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Friday, September 11, 2009

Craig Bodeker’s “A Conversation About Race”

The word 'racist' and 'racism' has frequently surfaced in this White Refugee debate....

Few of those using the word, define what they mean. Fewer are interested in a conversation about race.... What is racism? Who is, or what is a racist?

These are questions Craig Bodeker, attempts to answer in his documentary 'A conversation about Race'.....

Craig Bodeker’s “A Conversation About Race”

September 14th, 2009
by Lone Wolf, SA Sucks

Craig Bodeker (pictured right) is an independent film maker who recently produced his first film “A Conversation About Race”. Bodeker, who seems to be the White Wing’s answer to Michael Moore, produced the 60 minute documentary in his home town of Denver, Colorado.

Herewith the official blurb for the movie:
Is racism dead in America?

Did the election of Barack Obama mean the end of racism?

Do you know racism when you see it?

Is racism today the same as it was 20 years ago? 30? 40?

This film will change what you think you know about racism!

In his groundbreaking new documentary; A Conversation About Race, filmmaker Craig Bodeker redefines the conventional wisdom on Race and Racism. A diverse group of Colorado residents are challenged for their thoughts on:

Why do white students score better than black students on standardized tests?

Why is the NBA nearly 90% black?

Have you ever been “racist?

Are whites better at anything than blacks?

Do blacks commit more crimes than whites?

Can you name a public figure who is “racist”?

Can you give an example of the racism you see in your daily life?

How do you feel about immigration from Mexico?

A Conversation About Race is just the starting point. Watch the film, and then have your own conversation about race. You’ll be surprised at what you discover!

Americans are being slandered as “”RACISTS””more than ever before! Yet I don’t know of ANY nation that has done more for it’s “”minorities”” than the USA has. There’s no other nation on Earth that has created so many “minority” millionaires, yet so many of these “minorities” still hate America for her “racism?”

We hear that “”White European Culture”” is overpowering and dominant. We hear that we need exclusively African American, Hispanic, and even Asian TV networks just to offset the “”oppressive influences”” of white culture! But have you turned on a TV lately?

Just how much “”White Culture” is featured in American Broadcasting today? There’s rarely any program or ad that doesn’t feature at the least, an EVEN distribution of races or ethnic groups, even though two out of every three Americans are white! This is just one of the many “disconnects” I see in my daily life on matters of race.

It is an excellent movie, and an absolute must-see for the intelligent pro-White nationalist. Bodeker interviews a range of black and White people both on the street, as well as in a film studio. He poses questions on race and racism, and gets astounding answers from his subjects. For example, he asks people straight-forward questions like “what is racism? Do you see it in your every day life? Can you give me an example of racism?”

What is incredible, is that every single person interviewed (especially blacks) all insist that there is massive racism all around, and that all of them see hundreds of examples of it every single day of their lives. However, when Bodeker asks them “can you give me an example of this” they all gulp, get wide-eyed & flustered and most are simply unable to provide ANY example of the endless racism they supposedly see! One or two desperadoes provide laughable, ridiculous examples.

Bodeker keeps the sixty minute film simple, uncomplicated and very straight forward. The movie was inspired by President Obama’s call for the (American) nation needing to have a conversation about race. As Bodeker states in the opening lines of the film, “I can’t think of another issue that is more artificial, manufactured or manipulated than this whole construct called racism.”

In the film, a diverse group of Colorado residents are challenged for their thoughts on:
  • Why do white students score better than black students on standardized tests?
  • Why is the NBA nearly 90% black?
  • Have you ever been “racist”?
  • Are whites better at anything than blacks?
  • Do blacks commit more crimes than whites?
  • Can you name a public figure who is “racist”?
  • Can you give an example of the racism you see in your daily life?
  • How do you feel about immigration from Mexico?

What really stayed with me was the conclusion Bodeker reaches in his movie. Basically, he states that the concept of “racism ” has become a de facto tool of oppression of White people. On the laughable PC notion of the biological existence of the races being a mere “social construct” he says:
The fact that the different races share between 90 to 98% of their DNA is accepted as proof that the races aren’t real but are rather a social construct. Now, its very rude to point out the disconnect in that logic, mainly that the sexes, men and women actually share more common DNA than that shared between the races, yet no reasonable authorities are labelling the sexes as a “social construct”. In fact, the best example of a social construct I can think of is…”racism”.

