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Thursday, March 11, 2010

SA is Zimbabwe in slow motion....

Note: I imagine, what Mr. Jorgson means in his letter with the words 'you should be shot' is that he considers F.W. to be guilty of treason, who should be tried for treason and if found guilty shot by a firing squad. That is how I interpret Mr. Jorgson's words. I think anyone deserves a free and fair trial, and should F.W de Klerk ever be brought before such a court for treason, considering the other arguments made by Mr. Jorgson, it is possible he may be convicted of treason. I share the letter in its original writing, with my interpretation.

Open Letter to F.W. de Klerk

17 January 2010
Magnus Jorgson, Springbok Cyberletter

Dear F.W. de Klerk

I listened to your man (Dave?) on Radio 702 tonight and just wanted to tell you that you, F.W., should be shot. Nothing personal, I believe God will respond to our fears one day.

You are the one who sold us out and destroyed any possible chance for South Africa - or as it is now known in expat circles AR$EZANIA!

Our once great nation is a laughing joke - you know South Africa is Zimbabwe in slow motion. In the next twenty years you will see.

You and your team were grossly incompetent in handing our country over to a bunch of terrorists and criminals. I can tell you I was in the SADF in 1992.

We nearly took over South Africa - nearly, I tell you, it was an act of God that we stood down. We had 250 Ratels mobilised and in three convoys outside Bloemfontein. It was at the 11th hour that we were told to go back to base.

You are a traitor and one day your grave will be pi$$ed on by those unlucky enough to be stuck in this sad God-forsaken $hit-hole. South Africa is starting to burn.

You ar$eholes talk about lofty ideals like constitutional law etc. Tell that to a Black living in a shack who is ready to burn anything in sight! This country is crumbling, and the Whites are the only real group who pay anything to foot the bills! What the hell were you thinking when you sold us out for however many pieces of silver you got.

South Africa, by the way, is NOT a democracy - it's a one party state that masquerades as a democracy. Be honest, you got it wrong and now you lot are simply trying to save face by talking about this "rainbow nation". It's a sad failing African state. Thank God I have a British passport and a home in London to go to.

I am sick of the hypocrisy and lies in South Africa, sick of paying over the odds for everything because I am White, and bothered to get not one but two degrees. I am sadly lost to your socialist Afro-Nazi experiment because I am leaving.

I hope God forgives you for what you have done to us and allows you into heaven one day. I HOPE YOUR ILLNESS IS GETTING BETTER, as I want you to live to see the mayhem you created F.W.!

Hope you are happy and well.

Kind regards,

Magnus Jorgson

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