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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Radical Muslim Sheik Wants to Sow Suicide Terror during 2010 World Cup

Sheik Abdullah el-Faisal, a Radical Muslim intellectual, was caught trying to enter South Africa.

Erna van Wyk, Rapport
2010-01-24 00:01

A Radical Muslim intellectual was deported from Botswana because of allegations that he was trying to convert young Muslims to become suicide bombers, to target the 2010 World Cup.

Furthermore Sheik Abdullah Faisal has strong ties to South Africa.

The Sunday Standard, a newspaper in Gaborone, Botswana has reported that its intelligence sources confirmed that the police in Botswana conducted two investigations of his terrorist training camps outside Lobatse. The recruits apparently received spiritual leadership training from El-Faisal.

El-Faisal is a controversial figure on the international terror watch list.

He was deported from the UK in 2007 after he was convicted of hate speech and incitement to violence, and served four years in jail. He preached that Hindus, Jews and Americans should be killed.
El Faisal was in the spotlight this month after it came to light that the Nigerian student Abdulmutallab Umar Farouk, also known as the Christmas Day crotchbomber, who tried to blow up a plane to Detroit, had been under the influence of El Faisal.

El-Faisal was apparently trying to enter South Africa, in December from Botswana, but officials refused him entry. Subsequent thereto Botswana officials arrested him and deported him to Tanzania, from where he travelled to Kenia.

Shortly after arriving in Mombasa he was alleged to be a security risk, and arrested by intelligence officials. His arrest led to protests and unrest last Friday, by his supporters in the Muslim community. Seven people died in the protest violence.

On Friday night El Faisal was finally deported to Jamaica, after various countries refused him entry or transit visas. El-Faisal was finally transferred to Jamaica in a private jet (at a cost in excess of $523,000), and on 22 January 2010 arrived back in Jamaica.

According to the Jamaican news site Jamaica Gleaner, El Faizal informed journalists at the Norman Manley Airport in Jamaica, that a South African company paid for the private flight.

Both the South African Departments of Home Affairs and International Relations and Cooperation, and the Police referred Rapport to the National Intelligence Agency (NIA). The NIA ignored all telephonic and electronic enquiries from Rapport.

» » » » [Rapport (PDF)]
» » [BBC: Profile: Sheikh Abdullah al-Faisal (PDF)]
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» » [2010-01-26: BBC: El Faisal Deportation cost Kenya $500,000]
» » [2010-01-30: Rapport: USA been monitoring South Africa as a Terror Target (PDF)]

Boycott 2010 World Cup: Truth & Justice; or Secession?

Botswana deportee linked to failed US airline suicide bombing

by Reuben Pitse, Sunday Standard
14.01.2010 9:37:10 AM

A cleric recently deported from Botswana on suspicions that he was recruiting young Batswana to become suicide bombers has been linked to a Nigerian youngster who tried to bomb an American airline over the Christmas holidays.

The Botswana government recently deported a Jamaican Abdullah al-Faisal, believed to have been recruiting and training young Batswana to become suicide bombers.

Prosecutors said Al-Faizal preached to 2001 shoe bomber Richard Reid, who is also of Jamaican descent, and 9/11 plotter Zacarias Moussaoui. [Wiki]

Abdullah al-Faisal recently grabbed international headlines when authorities in Kenya also deported him to Gambia, citing his radical Islam and links to a controversial Yemeni cleric who is also accused of having influenced a young Nigerian who attempted to blow an American airliner over Christmas.

Al-Faisal’s native Jamaica would not accept him.

“The Government's official account of the July 7 suicide bombs identified El-Faisal as a mentor of Jermaine Lindsay, who detonated a bomb on a Tube train near King's Cross, killing 25 passengers. Lindsay, also from Jamaica and also a convert to Islam, attended at least one lecture by El-Faisal and listened to tapes of his sermons. During the preacher's trial, he was heard telling audiences to kill Hindus, Jews and other non-Muslims like “cockroaches”.” -- Telegraph

Before he was deported from Botswana, al-Faisal was in the process of acquiring a work and residence permit, which he was denied as he was already under security surveillance.

That was after he was linked to a training camp in a thicket of bushes outside Lobatse.

The camp has since been destroyed by security agents.

Security sources say during his stay in Botswana al-Faisal conscripted some out of school young Batswana to become terrorists, targeting the FIFA World Cup scheduled to be held in neighbouring South Africa by June this year.

