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Sunday, September 6, 2009


A Reader OpEd, by email from Shaka M

South Africa is walking, slowly, in the direction of Zimbabwe. The white and South Asian minorities will, inevitably, become political targets. In Zimbabwe this took about twenty years and lead to the ethnic cleansing of the white population and the collapse of the Zimbabwean economy. (My kids have the 100 trillion dollar notes that the bright boys in Harare figured should buy a half dozen eggs.) In Zimbabwe there is no question at all that the land confiscations for political reasons were profoundly racial... Dumb & Dumber

In addition, we could add, among others, the SAP's lost police dockets, only 668 in 2008, totally disappeared.

In South Africa, we have policemen who cannot drive, who do not know what a watermark is for, prosecutors who do not know what 'forensic psychology' or 'mens rea' means, and magistrates who do not know what passports are for; in fact, we have Constitutional Court Judges who are incapable of writing Judgements.

Thats not even mentioning South Africa's race war, the ANC's Occult “Struggle” Politics and People's War Collateral Damages, the Afrikaner Genocide, the plausible Occult roots of African criminality, the South African police on the brink of collapse; and that is only the tip of the iceberg......


This would not be the first time that a foreign embassy may have been taken for a ride in granting refugee status . I would suggest that this happens frequently . However , I still agree that Huntley’s reasons are pretty close to the mark .

The questions we have to ask ourselves are simple ones . How many convictions have there been of perps on almost 3500 farm murders - almost all white - since 1994 . Sadly less than 1% have made it to a trial . A co incidence by any chance .

In fact , how many criminal convictions are there full stop . It is rumored our jails are 140% over populated . This is well below 200,000 prisoners - of which many are ATP - Awaiting Trial Prisoners .

Now take the manual crime stats - no other so called free country conceals the crime stats - then extrapolate as if 200,000 were all convicted - clearly a fraction of a percentage of the total crimes committed . Ah ha I hear the liberals protesting - but what about all the criminals on bail - EXACTLY !!!

This country is in such a state of crime deluge , they just refuse to build more jails and criminals thusly roam the streets and populate our pavements . Taxi owners hold the government to ransom , the soldiers riot and protest in front of the Union Buildings (akin to US soldiers shooting and running amok on the lawns of Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House) which frankly is treasonous - not some form of legitimate consent .

I even know about someone who received bribes from another - the “another” went to jail for 15 years , but only spent a year in hospital and was subsequently released on grounds of ill health . This phucker was the active role player in the fraud , bribery and corruption . The passive role player , who was found in evidence convicting the “another” of having been unjustly enriched did not even have to answer charges and they made him a President - notwithstanding Judge Nicholson saying in court “corruption is a bilateral crime , but I hesitate to make any pronouncements” or words to that effect .

And you liberal cunts have the fucking gaul and audacity to infer that Huntley should have reported these crimes perpetrated on him . What the fuck for . There is a crime war here which will only be over when everything is in black hands - which for the most part , they are incapable of managing . Don’t get me started on black mismanagement - I could write a thesis on that .

Leave Huntley be . It is utterly preposterous that a SA Government has interfered with an asylum application in a foreign territory - when did Tanzania , Uganda or Zim for that matter oppose an asylum sought and granted by SA by one of their fleeing and starving country men .

Shaka M .


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