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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

ANC's Population Production of Poverty & Entitlement Culture in resource war with FIFA's Blatter!!

More than 12,000 poor black squatters took to the streets in greater Pretoria and Brits – demanding houses, electricity, clean water and flush-toilets... right now

How many would be willing to end their enthusiastic participation in the ANC's Malthusian population explosion of poverty and immorality (i.e. stop breeding & commit to non-violence)..... right now?

More protests ahead of WC - DA

March 10 2010 at 12:41PM

Some 5,000 protestors also marched from Oukasie township near Brits – north of Pretoria -- to the Madibeng municipal offices on the same day -- accusing ANC-officials of neglecting public housing projects and municipal services while wasting money on ‘wasteful football tournaments’ while ignoring the needs of the poorest of the poor languishing in filthy squatter camps. Photo: Beeld

Communities are using the Soccer World Cup as leverage to accelerate service delivery in their areas, the Democratic Alliance in Gauteng said on Wednesday.

"An expectation was created, rightly or wrongly, around the Soccer World Cup and the advantages it would hold for South Africans by the government," said the party's local government spokesman in Gauteng, Fred Nel.

"Unfortunately communities misunderstood government's message and understood that their plight and need for water, sewerage, electricity and houses would be addressed as a result of the World Cup tournament coming to South Africa."

With just 92 days to go before kick-off, Nel warned of more violent protests and urged government to explain the advantages of the World Cup to local communities to clarify any misunderstanding.

This would also calm protests in Gauteng.

"Protests are popping up all over the place and we are afraid that if the trend continues it may become unmanageable," said Nel.

A number of service delivery protests have taken place in the past few weeks in Gauteng alone. Just 24 hours ago, police were trying to calm tensions in Mamelodi East where Phomolong residents went on a rampage burning tyres, blockading roads to protest a lack of service delivery.

Residents in Hammanskraal also protested on Monday night, but this was contained just before midnight.

Another protest took place in Soshanguve on Monday by residents of Extension 10 complaining of the government's slow housing delivery. The same happened near Hebron but it was also contained.

Nel said it was critical for the premier and the MEC for local government to start a process of dialogue with communities to calm the situation down.

Pledging the DA's support for the tournament, he said a calm and protest-free Gauteng may attract a few more foreign soccer fans to the province. - Sapa

» » » » [IOL]

Thousands of black protestors erupt in anger against wasteful WC2010

More than 12,000 poor black squatters took to the streets in greater Pretoria and
Brits – demanding houses, electricity, clean water and flush-toilets… right now

Adriana Stuijdt, Censorbugbear & Virginia Keppler, Beeld
Wednesday, 10 March 2010

A schoolgirl armed with stones walks towards a police vehicle in Tsamayaweg, Mamelodi-East. (Deaan Vivier, Beeld)

March 20 2010 – PRETORIA. With only 92 days before the start of the prestigious FIFA football World Cup 2010 in South Africa more than 7,000 protestors – amongst them even small pupils armed with stones – built burning barricades outside seven squatter camps near Mamelodi East Pretoria and threatened to disrupt the WC2010.

The Mamelodi-satellite campus of the University of Pretoria had to close down because of the demonstrations. Shops were locked up and cars were stopped from entering the area. A Pick ’n Pay truck also was looted by protestors.

At Mamelodi-East near Pretoria – which has six gigantic squatter camps mushrooming out of control -- thousands of angry residents built burning barricades at Tsamaya Road, Hector Peterson Street and Hans Strijdom Drive all day and threw motorists with rocks.

Police tried to chase away the angry stone-throwing crowds with rubber-bullets – and even reportedly also fired live rounds over their heads. It’s not known if anybody was injured by falling bullets… Police Captain Johannes Maheso said four people were arrested.

The protests followed hot on the heels of similar organised anti-WC2010 protests in the Gauteng towns of Hammanskraal, Soshanguve and Brits over the past months.

These protest marches also have also been growing dramatically in size and ferocity from just a few about three years ago to the daily mass-protests like those yesterday.

The black protestors’ anger at the elitist ruling ANC-cabal is also growing more each day.

“We will disrupt the WC2010 football tournaments”

Beeld journalist Virginia Keppler reported that the Mamelodi-East protestors als openly threatened to massively disrupt the forthcoming football-tournaments.

“If the government can act so efficiently to prepare for the WC2010 and spends so many millions of Rands on it, it’s a disgrace that people now are still living in such dismal squatter camps, ‘ said resident Vusi Nkosi.

“The football means nothing to us – we can’t watch it anyway without electricity,’ he said.

“We will fight and toi-toi just like the ANC has taught us…’

At Oukasie near Brits about 5,000 residents marched to the local municipal offices. Local community leader Ms Veronica Mphahlele said the government had promised them in 2000 that they would get 'permanent housing and land of our own’.

It’s now ten years later and we are still squatting in the ame place. Instead the municipality just sends in the police to come and shoot us,’ she said.

She said there are widespread accusations by Oukasie residents that ‘town councillors, the SAPS and the metro-police are enriching themselves by selling off houses built for the poor for their self-enrichment’.

