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Sunday, September 27, 2009

'White Refugees' Take on VOC or VOC Take on 'White Refugees'?

Email to Mr. Shafiq Morton, in response to the Interview on Voice of the Cape Radio, on 14 September 2009; Sent: Sun, Sep 27, 2009 at 10:44 AM

Mr. Shafiq Morton
Drivetime Radio Show
Voice of the Cape Radio

c/o Dorianne Arendse
Voice of the Cape Radio Station
Producer/Journalist []
Tel: (021) 442 3500

Mr. Morton,

Hi. Ms. Arendse kindly provided me with a copy of our interview a few days ago. I informed her that I would upload it with a full transcript this weekend, and thanked her.

Today, I was informed you had decided to make a post on the Voice of Cape Radio, titled, "'White Refugees' Take on VOC'.

I noticed you did not bother to send me an honourable courtesy email, to inform me, or even to ask for a comment. I also noticed that you did not bother to honourably inform your Voice of Cape Readers, where they could read my original email to you; nor that your excerpts did not include the following information, I provided to you, in my follow up email.
1. Re: your statement about the 133 (actually 142) academics who wrote an Open Letter to the Canadian Charge D'Affaires, strongly distancing themselves from Huntley's views.

Are you aware of Politicswebs article, Did 142 Academics Get It Wrong on Crime?

2. Re: Your views that 'nigger' or 'kaffir' is always considered an insult, and is never said without the intenton to insult.

Are you aware of the following recordings made by President Barrack Obama, regarding brutally frank friendly banter conversations held between him and friends, where the word 'nigger' was hardly meant offensively; to the contrary:
“Sorry Assed Motherfucka's Got nothing On Me. Nothing! Right?” (FLV:33K)

“And there are White Folks, and there are Ignorant Motherfucka's Like You!” (FLV.21K)

“You aint my Bitch, Nigga! Buy Your own Damn Fries!” (FLV:18K)

I also notice that your 'transcript' has been sanitized, which is probably why you do not provide a link to your readers to Download Full Radio Interview (FLV:6MB), kindly provided to me by Voice of the Cape, Ms. Arendse.

For example, your assumption that you were interviewing Lara Huntley, has been sanitized from your 'transcript'; your question about whether I had filed my complaint with President Zuma's new crime hotline, has also been sanitized. No problem, except the word 'transcript' generally means that the 'transcript' is verbatim, and your 'transcript' clearly is not verbatim.

So, it's what could be considered a sanitized 'transcript'. You know what they say about sanitized evidence in courtrooms, I imagine? It is the work of corrupt policemen!! So, what kind of journalism do you practice Mr. Morton? The 'sanitized yellow evidence' corrupt kind?

I imagine, if I was having this conversation in the Oakland ghetto, with some Malcolm X minded brothers, about your lack of honourable and deceptive behaviour; you would qualify for a “And there are White Folks, and then there are Ignorant Motherfucka's Like Shafiq Morton!”. You would also qualify, in my view, for the term “Kaffir!”, in its original etymology, which is the way I generally use it, which means, knowingly concealing the truth. I could add “White” to “Kaffir!”, but clearly you do not share Steve Biko's views on racial pride, and so in my interpretation of his views, that being black, or white is not a matter of pigmentaiton, but a Mental Attitude; your Mental Attitude, would qualify you, as a 'non-white'.

To conclude, Sandile Memela seems to be correct, when it comes to the use of the word 'kaffir' and 'nigger', as he states in Unlike a Rose, Kaffir does not smell the same to black and white
the meaning of any word is not in the word itself, but in people’s heads

Kaffirs do exist! The biggest sin will always be: Who says it!

The use of the K-word is something that most white guilt whites still need to discuss with their psychiatrists.

The time may be right for a society that has been undergoing transition for the past 13 years to appreciate new methods of defining the meaning of words and understanding their use in blunt, intense and provocative public speech.

Once 'kaffir' is out of the closet, pseudo-liberal forces both within the white community and their black imitators demand the person apologize, and put 'kaffir' back in the closet, to hush up any use of the word lest it raise the spectre of the apartheid past that haunts us.

