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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

African SIGINT Report on Murder of Eugene Terre'blanche: Political Pre-Planned Murder

Swartberg ISS completed African Signs/Afrika Tekens investigation into Mr. Eugene Terre'Blanches murder concludes that the murder was pre-planned with many signs, including one of the final red signal intelligence messages to ‘Kill the Mountain Man.’

Their analysis concludes that the motive was political, plausibly an attempt to unite their crumbling (due to service delivery anger) political support against the 'white gevaar/danger'.

They also conclude that the two alleged farm workers, the youth and Mr. Chris Mahlangu who were arrested for the murder, are not the individuals responsible for having committed the murder. The murderers came from Klerksdorp direction and waited for the final signal and right opportunity to commit the murder.

According to the African signs, signals intelligence information that they followed, to finally reach the murder scene, Mr. Terre'Blanches murder was pre-planned for a long time, and the murderers were just waiting for the right message to act.

They believe that the victim was overpowered and was first raped before he was killed. It is also possible that the murderers killed the victim first and then raped him.

In their opinion only a professional and thorough SAPS investigation will be able to determine whether the two workers are indeed the murderers, whom they conclude were only involved as information agents, for an external team of murderers.

Below is their full report translated into English, as well as the original Afrikaans report.

Boycott 2010 World Cup: Truth & Justice; or Secession?

Report on the Analysis of the Murder of Eugene Terreblanche on 17 April 2010

Afrika Tekens/Africa Signs
17 April 2010


Swartberg ISS is a company that receives crime intelligence information, and therefrom makes recommendations for successfully avoiding being a victim of crime.

Swartberg ISS contract and coordinate agents provide Startberg ISS with timely information, thereby aiding communities to act against criminal threats against it.

Swartberg ISS is not a racist organisation, but in many cases relies on its black employees as expert African signs knowledge to decipher various coded signs.


Over the past few weeks there has been much speculation surrounding the murder of Mr. Eugene Terreblanche. We went to investigate to determine if the criminals had pre-planned the murder or whether it was simply a hasty reactionary outburst of rage.

We also went to determine whether there had been planning involved and how the murder occurred. It was also important that we did not know where the farm was, until the signs led us to the blood in the room where the murder occurred.

The Farm

The farm is located west of Klerksdorp, Ventersdorp tar road. We went to see if there was a road to reach the farm from the tar-road, but could find no route from the tar road.

On the route from Klerksdorp, which is 2.6 km from the farm gate, there was a route sign that began with a mealbag on the right side of the road and a blue, purple plastic bag on the left. We took this route till we were 2.4 km from the farm gate, till it formed a hook on both sides of the road without any direction. We drove a further 100m and found an sign to our right of the road until we got to the farm gate where a big flat rock lies, that again forms a hook with an empty milk bottel.

The 1st leg of our pedestrian route started here where we measured the distance to a focal point where we could find an open sign in the form of a large bluegum tree. We drove to the tree, and where the road crossed with the gate, we were in line with an open signal with the tree infront of the homestead. This is where we began the beginning point of the second leg.

The second leg signs gave a direction to head along the water tank after passing the entrance to the efr, so as to enter from behind, where we found a gate, with a blou and red ribbon, where leg 3 began.

This leg too us next to the house on the side where the room is where the murder occurred, all along a footpath to the right of the kitchendoor. Here there was a sign to the other side of the house with a sign indicating a window. The window was broken with a clip, so that it could be easily opened. We also found a piece of mudon the windowsill with the imprint of one of the murderers shoesole which could be a tekkie/sneaker.

Leg 4 started in the house.

Here are some pictures of what signs look like. These grass signs are very descriptive indicating the route to be followed, what the house looks like, and what actions should occur.

Characteristics of the Planning/Conspiracy

While we were in the vehicle we could already see signs indicating that we were heading to a place where an attack was to occur. It is clear that the person or persons who provided the signal-intelligence information knew precisely what the routine waas on the farm, and what the farmhouse looked like inside. They also knew which room the victim used to rest and when he would be on the farm. This information was clearly provided to the murderers in African signs.