The local MEC for public housing and local government admitted that ‘they have a large backlog in building public housing because of the difficulties of obtaining new municipal land.’ The government did promise to build 5,000 new houses, he admitted.

Local community leader Absalom Boroto issued a public call for national housing minister and multi-millionaire Tokyo Sexwale to ‘hold a meeting with them so that we can submit proof of all these empty promises made to us over the years’

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Service delivery fury hits city

March 09 2010 at 07:42AM
By Karabo Seanego, Graeme Hosken and Patrick Hlahla

Service delivery protests came to the capital yesterday as residents of Soshanguve and Mamelodi barricaded streets and burnt tyres to protest poor conditions and a lack of services in the townships.

Residents of Soshanguve's ward 37 say RDP houses started three years ago have not been completed, stands don't have their own taps and they have dusty dirt roads which are a quagmire when it rains.

Mamelodi East residents last night took to the streets over a lack of water, sanitation and electricity and called for the replacement of ward councillors.

Deputy chairman for the Extension 10 area committee Samuel Kubayi said: "Construction of RDP houses has been going on for years but not all houses are complete. The ones that are complete are death traps."

Eric Mogowe said the roads were very bad. "When it rains we can't walk or drive, we are forced to wear plastic bags on our feet to get to the main road. If someone dies we have to carry them to the main road because the hearses can't use the roads."

Lamola does not live in his ward which has also angered residents. Living in The Orchards, they believe he can't relate to their daily struggles. "He (Lamola) must step down; enough is enough," said Kubayi as protesters waved placards expressing the same sentiment.

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Striking unhealthy for SWC

News 24
2010-03-10 18:05

Cape Town - Emergency staff on strike and budget constraints are among the concerns and challenges confronting the health department as it puts final touches to its preparations for the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

A strike by staff would leave the department hard pressed to cope in the event of an emergency, its 2010 World Cup director, Peter Fuhri, warned members of Parliament's health portfolio committee on Wednesday.

"Our concern with EMS (emergency medical services) is really that the emergency care practitioner OSD (occupational specific dispensation) has not come out as favourably as some of them would have expected, and our concern there is the issue of strikes during (the World Cup)."


"What is happening today is that they are putting the resources they do have on the table in order for us to meet the requirements we have."

Marshall conceded, however, that the department had hoped for more money.

"We did have this fond idea that this would be an opportunity for us to access a large amount of additional resources to those that we already had, and what we've had to do is rather improve the efficiency with which we use resources," she said. [Emphasis added]

» » » » [Excerpt: News 24]

[Unemployed & Unmarried] Mom [of 3, each with different father] tells of [murdering &] mutilating son [because he was source of her financial woes]

News 24
2010-03-09 21:44

Pretoria - A Tembisa mother of three on Tuesday told the North Gauteng High Court how she stabbed her 5-year-old son to death before mutilating him because she regarded him as the source of her problems.

The court referred Batseba Irene Lekgeu, 26, for psychiatric observation after she handed in a plea explanation in which she admitted that in November 2008 she murdered her son, Andile, by strangling and stabbing him to death.

Her trial will resume in August.

Lekgeu said in her statement the fathers of her first and third children contributed towards their support, but the father of her middle child, Andile, was a known criminal, was untraceable and never made any contact with her.

The support she enjoyed from her family after her first child's birth disappeared with the birth of her second child and she was shunned and evicted from her home.

Clan rejection

In desperation, she took Andile to his father's family so they could raise him as she could not afford it, but they refused to take him in or accept him as a member of their clan.

She became depressed and was struggling to survive financially and worrying about it every day.

After taking her youngest child to her grandmother in Nebo, so she could heal him from the "hlangwana" child sickness, Lekgeu decided at sunset to kill her second child.

This was because the child's father and paternal family had abandoned him and his mere existence was the sole reason why the father of her third child had not yet married her.


The social grant was simply too little for adequate care as it hardly covered their food costs, she could not cope with her circumstances and also feared Andile would ultimately become a criminal like his father.

Lekgeu said she picked her son up in his blanket at midnight and took him to an abandoned house nearby.

"I put him on the floor and stabbed him around five times with a knife I took from my mother's house. He died on the scene quickly due to the stabs," her statement reads.

"I then had the idea to remove his ear and private part to divert attention from myself as the culprit by creating the impression that he was the victim of a muti murder committed by an unknown person."

"I further strengthened this perception by staging a housebreaking by throwing a rock through the window from outside my house."


"I was very shocked by my actions. I woke my grandmother, who mobilised the community to search for my son. During these events I realised I could not live with my lie and confessed to the authorities the same day."

"In hindsight I know I did not have any justification to stab him at the time of doing so. I know what I was doing was wrong. I admit it was my intention to end his life," Lekgeu said.

She stated she had a series of bad relationships with men, was in constant financial trouble and depressed due to the non-payment of maintenance.

She was overwhelmed, confused and upset at the time of the stabbing, but said she knew throughout what she was doing was wrong.

"I accept responsibility for the results of my actions. I'm very sorry for what I've done and the pain I've caused. I deeply regret what I've done every day," she added.

Lekgeu will remain in custody until her trial.

» » » » [News 24]

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