But the panic and hysteria that has been caused in the white social and cultural circles is a sad farce of good intentions. The conclusion that should be drawn on this matter is that it is a combination of white guilt and political correctness.


Lara Johnstone
PS: Mr. Morton, your readers can find WwAwR at, and can read the WwAwR petition, including watching the Parliament statement of Min. of Safety Mr. Nqakula's statement to 'you whites.. can whinge about crime till you go blue in the face.. if you don't like crime, leave the country" at

Boycott 2010 World Cup: Truth & Justice; or Secession?

'White Refugees' Take On VOC

by Voice of the Cape at: 2009-09-26 01:22:40

[WwAwR Note: Small bold red is sanitized portions, from Voice of the Cape/Mr. Morton's 'transcript']

An interview conducted on VOC's Drivetime show on 14 September has secured a prominent spot on the website of a group of white South Africans under the banner "Why we support Huntley's White Refugee Status" (WwAwR). The group was formed in response to a ruling on 27 August by the Canadian Immigration & Refugee Board (IRB) who granted white South African, Brandon Carl Huntley (seen here), official Canadian refugee status. In his judgement William Davis said he found Huntley "was a victim [of persecution] because of his race (white South African) rather than a victim of criminality," who had "presented clear & convincing proof of the state & security forces' inability or unwillingness to protect him."

During the interview with Lara Johnstone on behalf of WwAwR, Drivetime presenter, Shafiq Morton repeatedly raised the issue of the blatant racism that was evident in the blogs and website of the organisation and its affiliates. In response, after the interview, Johnstone tackled VOC for not covering the story on its website or making it available in its podcast.

"I noticed that the interview has not been made publicly available by VOC on your podcasts. Alternatively, I doubt you record all interviews. If you did record it, I would appreciate it if you could provide me with a copy of it. I did make an audio copy, but unfortunately it only contains my answers. I am making it publicly available, with a paraphrased transcript of your questions, for anyone interested in listening to it," she wrote.

In response VOC provided a recording of the show as well as a transcript to the organisation which was carried in full on their website. "All our interviews are automatically recorded, but given the stories on the day, this had been an interesting interview, but it was not one of the biggest stories of the day. As a result it was not written up, more so because we did not believe that the interview did Ms Johnstone or her organisation any favours. However, we have no issue with publishing the transcript of this interview for readers to make their own judgement," VOC said.


Shafiq Morton (SM): "When news broke that news that a young white man from Mowbray Brandon Huntley had been granted refugee status by the Canadian government the world was stunned. from South African. Consequently 133 academics from 13 Universities have condemned the move. And so have many white themselves such a Tony Weaver from the Cape Times, who says that Mowbray were Huntley comes from is a lilly white suburb Hmmm, whats going on here? Lara Huntley is online. Lara, welcome to Voice of the Cape

LJ: Just for clarification, I am not Lara Huntley, I am Lara Johnstone

SM: Lara Johnstone, sorry Lara Johnstone, we do make these mistakes when we fast and [unintelligble] Sorry.

LJ: No thats okay.

SM: ...Tell us, what is the reason for this mass of support is for Brandon Huntley. Must South African whites become refugees?"

Lara Johnstone (LJ): "Well, I would not say they would have to, but certainly Huntley raises issues regarding the violations of the social contract about how the government is not protecting people in particular people whites feel. Maybe certain of his friends in Mowbray don't feel unprotected but a lot of people do. White farmers over 3,000 white farmers have been killed and tortured. And if you lodge a complaint with the police it disappears. It just goes nowhere. I've lodged one. It's about issues that he has raises in his complaint regarding the breakdown of the social contract. South Africa is no 1 in rapes and no 1 in murders."

SM: "SM: Now having a look at the situation,I hear what you're saying, but haven't blacks suffered just as equally under crime?"

