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Thursday, December 17, 2009

White Refugees Petition # 101 - 150: 12 Sept 2009 - 25 June 2010

im a 28 year old south african,i left south africa over a year ago.i was attacked 5 times buy black racist thugs. i could not get a job as result of affirmative action, bee, (black empowerment polices) -- Edward Maione, Canada, Oct 1, 2009 White Refugee Petitioner # 104

White Refugees Petition: # 101 - 150:

I have been robbed 3 times, held up with a knife twice and shot at when they stole my vehicle. We all have to watch our backs whenever we go out - our kids whereabouts have to be constantly checked. Live behind locked windows, doors and electric fencing. Have to lock our dogs in the house with us at night because they will be killed or poisened.
-- # 111: Oct 5, 2009, Nolan Hempel, South Africa

What proof did the international community have when the first person from SA asked for Refugee status in Canada during the Apartheid era? What do you need now, the death of thousands to confirm that we are being killed systematically? The proof is in the figures and experiences of those who have been victims of race crime in a country ruled by a government intent on hiding the truth.
-- # 120: Oct 22, 2009, Martyn Abrahams, Netherlands

Why We Are White Refugees Petition: 12 September 2009 - 25 June 2010

We Signed the White Refugees Petition

Petitioners: # 01-50 | 51-100 | 101-150 | 151-200 |

# 150:Nov 18, 2009, Danie Williams, South Africa
I asked several people the last few months if they could name ONE SINGLE (white) person they knew, who was not a victim of violent crime by black criminals/terrorists - NO ONE could give a single name. This is the reality of South Africa TODAY!

# 149:Nov 18, 2009, Vanessa Schempers, South Africa
Yes, Iam sick and tired of being treated like an refugee in my own country, South Africa

# 148:Nov 17, 2009, P M Theron, South Africa

# 147:Nov 17, 2009, Anonymous, South Africa
It is necessary for every civilised human being to be aware of these acts in order to become more vigilant in his/her surrounding areas. The media must stop hiding the details from the public. We want to know what could happen to us should we be next.

# 146:Nov 16, 2009, LE GUEN Nolwennn, France
I cannot imagine that human beings can treat other human beings in such a way, all the more since they have always known death, war and horrible treatments. It is necessary that something is done. Fixing an ancient "bad" of white supremacy by "reversed" crime based on skin color cannot be tolerated. Thank you for considering this and taking action.

# 145:Nov 16, 2009, Susan Douthit, United Kingdom

# 144:Nov 15, 2009, Alan Harvey, United Kingdom
The international community must make it plain to the ANC regime that their anti-White vendetta policies - particularly when conducted outside their national borders such in the case of Brandon Huntley - must cease.

# 143:Nov 13, 2009, J ROUX, South Africa

# 142:Nov 12, 2009, Eugene Niemand, United Kingdom
Allmost everyone in my family has been a victim of crime. My wife and I have moved to London a bit more than a year ago. It is the best choice we ever made. We can sleep calmly not worring who's trying to get in. We dont even have to bother checking if the door is locked. Its unreal, people in South Africa is just getting used to the crime slowly, but it stays wrong. I wish the media/world wants to wake up and see what is really going on.

# 141:Nov 12, 2009, Gerrit Gibbs, Australia
I am a south African who had to leave my country of birth for all the exact reasons MR Huntley did. My Parents and Parents in law have remained in the country and have suffered numerous attacks and robberies that are purely motivated by RACE and not need.

# 140:Nov 10, 2009, Jacques Geyser, South Africa
We don’t care who governs us, but if you can’t rule or safeguard your citizens then there is a problem. We are refugee in your own country. (WAKE UP WORLD!!) It’s worse than you think. Wait until the 2010 soccer world cup after spectators are raped, murdered and plundered-maybe then the media will wake-up.

# 139:Nov 9, 2009, Danzo Ngoashe, South Africa
I just thank GOD that I was born in this country. I do not wish to have been born anywhere else.

# 138:Nov 7, 2009, Jack Miller, South Africa
I do not feel safe in my own home. I worry for the safety of my friends and family. This is no way to live.

# 137:Nov 6, 2009, Jaun Van Schalkwyk, South Africa
What is the difference between affirmative action and reversed apartheid???????????

# 136:Nov 5, 2009, Carole Hagen, Oregon

# 135:Nov 4, 2009, Geoff Carter, South Africa

# 134:Oct 31, 2009, Tony Spandow, New Zealand
I believe that many white South African are fleeing the country because of racial discrimination and a real fear of being raped and murdered. As a Presbyterian Minister I believe in truth and justice for all and that includes white South Africans. Please take the genoside taking place in South Africa seriously.