On the subject of crime, and particularly rape, Bodeker points out the following:
  • According to the US Justice Department for the year 2005 in the USA black men raped or sexually assaulted white women over 37 000 times; averaging 100 times per day…
  • In the same year, the number of cases where White men raped black women was less than 10.

Towards the end of the movie, Bodeker interviews a black Rastafarian named Paul, who tells him: ” Your forefathers came over to this country and did their dirty deeds, they took most of the land, enslaved most of the people and the rest they killed”.

Bodeker responds with this:

“This is fascinating. Paul has absolutely no problem saying to my face, rather forcefully, that my forefathers came here and did their dirty deeds. What is telling, is that Paul has absolutely no problem assigning collective racial guilt to all White people for presumably the way the American colonists treated the Indians. Can you see the contradiction? Its acceptable today to assign collective racial guilt to all Whites for the actions of a minute fraction of them, hundreds of years ago.”

He continues: “would it be acceptable today to assign collective racial guilt to any other races, for example to blacks, lets say for the crimes that they themselves have committed in this decade alone? Well no! That would be racism! Get the picture”

“And just to clarify, I can trace my earliest ancestors here in America to the 1870’s, after our civil war. No forefather of mine ever killed an Indian, or owned another human being, ever! And I will suggest that there is a large group of White Americans just like me in that respect. We have no blood relatives that ever practised ethnic cleansing or slavery, yet so many seem to blame us for it. They seek to blame us for crimes our forefathers never even committed, and yet excuse and ignore other racial groups whose crime is rampant today. Huh? But I digress. When we talk about Europeans stealing the Indians land, I have to ask, which Indians are we talking about? White people aren’t the only people who killed folks for their land…”

This excellent, masterfully crafted movie is available on the Internet. You can either purchase the DVD from Craig Bodeker’s website for US$ 20 (money really well spent, plus you will support the White cause for truth and justice in an honourable manner) or you you lack the financial wherewithal, you can watch it for free at The Google video is in FLV (Flash Video) format and you can either watch it through online streaming (requires broadband connection) or download the movie (130 Mb) by using a free to use flash video downloader program such as Moyea FLV downloader available here. Download & install Moyea Youtube FLV downloader, and once done, copy & paste the link as shown above into it.

A third option is to watch the trailer (4 excerpts) on Youtube - click here to watch now.

Source: SA Sucks

Boycott 2010 World Cup: Truth & Justice; or Secession?

Interview with Craig Bodeker, the producer of A Conversation About Race

Romanian National Vanguard News Agency

Posted by webmaster March 15, 2009

Craig Bodeker is the creator of the documentary A Conversation About Race. He created this documentary back in the 2008 and this documentary is nothing new for the White Nationalist members because most of us are educated people but this documentary however is very awakening for people who don’t even know about the existance of the White Nationalist international movement.

This documentary shows the hypocrisy of the majority of people regarding the issue of race.

This Interview was took on 12/March/2009

Greetings Craig, I must say, I really enjoyed watching your documentary A Conversation About Race. How did you got the idea of making that?

The “disconnects” I point out in the film simply became impossible for me to continue ignoring. The false concept of “racism” has done more harm than just force decent white people into NOT looking-out for their own ethnic interests, while other groups are encouraged to look out for theirs. In fact, I’ll argue that it has BANKRUPTED AMERICA!

Do you think white people are oppressed?

Yes. To the extent that the word “oppressed” means the same thing when discussing non-whites as well as when discussing whites.

Who is the oppressor?

In my daily life I see our government, as well as our media as the principle oppressors of whites and white men in particular.

In your documentary we can see how hypocritical most people are when dealing with the issue of race, what can be the cause of that?

I’d say the daily conditioning we receive, once again, from our public schools and universities as well as from our media.

Blacks complain everyday about racism against them but aren’t they the real racists when they kill and rape white women?