LJ: "If there is pressure to on the government to improve the state of the social contract then everybody benefits. Blacks continually say that whites must not speak for them. Now my former husband is black, I don't profess to speak for [blacks]. I am concerned about crime in Black neighborhoods for Blacks as well but I don't profess to speak for them. I can say, Yes I am concerned about it, and if some of them contact me and say 'sign this petition'; I'll say "Sure, let me know where it is and whatever"; but when I have attempted to speak on behalf of blacks; and I have on certain, on issues that I am concerned about for them; I am sometimes, or quite often told "You're not black. Don't speak for us." I hear that and no problem."

SM: "Sure but why do we have to talk about Blacks and Whites. I mean the South African Constitution..."

LJ: "Because we are all Black and White. Let's not deny where we come from. We have different cultures and we can recognize and respect our different cultures, but we don't all have to be the same. That's what individuality is, that's what multi-culturism is - appreciating people that people have different cultures."

SM: "It certainly is, but isn't this issue at the end of the day that we are South Africans? We're not White South Africans, Black South Africans, Indian South Africans, Asian South Africans we are South Africans."

LJ: "Tell that to Xhosa South African, tell that to a Zulu South African and boy will they tell you no brother we are in our different tribes and we can enjoy that like a rainbow. We don't need to make everybody pale faced or grey. The differences are there to be enjoyed and appreciated but I don't know why force people to say we all have to be the same. Why can't we acknowledge people from different cultures and say yeah that's great and we all support each other."


SM: "Now I agree with what your saying in terms of everybody must recognise each others differences. But you've used some words that would offend some isiXhosa people that I know and some Zulu people you've used from their tribes isn't that a bit patronizing?

LJ: I'm not sure. Clarify the question please.

SM: You've used the words tribes in the interview when you were referring to various population groups and it comes across as some what patronizing when you say groups are tribal. That's what's coming across."

LJ: "Well, I guess That's you're interpretation.

SM: It is my interpretation.

LJ: I had a roommate previously and he was Venda and that's how wanted spoken to. He said we are tribes and we are from different tribes and I'm proud to be from the Venda Tribe. So I said is that how you prefer to be and he said yes. There was no if you're from a Venda tribe he did not take offence to that. Maybe some do, and if that is the case, then I am sorry, but that was my conversation with my flatmate."

SM: "Now let's look at the situation of Brandon Huntley. Let's be honest, most people are fairly astounded that he went to Canada and asked for refugee status in Canada. Do you support Brandon Huntley's move?"

LJ: "If he's feeling [unprotected] I certainly have felt unprotected and I don't think the South African government gives two hoots about white people, particular white people who voice a bit of a complaint. I think if you crawl up, if you are a sycophant and you don't criticize the government in anyway, then perhaps you will get yourself listen to. But if you demand principles that the constitution provides for everybody, then that government should be criticized where it is making big messes. Then you don't get no protection brother. In fact you've got policemen at your front door to shut you up and that is not what the social contract is about

SM: Sorry policemen at your door to shut you up? Please explain?

LJ: I was told by one policemen that yes, I am being arrested because I had too big a mouth." My complaints about issues about the violation of the social contract, some people preferred that I [be shut up] I'll give you his name, the policeman's name.

SM: You can, but its not going to help us online, on the radio at the moment

LJ: "But just to say Brandon is being accused that he did not file complaints and stuff like that, but I have filed complaints. They go nowhere... Maybe they are just sitting in an office somewhere, but they certainly are not investigated and that's not just with the police. So I would not hold it against them. You can file with the public protector unit, you can file complaints with any civil complaints boards, the ombudsman. You don't get far."

SM: Right, but President Jacob Zuma has got his helpline up and running. Its hopefully up and running by now. Maybe a couple of calls there could see something on the issue of service delivery, but.

Better under Apartheid

SM: "But Lara let's ask you a question would you rather be in South Africa 2009 than in 1969 or 1979 which South Africa would you prefer?"

LJ: "I did some work in prison and stuff and I was astounded a lot of black people told me You Know What that things were better under apartheid for us because we did not have to six million people from the rest of Africa taking our jobs."

SM: "How do you know that there is six million refugees in South Africa most..."

LJ: "From the police report."

