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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

“Is [white] genocide coming to South Africa?” - The New American

Is Genocide Coming to South Africa?

Written by Selwyn Duke, The New American
Tuesday, 20 April 2010 09:30

President Jacob Zuma and President Robert Mugabe

Back in the 1980s, South Africa figured prominently on the West’s radar screen. Protests against apartheid were everywhere; the movement even inspired a song: “Sun City.” With the fall of the apartheid regime in 1994, however, people lost interest in the faraway land.

But with the murder of Eugene Terreblanche, leader of the neo-Nazi Afrikaner Resistance Movement (AWB), South Africa is, albeit briefly, back in the news. What the media isn’t reporting, though, is that the killing of Terreblanche has little to do with his unpalatable political views, but is part of a wider pattern of targeting whites — virtually none of whom are supremacists. In fact, thousands of white farmers have already been murdered.

While racial strife in South Africa isn’t surprising, the current level of violence is no accident, but the work of a demagogue. His name is Julius Malema.

Leader of the ruling African National Congress’ (ANC’s) Youth Movement, Malema is a black supremacist who aims to follow in the footsteps of Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe, who has long been persecuting white farmers in his nation. David Smith at The Guardian reports on the story, presenting a glimpse of a dystopian South African future:
The year is 2019. President Julius Malema thumps his fist on the lectern and roars: "South Africa shall never be a colony again!" He whips up the crowd into a patriotic frenzy with chants about the hated Boers. He promises: "We will drive the white man from the land, we will drive him from the mines, we will drive him from the boardrooms. Africa for the Africans."

This is the nightmare future that haunts many South Africans, black and white. They regard Malema as a clown, a loudmouth and a bully. But they increasingly fear that he really could follow Nelson Mandela in going from the African National Congress youth league to president of the republic.

Unfortunately, Malema Version 2010 is no better. He has continued to agitate the masses by singing a song containing the words “kill the Boer” (“Boer” is a Dutch word meaning “farmer,” but it has become a derogatory term for any white South African), even after the nation’s courts ruled it hate speech and the ANC, finally, asked its members to stop singing it.

As for the ANC government, its response has been an attempt to cover the problem up. It no longer records the races of those who commit murder and their victims, as this had shown that the latter group included a percentage of white South Africans disproportionate enough to attract the attention of The media also is complicit in the cover-up, as black-on-white crime is just too politically incorrect to touch. Yet there’s no fooling those on the ground. As Pamela Geller at American Thinker writes:
Whites in South Africa are keenly aware of the plans to kill them. They expect mass killings to begin very soon after the death of Mandela, but to tell this to the world is a waste of energy. More than three thousand white farmers have already been murdered, and Genocide Watch lists the Boer farmers in South Africa as victims of genocide — but the media couldn't care less. Malema has praised Zimbabwe's murderous seizure of white-owned farms as "courageous and militant." White South Africans know what's coming.

And if it comes, the media — which seem to have forgotten one of their favorite terms, “hate crime” — will have blood on their hands. As Geller also points out, “The mainstream media portrays all white South Africans as racist monsters like Eugene Terreblanche. This is simply not true. And remember: A key step on the road to genocide is to dehumanize the intended victims.”

Yet, should Malema’s dark vision become reality, whites won’t be the only victims. When racial hatred drove Mugabe to seize farms from whites — the only ones with experience running them — the unsurprising result was starvation, as Zimbabwe was transformed from breadbasket to economic basket case. And if Malema replicates Daddy Mugabe’s deadly mix of bigotry and neo-bolshevism, South Africa will descend into the same morass. Food may be scarce and foreign investment even more so. It’s what’s known as “Cutting off your nose to spite your face.”

This isn’t lost on educated black South Africans, one of whom David Smith quotes as saying, "Malema for president? Never. I will personally kill him before that happens."

That’s certainly easier said than done. What may be more likely, sadly, is that Malema will kill his nation.

(To watch a Sky News video about the South African genocide, click here.)

» » » » [The New American]

ANC: Farmers to blame for attacks

Lizel Steenkamp, Beeld
2010-04-21 09:28

Cape Town - It's farmers' fault that many farms are unsafe, ANC MPs said on Tuesday.

André Botha, chair of Agri SA's policy committee on rural safety, said during a presentation to the portfolio committee on police that the derogatory statements about white farmers made by government officials and senior politicians, is one of the biggest challenges.

Patrick Chauke, ANC MP, dismissed this.

"Political statements are the least of your worries. Organised agriculture knows all too well that they are the cause of the problems. The police try their best, but the solution lies with you," he said to Botha.

Chauke carried on to argue that farm workers are abused, and that illegal immigrants are "held prisoner" by farmers.

"Most of the cattle theft is committed by the farmers themselves. And they sell alcohol to the people who live on the farm."

Aggressive farmers

According to Sindi Chikunga, ANC MP and committee chair, there are many kind-hearted farmers.

"But it's also a fact that there are many violently aggressive farmers and you (Agri SA) should publicly condemn them."

Allegations were also made that farmers are reluctant to become police reservists and don't want to get involved with community policing forums and sector policing.

Botha, who is a police reservist, told Beeld afterwards that he was extremely unhappy about what happened during the meeting. He dismissed and denied the statement that farmers don't want to help the police to secure their farms.

"We try our best to get involved (with sector policing), but the systems and the incompetent people (within the police) prevent our participation."

Botha said the government is not doing its duty to protect farmers, and then it wants to shift all the responsibility onto the organised agriculture sector.

"I'm an ordinary citizen with certain rights. The politicians should acknowledge where the responsibility lies. It's their duty to govern. To leave the ball in our court... No, I am definitely not comfortable with that."

Food security under threat

According to Agri SA's statistics, over the past 18 years there have been up to 11 785 farm attacks and 1 804 farmers were murdered. Up to 121 000 livestock, worth about R365m, was stolen in the 2008-'09 financial year alone.

Botha warned that commercial agriculture can't absorb these losses indefinitely and that food security is under threat.

Agri SA supports the government's plan for rural safety and prefers it to the old commando system.

But Botha said the plan is falling apart due to an enormous lack of leadership, management and controls within the police. Resources are abused, there's corruption and most station commanders don't know how to apply sector policing in rural areas.

Cope MP Mluleki George supported the ANC's position and said Agri SA, which represents about 80% of the country's commercial farmers, should accept their co- responsibility for the safety of farmers and farm workers.

The latest statistics regarding attacks and murders on farms will be available in May, when police officials present their plan for rural security to Parliament. - Beeld

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john tyler said...

Blacks murder and rape whites in America and this is also covered up by the media. Blacks are the most racist dangerous race of people on earth. they breed like rabbits and don't care for their offspring leaving the responsibility to whites. If it wasn't for whites blacks in Africa would be extinct.

Anonymous said...

@ John Tyler

listen to this, arrogant deluded racist piece of shit.... Blacks are the most racist dangerous race of people on earth? this coming from a white man, wow I could go into a long winded argument but I think a long hard look at history would tell a much different story

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