Accused 2005 7/7 suicide bomber, Mohammad Sidique Khan, responsible for the Edgeware Road blast that killed 6 people, was also a follower of El-Faisal.

While he was in Botswana, al-Faisal had the opportunity to make public lectures at the University of Botswana. He also conducted another lecture at Boipuso Hall, in Gaborone.

It has also been revealed that besides his public lectures, al-Faisal was a household name in Molepolole and Lentsweletau, where he frequently paid visits.

The Telegraph can reveal that in almost all his visits to these places, al Faisal donated clothes to the needy. This, it is believed, was a ploy to win the hearts and minds of the locals he tried wooing to his radical Islam.

In a May 2005 online posting under the name “farouk1986,” Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, Christmas Day 2009 Flight 253 crotch-bomber, also admitted being an El-Faisal follower.

He had also wanted to establish a youth development facility, which he would employ as a pretext to train Batswana to become suicide bombers.

When he tried to enter South Africa from Botswana, the South African authorities turned him back. It was then that Botswana declared him a Prohibited Immigrant before escorting him all the way from Gaborone to Ramokgwebane border post. He had said he wanted to go to Tanzania.

Director at the Directorate of Intelligence and Security (DIS) Isaac Kgosi would not be drawn into discussing al-Faisal’s matter and whether or not his organization was the one that influenced the State President to deport him.

By the time of going to press minister of Defence, Justice and Security, Dikgakgamatso Seretse, was also not available for comment.

» » » » [Sunday Standard (PDF)]
» » [A NEFA Backgrounder on Abdullah al-Faisal (PDF)]
» » [2003-01-23: BBC: Cleric ‘Supported Holy War’]
» » [2003-02-14: BBC: Hate Charge Cleric is No ‘Harmless Crank’]

Muslim cleric had extensive [South African & Nigerian] links in Botswana

by Reuben Pitse, Sunday Standard
18.01.2010 11:57:59 AM

“In 2008, al-Faisal delivered a speech in Durban, South Africa titled “Islam Under Attack.” In the lecture, he stated that “honor” killing of women who have affairs is justifiable because “daughters are diamonds,” suggesting women are nothing more than a mere commodity.”
[A NEFA Backgrounder on Abdullah al-Faisal (PDF)]

Abdullah al-Faisal, the Muslim cleric who was deported from Botswana on suspicions that he was recruiting young Batswana to become suicide bombers, met with officials from the South African and Nigerian High Commission and the Botswana Muslim Association during his stay in the country.

al-Faisal recently grabbed international headlines when authorities in Kenya also deported him to Gambia, citing his radical Islam and links to a controversial Yemeni cleric.

Sunday Standard investigations have revealed that two young Batswana who are known to this paper are currently under surveillance by law enforcement agencies after evidence emerged to the effect that they were at some point under the tutelage of al-Faisal. Apparently he trained them to become suicide bombers and also used them to recruit young Batswana to become terrorists targeting the South Africa2010 World Cup.

The chairman of Botswana Muslim Association Satar Dada has confirmed that they met with al-Faisal during his stay in Botswana. He explained that al-Faisal wanted the Muslim association to employ him as a religious lecturer. However, he said, the association could not offer him a job.

“In May 2009, al-Faisal participated in a conference in South Africa during which he explained the concept of Al Wala Wal Bara, which he described as “recognizing your enemies” and further explained that one should “hate them and exterminate them” as they pursue their effort to prevent Muslims from living according to their beliefs.”
[A NEFA Backgrounder on Abdullah al-Faisal (PDF)]
[Pure Islam: The Islamic Awakening (2008) (PDF)]

“As a matter of fact, we only learnt through the media that al-Faisal had been deported from Botswana. We thought that he might still be in the country or that he might have left to seek employment elsewhere” he said.

Dada reiterated the Muslim Association’s commitment to upholding the security and laws of Botswana, saying that they strongly support the deportation of anyone who might pose a security threat to the country.

Minister of Defense, Justice and Security Dikgakagamatso Seretse also echoed Dada’s words, saying that the government has a duty to protect its citizens, and will therefore continue deporting undesirable elements who pose a security threat to the nation.

al-Faisal was declared a prohibited immigrant after the South African authorities refused to grant him entry into the country from Botswana. When he tried to return to Botswana, he was immediately declared a prohibited immigrant and escorted to Ramokgwebane border post, at which point he said he wanted to go to Tanzania.