Already from the first leg we saw that the victim should first be tied up, be brutally beaten, and raped, all prior to being murdered. The murderers were also to arrive with a weapon, and would find a second weapon where the victim was to be found. We repeatedly found these essential instructions on all of our legs, where the signs were repeated, which indicates that the murder was very well planned and did not occur, as a spontaneous reaction of rage.

Mountain Man Kill (The third book in the Trailsman series), by Jon Sharpe, a pseudonym used by David Robbins
The murderers pre-planned to surprise the victim in the room of the house and to murder hiim. On the inside of the window there they got access to the house, there is a cutout of a front page of a book, with the following words “Kill the mountain man”.

According to our information the murderers were already waiting in the house for the victim to arrive, so as to return to town with the two workers, who had received their money from the victims wife. The two workers went to their rooms and the victim was tired and went to rest. He had recently been constantly tired, and gone to rest, while the two workers went to fetch the cattle at about 6 pm.

The employees were indeed paid late, but it was with their consent as a result of the black woman who had also been murdered, and the victim and his familie's help to pay for her funeral costs, that he could not pay them on the Friday as his wife had to go to the bank. The payment of the workers was then arranged to occur on Saturday in town as the victims wife always paid the workers in town.

The day before the planned murder, tenants who lived in the house had moved out because they had been broken into and robbed. There was also sheep and a cow stolen from the victim. The burglaries on the tentants were planned so as to empty the house of people thereby ensuring the success of the murder.

The exit route of the murderers went right past the workers rooms, to a couple of workers houses on the west side of the farm, which is next to a farm road. The suspicion is that the murderers provided the two workers with the cellphone saying "your boss is dead". The murderers also required the workers to swear tht they would not reveal what they had seen, otherwise they would also be dead.

However, the two workers however gave the police the information, and from here went to the workers houses on the other side of the road where they were picked up by the police. We also visited the houses on the otherside of the road and found that the house where the murdered black woman had lived, was not far from the workers houses. We are now referring tothe workershouses which the murderers went to, after having committed their murder.

The worker of one house was not at home and I could not identify him and the other man was home, but did not want to provide me with his name. According to our information they are both fugitives from the police for other crimes they have committed.

The suspicion exists that the black woman who was murdered prior to Mr. Terre'blanche, probably heard about the planned murder and wanted to warn the victim about it, but was murdered before she could do so.


Thursday 18 Februarie 2010 15:55
Monday 01 Maart 2010 06:00
Tuesday 02 Maart 2010 12:00 002 Repeats
Tuesday 09 Maart 2010 19:55
Thursday 11 Maart 2010 01:55
Saturday 13 Maart 2010 05:55 002 Repeats
Saturday 13 Maart 2010 23:55
Wednesday 17 Maart 2010 09:55
Thursday 18 Maart 2010 15:55
Thursday 01 April 2010 04:04
Friday 02 April 2010 10:04
Saturday 03 April 2010 16:04 Murder occurs surprising victim in room.
Sunday 04 April 2010 10:04
Monday 05 April 2010 08:04 002 Repeats
Tuesday 06 April 2010 14:04 002 Repeats
Wednesday 07 April 2010 20:04 003 Repeats
Sunday 02 Mei 2010 06:00
Monday 03 Mei 2010 12:00 002 Repeats
Monday 03 Mei 2010 19:55
Wednesday 05 Mei 2010 01:55
Friday 07 Mei 2010 05:55 002 Repeats
Friday 07 Mei 2010 23:55
Tuesday 11 Mei 2010 09:55
Wednesday 12 Mei 2010 15:55
Sunday 13 Junie 2010 06:00
Monday 14 Junie 2010 12:00
Tuesday 15 Junie 2010 18:00
Friday 25 Junie 2010 12:00 002 Repeats

It is clear from the dates that this murder has been planned for a long time. It would also be interesting to know what the victims routines were on the particular days and times, and what they would have been.

Workers Houses

We went to see if we could find any pre-planning at the workers houses, but only found two foto's of the two rooms.


We visited the grave and found a “singshot” next to the fence of the cemetry. In doing the analysis we found behind a cypress tree a twig which directed us to the cemetry. With further investigation we found tarentaal feathers on the specific location.