# 133:Oct 29, 2009, Gerhard Venter, South Africa
The world look at South Africa as the country where all the diferent nations can live in harmony together. What a joke!!Corruption, crimes like rape (EVERY 6 seconds)murder(18000 per year), top Government officials stealing MILLIONS and dont have to pay it back, getting killed for a bit more than 1$,farms taken away from farmers for far less than the market value. Just heard on news 10 minutes ago of a white man and woman who were shot dead by two BLACKS with AK 47s-nothing was stolen-, top and middle management posts are reserved ONLY for BLACKS,and so it goes on and on and on. Unfortionately this situation is now turning whites into racists-what a pitty, so unessesary. Anyone who wishes to contact me, please do so. I give permission that my e-mail address can be made available. I promiss you will never have a dull moment with the daily news.

# 132:Oct 29, 2009, Karin Tully, South Africa

# 131:Oct 28, 2009, Mac MacAtilla, South Africa

# 130:Oct 28, 2009, Claudia Ioannidou, Cyprus

# 129:Oct 27, 2009, Dave Stach, Canada
Immigrants are getting more benefits than people who have lived here their whole lives. We could make better use of natural born Canadians with retraining programs instead of admitting more immigrants.

# 128:Oct 26, 2009, Arthur Atkinson, Canada
I can tell you if the gorvernment of South Africa could guarantee my safety and mt life and those of my family I would not gave moved to Canada. I love my country but since 1994 I've lost quite a few friends due to robbery and murders. This did not happened in the "apartheids" years. The world sold South Africans to be murdered by the thousands and now the world does nothing.........................

# 127:Oct 26, 2009, Michael Prinsloo, Canada
I support Brendon Carl Huntley and anyone else like him from South Africa. I would call on our Canadian government to give political asylum to anyone that is a target of racial attacks in South Africa. White Afikaner farmers are a main target. I read that 300 per 100,000 are being killed. That should be taken notice of.

# 126:Oct 25, 2009, Barbara Lee, Canada
Until reading this letter above, I had no idea the situation for whites was so horrid in S.Africa. Or, for that matter, in the Scandinavian countries. I happen to live in a small place where immigration is fairly minimal but I moved from a large city 27 years ago because I did not want my children in a school full of other races. I am not racist, they are of mixed blood and do not look even close to white. However, I did want to give them a safer, higher quality of life than I saw going on around me. And I am happy I did this. I am very aware of the Frankfurt School and its intentions in the creation of its vicious dogma and I have seen how it suppresses free speech to enforce unwanted social change. I am also very aware that there is a planned international agenda to eradicate the white race for several reasons as outlined by Rabbi Rabinovitch in his 1952 address to his brother Rabbis. White people around the world are not allowed to mention this particular topic without being labeled racist and that is wrong. We are supposed to sit back and watch and approve of racial blending as culture after culture disintegrates in pursuit of mixing and melding. The only reason I speak primarily of the white race is because most of the other cultures are far greater in numbers and their home countries are untouched by this, their cultural identity safe. Not so with the white people.

# 125:Oct 24, 2009, Joe G, Canada
I Left South Africa because of a system that did not work and still does not work especially when you have a whole lot of feudal societies you try and put together and call it a democracy, for the sake of business. The boundaries of Southern Africa was drawn up years ago before white people arrived as pioneers and settlers just like in North America ( Canada, USA), South America ( by the Spanish), Australia, New Zealand, just to name a few. In these countries mentioned whites are a majority except South Africa where whites are a minority, so why are minority's rights respected all around the world except South Africa? Not just whites but the rights of other minorities in South Africa are not respected either, why? Why are white South Africans made out to be these "racist" monsters ( basically scapegoats) when you have racism in the above mentioned countries as well? So now South African whites have to fit in with the "guilt" of the above mentioned countries and if they get slaughtered ( since they are a minority)like sacrificial lambs, everybody just turns a "blind eye " and kisses the ANC's ass for the sake of making money for the big corporation's and keeping the " democracy"( by the way is false) alive. I say shame on you, Mr Huntley managed to show what is happening and now you knock him down because he has shown your hypocrisy namely a lie!

# 124:Oct 23, 2009, Anonymous, South Africa
There is not one white person that has not been affected by crime, actually it not crime it is hate, on a scale that has not been seen since the holacaust, we were told we are nothing. because we are white. it is very hard to live in SA if you are a white person. the facts speak for themself.I ask that the canadian govt give Brandon Huntley refugee status based on the attached facts.