He is also said to have visited the South African High Commission office in Gaborone. Sunday Standard could however not get confirmation from the South African High Commissioner as he was said to be out of the country.

The Nigerian embassy was also unable to comment on his visit as the relevant officials were said to be on leave.

“In May 2009, al-Faisal participated in a conference in South Africa during which he explained the concept of Al Wala Wal Bara, which he described as “recognizing your enemies” and further explained that one should “hate them and exterminate them” as they pursue their effort to prevent Muslims from living according to their beliefs.”
[A NEFA Backgrounder on Abdullah al-Faisal (PDF)]
[Pure Islam: Shaik Faizal Preaches in S.Africa (2008) (PDF)]

al-Faisal is also said to have had links with a controversial Yemeni cleric who is accused of influencing young Nigerian national Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab to blow up an American airliner over Christmas.

While he was in Botswana, al-Faisal had the opportunity to make public lectures at the University of Botswana. He also conducted another lecture at Boipuso Hall, in Gaborone and visited Molepolole and Lentsweletau. Security agents also revealed that al-Faisal had also wanted to establish a youth development facility, which he would employ as a pretext to train Batswana to become suicide bombers.

In the latest developments, at least five people after police shot at a demonstration by young Muslims who were calling for him to be released. Kenyan authorities are currently holding al-Faisal without charge after failing to deport him. After his arrest on 31 December 2009, al-Faisal indicated that he wanted to go to Gambia. But Kenya was unable to send him there because airlines in Nigeria refused to carry him. Al-Faisal’s native Jamaica would not accept him. Tanzania has also refused to let him re-enter its territory.

» » » » [Sunday Standard (PDF)]
» » [2003-02-24: BBC: Cleric Preached Racist Views]
» » [2007-05-25: Telegraph: July 7 Hate Preacher Al-Faisal Deported]
» » [2008-05-30: Pure Islam: Shaik Faizal Preaches in South Africa (PDF)]
» » [2010-01-11: BBC: Jamaican 'hate-cleric' Abdullah al-Faisal back in Kenya]

On terrorism and 2010 Soccer World Cup

Frans Cronje asks what is to stop Al Qaeda launching an attack on South African soil

Frans Cronje, SAIRR & PoliticsWeb
14 January 2010

“French Riddle of the Lily Pond: In this riddle, the lily pond has a potentially virulent lily that apparently will double in size each day. If the lily grows unchecked it will cover the entire pond in 30 days, choking off all other forms of life in the water by the time it covers the entire pond. If a skeptic waited until 50% of the pond was covered before taking any remedial action to save the pond, when would he act? The answer: on the 29th day of the month! But by then, it would be too late. ”
[French Riddle of the Lily Pond/Kaffir Lily Riddle]

The attack by Cabindan separatists on Togo's soccer team at the current Africa Cup of Nations tournament in Angola has created some controversy about safety surrounding the soccer World Cup to be staged in South Africa later this year. A number of analysts and newspaper editorials have dismissed concerns at terror attacks in South Africa. Soccer authorities have called the idea ‘stupid' and one newspaper even went as far as to suggest it was ‘racist'. However there is some evidence to suggest that a risk does exist.

Of course there is very little, if any risk, of those same Cabindan separatists launching a second attack in South Africa. Their dispute with Angola's government is too distant and too localised. Their attack was relatively amateur and involved nothing more sophisticated than the setting up of a machine-gun on the side of a road.

The terror threat facing the tournament in South Africa is altogether more serious. It revolves around the possibility that an Al Qaeda aligned movement may use the tournament as a platform upon which to launch a massive strike against a Western target in South Africa.

South Africa is particularly vulnerable to such a threat with all the circumstances or pre-conditions to stage such an attack in place.

These include that South Africa's borders are porous and controls on entry and exit are easily circumvented. It is also relatively easy to obtain fraudulent documents to live and work in South Africa under an assumed name. It would provide little challenge to an Al Qaeda cell to infiltrate any weaponry or personnel into the country ahead of the World Cup. Indeed if a terror attack were on the cards Al Qaeda's track record in planning suggests that this may already have occurred.

» » » » [Excerpt: SA Inst. of Race Relations]

2010 terror plot: 'SA not ready'

Peter Fabricius
October 12 2009 at 11:53AM

“What is the greater danger - nuclear warfare or the population explosion? The latter absolutely! To bring about nuclear war, someone has to DO something; someone has to press a button. To bring about destruction by overcrowding, mass starvation, anarchy, the destruction of our most cherished values-there is no need to do anything. We need only do nothing except -- breed. And how easy it is to do nothing.” -- Isaac Asimov
[Memo to UNHCR: SA's White Refugees....]