You illustrate the FLEXIBILITY of the term “racism” I discuss in the film. We are supposed to be, as enlightened Americans, concerned when we hear examples of white “persecution” of non-white people. We should all stand-up against these race-based injustices! Yet, to be concerned when we hear about examples of black sexual-assaults against white women, does not reflect our enlightenment. In fact, it makes us HATEFUL RACISTS! But which is worse? Offending someone with a racial-epithet because of their skin-color? Or raping, or gang-raping, or sexually-torturing someone, because of their skin-color?

Besides that, if white people were so racist, why is Obama president of USA right now?

Isn’t that funny? Last year, one of the “Conventional-Wisdoms” about this bogus construct called “racism,” was that the fact that – whites won’t elect blacks to high public office – was evidence of their, (whites), racism. But now that we’ve elected a black President, no one in the media or government are announcing the official death of racism..? And, as I understand, non-whites voted 95% against the white candidate! So, if whites won’t elect blacks, it’s because they’re racists!

But when blacks won’t elect whites, it’s due to complex geo-political and socio-economic factors that aren’t easily understood by many in the working class….

Obama wants to push through senate a Hate Bill which will end freedom of speech in America. Isn’t America the land of the free anymore?

No, it’s clearly not. I have clips that didn’t make it into the film, of more than one person claiming that speech “that offends someone” should not be protected as Free Speech! The spectrum of political thought used to include the Right and the Left. Today, according to PC doctrine, it’s made-up of the Right; which is actually the CENTER! The Left; which is actually the EXTREME LEFT!

And Hate-Speech, which is actually from the RIGHT and should be excluded from the public-forum!

The term racism has been invented by the Jewish man from USSR, Leon Trotsky but why is it used only to defame and attack whites? Can any other race be “racist”?

Only if we agree on a defintion of “racist,” And there’s no money, for the Racism Industry, in providing one. It’s a main point I make in A CONVERSATION ABOUT RACE.

RNVNA: Why are whites so scared to be labeled as “racist”?

Whites are only allowed, once again according to PC doctrine, one of TWO positions on the subject of their own race; Indifference is one.

And SUPREMACY is the other! If you’re not indifferent, you MUST BE A WHITE-SUPREMACIST!

I really enjoyed your questions about IQ tests. All of them answered “IQ tests are racist”! That was fun to watch but where did they have that replica from? And how could it be racist since IQ questions are logical, not cultural?

Imho, It’s all part of “Black Is Beautiful” campaign our government and media have been pushing for thirty years. When IQ tests showed some whites to be underachievers, we called them stupid. But, because a larger percentage of blacks score poorly in IQ tests, we must scrap not only the definition of “stupid,” but in fact the concept of IQ ITSELF! It’s better to lower our standards than hurt their, (blacks,) feelings. We will accept descriptions of blacks as physical superman, but will denounce any critical-description of their mental capacities as HATE-SPEECH!
It’s a huge disconnect, but it feels more warm and fuzzy than actually facing discomforting, racial realities!

From your documentary, Robin and Mary Ann look Jewish, are they members of “End Racism Now” leftist (communist) organization?

“The End Racism Now” sign you see in the trailer is one we used to help generate interviewees for the film. I don’t know much else about any of the subjects.

How do you see the future of white people in America?

It’s a pretty cloudy vision right now. My experience say’s never count us out. We’ve succeeded against SPECTACULAR ODDS before as a people. We are achievers, and once we set a goal, we will usually accomplish it. But, having said that, I don’t know if we’ve EVER faced these kind of odds before! We are a sexually-divided people today. There is a hostility toward our men, that comes from our own women, that I’ve never even heard described before! If a white woman today won’t have sex with black men, and potentially, permanently, alter her families’ genetic make-up as a result, she is guilty of the crime of racism! And women respond to this kind of peer-pressure. Many loudly and publicly declare their sexual-appetite for non-whites as evidence of their own LACK-OF racism! And, when white men in their lives express their own dis-approval, these same women are then reinforced in their belief that white men are mostly evil racists! And the white women who condem them are Morally Superior! This Moral Superiority is what I found surprisingly common in the young women I interviewed. It’s nearly impossible to persuade someone, of anything, even with incontrovertible evidence, when they are Morally Superior to so many!

