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Friday, September 11, 2009

How South African Whites really feel about being refugees is not what the Academics and media are telling the world

By Mike Smith

OK, so what do South Africans really think about Brandon Huntley and his application for refugee status in Canada?

Last week we saw many propagandists come forward calling Brandon a traitor and ridiculing his claims of being a White refugee in Canada. The BBC even came out with a gallery of people they interviewed reflecting a sort of “Balanced” view of all races uttering preposterous LIES and totally baseless claims that South Africans suffer equally under crime and even that Blacks suffer more. Simply put, they want us to believe the leftist clap trap.

In an article in the UK Sunday Times a statement was made that stunned me.

“This week a group of 133 academics from 13 South African and six overseas universities, wrote an open letter to Canada’s charge d’affairs in Pretoria, Jeff White, distancing themselves from Huntley’s views.”

The crap we have to read in Fish & Chips wrappers

Now I ask you dear reader, who are these academics? Can you even imagine the poison they plant in the minds of our youths? No wonder we are in so much trouble. I wonder if any of these so called Academics ever did any research into the very ANC, Marxist terrorist government they support and who their alliance partners are, but just in case they missed it I would like to remind them that the South African Communist Party is well known to be the brains behind the ANC.

One thing that never stops to amaze me is that these academics support Leftists, Socialism and Communism around the world, yet in every country where the Communists came to power, the first thing they did was to kill off all the intellectuals or send them to be starved and worked to death in the Gulags. Why would such learned Western academics support leftist tyrants and regimes that brutally suppress their own academical class? It happened in Katyn forest in Poland, the Khmer Rouge did it in Cambodia, Castro in Cuba...even Khomeini in Iran...Why are these leftist liberal scum so in love with the very people that will kill them when they seize power? Do they have a death wish?

Nevertheless, knowing that most academics today are radical Leftist and has a love affair with brutal tyrants not with the victims...It just affirms the fact that the ANC are a bunch of brutal tyrants who are persecuting Whites...

Between 30 and 40 newspaper clippings were presented as evidence of life in South Africa. “One article exhibited was published in [the Daily Sun in 2004] by Africa Ka Mahamba. [It was] entitled ‘Taking from whites is not a crime’,” Kaplan said. The article quotes the leader of the “Uhuru cultural club” as telling youngsters who attended a Human Rights Day celebration to steal from whites because “it is the right thing to do”.
IRB Ruling: MA8-04910: Brandon Huntley

Since the Brandon Huntley story broke, we have seen a total onslaught against him. Not just in the media, but also on the internet and every leftist from learned academics and journalists to politicians tried everything to discredit Huntley and his claims. At the same time they tried to convince us as the public that we are wrong and they are right.

Well us Whites who live here in South Africa know what the truth is. Let us look at how South Africans voted in some online polls of three major Afrikaans Newspapers. How do these Whites feel about whether they are persecuted by Blacks or not?

The Rapport Newspaper asked the question (2 September 2009):

“Are there grounds to grant White South Africans asylum in foreign countries (due to crime)?”

The answers were...

1. It is hogwash-White and Blacks are equally affected by crime (13%)(761 votes)
2. Whites are a preferred target (87%)(5266 votes)

Beeld Newspaper 1 September 2009 asks the question:

“Is Canada correct in granting a White South African refugee status?”

The answers were...
1. Yes (83%) (5869 votes)
2. No (4%) (261 votes)
3. All races suffer under crime (13%) (924 votes)

Die Burger Newspaper (From Brandon’s Liberal home City of Cape Town) 1 September 2009, asks the question,

“A White South African was granted refugee status after Canada’s immigration board found that the South African government could not properly protect White South Africans from persecution. What do you think?”

The answers were...

1. Preposterous - Everyone is a victim of crime, poor people in townships even more so (15%) (515 votes)
2. It is true that the government cannot control crime, but unnecessary to stereotype Black people. (23%) (789 votes)
3. Kanada here I come! (62%) (2131 votes)

As can be seen above, these Whites definitely disagree with the Academics, journalists of the MSM and all the other naysayers. Whites genuinely feel oppressed in South Africa and Brandon Huntley was absolutely correct about this in his application. No amount of smoke and mirrors are going to make this fact disappear. Actually the more they try to sweep it under the carpet the more it stands out.

The job of any government is to keep ALL its citizens safe. That is their ONLY job. When a government fails in that primary task, then we do not need them. Then it becomes time to get our own government or a new one. The ANC has broken the social contract with its people.

by Mike Smith, SA Sucks



Anonymous said...

Very well said as usual mate.

Viking said...

"The job of any government is to keep ALL its citizens safe. That is their ONLY job."

100%. Well said.

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