The following photos provide further explanation. [Photos not yet added]

In this case the feathers state that the person who is responsible for the murder, was a close confidant of the victim and lived very close to the victim.


We find it strange that the police did not forensically lift the shoe-track in the window sill.

Subsequent to this investigation it is our conclusion that the persons who were arrested for the murder, are not the individuals responsible for having committed the murder. The murderers came from Klerksdorp direction and waited for the right opportunity to commit the murder.

According to the information that we followed, this murder was pre-planned for a long time, and the murderers were just waiting for the right message.

We believe the victim waas overpowered and was first raped before he was killed. It is also possible that they killed him first and then raped him.

We also believe that this murder was a thoroughly planned act with a political motive. The motive was likely to unite the crumbling political support against the 'white gevaar/danger'.

Only a professional and thorough SAPS investigation will be able to determine whether the two workers are indeed the murderers. As a result of the thorough planning and the behaviour of the workers, I am of the belief that an external team were responsible for the murder and that the workers only helped to provide information/intelligence.


Maybe it will be a good idea for the people who planned this murder, to sleep with open eyes in the future, in the event any attacks start occuring against whites.

Reader Question on Afrika Signs/Afrika Tekens Forum:

If he was sodomized prior or subsequent to the Murder, what would it mean?

Answer: The reason why people are sodomized is to humiliate them, but to sodomized someone who is dead could be for any of two reasons. It could be to confirm his power over his enemy, or it could be that a Sangoma advised such action to rid the murderer of AIDS.

Verslag van ontleding wat gedoen is na die moord op Eugene Terreblance op 17 April 2010.

Afrika Tekens/Africa Signs
17 April 2010


Swartberg ISS is ‘n maatskappy wat deur middel van misdaadinligting, aanbevelings maak hoe om die misdaad bedreiging suksesvol af te weer.

Swartberg ISS kontrakteer en koördineer agente en magsvermenigvuldiger om met tydige inligting, die gemeenskap-optredes teen misdaad inligtings gedrewe te maak.

Swartberg ISS is nie ‘n rassistiese organisasie nie en is in baie gevalle van ons swart werknemers se insette afhanklikom seker raaisels te ontrafel.


Daar is die afgelope weke baie bespiegelinge rondom die moord op Eugene Terreblanche gewees. Ons het gaan ondersoek instel om te bepaal of die misdadigers die moord beplan het en of dit net n haastige optrede

Ons het ook gaan kyk na die beplanning om te bepaal wanneer en hoe die moord plaas gevind het.

Dit is ook belangrik dat ons nie geweet het waar die plaas was, tot ons op die bloed in die kamer geëindig het nie.


Die plaas is geleë wes van die Ventersdorp Klerksdorp teerpad. Ons het gaan kyk of daar n voertuig roete op die teerpad is. Op die teerpad vanaf Ventersdorp is daar geen roete na die plaas gevind nie.

Die roete vanaf Klerksdorp is daar 2,6km van die plaashek n roete wat begin met n meelsak aan die regterkant van die pad en n blou, pers plastieksak links. Die roete het ons geneem tot 2,4km voor die plaashek waar dit n hek vorm weerskante van die pad sonder n rigting. Ons het n verdere 100m gery en n rigting regs van die pad gekry tot by die plaashek waar n groot plat klip gelê het wat weer n hek vorm met n lee melkbottel.

Die 1ste been van ons voetganger roete het hier begin waar ons dan die afstande gemeet het tot by n nulpunt waar ons n oop visier gekry het in die rigting van n groot bloekomboom. Ons het gery na die boom en waar ons die pad by die hek gekruis het, was ons in lyn met die oop visier en die boom voor die opstal. Dit is waar ons die beginpunt van been 2 gekry het.

Hierdie 2de been het ons weer n rigting gegee langs die watertenk verby na die ingang tot die erf van agter af waar ons weer n hek gekry het met n blou en rooi toutjie waar been 3 begin het.

