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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Does using the word 'Kaffir' hurt the Why We Are White Refugees cause?

Does the use of the word “Kaffir” damage the white refugee mission?
Is saying “Kaffir” something that most white-guilt whites still need to discuss with their psychiatrists?
Who or What is a “Kaffir”? ** Do “Kaffirs” exist? ** If “Kaffirs” do exist, why is there a problem with calling a person whose behaviour fits the relevant description for the definition of “Kaffir”; a “Kaffir”?

Join the White Refugee Conversation About Race/Racism:
Do “Kaffirs” Exist? Debate....

The following is an update to the “'Aye or Nay' Kaffir” Discussion.... Vlad is of the opinion that using the word Kaffir will be interpreted as racist, cause using it is racist; irrespective of the intention of the user. Furthermore that it will be perceived as racist by Canadian authorities, which will be detrimental to the Why We Are White Refugees cause... I think a conversation about race, is the last thing, those who use the word 'racist' want... they want to avoid a conversation about race..

Here follows my comment, to his blog post on the issue

Hi Vlad,

It appears you are accusing me of being a 'racist'. You don't define what you mean by racist; so accordingly it is a little difficult for me to give you an answer as to whether I fit your definition of 'racist' or not. When you do inform me what your definition of 'racist' is, I would be happy to tell you, yes I am, or I am not; according to your definition.

I couldn't really care if some people call me a 'racist', or not.

I don't find the label 'racist' useful; cause I couldn't care less if someone is a 'racist' or not. I will talk to anyone, I don't care how 'racist' someone else says they are.

As for strategy. I'd rather have ten alleged 'racists' whom I can count on, and whose word is their word, than 10,000 two-faced sycophants, who have no concept of honour, or loyalty, and definitely no backbone; who will decieve you and sell you, behind your back, while you think you have convinced them of your cause that you are 'not a racist'.

I say fuck em! Only insane people keep on doing the same thing over and over, and think they are going to get a new result.... The strategy of attempting to bullshit people who are desperate to plant a label on you, in order to convince them of something they ain't about to listen to, hasn't worked, and you want to advocate on its behalf; go ahead....

I advocate for GEneral Patton and Malcolm X strategies: call a spade a spade, and those who don't like it, and want to call you labels and names... let them! You think pretending to be whom liberals want you to be, is going to make them be honourable and uphold agreements, and 'like you' or your cause!

For three years, I lived in the Oakland ghetto, the only white person for blocks around me. To my neighbours, I was affectionately known as 'white bitch' and they were 'nigger'. They could not understand how a white woman was not afraid of living in the middle of the ghetto, surrounded by niggers, and not afraid of the niggers (their words). I said, perhaps it was because I got some AFrikaner blood in my veins; the Afrikaner stock I come from arn't afraid of niggers.

Then I come back to South Africa and meet AFrikaners, who seem to have been on a drip, their white-guilt blood is so diluted, they have totally lost any murg in their pype they might have once had; so they can suck up to world's two-faced sycophants, and beg them to 'please like us, we promise we are not racists'. Are you out of your mind?

Anyway.. those were my thoughts...; and I am happy to agree to disagree....

Of course, perhaps you are one of those people who once you accuse someone of being a 'racist', then they are no longer worthy of any discussion with you?

I hope not..

You did not send this missive to me directly, I happened to find out about it, via the grapevine; otherwise I would never have known you accuse me of being a racist. I guess there we are a little different; if I have anything to accuse you of, you will personally hear about my accusation against you, in an email for your attention, or a comment, or something. I don't do this tupperwife teaparty gossip behind other peoples backs bullshit. If I have something to say about anyone, they don't hear about it, via the grapevine, they hear about it from me first.
That is a principle of honour...

I am furtehr unclear if this was an effort by you to lodge your disagreement about the kaffir issue, so that a vote can be taken on the issue. I shall post your aforementioned post, on the issue, to the 'clarification kaffir' pages, and as I said in my original response; I ain't got a problem having a vote; and I will abide by the majority vote on the issue.

So, I am more than okay with holding a vote on the issue. But yours is the only disagreement I have received, on the issue so far. Anyway, perhaps there may be others.

Lara [Admin]

As dit lyk soos 'n rassis, praat soos 'n rassis...

Geskryf deur Vlad du Plessis,

Die gebruik van die woord 'Kaffer' sowel as 'n skakel met die gelyknamige titel is nie bevorderlik vir die saak van die webwerf Why we are white refugees.blogspot nie. Afrikaners en blankes Suid Afrikaners moet lig loop vir hierdie tipe rassistiese terme.

Ondanks die betrokke webwerf se 'rasionele' veklaring, in 'n epos aan lesers, oor waarom sulke taal dan aanvaarbaar sou wees, bly dit teenproduktief. Blanke Suid Afrikaners word wêreldwyd nog steeds as wit rassiste beskou. Ons het 'n opdraende stryd om internasionale simpatie te werf. Die gebruik van die woord 'Kaffer' is net so teenproduktief en as te ware onnosel soos die AWB se mank hakekruis.

