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Sunday, September 6, 2009

An entitlement culture of corruption vs. A crazy rule of law boere culture...

Our Culture Helps Us Grow Our Beliefs; Our Beliefs Tell Us What Is the Right Thing To Do...

There are those who say Huntley is a liar and a racist; are they correct, or are they simply in denial about the cultural realities, Huntley's case expose....?

Between 30 and 40 newspaper clippings were presented as evidence of life in South Africa. “One article exhibited was published in [the Daily Sun in 2004] by Africa Ka Mahamba. [It was] entitled ‘Taking from whites is not a crime’,” Kaplan said.

The article quotes the leader of the “Uhuru cultural club” as telling youngsters who attended a Human Rights Day celebration to steal from whites because “it is the right thing to do”.


South African Police Commissioner Says Criminals Greedy But Not Racist

JOHANNESBURG 2 September 2009 Sapa

South Africa's new police commissioner Bheki Cele is seen at the Presidential Guesthouse in Pretoria, Wednesday, 29 July 2009 (GCIS/SAPA)

Criminals do not target people because of their skin colour, national police commissioner Bheki Cele said on Wednesday.

"Criminals in South Africa... they look at what you have, rather than looking at your face," Cele said at a Southern African Regional Police Chiefs Co-operation Organisation meeting in Johannesburg.

He was reacting to a decision by Canadian authorities to grant South African Brandon Huntley refugee status for alleging that the government could not protect white South Africans from criminal attacks by "African South Africans".

"My house was broken into and some stuff was taken... and I remain black. Surely, my house was never broken into because I am black," said Cele.

Huntley told immigration officials in Canada that black people had attacked him on seven different occasions and that white people were not safe in South Africa.

He did not lay any charges with the police after any of the incidents, The Star newspaper reported on Wednesday.

"I've opened people's eyes," Huntley told the daily.

Canadian authorities granted him refugee status, to the ire of the ruling African National Congress.

The South African government was not asked to make any presentation in the case.

The chairman of the board who made the decision, William Davis, ruled that Huntley "was a victim because of his race rather than a victim of criminality".

"The evidence... shows a picture of indifference and inability or unwillingness of the government and the security forces to protect white South Africans from persecution by African South Africans," said Davis.

Home affairs spokesman Ronnie Mamoepa said the decision was based on "absolute rubbish", while the ANC described it as racist.

Source: Pan African News


Black Politicians Fiddle as SA Burns

Justice Malala:
Monday Morning Matters

“So intimidating have the comrades become that in many parts of South Africa they can terrify township residents simply by holding up boxes of matches. When they are not carrying out spontaneous attacks, they may hold kangaroo "people's courts" that are designed to intimidate the public. In a typical court session, young toughs drag the accused forward, inform him or her of the charges and then pronounce and execute the sentence. The outcome is never in doubt.”
-- Mob Justice Tribal Xenophobia

People take their example from corrupt leaders: A MAN becomes a ward councillor in a municipality. He is poor. Within three months he owns four minibus taxis and drives a big car.

How did he happen upon so much wealth so quickly? How can a municipal councillor who earns a modest salary afford such vast assets?

This is a true story. The man will prosper. He will not be investigated, arrested or face trial. No one informs on him. That is the way government works, people in his community say. He must eat while he can. Young people admire him and want to emulate him.

President Jacob Zuma and ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe do not seem to appreciate the level of corruption in their party. It is not just bad, as they intimated in two different addresses last week. Their country is burning and their party will be destroyed unless something changes.

Corruption in the public service is so rife, so endemic, so all-pervasive, that ordinary South Africans regard it as the normal way of doing things. In the municipalities, virtually no tender is awarded without some politician’s or official’s relative, friend or business associate being in on the game. If they are not, a bribe is paid. In queues for government services, even when dealing with the police, bribes change hands as a matter of course.

Mantashe came close to the heart of the problem when he spoke to 500 ANC councillors in Ekurhuleni last week. He said the scramble for resources, political in-fighting and the awarding of “jobs to pals” had the potential to destroy the party.

“One of the biggest problems facing us as the movement today is the interaction between business interests and holding public office,” Mantashe said.

He spoke days after newspapers reported that a top-level ANC document had revealed how political infighting, corruption and nepotism within the party’s ranks had brought at least 25 municipalities in North West to the brink of collapse.

The ANC’s response to this dire situation? On Wednesday, Zuma stood up in Parliament and said he had asked Minister for Public Service and Administration Richard Baloyi to “expedite” a “conflict of interest framework” and to send it to the Cabinet.

“The conflict of interest framework is meant to plug holes in public-service regulations,” Zuma said. “We will not tolerate or condone the abuse of public trust and public resources by any public official.”

This is what makes me want to weep in frustration.

The truth is that this country has no shortage of laws, rules and regulations.

Zuma’s declaration that new frameworks and other mechanisms are being introduced is pretty much more of the same.

The first problem here is that the ANC needs to acknowledge that many of the people sitting in public office really believe that they are entitled to enrich themselves.

This is the culture. If these individuals are not turning government business towards their own enterprises, or those they own through their relatives and friends, then they are taking bribes to pass business to certain businesses.

That culture starts at the top and permeates the whole system. Morality, values, have all disappeared. It is everyone for himself. That is why ministers believe they have a “right” to put extras in their official cars, such as television sets. It is the culture.

As Thabo Mbeki once put it, the voice in the politician’s ear bangs on: “Eat, eat, eat.”