Hierdie been het ons geneem langs die huis verby aan die kant waar die kamer is waar die moord plaasgevind al met die voetpaadjie langs tot regs van die kombuisdeur. Hier was n rigting na die ander sykant van die huis met rigting na ’n rigtingwyser wat vir ons rigting gee na n venster. Die venster was gebreek by die knip sodat dit maklik oopgemaak kan word. Ons het ook op die vensterbank n stukkie modder gekry met die afdruk van een van die moordenaars se skoensool wat n tekkie kan wees. Been 4 het binne die huis begin

Hier is n paar foto’s van wat op my tree geval het. Van die foto’s is ook baie beskrywend van hoe die roete gaan loop, die huis lyk en wat se aksies moet plaasvind.


Ons kon reeds op die voertuig roete sien dat ons op pad is na n plek waar daar n aanval gaan plaasvind. Dit is duidelik dat die persoon of persone wat die inligting verskaf het presies weet wat die roetine is op die plaas en hoe die plaashuis lyk van binne. Hulle het ook presies geweet watter kamer die slagoffer gebruik om te rus wanneer hy op die plaas is.

Hierdie inligting is duidelik aan die misdadigers oor gedra.

Reeds van been 1 af het ons gesien dat die slagoffer eers vasgebind, baie seergemaak moet word, verkrag moet word en dan doodgemaak moet word. Die misdadigers sou dan ook met n wapen daar aankom en dan nog n wapen kry waar die slagoffer is.

Ons het hierdie eienskappe dan ook op al die bene gekry waar dit telkens herhaal is
wat net bevestig dat dit deeglik beplan was en nie net op die hitte van die oomblik plaasgevind het nie.

Mountain Man Kill (The third book in the Trailsman series), by Jon Sharpe, a pseudonym used by David Robbins
Die misdadigers het beplan om die slagoffer in die kamer van die huis te verras en te vermoor. Aan die binne kant van die venster waar hulle toegang tot die huis gekry het is daar ook n afgeskeerde voorblad van ‘n boek met die volgende woorde “Kill the mountain man”.

Volgens ons informasie moes die misdadigers reeds in die huis gewees het en vir hulle slagoffer gewag het om met die twee werkers wat hulle geld by die slagoffer se vrou gekry het terug te keer van die dorp. Die twee werkers is na hul kamers en die slagoffer was moeg en het op die bed gaan rus. Hy was die afgelope ruk altyd moeg en het by verskeie kere op die bed gerus terwyl sy twee werkers die beeste om en by 6 uur gaan haal het.

Die werkers is wel laat betaal maar dit was met hulle toestemming aangesien n swartvrou in die omgewing ook vermoor is en die slagoffer die familie gehelp het met geld en hy hulle nie die Vrydag kon betaal nie, aangesien sy vrou eers weer na die bank moes gaan. Die betaling van die werkers sou dan die Saterdag in die dorp geskied aangesien die slagoffer se vrou altyd die betalings daar gedoen het.

Die dag voor die beplande moord het huurders wat in die huis gewoon het uit getrek omdat daar telkens by hulle ingebreek was. Daar is ook skape en n bees van die slagoffer gesteel. Die inbrake is beplan om die huis leeg te kry en om die aanval te laat slaag.

Die uitgangs roete van die misdadigers het reg langs die werkers se kamers verby gegaan na n klomp werkershuise aan die westekant van die plaas, wat langs n grondpad is. Die vermoede bestaan dat die twee vermeende moordenaars die selfoon aan die twee werkers gegee het en gesê het, “julle baas is dood”. Die misdadigers het het die werkers ook n eed laat aflê om nie te vertel wat hulle gesien het nie, anders is hulle dood.

Die twee werkers het egter wel die inligting gegee en is van hier af ook na die werkershuise aan die oorkant van die pad waar hulle deur die SAP opgetel is.
Ons het dan ook die huise besoek aan die oorkant van die pad en gevind dat die huis van die vermoorde swart vrou nie ver van die werkershuise is nie. Ons praat nou van die werkershuise waarheen die misdadigers gevlug het.