# 123:Oct 23, 2009, Julius Malema, South Africa

# 122:Oct 23, 2009, Wesley Robertson, United Kingdom
I fully support Brandon Huntley's bid for refugee status in Canada. I am a South African that has relocated at great expense and trouble due to the terrible situation in South Africa. Crime is rampant, especially violent crime. Criminals have no regard for a human life and kill mercilessly. My sister in law's mother was murdered in her own home, myself and my two brothers have all been faced with men armed with knives and were lucky to escape alive. My house was broken into 7 times and 5 cars stolen from our driveway. My extended family have all been attacked, robbed, mugged and had guns pointed at them numerous times too. We have to live like prisoners in our homes, with 7 foot plus high walls with spikes or electric fencing on top, security gates in front of all doors, burglar bars on all windows and security alarms with armed response units responding to alerts. It was even dangerous to be in our garden at night because they would jump over the neighbours walls. It is certainly not safe to walk the streets either or even to be driving on the street due to the high number of car hijackings. It is not helped by the governments racist affirmative action policies that make it very difficult for a white person, especially a male, to get a job. Despite these laws being in place for 15 years already, they refuse to abandon or at least reduce them. I have struggled so much to get work despite having a good education, it was so terrible and unbearable that I had to find a way out. Do not listen to the South African governments protests. They live in mansions, drive cars that cost a million rand, they have sky high salaries that they vote in parliment to increase each year greatly and pay themselves back-pay at that increased level for the previous 6-12 months too. All while so many citizens are suffering from poverty and struggling to make ends meet. They deny problems with crime, yet South Africa has the highest crime rate in the World. Especially high for violent crime. Canada has made a very good decision to grant Brandon Huntley refugee status and please do not make a bad one by reversing the decision.

# 121:Oct 23, 2009, Anonymous, Canada
We left South Africa because there was no future for our children. My son had a knife to his throat when he was 10 years old just so that they could take his bicycle. They broke into our house three times. The last time we were in the house and was lucky enough to get away alive. My boyfriend was car jacked and murdered and the murderer got away with a $300 fine. His excuse...he is scared of the white people. We are still waiting for our PR's and I pray that we won't have to go back. Our families are still in South Africa and I fear for their lives every single day. I am thankful that Canada is seeing South Africa as it really is.

# 120:Oct 22, 2009, Martyn Abrahams, Netherlands
What proof did the international community have when the first person from SA asked for Refugee status in Canada during the Apartheid era? What do you need now, the death of thousands to confirm that we are being killed systematically? The proof is in the figures and experiences of those who have been victims of race crime in a country ruled by a government intent on hiding the truth.

# 119:Oct 21, 2009, Talitha Brown, Canada
Mr Kenney, We too were victims of crime in SA. Husbank was shot in a car jacking while taking my daughter to school. Police didnt even show up. Husband had to go to the police himslef after he was discharged from hospital. Soon after we started our process to immigrate to Canada. South Africa has the highest crime in the world, thats why we left. To deny Brandon Huntley refugee status in Canada would be a gross injustice. If you take the time to research what is happening in SA(just by reading the newspapers alone) you will see that it is the most dangerous country in the world to live in, apart of countries engaged in war.

# 118:Oct 18, 2009, Chris Oberholzer, Canada

# 116:Oct 11, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
My father was born in England and my mother in Switzerland. I am a white male born in South Africa - It is such a pity about the Employment Equity Act, 1998 (Act 55 of 1998) and BEE (Black Economic Empowerment). These laws and policies have certainly killed off any chance of white males finding a job in South Africa. This, even if you have a degree and experience in your field. When it comes to applicants, it is all about employment equity/colour of your skin! This legislated discrimination forced me away from my land of birth as a South African. Now that I am living and working in the UK I feel I am a much happier person. I will never even go to South Africa on holiday because of this. Stop Apartheid in Reverse/Reverse discrimination! Wake up South African Government...stop trying to re-invent the wheel!

# 115:Oct 10, 2009, Anonymous, Canada
I totally agree with Huntley, SA is unsafe for any white man. I use to live in SA (still SA citizen) as a farmers-wife....I feared for my life every day and night.

# 114:Oct 8, 2009, Anonymous, South Africa
The rest of the civilised world propably cannot comprehend the brutality that is the norm in South Africa. If I can help one of my fellow South African's be safe I will be happy

# 113:Oct 8, 2009, Veronika Dos Santos, South Africa
Me and my family have been victims of robberies at our home(2007-current totaling 4, armed robbery at our business (July 2008), armed robbery at a bank (1997). We live behind locked gates, burglar proofing and armed response security. Our children are not permitted to play in their neighbourhood for we fear abduction, rape and muggings. And we live in a middle class subburb. The recent crime statistics released in September stated that robberies to business up 40%. The education system has deteriorated and our children have little or no hope of receiving a world class education. We have to move in order to get that. We have applied for immigration to Canada in February 2008, the High Commission in Pretoria service deliver is substandard. While peoples of other contintent seem to be addmitted on lesser requirements. Why I ask is this? My life has been on hold for two years.