An expert on Islamic militancy has warned that the South African intelligence services are "woefully, inadequately prepared" for the potential threat of terrorism during the World Cup next year.

Hussein Solomon, head of the International Institute of Islamic Studies in Pretoria, said militants had already established cells in South Africa.

He was commenting today on reports that Somali terrorists linked to al-Qaeda have been planning to attack US interests here.

The Weekend Argus reported that the US government had closed its embassy in Pretoria and all other US government facilities for two days last month because intelligence agencies had intercepted a call from Khayelitsha to the al-Qaeda-linked Al-Shabaab extremist group in Somalia, discussing a plot to blow up American interests.

This was apparently to be in retaliation for the US military killing of an Al-Shabaab commander in southern Somalia. The US suspected the commander of having played a role in the fatal bombing of US embassies in Nairobi and Dar el Salaam in 1998.

The sources added that the efforts by local intelligence agencies to trace the Cape Town Somalis was disrupted when police commissioner Bheki Cele went on national television to say that the country's intelligence structures were on top of the situation. This prompted the Somalis to go further underground.

» » » » [Excerpt: IOL (PDF)]
[2009-10-11: IOL: Plot to Bomb US Buildings, Disrupt World Cup (PDF)]
[2009-09-22: IOL: Security threat closes US state facilities (PDF)]
[2009-09-22: IOL: US to keep Embassy Shut over Security Threat (PDF)]
[2009-09-23: IOL: US still on 'terror' scare alert (PDF)]
[2009-09-24: IOL: Al-Qaeda behind embassy closure ]

Islamic Paramilitary Training Camps in South Africa

Molotov Cocktail, March 2007

Ronnie Kasrils recently declared that there were no ‘established training camps’ in South Africa associated with ‘Al-Qaeda or other such groupings’.

Molotov Cocktail can now reveal that the Minister of Intelligence has not been kept fully informed. There is one substantial training camp – Greenbushes – situated approximately 25 miles outside Port Elizabeth on the Old Cape Road and rumours persist that camps are also based at Vaal Dam, Camperdown, and Schaap Kraal in the Western Cape. In addition, sources within the Tamil community suggest that the Tamil Tigers also sponsor training within South Africa.

Greenbushes training camp has existed, on and off, for more than a dozen years. Trainees who have passed through the camp report that Greenbushes possesses an assault course and a shooting range. The equipment, is apparently removed after training sessions. Amazingly, the camp has been visited by the local police who requested that trainees keep the noise down: apparently, neighbours had complained about the sound of guns being fired. The police found nothing extraordinary about the existence of the camp.
Leaders of the Greenbushes camp have commented privately that members of their organisation are also reservist policemen, and there is therefore little the local law enforcement forces can do.

They also claim to have a productive relationship with the National Intelligence Agency (NIA).

Molotov Cocktail has evidence in its possession suggesting that the NIA, the Scorpions and the CIA have periodically kept the camp under surveillance during the past decade. Despite the obvious need to apply South African law fairly and firmly, it seems likely that both domestic and international intelligence agencies have preferred to permit the camp to continue functioning in order to gather information on the networks of Islamic fundamentalists. It is critical to recognise that the existence of the training camp has not yet progressed to terrorist activity within South Africa.

» » » » [Excerpt: Molotov Cocktail]
» » [2005-05-09: USAToday: Southern Africa may be growing terror base (PDF)]
» » [2007-01-23: IOL: Terror Link [on Air Botswana] Hijacking [at OR Tambo] Denied]
» » [2007-01-30: IOL: US place SA Dockrat Cousins on Terror List (PDF)]
» » [2007-01-30: IOL: US 'Terror List' case against SA Dockrat Cousins ‘Legally sufficient’ (PDF)]
» » [2007-02-05: IOL: Media adds more SA names to Terror List (PDF)]
» » [2007-03-13: IOL: Intn'l Terror Suspects Under [SA] Surveillance (PDF)]
» » [2007-03-14: IOL: SA 'used to train Muslim terrorists' (PDF)]
» » [2007-03-25: IOL: State aware of [E.Cape] 'terror-linked' training camps (PDF)]


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