Die werker van die een huis was egter nie tuis nie en ek kon hom nie identifiseer nie die ander man was wel tuis maar wou nie sy naam aan my gee nie. Volgens ons informasie is hulle albei voortvlugtend vir die polisie vir ander misdade wat hulle gepleeg het.

Die vermoede bestaan dat die swart vrou wat vermoor is, dalk gehoor het van die beplande moord en die slagoffer moontlik wou waarsku.


Donderdag 18 Februarie 2010 15:55
Maandag 01 Maart 2010 06:00
Dinsdag 02 Maart 2010 12:00 002 Herhalings
Dinsdag 09 Maart 2010 19:55
Donderdag 11 Maart 2010 01:55
Saterdag 13 Maart 2010 05:55 002 Herhalings
Saterdag 13 Maart 2010 23:55
Woensdag 17 Maart 2010 09:55
Donderdag 18 Maart 2010 15:55
Donderdag 01 April 2010 04:04
Vrydag 02 April 2010 10:04
Saterdag 03 April 2010 16:04 Moord vind plaas verras hom terwyl hy rus in die kamer.
Sondag 04 April 2010 10:04
Maandag 05 April 2010 08:04 002 Herhalings
Dinsdag 06 April 2010 14:04 002 Herhalings
Woensdag 07 April 2010 20:04 003 Herhalings
Sondag 02 Mei 2010 06:00
Maandag 03 Mei 2010 12:00 002 Herhalings
Maandag 03 Mei 2010 19:55
Woensdag 05 Mei 2010 01:55
Vrydag 07 Mei 2010 05:55 002 Herhalings
Vrydag 07 Mei 2010 23:55
Dinsdag 11 Mei 2010 09:55
Woensdag 12 Mei 2010 15:55
Sondag 13 Junie 2010 06:00
Maandag 14 Junie 2010 12:00
Dinsdag 15 Junie 2010 18:00
Vrydag 25 Junie 2010 12:00 002 Herhalings

Dit is aan die datums baie duidelik dat hierdie moord oor ‘’n baie lang tydperk beplan is. Dit sal ook vir ons interessant gewees het om te weet wat die slagoffer se roetines op die spesifieke dae en tyd sou wees.


Ons het gaan kyk of ons enige beplanning kan kry by hulle huise maar het slegs die paar foto’s gekry van die twee kamers.


Ons het die graf besoek en gevind dat daar n “kettie” is langs die heining van die begraafplaas uitgepak. Met die ontleding het ons agter die sipres boom n takkie gekry wat n rigting gee na die graf. Met verdere ondersoek het ons gevind dat daar tarentaal veertjies op die spesifieke plek is.

Die volgende foto’s ter verduideliking.

In hierdie geval vertel die vere dat die persoon wat vir die moord verantwoordelik is, die slagoffer se vertroueling was en baie naby aan die slagoffer geleef het


Ons vind dit vreemd dat die polisie nie die spoor in die kamervenster gelig het nie.

Na hierdie ondersoek is ons van mening dat die persone wat vir die moord gearresteer was, nie die mense is wat die moord gepleeg het nie. Die moordenaars het van Klerksdorp se kant gekom en het vir die regte geleentheid gewag om die moord uit te voer.

Volgens die informasie wat ons opgevolg het, was hierdie moord al baie lank in beplanning en het die moordenaars net vir die regte boodskap gewag.

Ons is van mening dat die slagoffer oorrompel was en eers verkrag was voor hy vermoor was. Dit is ook moontlik dat hulle hom eers vermoor het en toe verkrag het.

Ons is ook van mening dat hierdie moord n deeglike beplande daad met ‘’n politieke motief was. Die doel was waarskynlik om die vereeld radikale steun teen die wit gevaar te verenig.

Slegs n deeglike SAP ondersoek sal dit kan bepaal of die twee werkers die werklike moordenaars is. Volgens die deeglike beplanning en optredes deur die werkers is ek van mening dat n eksterne span verantwoordelik was vir die moord en dat die werkers slegs gehelp het met die inligting.


Miskien sal dit vir die mense wat hierdie moord beplan het, dalk goed wees om in die toekoms met een oog oop te slaap. Indien enige aanvalle teen blankes sou begin.

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