And they do. And as they do, broader society says “Well, that is what is done.”

That is why so many people are turning to crime. The example is set by their political leaders, by the very same councillors who should be shepherding them on the path of law and order.

The culture is also perpetuated by the ANC’s continued blind pursuit of the “cadre deployment” policy. ANC leaders are largely deployed to take over municipalities where, once in power, service delivery takes a back seat as they engage in internal party battles.

They use government largesse to give their political backers business and to starve their opponents. But the businesses that they favour cannot deliver and so people suffer. The masses watch and say: “That is the way it is done.”

They too go off and steal, or ask for a bribe, or give one without a thought the consequences.

This is how the failed states of Nigeria, the DR Congo and others were born. The culture of bribery, lack of service delivery and impunity of public officials took hold. That is where we are headed unless something is done — soon.

Source: The Times


By any means that are necesarry

by Mike Smith

South Africa is a criminal hell hole…A paradise for crooks and a hell for the law abiding common man. Relying on the police or the government to sort out crime is a waste of time…we all know that. Private security companies are either in on all the crime or in on all the money to be made…or both. I do not and have never, will never trust these private security companies. I always say that the worst thing that can happen to them is if there is no more crime…then they will make no more money. So in order to continue making money, crime has to continue.

There is an old saying, “If you want to know the root of the problem, follow the money”. Always ask yourself, “Who benefits?”

No…It is clear in my mind that we will have to take matters in our own hands if we are serious about ever wanting to stop crime. Crime against us will only stop if the message goes out and is Loud and Clear: “WE WILL NO LONGER BE ROBBED BY YOU SCUM!”.

Take this deluded White guy from Durban for instance. He has been robbed nine times in less than six months. He lived overseas and came back four years ago, because his father was sick and he wanted to start a business…oh and because he had Liberal delusions of grandeur…in his own words…
”Of all the countries that I have lived in, I have never experienced anything like this. I moved back to the country because my father was sick, and I just missed the country. I wanted to be patriotic and contribute towards bettering the country, and as a businessman I wanted to offer job opportunities to people who were unemployed. And this is the thanks I get,”

Hey? Do you also feel sick to the stomach after reading that? Sometime I do not understand these people. This guy by the name of Chad, now wants to install sensors at his back door at a huge costs and an electric fence…as he says he is doing everything possible to keep these guys away from his home. Really Chad? Everything?

Now if I was robbed once, I would feel a bit shitty about it and maybe let it slide. If I get robbed a second time in less than a month, I would think there is something fishy going on…By the third burglary, I would be waiting for the bastards…and I do not take shit.

In one of my previous neighbourhoods we had a spate of burglaries about ten years ago. The area was still new and a lot of the houses were not fenced yet and people have not installed burglar bars or alarms yet. We got fed up with the burglaries and one guy went around the neighbourhood dropping invitations to a meeting in everybody’s post boxes. So one Tuesday evening we all got together and even invited the police to attend. We told the police that they can tell us what our rights were and what we were allowed to do and what not, but we are going to start patrolling our streets at night, because we felt they were useless and not doing their jobs. Most of these policemen were at school with me and they were useless at school even so I knew them personally. I had no qualms telling them exactly what I thought of them.

We drew up a roster and divided the men two-two into shifts for two hours at a time. We armed ourselves with batons or clubs and flashlights. Once your two hours were up, you would go and wake up the next two guys. Sometimes we ran into the police patrolling the area at two or three in the morning, but not often. In our first week we caught four Kaffirs trying to break in. On two occasions I clubbed two of them with half a brick through the face. Every time the men were there in a split second all laying in boots and kicking the shit out of the Kaffirs. By the time the police arrived and asked why they were so full of blood, we would just pull up our shoulders and say, “The dogs bit them”…

I tell you what, after two weeks burglaries came to a complete stop. No Kaffir ever took a short cut through our area ever again. I still stayed there for many years and people raised their kids there with not so much as a single further break-in. All it took was two weeks of patrolling and making a few examples out of the bastards. Word got out amongst the Kaffirs that they should stay away from our area because “the Boere who lives there are fucking crazy”…as a Black guy told me once when he did not know I lived there and was one of those “Boere”.
They called me ‘a teacher, a fomentor of violence.’ I would say point blank, ‘That is a lie. I’m not for wanton violence, I’m for justice. I feel that if white people were attacked by Negroes-if the forces of law prove unable, or inadequate, or reluctant to protect those whites from those Negroes-then those white people should protect and defend themselves from those Negroes, using arms if necessary. And I feel that when the law fails to protect Negroes from whites’ attack then those Negroes should use arms, if necessary, to defend themselves.’…’I am speaking against and my fight is against white racists. I firmly believe that Negroes have the right to fight against these racists, by any means that are necessary.’
Malcolm X. The Autobiography of Malcolm X, pgs. 373-374.

Source: SA Sucks



Second Story Foundation said...

I am a student of black nationalism. As such I have learned the white man must either change his tactics or learn to suffer whatever fate the black man serves him. White man's tolerance, appeasement and compromise have brought our race to the point any self respecting black nationalist believes we are 'easy pickings'. We must now dedicate ourselves to new ends and if those ends include teaching blacks we're 'not gonna take it any more' so be it. I'm with Malcolm - "By any means necessary". Great article.

Why We Are White Refugees... said...

Hey Second Story...

Yes.. I agree.... And another thing.. work together, where we can and do agree!

I added your Boere blog to the list.. let me know if you want it removed..

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