SM: "That's not a police report. Most authorities have said that that number is grossly exaggerated."

LJ: "Well, that's possible. We can investigate that number."

SM: "We have investigated that number at this radio station, as have many journalists. We have discovered that 6 million people pouring over the borders has all been hugely exaggerated. And it's exactly this kind of figures that have led to a lot of the xenophobia that we are experiencing at the moment in South Africa."

LJ: "Well, I can only tell you what people tell me that they were better of under apartheid, that they had jobs, the goverment might not have been the nicest goverment, but the goverment wasn't letting in the rest of Africa to take their jobs. If they went to the Home Affairs Office, for a pass book, they could at least get a pass book, they didn't have to commit suicide to be on the front page of the Sunday Newspaper. They obviously didn't say that, but

SM: Whose committed suicide to be on the front page of a newspaper?

LJ: That poor gentlemen in Durban, who couldn't even get a pass book, from his own Home Affairs Office..

SM: An Identity Document.

LJ: Yes. So, I can only tell you what they told me. Now
Certainly not everyone feels that way. But people who are disgruntled don't get their voices heard. They get called a racist or they get called names without a conversation occurring as do they have justified complaints.

SM: "What has been the nature of your compliant? Maybe that could be at the crux of the matter. Have you being feeling victimized as a person with a white skin colour?"

LJ: "No..."

SM: "Are you worried about crime? What has been the exact nature of the complaint?"

LJ: "In 1994 I was elated with Truth and Reconciliation Blah blah blah... I filed my submission for Reconciliation with the TRC I donated my future inheritance. I was so committed to a New South Africa. This was the level of my commitment. I donated my future inheritance to the TRC. I put my money where my mouth is. I was overseas at the point and then Nelson Mandela said whites must come back we need your skills. Some of us believed this and we come back. We wanted to make our contribution. I did a lot of work on rehabilitation issues in America. I worked with the most famous rehabilitation programme in America, the Lancey Street [Delancey Street Foundation]. And you come back you want to do stuff and you're told "Heyyou white...... what do you know. There is not a commitment of ‘let's work together'. Its Talk But let's not discuss the bottom, the nitty gritty, lets not discuss the causes. It's about being politically correct and walking on eggshells and we all pretend. So I have come to the conclusion that Truth and Reconciliation process was a farce. It was a joke it was a dog and pony show to convince the masses. And a lot of people are waking up to that reality and its not a pleasant reality to confront."


SM: "I have looked on some of the coalition of (your) websites. The person who represents this organization, Mike Smith his got something on his website that is racist. He has got one picture and it says ‘niggers they are f..... greedy'. Another term on the website says ‘coon loving detractor' people who criticize him. Thats not fair is it, I mean. Those are downright racist statements."

LJ: Define what you mean by the term 'racist' "Different people mean different things by the term racist. So what do you mean...?"

SM: "Calling somebody a ‘nigger' is pretty damn racist in my book and calling somebody who defends black people a ‘coon loving detractor' is pretty racist too."

LJ: Well, I'll tell you what "When I lived in Oakland, I was the only white woman living in the Oakland ghetto and they then asked me they couldn't understand ‘what you white bitch doing here?' I laughed and said ‘is that like saying hello?' And his like ‘yeah, what's up with a white bitch here amongst us niggers?' I asked him if that's what he wanted to call me. He says, ‘yes, I am a nigger'. There's a reclamation of the word nigger that is an affectionate term. I mean Sandile Memela has written here in the Mail and Guardian, the intention of a word. I mean because you take the word as offensive, does not mean the person who said was intentionally meaning it as offensive...The word nigger has many different meanings to different people."

SM: "OK, that's you're view. Let's hope that the K word does not become endearment. God help us if it does."

LJ: "But it does. For some people it is. For Barack Obama nigger is... I can play you a tape where he says ‘hey nigger, you're not my bitch and stuff'. Because there is a much more open and honest conversation in some areas of America than there is in South Africa. We are overly political correct. We are obsessed with being nice to each other and behind each others back we are two faced and I won't be that. I have black friends and I will tell them to their face what I think of them and I appreciate them for telling me to my face what they think of me."