On that same question, another point I’d make is that the “believers” I interviewed in the film, all seemed to conclude, after some pressing, that the Best Possible Future for “Our Planet,” was one where “all the races are one!”

Call me paranoid if you will, but this sounds pretty close to, -THE END OF WHITE PEOPLE – to me….!

How about in the rest of the world?

There may be some hope there. I see Europeans and Russians starting to unite because of the threat to our people. They are obviously not as intimidated by our media or by our anti-white government.

All white countries face total destruction due to: massive non-white immigration, low white birth-rates due to homosexuality, non-white crimes against whites, abortion, racial mixing, etc. Could this be the end of the human white race worldwide?

See last answer

What do you think we should do about that?

Educate people! Let white woman know that Sexual-Discrimination is not only OK, but in fact it’s NECESSARY TO OUR SURVIVAL AS A PEOPLE!

Contrary to PC doctrine, no one can be “half-white.”

Ask any subscriber to the theory that a mixed-race person is “half-white,” just how many white children is he or she capable of producing?

Of course the answer is zero.

That question itself should be an inportant component to any definition of “white,” but for some reason it’s not. Anywhere.

About your documentary, why is it black and white and not color?

Good question! We shot it in color with a green-screen so we had some flexibility with what is shown behind a subject. But after looking at, and listening to the interviews, I felt that anything not directly realted to what the subject was saying was a distraction.

So we put a black backround behind all of the indoor interviews and really liked the result. Then, just for kicks, we tried a few clips in black and white. I liked it! After all, IMPORTANT DOCUMENTAIRIES are done in black and white. …Right……?

From the emails you received, approximately what percentage are against your documentary and simply slander you “racist” and how many think you are right?

The comments I’ve gotten directly have nearly all been, say 99%, positive. I try to post them on the website.

The only real negative descriptions of the project I’ve seen have been in chat-rooms and on discussion-boards, where someone who HAS NOT seen the film, expresses the all-too-common view that anything pro-white must be from a RACIST viewpoint.

Did you meet the expected amount of success?

I didn’t have any idea if A CONVERSATION ABOUT RACE would enjoy any success or not. It was a gamble!

I had no experience as a documentarian, but I did have confidence in the idea of capturing “disconnects” on video.

To date, I’ve come very close to making-back what I spent producing the project. I’ve gotten better mainstream-reviews than I ever expected, and I also have a group of people that are asking me to produce more. So, yes, I’d call it a success. Especially when considering the “genre.”

Are you planning to produce a second part in the near future? A Conversation About Race 2?

It’s possible. I still haven’t decided on the next film project. I’ve been asked to speak at a few gatherings, and to do radio interviews, as a result of the film, and I’ve been having some fun with that for now.

How do people usually react when they watch this documentary? How did your friends react? Did they freak out and called you names?

Not at all. Nearly everyone I showed it to gave positive feedback. Some of the TV “pros” I interviewed said it wouldn’t work, because no one wants to watch amateurs giving opinions for an hour, but I figured that they’re TV people. They NEED sex and explosions!

The White Nationalist movement has advertised for this documentary but is there any chance you could advertise for this documentary in the mainstream media?

I have advertised on HUMAN EVENTS, INSTAPUNDIT, and Michelle Malkin’s HOT AIR. I’m also working on a local TV airing of A CONVERSATION ABOUT RACE in Colorado, USA, in April or May of this year. (Fingers crossed!)

What is your opinion about the Romanian National Vanguard?

From what I’ve seen it’s a well-produced, pro-white website. I must say, I can’t find a big Romanian component, but that’s neither here nor there. I know some will say there is some “hate” there, but, as I mentioned in another answer, I don’t recignize the word “hate” as an accurate description of a type of speech, which must, by that same very description, be excluded from debate.

Free Speech is a treasure entrusted to today’s Americans by our Founding Fathers. It saddens me l when I hear so many people today second-guessing them!

We thank you for this interview and we wish you success Craig!

Thanks so much, for having me.

Source: Romanian National Vanguard News Agency


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