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Saturday, September 5, 2009

SA Farm Attack Report [20]: Oral and Written Submissions and Bibliography

Report of the Committee of Enquiry into Farm Attacks, 31 July 2003

Report of the Committee of Enquiry into Farm Attacks

31 July 2003


Farm Murders in South Africa (Carte Blanche 1/2)

Farm Murders in South Africa (Carte Blanche 2/2)

  • Boshoff Lt Col B. (South African National Defence Force): 2001-06-19
  • Burger Ass Com F.J. (South African Police Service): 2001-10-17
  • Crosby A. (Agri South Africa): 2002-07-10
  • De Kock Ass Com C. (South African Police Service): 2001-05-15
  • Dissel A. (Centre for the Study of violence and Reconciliation) 2001-09-03
  • Dunn P.P. (Mangete Landowners Association): 2001-08-20
  • Ferreira K. (Agri South Africa): 2001-07-04
  • Geldenhuys K. (Security consultant): 2002-05-03
  • Graf Insp C.H. (South African Police Service): 2001-05-15
  • Jordaan Dr. C.L. (Geo-strategist): 2001-07-23
  • Klaasen Dr K. (National Intelligence Agency): 2001-09-26
  • Lesabana R. (Lawyers for Human Rights): 2001-06-19
  • Loggenberg J. (Transvaal Agricultural Union of South Africa): 2001-06-20, 2002-07-09
  • Martin D.
  • Moll Maj L. (South African National Defence Force): 2002-01-09
  • Moore Lt Col D.C. (South African National Defence Force): 2001-06-19
  • Mothabele M. (National African Farmers’ Union): 2001-07-23
  • Niemann Col B. (Transvaal Agricultural Union of S A): 2001-06-20, 2002-06-06
  • Pereira B. (Human Rights Commission): 2001-06-19
  • Pretorius Supt. D. (South African Police Service): 2001-09-26
  • Ramphele R. (Human Rights Commission): 2001-06-19
  • Schoeman Col. B. (South African National Defence Force): 2001-06-19
  • Steinberg J. (Independent researcher): 2001-06-19
  • Strauss Supt. J.C. (South African Police Service) 2001-08-20, 2001-11-07
  • Van Zyl B. (National Intelligence Agency): 2001-09-26
  • Van Wyk H.C. (Rand Afrikaans University): 2001-07-24
  • Visser J. (Agri South Africa): 2001-07-04, 2002-07-10
  • Vreugdenburg Supt J.H. (South African Police Service): 2001-09-27
  • Weber W. (Action: Stop Farm Attacks): 2001-08-21
  • Wegerif M. (National Land Committee): 2001-06-19
  • Yates T. (Department of Land Affairs): 2001-09-26
  • Zulu Prof P. (University of Natal): 2002-02-06


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  • Freedom Front Submission of Freedom Front to Committee of Inquiry into Farm Attacks. (31 August 2001)
  • Joint Operations Farm attacks: Presentation to the Farm Attacks Investigating Commission. (Undated)
  • Koen M. Conflict in the Kranskop area (2002-10-03)
  • Lawyers for Human Rights Presentation on farm attacks I Farming community security (25 June 2001)
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Farm Murders in South Africa - SkyNews

Min. of Safety and Security: Charles Ngakula: 'If you don't like the crime, leave the country'

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    3. Hou boosdoeners uit die huis. (2002-04-26)
    4. Profiel van ‘n plaasaanvaller. (2002-05-10)
    5. Oplettendheid is die wagwoord. (2002-05-24)
    6. Plaasaanvalle: mense en hul vrese. (with Barnard J.F, and Van Wijk T., 2002-06-07)
    7. Skep inligtingsnetwerk om eiendom te beveilig. (2002-06-21)
    8. `n Alarmstelsel is goud werd. (2002-07-05)
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    12. Basiese kennis kan `n lewe red. (2002-08-31)
    13. Fnuik booswigte met deeglike sekerheidsplan. (2002-09-13)
    14. Gemeenskappe span saam. (2002-09-27)
    15. Aanvalle nie toevallig nie. (2002-10-11)
    16. Sielkundige voorbereiding noodsaaklik. (2002-10-25)
    17. Regte ingesteldheid kan slagoffer red. (2002-11-08)
    18. Selfverdediging soms al uitweg. (2002-11-22)
    19. Basiese tegnieke kan lewe red. (2002-12-06)
    20. Vrees maak ons slaaf van misdaad. (2002-12-20.)

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