# 112:Oct 5, 2009, Chris Smith, United Kingdom
White people in South Africa get brutally murdered for no apparent reasons. There are so many cases where white people are murdered on their farms for no reasons at all. I also don't feel safe walking around South Africa with 20 000 murders a year. Before 1994 it was safe for white people to walk around the inner city of Johannesburg at night. At the current moment any white person walking around Johannesburg city at night is as good as dead. Things have changed and most white people now live in security estates or with electric fences around their houses. If that does not prove the country is not safe I don't know what will.

# 111:Oct 5, 2009, Nolan Hempel, South Africa
I have been robbed 3 times, held up with a knife twice and shot at when they stole my vehicle. We all have to watch our backs whenever we go out - our kids whereabouts have to be constantly checked. Live behind locked windows, doors and electric fencing. Have to lock our dogs in the house with us at night because they will be killed or poisened.

# 110:Oct 4, 2009, PJ Pretorius, Canada

# 109:Oct 4, 2009, Norman De Wet, Canada

# 108:Oct 3, 2009, Marius Koen, South Africa
i see everyday in my workplace what effect b.e.e. and a.a have on production and perception is that the general worker has the attitude that it is the white man's product i am producing so why should i care.production has deteriated 20% over the last 10 years.and their is no wnrk ethics only the demand for more money for less work.

# 107:Oct 2, 2009, Anonymous, South Africa
Our ancestors landed on these shores centuries ago. They established hospitals, universities, schools, airports, harbours, gold mines and developed a country with the best infrastructure in Africa! Our hospitals were world class - the first heart transplant was performed by our Dr Chris Barnard in the Groote Schuur hospital in Cape Town (to cite one of many examples). Now - our beloved country has turned into a crime-ridden cesspool. Whites are barricaded behind razor wire and electric fencing - a lot of white woman don't venture out at night in a car! The government doesn't give us protection but takes our taxes! Every white in this country has become a victim of reverse racism euphemistically known as Affirmative Action or Black Economic Empowerment (which by the way was originally developed for minority groups in other countries, like the USA). Just read our daily newspapers and you'll understand perfectly!

# 106:Oct 2, 2009, Francois De Wet, South Africa

# 105:Oct 2, 2009, Anonymous, South Africa

# 104:Oct 1, 2009, Edward Maione, Canada
im a 28 year old south african,i left south africa over a year ago.i was attacked 5 times buy black racist thugs. i could not get a job as result of affirmative action, bee, (black empowerment polices)

# 103:Oct 1, 2009, Anonymous, South Africa
Hi I am a young white South African aged 22 and with grade 12 and further Studies Currently unemployed. I believe that we are refugees because of the governments social engenering plans of affermitive Action & BBE. Young whites is SA suffer the most from this racist policy as most compinies can not take on Whites and only want blacks. The % of companies quotas reseved for whites are filled with very experienced older Whites that have had there jobs since before the policies were introduced. Add to the fact that its hard alone for even black people to find work cause of the lack of jobs here Also there is a hate of the Whites amongst the politions of the ruling party The ANC. There youth wing leaders are full of hate speech against whites(Such As Julius Malema) and this often leads to voilent crime targeted at the white minority thats almost justified by the govenment in the form of an incompetent currupt police force with no or extremely low convition rates I support Huntly and would even aplly myself If I have enough cash 2 leave Wasnt the First acts of the Nazis against the jews 2 deprive them economically then turn a blind eye on there human rights as the criminal elements in the majority pepertrated violent crime against them and wasnt this influenced by hate speech from there leaders and the state Wake up world and put the same presure on this govenment as was with the Apartheid govenment look at the rest of africa dont think that because Mandela was so Popular It could never happen here

# 102:Sep 30, 2009, Francois Terblanche, South Africa

# 101:Sep 29, 2009, William Reese, Utah
Where's is the United Nations? or the civil rights groups? I guess if you are white they don't care. I know of a White South Afrikan they left years ago, he saw the writing on the wall! White SA unite and get out now before it's too late, remember the european jews who did not leave soon enough!!

Source: Why We Are White Refugees Petition


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MARIA said...

The biggest problem with our white people are that we are to scared to stand up for our rights because we are the minority!!! This is turning into a second Zimbabwe and we are sleeping. We should either get out or stand up and fight. We are being killed one after the other!! They have sent us a very clear message by killing Eugene Tereblanchë!!!!!!!!!!

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