SM: You know as I say, I don't know. I mean Oprahs bodyguards for example called Mandelas bodyguards, and everybody took offense, so "One has to be very careful about these things. But lets hope that the K-word does not become a term of endearment Your people have petitioned the Canadian court [of Justice]; is that true?"

LJ: "Yes, we do have a petition up to be submitted to the Minister of Citizen and Immigration, Mr Jason Kenny should they proceed with their Application for Review, that this information and the number of people are submitted as well, with his application."

SM: Lara Johnstone who is involved with the Why We Are White Refugees Petition to the Federal Court Judges in Canada, dealing with the Brandon Huntley case. Thanks for chatting to us live on Voice of the Cape.

Sources: ILuvSA :: Voice of the Cape :: Download Full Radio Interview (FLV:6MB), kindly provided by Ms. D. Arendse, Voice of the Cape.

Read Full WwAwr Petition with Video Documentaries at:

Delancey Street Foundation Info: John Maher, Founder of Delancey Street :: Delancey Street Foundation



Why We Are White Refugees said...

Copy of Comment to Voice of Cape: 'White Refugees Take on VOC'
Lara Johnstone commented: Mr. Morton, my full 100% transparent response to your sanitized yellow journalism, is at: posted 2009-09-27 10:56:53

Laura said...

Hi Lara - I saw the transcript first on VOC... Clicked on your link and read your transcript. For the life of me, I don't see how the comments in red make any difference at all... What's your point?

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Hi Laura,

A matter of interpretation I guess. If you don't see any difference, you don't see any difference. I see a significant difference, but then I am of the Malcolm X school of thought, when it comes to foxy liberals.

Anyway, no worries. As a rule I favour 100% transparency, as opposed to engineering consent via perception management.

So if you happy, with your interpretation. I ain't got any problems.


Snowy Smith said...


3085 WHITE Farmers Tortured and Brutally Murdered by BLACKS.

Common denominator:
All the Murdering and Stealing committed by Blacks.

Honour Integrity and Accountability.
Pastor James David Manning.

Google: Murder, Rape, Crime, Farm Genocide, South Africa

Common denominator:
All the Murdering and Stealing committed by Blacks.
Left Wing, Communist, Socialist, Atheists, Racists, Radical, Raping, Murdering BLACKS.

Anonymous said...

I heard the interview and i found no yellow journalism anywhere - just a responsible journalist trying to make sense of racist jabberwocky. I went to the website, and if anything, Lara, the little editing there was actually made you just a little less of a malignant xenophobe.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Responsible journalist huh! Interesting perspective.

Trying to make sense of a racist jabberwocky...

Hmmm would you mind defining 'racist' please? Also i don't know what a jabberwocky is, would be helpful if you clarify.

As for malignant xenophobe...

hmmm, if you give me any examples, of my 'malignant xenophobia', or your interpretations thereof (if you have any interest in what i mean, when i say something, you are welcome to ask, alternatively you can simply assume you know what i think, beter than i do), feel free to inform me, thereof.

It's a little difficult to take you serious, when you don't provide any examples for your decision making.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Anon & Laura,

I was curious, did you do a full impartial investigation, or are you only projecting your 'racist jabberwocky' views? If the latter, tahts okay; because I don't imagine you could have done a full impartial investigation.

If you had followed the links to the Delancey Street Foundation provided in this article, and seen its work; then unless you were a racist jabberwocky, I'd imagine you would think that duplicating the incredible work of Delancey Street in South Africa would benefit so many, predominantly poor and black.

The question then becomes, why would VOC, and VOC's readers, who pretend to care about poor blacks, want to vilify someone with the skills to implement a Delancey Street program in South Africa?

I know of only one South African, with extensive experience of Delancey Street program doctrines and principles. I mentored under its founder, Dr. Richard Korn, for many years.

As I said.. if you were only here to share your and Mr. Morton's racist jabberwocky, that cannot be bothered with such things as impartial enquiries.. thats okay..

Take care...

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