they live. They live in constant fear of being attacked in their homes by BLACKS. Whites have good reason to fear these attacks. The reality is what it is…ALL THE CRIMINALS ARE BLACK.

When we point out the reality and the truth, then we are branded, “RACISTS”…When we criticize the government, we are branded “Racists”. We are at fault, because we are the ones who do not want to integrate with the Blacks and live with them in Diepsloot or allow them to live in our houses in Dainfern. We are the “Racists”, because we emigrate. We are the racists, because we apply for refugee status to other countries such as Canada.

The politically correct brigade is quick to point out that not only Whites suffer from crime, but also Blacks. This somehow should make us Whites keep our mouths shut and stop complaining about Crime.

Because Blacks are robbed, raped and murdered by Blacks, somehow makes it OK for Blacks to rob, rape and murder Whites. Fact is that EVERYBODY suffers from BLACK CRIME.

As can be seen from the beginning of the post, Blacks are the problem in South Africa. Blacks are the criminals in South Africa. Get rid of Blacks and the entire country will be a paradise…then defend your borders like you do at Dainfern. Turn Dainfern from a microcosm into a macrocosm. Make the whole South Africa a Dainfern…Will it still be a prison then…or paradise?

Source: SA Sucks: Mike Smith


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