Ondanks die AWB se rede, dat dit nie 'n hakekruis is nie, maar wel drie sewes, bly dit vir die redelike persoon, enige plek ter wêreld, 'n hakekruis. Dit lyk soos 'n afbeen hakekruis en is geplaas binne 'n wit sirkel op 'n rooi banier... "when I see a bird that walks like a duck and swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, I call that bird a duck." (James Whitcomb Riley)

Wit Suid Afrikaners word by voorbaat van rassisme verdink. In die oë van die wêreld is ons 'skuldig', tot anders bewys word. Gebruik ons die woord 'Kaffer' in ons gesprek en dis bevestig: "Kan jy sien hulle is wel rassiste."

Dit is strategies so ooglopend verkeerd dat ek nie anders kan as om te wonder of die persone wat die gesprek daarmee besoedel 'n verskuilde agenda bedryf nie. Is hierdie nie juis 'n poging om die veldtog, om internasionale begrip en simpatie te werf, te saboteur nie? Namens wie tree hierdie mense werklik op...?
Indien hulle werklik die blanke Suid Afrikaner wil help, wil ek hulle graag versoek om rassistiese terme uit hul teks te haal. Beslis kan so 'n webwerf 'n baie goeie werktuig wees om die buiteland oor ons situasie in te lig, maar nie as dit rassisties voorkom nie.

Source: Perspektief



Anonymous said...

If looks like a lame-ass coward, quacks like a lame-ass coward...then by God, it must be a LAME-ASS COWARD. Vlad can go jump off a Bridge for all I care.

Keep on using the word "Kaffir". They use the loose term "Racist" when they actually want to call us "Kaffirs"...So stuff them...I will carry on using the word "Kaffir" for as long as they call me a "Racist"

Admin said...

Beste Lara, Andrea,

Ten eerste het ek die weg oopgesien om my kritiek op die ope forum van hierdie blog te plaas aangesien julle reeds die term 'Kaffer' op julle webwerf geplaas het. Dus, in teenstelling met 'n epos wat aan iemand gestuur is, wat nie vir publikasie bedoel is nie, is julle webwerf en die inhoud daarvan reeds in die publieke domein. Ek lewer dus nie in die openbaar kritiek oor iets wat privaat aan my meegedeel is nie. Ek lewer kritiek op julle publikasie. Ek is seker julle (Andrea, Lara) kan die verskil sien.

Tweedens verstaan julle my verkeerd as julle aanneem dat ek julle of enigiemand anders as rassiste klassifiseer. Watter terme ek self as rassisties beskou sowel as hoe rassisme gedefinieer behoort te word is ook nie relevant nie. Ek probeer nie my siening oor rassisme verkondig nie, maar herinner julle wel aan julle teikenmark s'n.

Indien ek korrek is, dat julle webwerf bedoel is om die volksmoord in Suid Afrika onder die internasionale gemeenskap (waaronder die baie liberale Kanadese regering) se aandag te bring, dan is dit nie vir my sinvol dat julle rassistiese taal gebruik nie. Julle sal nie die internasionale gemeenskap hiermee oortuig nie, inteendeel...

Dus, ek klassifiseer julle nie as rassiste nie en ek spreek myself ook nie uit oor die geldigheid van rassisme nie. Ek het my eie sieninge oor die werklikheid van rasse verskille en beskou myself as 'n ras-realis en allermins as 'n linkse of dan 'n 'liberalis'.

Tog, enigeen wat dink dat hy buitelandse simpatie gaan wen deur rassistiese taal te gebruik mors sy tyd. Inteendeel, dit kan selfs die blanke Suid Afrikaner se saak, om simpatie in die buiteland te werf, geweldige skade berokken.

Dalk is ek egter verkeerd en is die doel van julle webwerf bloot om die stoom van frustrasie af te blaas en as 'n forum en inligtingsbron vir eendersdenkendes te dien. Dit is julle goeie reg en vir hierdie doel is julle baie suksesvol, maar dan het ek dit verkeerd verstaan en verklaar dit waarom julle nie huiwer om taal te gebruik wat die internasionale gemeenskap met afkeur sal vul nie.



Rooster said...

What a silly group of bitter whacko's some of you are.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...


I'd be happy to discuss any issue with you.. if you came for discussion.

If you only came to call us 'racists' (uh, sorry 'kaffirs') .. no problem.. we aint got a problem being called kaffirs.

Anyway.. let me know when or if you interested in a discussion, till then.. happy reading.

Islandshark said...

The thing about the Nazis so many people tend to forget, or don't know in the first place, is that they were National Socialists.

In other words, far from right-wing.

Not that socialists want you to tell this to the world...

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US Army: Population vs. Resource Scarcity Study Plan
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